NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM REASON #85: AT&T ordered to pay Muslim baghead $5 million dollars for religious discrimination

Kansas City woman who converted from Christianity to Islam has been awarded $5 million in punitive damages by a jury who found the telecommunications giantAT&T created a “hostile work environment” after her conversion, according to a judge’s order issued Friday.

REUTERS (H/T Bill)  Susan Bashir, a 41-year-old married mother, sued AT&T unit Southwestern Bell for what she said was a pattern of offensive and discriminatory conduct by her supervisors that began when she converted to Islam in 2005, six years after she started working for the company as a network technician.

After Bashir started wearing a religious head scarf known as a hijab, and attending Friday mosque services, her managers and co-workers called her names including “terrorist,” and told her she was going to hell, said her attorney Amy Coopman.

A manager repeatedly told her to remove her hijab, insulted her for wearing it, and once physically grabbed Bashir and tried to rip the hijab off her head, according to the suit.

Bashir complained to human resources and then filed a formal complaint alleging discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and was subsequently fired in 2010. Though Bashir’s complaint alleged she was fired in a retaliatory action by AT&T, the jury did not agree, and no damages were awarded on that charge.

After several days of hearing testimony and deliberation, a jury in Jackson County Circuit Court on Thursday ordered AT&T to pay $5 million in punitive damages on top of $120,000 in actual damages.

AT&T spokesman Marty Richter said the company would appeal.






















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  1. @BNI and all other anti-jihadits:

    “Please tell where in the bible that explicitly states that Jesus himself claimed to be the son of god and i mean the biological son. I am not in any talking about the many times he spoke about human beings as being the children of god.”

    “Alicia” is neither a native English speaker nor a convert. Read Aisha’s statement out loud to yourselves(if you’re native English speakers.). Hear it?

    There were a few other things she posted that simply were not typos but grammatical errors that are common among non-native English speakers.

    Also she harps on with the typical mohammadan supremacist “educate yourselves” mantra. It did not go unnoticed that she screamed about providing evidence without providing any herself.

    Now the curtain has been drawn on her little subterfuge with the above typical mohammadan bullshi’ite. Only mohammadans are so emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, and spiritually immature to think that Jesus was the actual son of god. They think that god has sex with Mary because in mein kuranmpf allah claims he had Gabriel blow his spirit into Mary’s pussy.

    These metaphorically challanged clowns actually believe that for Jesus to exist god must have screwed Mary. It’s beyond their stunted intellects to grasp the truly metaphorical or spiritual.

    Even mean old atheists like me can grasp that Jesus’ claim of “I am” is testatment to him being what Christianity considers the word of god made flesh. The word made flesh is the son. No naughty bits involved. Aisha pretending to be Alicia gave us glimpses behind her mask with the “educate” nonesense. Here her mask came flying off.

    @Aisha: “Educate” does not mean you telling us what is. Educate does not mean relying on statistics and facts from mohammadan supremacist sites. Education and evidence are thinking for oneself and relying on peer-reviewed historical evidence.

    As for your appeal to popular culture: America has always stood up to bullies. Being American means fighting supremacists. We’ve all but rendered impotent the KKK. America has never ignored evil. Your appeal to Americans to ignore the evil bullies of islam is pathetic and real patriots will see it for what it is.

  2. It’s interesting how this page ended up so full of swear words and plans to get rid of Muslims around you, and still its title claims it’s not Islamophobia.

    I am not going to start an endless argument over this, I can just tell that you have never been to a Muslim country and you have never tried to live normally among normal Muslim people. You need to get more down to earth.

    Yeah, yeah, keep calling names. Good luck.

    • “…I can just tell that you have never been to a Muslim country and you have never tried to live normally among normal Muslim people.”

      What you mean is is

      “oh shit, they HAVE been around normal muslim people in their natural third world cesspools who are not playing the fool the kaffir game and openly express and engage in the typical supremacist, hateful, racist, anti-American, anti-Jew rhetoric. You should spend time with moderate, modern, muslim unicorns who hide their true faces when you dirty kaffir are around”

  3. Rules of engagement. Say nothing overt. Leave no trail in emails tweets IMs or phone. Shun her. Schedule a weekly or biweekly work unit meeting for Friday (Review of weeks issues, plan next weeks tasks). If she asks for informal help with something find smewhere else to be. If you have a lunchroom newspaper, someone might write over all articles involving terror, the Middle East, Iran, etc. Draw an “X” or “Circle X” (rifle sight) over pictures of muslim terrorists and Iranian/Lebanese political figures. Write “Death to Vermin” under each picture. If appropriate, require use of headfones to keep hands free for computer use. Never raise voice when speaking. If she cannot hear because of her head wrap, bring her up for inattention. Finally, keep her under a microscope. If she does something counter to any workplace policy start progressive discipline. I know. I have been on both sides of this situation and was a Union Steward for 19 years.

  4. What happened to your IKEA post? If I try to access it, I get your banner and a statement that it does not exist.

  5. From this incident it appears this lady susan bashir is a gem and all other employees at AT &T are bigots.

    which is very very unlikely , i think this women is a schemer and lawyers on both sides are sold out.

    • FAIR, you are right. Muslim employees all over the country are figuring out ways to stick it to their employers for big bucks. Thus the advice, never hire a Muslim. And find a legal way to fire the ones you already have.

    • she was a gem of an employee and so were her co-workers until she woke up and converted. Then her co-workers showed their true nature, and the affects of fear mongering from the so called best country in the world

      • I didn’t realize you were a raghead too, Polta. What country are you in? We used to be the best country in the world until leftist, marxists, and muslims like Obama started crapping it up.

        • I live in the United States and no I am not a Muslim, nor a “raghead” as you put it in such preschool terms. I am actually Catholic born & raised! Went to private catholic schools from preschool to 12th grade. And not everyone that has a Islamic name is a Muslim SMH @ you guys the ignorance in this place know no bounds. and oh yeah MY President Obama is the best thing to happen to this hell hole since Bill Clinton

        • DING! DING! DING! Poltagyzt aka Yusef, you just broke one of the rules that gets you automatically banned at BNI. You said something good about the Muslim Traitor-in-Chief. Buh Bye.

  6. barenakedislam is just a moron wasting people time promoting hatred and people like herds follow his foot steps whether by supporting or criticizing…
    He as a moron benefits from the clicks and makes money that’s all….
    I am sure his knowledge about Islam is as clear as his knowledge of how to wipe his own ass….
    Do not waste your time on his hateful crap site do something more useful to people..
    Someone like him is not even worthy of guiding I’d rather go clean or feed my dog!!

    • ROFLMAO!

      Yeah, arselifter, you keep on believing that it’s only “hatemongers” who stir up hate for you troglodytes. Keep on believing that your OWN actions and words don’t have anything to do with why you’re the most hated group of cretins on the planet.

      Keep on believing. It’s as silly as your belief that a bronze age arab pedophile, rapist, mass murdering thief was a prophet of any god worthy of respect!

