GERMANY: Pro-Muslim, Anti-Fascist, Leftists got the crap beaten out of them by Muslims

What we didn’t know about the Muslim protests against the right wing Pro-NRW party anti-Islam cartoon contest the other day.

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Islam vs Europe  Ah, a chance to use that excellent German word Schadenfreude. On 1 May in Solingen, the German anti-Islam movement PRO NRW (Pro North Rhine Westphalia) held a demonstration. Hundreds of assorted Muslims and far-left extremists turned up to harass and intimidate them. Two of these “antifascists” found themselves in the midst of a horde of Salafist Muslims, who promptly started beating them up with bits of wood. Even after they were lying helpless and passive on the ground, the Muslims kept laying into them. One was badly hurt in the head; the other in the arm. Both required hospital treatment.

Apparently it wasn’t a failure of recognition either. The Muslims knew that these were leftist anti-fascists who had come to protest against the “islamophobes”. They beat them up anyway.

On Indymedia, the Antifa activists are whining about what happened, wondering whether they should organise a protest against the Salafists, but say they’re worried they may not get permission. Permission? Who’s running these people?

Contest winner: "I think the church in Germany has integrated really well!!"


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  1. This should be circulated all over the Internet. How tragic and funny to see these Useful Idiots beat up by people they usually see as “peaceful”! XD

  2. Why did the dhimmi’s end up in the hospital? Simple:”Stupid is SUPPOSED to hurt!” Words to live by.

  3. never allow the construction of satanic death cult centers aka mosques.those non muslims who convert to the satanic death cult are traitors.

  4. I hope this starts to happen more often so that these Antifas punks will wake up to the real threat to Europe, Islamization.

  5. Can we hope the same will happen to HAJI HILLARY, Leon Panetta, and the rest of the ilk of liberals, progressives communists, fascists, socialists. When this turns nasty? All one can do is hope. Maybe we should go for hope and change, HUMMMM does make one think.

  6. the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    this shows just how much the musrats think, or actually have, achieved; they can now afford to turn on their “friends”.

    we all know that musrats actually have no friends, only targets of varying piety.

  7. Ah, well, if you take a viper to your bosom, expect to get bit! If you play with fire, expect to get burnt!

    If you aid and abet the Muslim hordes, don’t be surprised if they turn on you and try to kill you!

  8. They wil doubtless blame the Pro-NFW people for creating the hatred and animosity, since we know that muslims are not capable of thought, and thus must not be blamed for their rabid monkey-like actions.

    BTW – Little Known Factoid:

    the word ‘schadenfreude’ was actually taken from the name of an unsuccessful psychiatrist, Sigmund Schadenfreude, who admitted that his life had been shaped by the secret joy that he had experienced at the age of four; he had been watching his loutish father throw his abusive mother out a window, then sitting down to eat a bowl of soup which she had poisoned moments before.

      • Of course not – the fact was so little known that only I knew it, and it was revealed to me cosmically, after an evening of Baskin & Robbins ice cream and a dozen triple-shot White Russians, in between the ‘vomiting phase’ and the ‘bloody diarrhea phase’, when secret knowledge is transmitted from the Ascended Beings.

  9. All news about Islam is bad news.

    Now the Moz invaders are beating up the natives of Germany for resisting the takeover! The Mozzies think they will not be judged by the world, but they will.

    The world is OBSERVING the Moslems, but they haven’t figured out where this will lead them…isolation and failure! Islam is on its last leg. The Lefties will turn on them soon.


    The Mozzies are totally mad, therefore they are destroying themselves.

  10. have you noticed that self-proclaimed anti-fascists are really fascists?

    there were many may day violent protests all over the world. here is a video of a lovely anti-may day protest in israel exposing the truth about communism.

    • liz, it’s an old trick of the left, to accuse everyone on the right of being what they really are.

  11. HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Serves those Commies right – I wish that they ALL would have been so beaten up to within an inch of their lives!! Pity that one who got badly hurt in the head didn’t come closer to death…

    Also, it’s a pity they didn’t ALL get arrested as the TREASONOUS DEVILS that they are – they all (both muztards and Commies) could as well be deported (any citizens amongst them being disenfranchised in the process) straight to Saudi Arabia or North Korea, as that’s what they deserve!!!

  12. It is nothing new for muslims to turn on their own kind in a savagery that absolutely defies description. We call it biting the hand that wants to feed you. Best news for the lie bral left idiots to get bitten by the savages they want to support.

  13. Those dhimmis got that one coming to them. That’s what happens when you ally with Muslim filth. The left will be the next heads to roll off the chopping block once their “useful idiot” status has run it’s course. They will pay for their stupidity with their lives.

  14. Se lo tenian merecido.

    Ojala esos imbeciles entiendan ahora que su enemigo no es aquel contra el que estaban protestando sino aquel al que estaban apoyando.

    Desearia ver una foto en la que se hubieran capturado las expresiones que tenian esos dos rojos estupidos en sus rostros, despues de haber sido molidos a golpes por esa horda de criminales.

      • No, yo no soy español, yo soy de Hispanoamerica, pero igual me preocupa el problema que viven en Europa, por cuenta de la inmigracion islamica (y eso que antes pensaba que la inmigracion masiva desde mi continente era un problema). Yo deseo que Europa, asi como Estados Unidos y los demas lugares que ahora estan siendo asediados por esos trogloditas del desierto, puedan curarse de esa enfermedad llamada islam.

        Ademas, nosotros tambien tenemos a esa peste mahometana en nuestros paises ¿Ha oido hablar de la amia?…esa es una prueba de la influencia que tiene esa chuzma salvaje en esta tierra. Y ahora gracias a ese rojo (maldito) sin vergüenza de hugo chavez, los iranies tienen via libre para esclavizar el continente; ya comenzaron a convertir a los indigenas de la guajira colombo-venezolana, sumado al hecho de que en varios paises como Colombia ya establecieron enclaves, patrocinados por ellos (iran), ademas de estar usando Venezuela como campo de entrenamiento de gente de hamas y hezbollah. Como ves, no pierden tiempo.

        Todo el mundo (Asia, America, Europa, Oceania, Africa) esta bajo la misma amenaza , no solo Europa o Estados Unidos. El islam es una sombra negra que se posa detras de todos los no musulmanes.

        En el caso de Hispanoamerica; nostros vivimos en el tercer mundo, pero si ellos adquieren influencia bajaremos hasta el 6to o mas. Cualquiera sabe que incluso el tercer mundo cristiano jamas llegara a ser tan decadente y depravado como ya es el primer mundo musulman (que es igual al tercer mundo musulman). Yo no quiero ver a ningun pais sucumbir ante esos barbaros y su enfermedad mental llamada islam.

        Alianza de civilizaciones — Eurabia: Si conozco ese blog, hace un par de meses lo leo y ultimamente he estado comentando muy seguido en el. Los administradores del sitio estan haciendo un excelente trabajo.

        • PM, Please provide an English translation for your comments or they will not be posted anymore. If you want to contact Maria privately, let me know and I will ask her if she wants your email.

    • Es mi creencia de que la comunidad hispana en los Estados Unidos es uno de los más fuertes obstáculos a la islamización de nuestra sociedad. He observado con interés la perturbación social en Europa causada por los musulmanes que se niegan a asimilar en la sociedad europea. Sólo queda esperar que los liberales despertará a la amenaza del Islam más pronto que tarde.

  15. Love these stories before bedtime… too bad there’s no video. Would be nice to see them get what they deserve.

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