OH, BOO HOO! UC San Diego Jewish student blasted for donning Muslim attire

Awwww, leaders of Muslim student groups at the University of California, San Diego, are upset after a photo of a student senator dressed in Muslim garb circulated on the Internet.

Jewish Journal  & Forward Student Senator Ashton Cohen took a photograph at a campus party dressed in a robe and head-covering, with three women whom a caption identified as his “three wives,” according to the UCSD Guardian. Now, leaders of the Muslim Student Union and Arab Student Union, and Students for Justice in Palestine are admonishing him for “Islamophobia.”

Cohen said that the caption was written by a Muslim friend of his.

“I was offended and disgusted that someone would think that’s OK to wear to a party,” Students for Justice in Palestine and Arab Student Union President Noor El-Annan told the Guardian. El-Annan said that she was “offended and disgusted” because “something that my grandparents would have worn was funny to him.”

But Cohen said that the photo was not racist. He has not taken it off Facebook. (Good for him!) “I was surprised that they went through these sorts of extremes,” he told the Guardian. (Expect a lawsuit from the CAIR Nazis as well as a visit from the FBI Islamic ‘hate’ crime posse)

Cohen, who is of Middle Eastern descent, said that he bought the outfit in Dubai. Cohen was an opponent of a resolution calling for his school’s divestment from Israel this year, which did not pass the student Senate. He said that the criticism from the Students for Justice in Palestine member was “an intimidation tactic because of my vote against divestment” from Israel in the student senate.