  7. And to the sentiment that Islam is this big oppressive religion and us Christians in the “Western World” are such a free people with NO oppression…yeah you are right! All we do is encourage women to wear as little as legally possible, we turn them into hookers, porn stars and strippers (models included), we shove this image of a 5’10 125lb woman with huge tits & a tiny waist down womens throat, an image that the majority of them CANT be, and make them feel crappy about how they look. AND we encourage frivolous sex, but then turn around and look DOWN on them when they participate in the frivolous sex! Yeah your right We are SQUEAKY CLEAN and the Muslims are backwards

    • Moral relativism is a logical fallacy and an abysmal failure.

      NO ONE has ever threatened me or forced me to be six feet tall with big hooters.

      NO ONE has ever threatened me or forced me to think I have to look a certain way.

      My father and brother would NEVER kill me for not being a six foot tall “stripper with big tits.” Nor would they kill me for dishonouring them for NOT having “frivolous sex.” They also would not kill me if I did.

      The MEDIA encourages those things you’re trying to compare to honour killings, forced bagheading, forced modesty. They do not, however, FORCE them.

      There is no death penalty or threat of death penalty if women do not conform to the media’s garbage.

      Thus, your moral relativism fails. Epically.

      • Anyone ever notice just how joyless, mirthless, and unhappy Mohammedanism is? Mohammedans oppose music, wine, women, free will, education…

        EVERY “religion” has or has had at least ONE deity who oversees the happier, more joyful, more fun-loving things in life. The Judaeo-Christian G-D, for instance is both just AND forgiving; disciplined AND joyful. Ancient polytheisms had gods who oversaw joy, mirth, and celebrations, as well as the sky, marriage, death, and justice.

        Only the Mohammedan “Allah” has no joy or happiness about him. “Allah” demands women be buried in cloth and most enjoys, according to the Mohammedan Qur’an, torturing souls in Hell. In fact, he spends his days there. Of course, the Mohammedan heaven is a debauched brothel *for the men, that is; I suspect for the women it’s just like Mohammedan earthly life* that has promiscuous sex and free-flowing wine. Allah, however, is rarely spoken of as being there.

        Something to think about….

      • It’s sad when people attempt to portray an image of pseudo-intellectualism yet resort to elementary school tactics like throwing the word “baghead” around every post. (SHAMEFUL) I also noticed you “strategically) skipped over my earlier post to attempt (and NOT very well mind you) to attack this one. Troll on….troll on

        • Fine. I will use the “politically correct” term so to not offend your hair trigger musloid “sensitivities.”

          They shall hence forth be called muslim supremacists.

          What’s really shameful is YOU defending the most intolerant ideology in existence.

          Making excuses for islamic supremacy is shameful.

          Being in thrall to a dead arab opportunist who made supremacy, rape, murder, and child abuse sacrosanct is shameful.

          And sorry, muslim supremacist, I don’t waste my time reading every post by you muslim supremaicsts.

          As you are a defender of the indefensible ideology this website is dedicated to exposing YOU are the troll.

        • It’s also telling, muslim supremacist, that you did not address the fact that in the West women are not forced through threats of death, jail, or abuse if they don’t “dress like strippers.”

        • You are correct they are not killed for that but isn’t the issue. GOD mandated that we as humans not kill each other. It does not matter what religious sect does the killing, nor for what reason it’s still a “bad show” in GOD’s eyes. Once again proving the christianity is no better than Islam. BTW i’m NOT a Muslim *assumptions just make you look stupid, and you don’t need any help doing that you’ve done a REALLY good job so far without them*

        • You are a liar, Poltagyzt YUSEF about not being a muslim. I can see your real name. Now go away before I ban you.

        • Yes, it is the issue. YOU’RE the one who started your bullshi’ite with the moral relativism nonsense.

          You claimed that the abuse of women under islam is the same as women being forced to “dress like strippers” and many more ridiculous, typical musloid lies of comparison.

          Your relativity claims are false because women in the West are NOT killed for not behaving the way you claim they are forced to behave, which is also a typical musloid lie.

          So, under islam women are forced through threats of death, abuse, and incarceration to behave a certain way.

          In the West women are not forced to behave in any certain way. Their behaviour and dress are their own choice. They are not threatened with death, abuse, or incarceration no matter what they choose.

          So, again, yes, it is the point when you musloids make the false moral relativism claim.

          No assumptions, musloid, your mask slipped as soon as you listed the patented, oft repeated musloid mantra of forcing “strippers, hookers, thin.”

  8. um, I’m not Muslim…but you do know that Allah is not a moon God right hahaha?? Allah is literally a translation of the word God in Arabic.

    Furthermore, you do realize (and I’m assuming most of you KKK cardholding freaks don’t) that Muslims believe in Jesus, his life, his message, his miracles, etc…right?

    Oh and one last thing…y’all are acting holier than thou…would Jesus (according to your beliefs about him and his message) act and talk with such hate and rage.

    I think not.

    Freakin’ Nazi’s haha!

    • Actually, no, it isn’t. Arabic has a perfectly legitimate word for “god”, and that word is “ilah.” “Allah” was the name of the Arabian moon god, and “Allah” may have had no son, but he did have three daughters: “Al-Lat,” “Manat,” and “Al-Uzzah.”

    • Muslims DON’T believe in Christ’s Crucifixion and Death; they likewise DON’T believe in His Resurrection and Ascension to Heaven!!!

      Ergo, they reject Him, just like Mohammed did!!!

      • Actually muslims believe in the crucifixion, and the resurrection. They also believe that he is the Messiah and that he will descend to Earth before the end of time. Please acquire an education.

        • Another Moslem and/or Communist stool-pigeon LYING THROUGH HER TEETH!!!

          Moslems say that Christ never suffered death, that “allah” deceived people into thinking that he died – ergo, no Resurrection!!!! We Christians KNOW that Christ was Crucified AND DIED UPON THE CROSS!!! How else could He have Been Resurrected????

          Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere!!!!!

  9. WTF is wrong with you so called “CHRISTIANS”. You guys just DONT GET IT. This is NOT the way you are supposed to act. WHERE in the bible does it say “love ONLY those who think and act like you & condemn all the rest?” Jesus didnt only hang out with the priests in the temple! He was out in the streets with the outcasts of society tending to them and showing them compassion. NEVER did he run around telling everyone that they are going to hell. It never ceases to amaze me just how UNGODLY most Christians are unless you are in a church! You friggin HYPOCRITES!!!!! LET THE RELIGIOUS SECT THAT HAS NEVER KILLED PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF THEIR “GOD” THROW THE FIRST STONE. LET THE RELIGIOUS SECT THAT HAS NEVER HAD A MEMBER HAVE SEX WITH YOUNG CHILDREN THROW THE FIRST STONE. LET THE RELIGIOUS SECT THAT HAS NEVER HAD ITS PRIESTS TAKE MONEY FROM PEOPLE FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN THROW THE FIRST STONE. You people DISGUST ME! You can NO MORE say that ALL MUSLIMS are “terrorists” than you can say ALL CHRISTIANS are “IMPERIALISTS”. Thee are both good and bad people in EVERY RELIGIOUS SECT! And from what I have seen posted here, you so called “Christians” are VERY representative of whats wrong with Christianity! WWJD? He would NOT be acting the way you guys are!

    • Typical.

      Muslim supremacists use Western laws to bash Westerners over the head and use the “you’re not Christians” appeal to bash Christians who won’t lie down and let you supremacists steam roll right over them.

