ALABAMA: MUSLIM man charged with firing gunshots and making terrorist threats in a 10-hour standoff with police

Investigators say Ahmed Sherif Elbagdadi, 24, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, discharging a firearm within city limits and making terroristic threats.

MUSLIM Ahmed Sherif Elbagdadi

WSFA (H/T Rob E)  The standoff began after Auburn police received a call for shots fired just before 7 p.m. Monday evening.  A passing motorist reported hearing a gunshot and seeing a man pointing a gun toward the street near the area of East University Drive and East Glenn Avenue. 

When officers arrived on the scene, they heard a gunshot from a home in the 1400 block of East University Drive. As officers approached the home, a shot was fired.

“The officers did believe they were being fired upon.  (Then they should have killed him) They retreated and set up a perimeter around the residence and called for assistance,” explained Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson. Some families who lived closer to the house were told to evacuate their homes. 

Numerous attempts were made by the police department to contact Elbagdadi by phone, in hopes of convincing him to surrender. Officials resorted to tear gas, but say Elbagdadi was hiding in an interior bathroom to escape the gas.

The County-wide Tactical Team went in to the home a little before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning and took the suspect into custody.  No injuries were reported. Elbagdadi was transported to the Lee County Detention Center where he is currently being held. Investigators say additional charges may be pending.



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  1. Lol at all comments. This Muslim in this article is from Auburn, AL. I grew up with him and graduated with his sister. LMAO at all of the crazy citizenship comments. He was born in the US. He is now deceased… Took his own life while in jail.

      • You’re a terrible person. He was a good man who had too many hardships at a young age. He was so kind to my white Christian family and always wanted to learn about our culture. This is a tragedy. He was lived… He just snapped.

        • war, we know the condition, it’s called Sudden Jihad Syndrome and it can rear its ugly head at any time because Islam teaches it followers to hate and kill the unbelievers. Too bad the police didn’t kill him on the spot like you should do with any terrorist.

  2. You people are so Dumb! why dont you ask a muslim about a muslim! or do a little research on what islam really is! just like how they have different types of christians and catholics they have differents types of Muslims! Islam means peace and Muslim means a person who submits to all of GODS will! You cant ask coke about pepsi! Just like how your preachers and ministers are molesting children in your churches! doesnt mean every preacher or minister is child molesters does?????? You people need to get educated! the government is trying to make everyone who believes in God fight against eachother just so they can have you right where they want you! Your Bible even teaches youn that! Get informed before you create a wack website like this one and point fingers at people that you have never met before in your life! God help and bless us all! You ALL!

  3. Idiot shudda know he would be taken alive…
    Damn! Personally? I think they should ship them all to Texas.

  4. Sudden Jihad syndrom anyone. I guess the next thing we will hear about this SJS slave to the almighty satan, is how beloved he is, oooh what a good model citizen, and such a sweet boy, coming at us from all directions, anyone but me see a pattern here?
    Soemone, preferably in his native area, please post what war college ( mosque) he attends weekly. Get the officials to investigate that fricken barracks and see what’s up with the imam. Wanna bet a weekly distribe of hate filled, anti-sematic, death to the infidels, bullsheet spouting had anything to do with it, or is he another brothar form satans mother, the left wing traitors of these United States. Forget throwing away any type of key, just shoot this threat to our Nation on the spot, wanna see how fast they stop with their fake hatred for the world and anything not to their liking? Stop the coddleing of the demons in the flesh already.

  5. From Alabama: Auburn is a college town. This raghead is probably a student with a grant from the Obama government sent here to study and hopefully introduce to humanity.
    Probably, his inbred little mind just snapped under the pressure. Send him to the white housse for da Mooch to babysit.

    • No, he did not ‘snap’. He behaved as his upbringing taught him to behave. He just did what he wanted with NO thought of consequences to himself. That is his RIGHT, as a beloved of allah, especially when he was only doing it to infidels. He is probably quite puzzled at being in jail, saying, “But what did I do that you think is so wrong?”

  6. A documentary of the mentality of jihadist is urgently needed. Western populations need to hear the words of the glaze-eyed jihadists themselves and see the source texts Koran, hadiths and Sira they get their ideas from.

    Salafism is a deadly ideology.

    Death to America, y’all.

    • They would use dogs if they thought they could die with dog hair, saliva, blood or urine on them.

      A murderous fake martyr would not go to playboy paradise with dog on him.

  7. what was their plan ,talk him to death ! one bullet 7an 1/2 cents ,sides no one yet has talked a muzzie to death . swat team in that city needs an upgrade maby a barret 50 shoot threw the building get him on the other side.

  8. Yeah, wasn’t it Alabama that caught heat on their illegal immigration law??? It sounds like he was hear legally, but I think Arizona and Alabama have the right idea. Must of got his training from the Auburn islamic center at 338 Armstrong st.

  9. Looks like either a ‘Jail House Conversion’ or a ‘Re-Awakening of his Dormant Muslim Faith’ to me… he appears to be ‘clean shaven’ for the moment. Is this REALLY going to make a difference when he gets to his new ‘permanent digs’?

  10. If he isn’t an American, send his ass back to his beloved litter box. Put him on the no fly list as well. Let’s stop these POS’s coming here.

    • And if he’s an American, promptly STRIP him of his citizenship and ALL those papers / cards indicating such ex-citizenship, and then send him back to where he came from (if it’s not a Western country – if it is, then off to “dar al-Islam” with him exactly as described below)!!!

      If he lost his earlier citizenship, then drop him off – without ANY papers / cards OR property (let it ALL be confiscated by the state!!!) – to Saudi Arabia or Iran (depending on if he’s Sunni or Shi’a)!!! Then we can see what Islamic “charity” is really like…

      • I’m not sure you can strip an American citizen of their citizenship, Constitutionally. (something to look up.. }:} )

        • Yes, but Bill Ayers was born in the United States of American parents, and thus the government cannot revoke his citizenship.

          In the case of the Mohammedan in the article, if he is a NATURALIZED US Citizen, then his citizenship CAN be revoked for a number of reasons and/or offenses. If he was born in the United States, then no, the governement cannot revoke his citizenship.

        • How did Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn get away with all their terrorist actions and murders? I’ve always wondered about that. They should have been tried, convicted and executed for their crimes. Instead they’ve been allowed to poison our educational system for decades. Doesn’t make any sense.

        • Eowyn, I can’t recall exactly, but it was some kind of technicality they got off on. Maybe someone here can be more specific?

        • DS, you posted it and Atlas and JW posted it. That’s enough. I try not to duplicate what they post if possible.

    • He is an american… did you not hear the last part of the news clip. His family has lived in that house for decades dumbass.

      • No, he is a mohammadan, who happens to have American citizenship. BUT, he does not share American values. He is a savage who uses a gun to indicate his displeasure in trivial matters.

  11. So, is he off to Gitmo, or will he get a “poor baby, relax and try to get along” speech,and be allowed to walk by the judge?
    Might have to keep an eye on this one.

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