      And again, muslim supremacists, it’s not just Christians and Jews who are tired of your bullshi’ite.

      Can’t beat us into submission with the “you’re not acting Christian” tactic.

      • Spot on Istanbul Chick! But that rambling idiot will never get it, hasn’t got the brains for it.

        Hey Sh****head, want to try and beat Agnostic me into submission and see where it lands you?

    • Hi Mitchell,

      Glad to hear you say this…it is totally true. The amount of hate these people are displaying is VERY un-Christian!

      • What would a muslim supremacist like you know about “being Christian” means.

        What do you say to the Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, satanists, agnostics, animists, atheists, and Rastafarians who hate your supremacist ideology?

  10. Is this where the Klansmen are hiding out these days. No longer politically correct to pick on blacks so lets go after Mexicans and Muslims.

    This woman did nothing wrong. She deserves alot more from AT&T. Discrimination is never right. Judge a person by their behavior and character, not some stupid bias.

    After serving in Iraq, I can tell you, the Iraqis are much more family oriented, decent and respectable than most Americans. And NO, they are not Trying to KILL you. Thats total stupidity. How many Americans are killed by Muslims each year? Blacks kill more people than any other group… so maybe you should go after them.. oh right, thats not politically correct.

    Stop the hate and try to love all Americans, this group is the poster boy for Ignorance, hatered and domestic terrorism.

    • Islam is not a race you cupid stunt.

      This woman was judged on her IDEOLOGY which the majority of the world’s population rejects, dislikes, and wants nothing to do with. Just like Naziism and white supremacism.

      “Blacks kill more people than any other group..”

      Now THAT’S racist!

      What’s the problem? stormfront not working today so you musloid arsekissing Jew haters have no where else to post today?

      • “Istanbul_Chick”, this gentleman is speaking from first hand experience. And you are really rude to be speaking to a Veteran that way…he was over their fighting for idiots like you to even have the right to rant hate on websites like this!

        Furthermore, I finally realized where all this hate that you keep writing is coming from in your very last sentence of this post…you’re Jewish. MYSTERY SOLVED!!

        • Mike, liberal scumbags like you usually get automatically banned. But I am leaving this up because I know how much Istanbul Chick enjoys crushing the balls of your kind. FYI, she is NOT a JOOOOOOOOOOO, you Nazi POS.

        • I speak from first hand experience too you typically obtuse arselifter.

          I, however, am not a racist musloid arse kisser like ayan.

          So what if he is a veteran? So was Hasan Akbar who murdered his fellow soldiers during the first gulf war. Then theres that little Abdo cunt who was going to kill his fellow soldiers. Nidal Hasan. And Mike Martin the convert sharia enforcing veteran who converted for some nasty Iraqi poontang.

          The name Benedict Arnold ring any bells?

          And yes, your mask has slipped again, mahmood. Typical musloid paranoia “if they’re on to our bullshi’ite they must be jooooosss!!!!”

          Newsflash: It’s not just “da jooooos” who are on to you troglodytes and your bullshi’ite. While I take being called a Jew as a compliment I cannot claim such ancient lineage.

  11. I used to be a Muslim but not anymore. In my opinion any new immigrant to the United States or Europe should denounce their religion before even being considered entry. This will apply only to Muslims not to Jews or Christians or any other religion. Islam is the most backward religion in history. Many converts are simple minded who were swayed by double talk imams.

    Example: Quran says “Those who chose non islam as their religions will not b accepted by god”: Yet, double talk ” tolerant” imams will tell you some double talk mumbo jumbo explanations to say otherwise.

    • Steve, were you born into the cult or were you a Western revert?

      What woke you up and made you leave mo’s male arab power cult?

  12. I do not claim to be an expert on Christianity, but I could have sworn that Jesus was not nearly as hateful and racist as some of the people posting here.

    • Newsflash, cupid stunt: People of ALL creeds hate islam and its perpetuators. Buddhists, Hindus, satanists, Taoists, atheists, animists, agnostics, and every other creed under the sun have had problems with aggressive musloids.

      Kind of like how folks of all creeds hate Naziism and its perpetuators.

      Jesus never had to deal with the troglodytes of mo’s male arab power cult. It’s not a far stretch of the imagination to consider that if he had he would have amended the “love thy enemies” bit.

      • hahahahaha….”Istanbul_Chick” you must be the most stupid person on this entire thread.

        you’re telling me that YOU know better than Jesus??? He had a message of love, peace, etc…and if you believe he is the Son of God, of devine nature, or at the very least a Prophet carrying God’s message then we would assume that he probably knows better than us right? We’d assume that whatever message he brings is good for ALL TIME, right?

        And now you’re saying that Jesus, the Son of God, or again at the very least a Prophet of God would have been wrong and would have to amend one of his dominating messages?!

        You really are a Grade-A moron hahahahahaha…I can’t believe how stupid you are looooool!!

        • Oh mahmood.

          You’re far too stupid to keep your mask from slipping.

          You’re too obtuse to understand that Jesus did not have a death wish for anyone.

          Playing nice with you troglodytes is a death wish.

          And you certainly wouldn’t comprehend Jesus’ mind as he was a JOOOOO, you silly arselifter.s

          What will it take for us to get you to quote the “i bring a sword” bit to “prove” that Christianity is violent?

  13. I can only imagine how boring it is going to the beach when all the ladies are wearing those in muslim countries -___- lol and I cant believe they dont allow their women to travel out of the home alone in some countries, serious human right violation I think. Along with some ridiculous punishments I cant see how any women would want to be part of such a religion.

  14. I cannot believe that 12 jurors made a decision in her favor. I wish I were on the jury panel. And how on earth AT&T lawyers managed to lose this case?


    • Actually, the “Red Indians” are the same Turkic stock that are known as the barbaric musloid mongols. They were immigrants to North America as well.

      Good Americans have treated Nazis, Commies, White supremacists, and separatists with the same contempt that you arab-tribalists are being treated. You all share ideologies that inherently anti-American.

      As for losing your musloid reputation: You’ve had a reputation for being supremacist, murderous, aggressive, racist troglodytes since you first started crawling out of the deserts of Arabia.

      • Actually, the Mongols only became Muslims after long exposure in Persia and Mesopotamia. For the first three or four gnerations from Genghis Khan to Abagha, the Mongols were quite displeased of Mohammedanism.

        In Mongolia itself and in East Asia they either remained shamanist/Tengrist (Tengri being the Mongolian main god), Nestorian Christian, Buddhist or Taoist.

        The Mongols were truly tolerant of “religions” as long as the taxes were paid and they respected the basic rights of adherents to other religions. Disturb the Pax Mongolica, however, and you could expect NO mercy.

  16. Save yourself some money & grief and don’t hire the b*stards in the first place. If they convert, be on the look out for the first legal reason to fire them.

  17. Telling the truth is not an offense or hostile work environment, unless your guilty,. She , as with ALL muslims ARE going to Hell, to spend eternity with mohammud. Just a fact.

    • That is not a fact. A fact is a provable, repeatable thing. You cannot prove she is going to hell, just like you cannot prove that hell exists. Fact!

  18. These bagheads have to be removed from America!!! Surely there is enough smarts among American people to find ways to make them so miserable they won’t want to be among us! But right now they are the only ones who have any rights with the SCUM BAG we have for a president!

  19. How do the 56 Muslim majority countries treate minorities? Well over the past century 90% of minorities gave been eliminated from these countries. That is the largest scale ethnic cleansing in the history of the world! Bringing to this copuntry people who love you is kind. Bringing those who would want to defeat and devour you is stupid.

  20. The real issue is that here in America they can find a jury that would agree to this amount of money. We are not doing enough to
    educate the average person to the scam of islam.

  21. how would you feel if you own mother was discriminated and abused in her workforce ?

    i believe everyone have the right to choose his religion its a thing between a person and his god and that does not involve others

      • @Viper

        My mother would never foist her cultural norms or religious bull malarky on other people.

        My mom has what you bronze age troglodytes lack in spades: common sense and respect.

        This crap, this stupidity in being so offended at your own arrogance and lack of common sense is why you clowns are hated.

        The hatred leveled at you is not because of “Jew owned media” or “tiny minority of ‘fake muslims” or extremists.” Your well deserved hatred is because you arrogant, obnoxious, offensive assholes insist on forcing the majority to accommodate, capitulate, and cater to your bronze age arab tribalism.

        Of course, your head is too far up mo’s ass for you to understand that. It’s easier to blame everyone else for your own cock-ups.

    • Does not involve others you say? That’s a good one, considering that bunch does NOTHING BUT shoving their *religion* onto others! who do you think you are kidding here Viper, because it sure isn’t us, so why don’t you go and tell THEM!

    • Yes, and it should be KEPT between the person and God! She can believe in her BS “god” Allah…nobody’s trying to take that away from her. But wearing the bag to work? That’s making public her beliefs, and it’s no longer between her and her god, is it?

      • what about nuns , should we beat them in streets ??

        I am sorry guys, but you are cheating yourself, group of people cheating themselves, if you are sure of your religion and you have a big trust in Christianity you will not make this stupid blog to show to people that others are bad, then you are the good :)

        if your house is from glasses, do not through stones on others :)

        To people hating Islam, just relax, Islam is overwhelming in Europe, Asia and rest of world not only in US.

        Take care Guys :)

        ( I hope you post my comment , Thanks :) )

        • CY, nuns don’t work in businesses, they work in churches, Catholic schools and hospitals. Muslims who want to parade their religion should work in mosques and muslim schools. Even better, muslims should not live in the West at all. We got rid of the muslims in Europe with the Crusades a long time ago. Don’t think we won’t do it again.

          This is your last comment here.

        • Sorry buddy, your intimidating comment “To people hating Islam, just relax, Islam is overwhelming in Europe, Asia and rest of world not only in US.” won’t scare us. Slowly people of the world are soon learning about your cult, and they are most disgusted ever. And you just contradicted yourself.

        • No one beats nuns in the streets for wearing or not wearing habits.

          Not true of the islamic slave rags. They are beaten by their own co-cultists for not wearing them.

          No one beat the convert bitch in the video. They expressed disgust at her CHOICE of anti-human rights, anti-freedom, anti-American ideology. Pretty much in the same vein as they would express to a co-worker who came to work dressed as Marx or Lenin. No one, however, beat her.

          You troglodytes really need to give up the relativism angle. It’s weak, false, and only highlights your “cultures” flaws.

        • He still did not beat her.

          What he did was as justifiable as ripping the swastika armband off of a nazi.

        • Anti-American ideology? Interesting.

          Is your idiotic mind aware of the fact that Thomas Jefferson (one of the founding fathers of the United States, just in case your feeble mind didn’t know that) was very fond of Islam, owned a Quran (which is now kept in the Library of Congress) and actually used many portions of the Quran as inspiration when writing the Declaration of Independence that you supposedly covet?

          Like I said earlier…all of your hate and negativity now makes sense after you have outed yourself as Jewish lol. It’s a shame because I know many tolerant, smart, and thoughtful Jewish people…it’s a shame that you claim to be one of them.

        • Jefferson was not fond of islam.

          I know your mahoundian mind is incapable of understanding simple adages but here are a couple that highlight why Jefferson has that mein kuranmpf:

          Know they enemies

          Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

          I know, I know, he wanted the preamble of the Virginia constitution to include rights for “Hindoos” and “mahamodans.”

          That was, however, before he had had any formal or personal contact with arselifters. He was thinking like any naive “uneducated” liberal that you arselifters and your cult are like any other religion.

          I imagine his shock was great when he had the misfortune of meeting actual arselifters. He realized what a danger you clowns were and why: your arab male power cult.

          That’s why he reported to congress:

          “The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

          I’m sure he had an inkling that such attitudes were inherent in the mohammadan psyche from reading that copy of mein kuranmpf BEFORE meeting with the barbarians.

          From that point forward, no, he did not respect you clowns and, I’m sure, realized the folly of his naive liberalism in believing you’re “just like any other people.”

          Both Adams, senior and junior, also had true inklings of what mohammadism was and wrote down their thoughts. Jihadists like you would call their words “muslim bashing.”

          So, no, you impotent little pea-hen, our founding fathers did not have a love for you or your cult. No matter how much you yell and scream, lie and threaten, you cannot change history.

          And again you evil little arselifter, I’m not Jewish. Even us atheist white gals are tired of your supremacist, bronze age bullshi’ite.

        • Mike you idiot, the ONLY reason Jefferson had a copy of that death book was because he was only too aware how dangerous to the CIVILIZED world these nutcases are! He kept it as a REMINDER of that and warning to others.

        • Cheating yourslef, or yourself;

          “To people hating Islam, just relax, Islam is overwhelming in Europe, Asia and rest of world not only in US.”

          I’m glad they did post your rant because you just proved what you muzzies are up to. We know and you know, no matter how many times you try to deny it! You will NOT win!

        • Okie, we are not spelling Nazis here. There is more than enough to criticize about people’s comments, but spelling isn’t one of them. Many in my audience are not native English speakers. So please cut them some slack.

      • I work with people who wear rosaries. and some who wear yamicas. I have never felt either foists an religion upon me. Are you so weak in your beliefs that garb scares you?

        • Oh yes, I am just being silly when I get upset when the guy in the next cubicle comes to work with a swastika. I mean, it’s just his belief, right?

          Relativism doesn’t work here. Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and even satanists don’t have beliefs that are manifestly dangerous to me.

          You arab tribalists, however, do have beliefs that are despite your obfuscations to the contrary.

          That’s why your attempt at moral relativism fails.

  22. I wonder if it was a mostly muslim jury? Maybe just people angry with ATT over their past bills, its very strange.

    • “bags on THEM heads…”


      You mean bags on their heads?

      Yes, I am aware that some Christians do wear bags on their heads.

      They do not, however, wear them in places that have dress codes that do not allow bags on heads. They do not sue companies that have such dress codes. They don’t look for jobs at such places.

      They also do not have male family members or clergy members waiting in the wings to beat, intimidate, declare them apostates, if they choose not to wear the bags on their heads.

      Again, musloid moral relativism fails miserably.

      • I’m a Christian, and I’ve never seen a Christian woman wearing a bag, unless she was a nun, and that was ages ago because now they don’t wear habits.

        • CWW, Very Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair too. The difference is they only work in Orthodox Jewish businesses.

  23. are the judges muslims ??
    if not ..
    that means that it was a fair trial and nobody should be upset even the AT&T themselves

  24. This must be one of the Biggest con.tricks going arround now – take up the islamic cult,(knowing full well you’ll be HATED & TARGETED by everyone)in certain situations,log everything down,then File a Claim…ridiculously easy ploy,this loop-hole must be Blocked.

    • Yes! Maybe I should have started lifing my arse on the job before retiring from the USPS at the end of September 2010; it might have given my pension payments a substantial increase!! That, however, would not work for me as everyone there knew that I was quite active in the music of the CHRISTIAN church I attended, jamming with the Praise Band on a regular basis! Not just in Arselifter cases but several “opportunities” to “cash in” because I just COULD NOT resort to that kind of lying cheating s—, that being more appropriate to management within that particular organization, NOT to mention, such outright lying and cheating would be Anti-Christian AND SO WRONG on so many levels!!

  25. A convert! She’s just in it for the money! Hopefully her husband beat the hell out of her. She will deserve it!

    • Yep!! Her belief is most likely that we “dirty khuffar” owe it to her. I have an ex brother-in-law that retired from AT&T in Kansas City, probably not long after this b….. went to work there; AND she DID NOT “convert” from Christianity, as she COULD NOT convert from being something that she NEVER WAS!! But the fact remains an arselifter is an arselifter IS AN ARSELIFTER…And they should have given her the boot without citing ANY reason in 2005 when she started wearing a headbag to work, then AT&T would NOT have to go to court and “owe” this b—- 5 million+ dollars!! And HELL YES, her husband and ANYONE else associated with her should have beaten the hell out of her by now!!

  26. Every company, large and small, must have as a condition of employment, a workplace dress requirement that specifys that no religious head coverings will be tolerated. This would apply to Mennonites, Amish, Catholics, and everyone who is hired.
    If they choose to wear hats, habits, or headbags, they must be applied off company property on the employees own time with immediate dismissal as the penalty for rule violation. They don’t let people work in speedos or bikinis, do they ?

  27. ADDENDUM: I completely agree with WRI7913, if her co-workers had such a big problem. Make things so she quits on her own.

  28. Before I even post this comment, I want to say that im FAR from being a lover od islam or a “terrorist sympathizer”. I’ve been in the army for 6yrs, been to iraq and afghanistan, and recieved a Purple Heart and an army commondation for Valor for my actions resulting in my Purple Heart. However, I completely agree with the plaintiff in THIS instance, she is completely correct in her suit, and I believe the courts made the right decision. Furthermore, (and no offence intended, this is solely MY opinion) I believe that anyone that sees conversely needs to think about if it were a jew filing this case. It would be a totally different story. No one would bat an eye over it and agree with the Jewish individual. Again, Im no “muslim hugger” but SOMETIMES things like this ARE justified.

    • Good for you to rise above the noise. I wish more people extradited themselves from the fray and looked at the issue. Your next post threw me, as I really believe if she was doing her job well, nothing should have been changed. The very idea that our own disagreement with something that doesn’t impact us directly (ie someone’s religion, sexuality, heritage, marital status) is not a reason to force a change in a business environment. People are paid to do a job. They are not paid to instigate issues of belief. If you don’t share a view, don’t have lunch with that person. That lack of agreement, however, should not impact someone who completes their job assignments effectively and successfully.

      • Grey, it doesn’t stop there. Once they get hijab approval, they start making more demands – for multiple break times for prayers, for separate private prayer rooms, for special consideration during Ramadan, i.e., seeing to it that nobody eats their lunch in front of the muslims because they must fast during the day for a month. Then they demand paid time off for Muslim holidays because Christians get it for Christmas.

        You should really look thru the links listed at the bottom.

        • And just WHAT is wrong with wanting the same rights & privileges that other religions get?

        • “And just WHAT is wrong with wanting the same rights & privileges that other religions get?”

          Everything that is wrong with nazis, commies, pedophiles, and moonies asking for rights and privileges.

          What part of the majority of the world’s population rejecting the label “religion” for your ideology of bronze age arab-tribalism do you clowns not get?

          The elites and leftards nod their empty heads in agreement that your arab male power cult is a “religion” but those of us who have to live you supremacist modern day nazis reject that silly notion.

        • When at work, we Christians DON’T GET any rights or privileges!!!

          We’re at work on company time, so we owe our time, our effort, our talents, etc. to go totally to our employers. No time off for prayer or other such frivolous things!!!

        • The same applies to Jews, Buddhists, Shinto or whoever else is engaged by employers!!! We’re there to WORK and give to our employers without restrictions, and they pay us in proportion. No special privileges to distinguish, say, Hindus from Jews or Buddhists.

          That applies not only at work but throughout Western society. Since Mohammedan garbage want to force everything THEIR way, let them go back to their Muslim countries and leave the rest of us ALONE!!!!!

        • Actually that is not true. Do you get Christmas off? That is a holy day. That would be religious privilege. Also why are banks and government offices closed on Sundays? I love how you just refuse to think, and then get mad when others try to encourage you to think.

        • And they came to our country knowing that, barenakedislam! They had to learn our system of government, our history and our law, and were supposed to be of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States to become citizens. They also had to take the Oath of Allegiance. The oath includes several promises you make when you become a U.S. citizen, such as giving up all prior allegiance to any other nation or sovereignty, swear allegiance to the United States, support and defend the Constitution, and serve the country when required. Now they want to impose sharia law on us, push Christianity out and force us to follow their beliefs. They started this crap of trying to force us to lean their way! They’re asking for extra time for their ‘prayers’ and I read a piece about a woman wanting her job to pay her way back to her birth country so she could participate in a ‘ritual’ of some sort. That’s out of line! Give in to them and they only want more! If they come to America, they can live like Americans. Stop demanding that we change our ways for them! If they want to live like their birth country lives, they should’ve stayed there! I for one, am tired of their crap! Beheading, stoning, beating women, and raping children is not what we believe in and we’re not changing for a muslim! Period! They will NOT win this one!

        • Okie, I don’t see many people trying to stop them. This is what they do wherever they go. They are quiet until their numbers are large enough, and then they start making demands and filing lawsuits if their religious demands are not met. Then they infiltrate our government, aided and abetted by the Muslim in the White House, and in 4 more years, you won’t recognize this country.

        • As BNI noted, you knob, the West is predominately Christian.

          The folks who made the laws were elected by CHristians. The laws they made regarding days off and holidays catered to the Christian majority.

          Kind of like how Christians, Hindus, and other non-musloids are murdered, persecuted, jailed, raped, and abused under sharia laws in musloid majority countries.

          Oh, wait, the Christian majority laws aren’t doing those things to musloids, although musloids and their little bitches like you are trying very hard to change the West to resemble their musloid majority crapholes.

      • Okay, no problem. I can work alongside Nazis. I mean white supremacy is just their belief and it in no way should affect me or my job.

        Same thing with pedophiles. I mean, it’s just their belief and doesn’t impact me or my job.

        Cupid stunt.

  29. It’s called “baiting”, one of the most despicable forms of manipulation – consciously using the goodwill of your victims and using it against them.

  30. Another example of the death cult laughing at and exploiting our capitalist system.

    What about her co-workers that would have been distracted by her wearing a Halloween costume to work every day? I know that I could never work with somebody that worships a pedophile rapist.

    Those jurors should be ashamed of themselves. Don’t they realise there is a good chance that the $5 million will make its way into the hands of terrorists.

    • “Death Cult” Really? How is Islam any more a death cult than Christianity? Jesus did die remember?

      And you can’t work with someone who worships a pedophile rapist, do you work with any Catholics? Because that is exactly what they do.

      • Jesus died, but he did not kill. mo died and mo killed. And killed. And killed. And threw in a few rapes here and there.

        Of course, being a moral relativist, you’re too stupid to grasp the subtle difference between died and killed and descriptive usage of death in infidel’s post.

        So to humour your indoctrinated, moral relativist pea-brain we will call arab-tribalism a kill-cult.

  31. And it is not just don’t hire them, anybody who is already employed could convert to this sick cult and then do their dirty work. Lordy, what a mess.

    • The very MOMENT when they start talking about Islam in favourable terms is when they should be put on SECRET probation. Then, once they convert or start wearing Islamic garb, wait a few days and then fire them on anything and everything gathered over the whole time of probation.

      During the probationary time (which they’re not told of), have them given unpleasant or impossible jobs that will befoul muztard feelings and consciences – and have them regularly checked (again, in secret) for anything they may try to do against “infidels”.

      Anything particularly egregious (e.g., attacking customers for wanting things certain ways, ordering “halal” meals or other such products) can be used for IMMEDIATE termination – with no pension, severance pay, etc.!!!

      Hopefully, some of this may prove useful – God Grant…

  32. We can all safely bet that this baghead was financed by CAIR, ICNA, INSA, Muslim Brotherhood or a combination thereof.

  33. I’m all for getting rid of musloids from the workplace. But, let’s be smart about it, folks. Don’t call them terrorists. Don’t even mention their violent ideology. Nail them on every frigging mistake they make then fire them.

    Same with hiring them. Don’t mention the bags on their heads or their thrall to arab tribalism. Interview them as if they were an actual human being (I know it’s hard, but it must be done) then hire someone else. If they call and ask why a simple “we hired a more qualified candidate.” will suffice.

    These companies are getting sued because they’ve got some idiot managers who, while their loyalties are in the right place, just aren’t smart enough to keep their mouths shut.

    You don’t hire them in the first place, but don’t mention their arab tribalism at all. If their idiot converts like the ugly cow in this story, simply get rid of them like you get rid of any other dick in the workforce.

    • IC, That’s good advice, but this woman was hired as a Christian and converted after a few years on the job. Of course, once this happens, you should overload her with work she can’t possibly handle and then fire her for poor job performance.

      • This female was no Christian! She may have called herself a Christian, but a real Christian has accepted/received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and would NEVER toss Him aside to worship the Satanic moon god Allah.

        • I agree. So many people call themselves Christian when they don’t even know what it really means. I know some of them.

        • You’re right ma’am, by choosing Islam, she became an Antichrist ’cause Islam is Antichrist. By choosing Islam, she denied that Yashua (Jesus) is the Son of God.

        • Please tell where in the bible that explicitly states that Jesus himself claimed to be the son of god and i mean the biological son. I am not in any talking about the many times he spoke about human beings as being the children of god.

        • To “Alicia”:

          The answer to your question about where in the Bible does Jesus explicitly claim to be The Son of God: St. John 8:58. (KJV)
          It states:

          Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.

          This part is the culmination of a complete narrative that starts with St. John 8:12, where Christ was being attacked by the Sanhedrin “Jews” as to His Father and His Origins. It’s obvious that in context of what was going on – especially when in verse 56 He Says Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day; and he saw it, and was glad. That, combined with verse 57 – where they responded to Him: “Thou art not yet fifty years old, and hast thou seen Abraham?” – provides the conclusive proof when combined with everything else throughout all four Gospels plus the Act of the Apostles, which is a continuation of St. Luke’s Gospel.

    • Another option is to move her to a shift that she didn’t ask for. If she is working mornings to accomodate her childrens school schedule, move her to night shift and claim she is needed there etc. We recently did that to someone upper management was trying to push out of the company. It works.

      • WRI is correct: Companies have lots of options to make life unpleasant for trouble makers. They can play ping pong with the employee…’turbulence’.

        Anyway…The purpose of the veil is to make a statement and a barrier…it is NOT about ‘modesty’…it is about misogyny and CONTROL of kafirs.

        The main purpose of the veil is demarcate rapable, unveiled kafirs from non-rapable Moslem ‘property’ (‘domestic animals’ of Mozmen). (Koran 33.59)

        Mohammed instituted the veil because his men were totally lacking in self-control, so he protected his property from rape by hiding them in a cloth wrapper.

    • YOU SICK
      You try to say that GOD is your enemy not Muslim, GOD choose Islam to be the religion of all of the profits( bless be upon all of them)
      listen to your priest and you will know

      • Your jummbeled attempt at American English is irritating to try to read, go back to the shit hole your from.

      • Wrong.

        A dead, bronze age, thieving, raping, lying, murderous psychopath chose islam as his flim flam scam to acquire money, power, and pussy.

      • And you are full of shit USA, and if you really believe that one, then consider it the biggest April’s fool EVER only dumb****es would fall for.

      • YOU’RE the Sicko here! You worship an imaginary being, who was invented by a mass-murdering-psycho-pedophile-sleazy-piece-of-garbage-“prophet.” The one true living God has already dealt with Mohammed, and I’m sue old Mo is now wishing he hadn’t created this obscene ideology in which it’s Halal to have sex with children, animals, and even dead humans. I find you and your ilk to be thoroughly disgusting and perverse…an absolute blight on humanity. One day, you’re going to face the REAL God, and it will be too late for you to change your theology, and you’ll join your “prophet” in eternal damnation. There will be no 72 virgins or beautiful young boys, nor will there be rivers of wine and great food to eat. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, the absence of love and anything even remotely good. Gosh, as a Muslim, you’re already used to that, so I guess you’ll feel right at home in hell.

      • Yeah, you got that right. Pedo Muhammad was a profit, not a prophet. Unlike your sadistic, schizophrenic figmented imagination of Muhammad, the real God loves everyone including a demented one like you. And like us He hates doctrines like Nazism and Islam. The real God is a kind and loving one. Unlike the sadist allah, the only thing the real God want is love, not obedience. For your information, your allah is modelled after Lucifer. In fact, “Allah” is an anagram of “Halal” ben Shachar, one of Lucifer’s hebrew name. “Allahu Akbar” (meaning Allah is Greatest) is actually a Prayer of Fear, by saying this words, you Muslims are confessing that Allah aka Halal ben Shachar aka Lucifer is the Greatest, which is definately not true. “Allahu Akbar” is enough to prove me that Islam is satanic.

      • I would never be treated like that because I do not obnoxiously foist my minority “cultural norms” or religious clap trap on the minority.

        If I did, I would deserve it.

        That’s how the world works, asshole.

        • you meant to say on the majority at the end of your first sentence.

          and I don’t think the world works that way, that’s probably how you would want it to.

          my comment was about the feeling of being treated the way you described and your reply was about accusing this lady with obnoxious foist of religion… that’s not a correct answer!

          now let me ask you a question:
          I am Muslim and a boss of 3 Christians working for me. do you think it would be fair if I started treating them like the way you described just because I see how much you hate Muslims; who knows, probably they are just like you, hiding loads of hatred behind their smiles.

        • That’s actually how the world works. Your musloid brains wants to believe it doesn’t because you troglodytes are a minority.

          I’m positive you treat the idiots who work for you differently. It’s your nature. No changing that. And just how do you know they are Christian? Are they conducting mass in the office? Are they carrying crosses into the office and demanding time off for liturgy? Do they wear t-shirts declaring “I am Christian”?

          Again, moral relativism fails for you mo’s minions.

          If you do treat them badly, that’s on you, arselifter. And, they deserve it for working for one of you bronze age tribalists.

        • If that’s true, that means we’re not living in the same world…thanks God actually :).

          You would be surprised to see how fairly I treat my employees, in fact, they see me as the best boss they ever had… I couldn’t ask for more! and I don’t think they need to prove their Christianity by showing off crosses and T-Shirts… I think they know they are free to practice their religion anyway and anytime they want to. Do I mind if they scream it off… not at all.

          You seem to have the tendency of shielding your arguments with diminishing insults… don’t know why but I think it’s the wrong way when trying to prove a point. I’d rather encourage you to engage in an objective discussion with only facts on the table… I’m sure it’ll be helpful for both of us.

        • That’s because you live in a world, of your own design, in which your sky monster says you’re superior and it’s your right to subjugate the “other.” You also live in a world where the majority are subjugating themselves and capitulating to you out of fear.

          You’re here because some of those others refused to capitulate to one of yours.

          So your employees don’t openly display their Christianity. You have no proof than that they are in fact Christian.

          They aren’t broadcasting their faith or their belief that they are superior.

          They baghead in the story was. The fact is the vagina virgins wear their vagina protectors to broadcast. It’s not out of piety it’s out of their own belief that they are superior to women who don’t and they are broadcasting that. That’s a fact.

          There is NOTHING helpful with “discussing” anything with you arab-tribalists.

          It is,however, helpful to point out your relativisms and their flaws, and your typical musloid obfuscations.

    • very intelligent evil ideas.. religion fanatics are the source of all evil that humanity suffers. All your gods get happy and give rewards for hurting others, killing others.. what kind of gods are these ??. actually all fanatics thinks they are Gods on earth, judging others but sure not themselves.. Stupids and blood suckers in name of whatever God you believe.. wake up u r humans, very weak creatures.

      • YEAH????

        How about the 170,000,000 murdered by atheism (Communism, Nazism, Fascism) over the course of 95 years (1917-2012)?? [In regards to Communism, Stáljin and Ljéñin jointly killed off 40,000,000 while Mao accounts for 60,000,000 ALONE!!!! Hitler accounted for 10 million in peacetime or equivalent plus 40 million by waging World War II.] That’s FAR more than Christianity ever could be faulted for: only Islâm can be impeached for more: 275 million over 1,400 years…

  34. Muslims really know how to annoy Americans.
    The very sight of them in their silly outfits makes my skin crawl. Those who convert are especially annoying: they are deliberately choosing a life of servitude and oppression.

    • Yes they do!! And they will keep doing this crap UNTIL we start putting our foot down. First of all NEVER HIRE ONE! Oh that’s right, this idiot converted- But NEVER hire one b/c they will certainly find a reason to sue your ass, your company!
      I just detest them all!

      • Actually a company is less likely to be sued by an employee than by an applicant because an employee already has an established relationship with the employer, whereas an applicanthas nothing to loose by filinga lawsuit for discrimination. Furthermore, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, so if a company doesn’t hire an applicant simply because he/she is Muslim, the company is violating the applicants civil rights and is in violation of Title VII. These are AMERICAN LAWS for all those who call themselves patriots and yet remain ignorant of our laws. The first immigrants who came to this country were the Puritans and they came to escape the religious persecution that they recieved in England. Please keep this in mind when you insist on bashing innocent people. Not to mention, that this kind of hatred is like a poison and peace is so much more pleasant. This is America, so we as Americans should be a role model for other nations at how we value human civil liberties, and all the while you give the impression that our civil rights mean nothing to you. Please try to educate yourself because it is very easy to distinguish between educated and ignorant posts.

        • Alicia, surely you don’t think any employer would be stupid enough to give being Muslim as a reason for not hiring someone. There are countless other reasons you can give for not hiring someone you know or suspect is a muslim. Muslims will never be Americans, no matter how long they’ve been here.

    • Yea, try to imagine how lonely, stupid or just twisted in thought you would have to be to say to yourself”hey these muzzie shitbag goat fuckers reallty have it goin”.Really pitifull.

    • When Islam control the world for 1400 year, total people killed in that time was less than 1/15 of those who killed in the 1WW only, when the christian start killing each others, you guys go back and read your history before you talk about islam, Islam and share’a low will make the USA the best country for all, just give it a few years and you will see how thousands and thousands will convert to islam, just because it is last massage from the sky, and you guys ask your self why 20000 american convert to isalm each year?????? ask the catholic priest (Yusuf Estes)

      good luck

      • Why does Mohammedanism LOSE 6 million people each year to Christianity, Judaism, Atheism, Hinduism, and other faiths (or lack therof)?

        Most Americans who convert to Mohammedanism soon find themselves converting OUT of it within 3 to 4 years.

        • One of your fellow arselifting jihadists, actually.

          None other than the first president in charge of jihad at isna: Ilyas Yunus.

          Your fellow musloid tard conducted a couple of studies, most likely in an attempt to “prove” “islam is fastest growing” “most converts are white westerners” blah, blah, blah.

          Sadly, for him, the truth was not on his side and fortunately, he did one thing you troglodytes are almost incapable of doing: telling the truth. He even published it!

          Your fellow troglodyte found that more than 70% of the numbnuts who do convert leave within two to three years.

          His books can be found on amazon.

          Too bad, unlike you vile creatures who have no shame in making crap up as you go along, we have the actual truth on our side.


          Read it. One of your fellow Mohammedans bewailed the fact that, “there are now 1.5 million churches whose congregations account for 46 million people. In every hour, 667 Muslims convert to Christianity. Everyday, 16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity. Ever(y) year, 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity.”

          The Mohammedan also stated that Africa had only three religions; Christianity, Islam, and paganism. Of course, he was wrong, there, because Ethiopia and North Africa had a large Jewish-religion population before the coming of Mohammedanism, and in the case of Ethiopia, this continued afterward as Mohammedanism was not able to penetrate into the Ethiopian highlands as easily.

          Same is true for much of sub-Saharan West Africa. Though there were “Islamic” kingdoms in West Africa since at least the 10th Century, “Islam” was practiced mostly by the elites, and even they didn’t spend all that much time trying to convert their peoples to Islam. The black rulers took, mostly, a “live and let live” attitude toward religion. They were interested mostly in stability and justice *Shari’a was not widely practiced in the medieval West African empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. This is partly why Arabs in North Africa invaded the kingdom of Ghana in 1067, weakening that state and causing it to splinter; and Songhai in 1591, causing that empire to collapse*.

        • Dear, dont alwayes belive what u read or what other ppl says , its realy easy , any fact u get and u did`t feel right , google it , wikipidia , books , stuff like thats , cz all what it mentioned was wrong in the article , Ethopia is alwayes been Chrisitian country and its mentioned in Quran along with thier fair king at thats time , Islam never forced any ppl to islam and the evidence is crystal clear , there is many Chrisitians + Jews + other relgion lived and died in peace in all islamic country , Egpt ppl ( chrisitian egyptions) Jews in morocco and all over arabs country , Magi in Persia , on other hand , before 19 century , no muslim Masjid ( except the one in Spain) founded in Europe ? we know europian known Islam for sure in thier Crusades , yet not even single soldier converted to islam durning thats ere ? and for 13 crusades not even one ? as quoted from privous article u like ( Hitler says : lie and lie till u`ll be belived ) realy Ironic

        • REALLY??? We Serbs have not – and will NEVER – forget how Islâm put extremely heavy pressure upon its subject peoples to convert!!!!! [Nor will Croats, Slovenians, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Slavic Macedonians, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Poles, Russians and Austrians either…]

          One way of doing it was the taking away of Christian male children between the ages of 3 and 8 from their families and incarcerating them in Moslem schools where the education was inculcated to exterminate every last memory of parents, siblings, communities, &c. AND to instil a FANATICAL loyalty to Islâm and the Sultan or Caliph!!!! That not only was a TERRIBLE, even GENOCIDAL form of jizya tax upon the “infidels” (how many of them were consequently forced to mutilate their offspring upon birth so that the Moslem recruiters would pass them by!!!), it was designed to force whole families into converting to Islâm!!!!

          We also know how as much as 61$ of the Qu’rân has been abrogated by new commands calling for unceasing, deceitful and most extreme VIOLENCE against us “infidels”, who’re labelled “filthy” (even though our health standards beat those of Moslems hands down!!!!)…

          “Ergo”, YOU, “Khalid”, are the REAL LIAR – which is exactly what Islâm expressly not only condones but COMMANDS!!!! [And who started the Crusades but you Moslems continuously attacking all your neighbours??]

        • do u really beliving what u r saying ? Islam forced ppl to convert to islam ? ok tell me how come we have christians , jews , etc all over islamic world ? and how come in europe muslim r minority ? can u just mention one attack of muslims against europe coursed to europe to launch crusades and start killing from Syria to orshlem?
          and regarding beating are health , thats really funny , we wash 5 times a day , beat thats ..

          if we do what u says , forcing ppl to convert , how come Spain still christian ? and Portugal ? ( read about spanish inspection courts)

          in other hand , all countries occupied by European in 19 century was forced to convert to Christianity or die ( read about it)

          at least be honest and say YES we start crusades cz we don’t like u and we don’t like ur relgion

        • ok , France vs Algeria ( 1,500,000 deaths)

          check this out :

          Lieutenant-Colonel de Montagnac wrote on 15 March 1843, in a letter to a friend:

          “All populations who do not accept our conditions must be despoiled. Everything must be seized, devastated, without age or sex distinction: grass must not grow any more where the French army has set foot. Who wants the end wants the means, whatever may say our philanthropists. I personally warn all good soldiers whom I have the honour to lead that if they happen to bring me a living Arab, they will receive a beating with the flat of the saber…. This is how, my dear friend, we must make war against Arabs: kill all men over the age of fifteen, take all their women and children, load them onto naval vessels, send them to the Marquesas Islands or elsewhere. In one word, annihilate all who will not crawl beneath our feet like dogs.”[8]

          yeah thats was so Chrisitian , and Muslims was so evil !

        • @Khalid

          All that and those damn French didn’t folllow through!

          What you, in your diseased musloid brain, failed to grasp is despite his very aggressive and intelligent stance about you arse lifters, the good Colonel did not once mention Jesus, the Bible or God. He did not say “Jesus set the example for us to deal with these evil creatures this way.” He did not quote Biblical precedents. He did not even scream “Jesus is great!” I guarantee you will not find an actual quote from a Christian cleric supporting, or encouraging that very astute Colonel’s words.

          Yet, time and time again, you bronze age barbarians declare that mo the putrid was your ideal man and mo would deal with the “kaffir” harshly and you have MANY examples of mo doing to kaffir, what the Colonel suggested doing to you troglodytes. Those examples are found over and over in hadiths. Every day on Arabic language t.v. there are bearded half witted clerics, as well as bag headed cunts, declaring all the ways in which mein kuranmpf gives you demons the rights to abuse and kill kaffir. When you savages play follow the leader with mo the putrid you always scream allahu akbar.

          So, yet again, musloid moral relativism is an utter failure. But we don’t expect much from bronze age savages who are too stupid to realize that moral relativity is a logical fallacy. Most Westerners stop using that logical fallacy when they’re 6 years old.

        • The Spaniards evicted all Moslems in 1605, with Portugal at the time being included automatically.

          I KNOW too well that you Moslems evicted all the Jews you could in 1948 as soon as the new state of Israel came into being.

          NOBODY was forced to convert to Christianity by ANY Christian powers in the 19th century!!

          It’s YOU Moslems that can’t accept to be honest, you’re so imbued with lying (taqiyya) and omission (kitman) even from conception, let alone birth!!! YOU go and research these things: we’ve learned far too well than to ever trust a single Moslem!!!!!

        • I’ll also add that the Arabs in Algeria were on the side of the Ottoman Turks, fighting as their vassals and citizens – and they fought ferociously!!

          Furthermore, where did you get that letter? There’s supposed to be a footnote, and you don’t mention the source!!!!

        • Two more things, “Khalid”: 1) you may wash your face and feet, but what of the rest of your body?? How often do you wash THAT??

          2) Who started the Crusades? YOU Arab Moslems, who had been killing, raping and pillaging Christians (including pilgrims to Jerusalem as well as the Byzantine Empire!!) for several CENTURIES by then!!!

        • I concur with ADHD & Istanbul Chick. Khalid, FO, we weren’t thorough enough the last time, ridding the West of you vermin, we won’t make the same mistake twice.

        • Mister , all what have you said is lie after lie after lie , some one realy washed ur brain big time.. the source of the french letter you can find it in Wikipedia.
          the acts which have been done by those French or Englishs or any christian is my point of not to mix between relgion and humen actions , u says well they are french and he did`t shout JESUS so its not act of christanity , but muslim shout allah wakber thats mean its thier evil relgion ,

          u have not mention one source of any of ur claims , u says muslim killed pilgrims and if u search just a lil u`ll find its a big lie made by pope Urban II to attack rich arabian countries..simply to rape and steal and kill , thats why 1st compagien named Poors Crusades..

          ok Quran says Kill the invidelas but can u tell me whois the invedels whos mentioned in Quran ? if thats true how come there still warshiper of fire and stones in Iraq and Persia ( Iran) till now ? u know the phrase : you have ur relgion and we have mine ? ( Hadith)

          (And Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes and what is given to Moses and Jesus and the prophets from their Lord, do not differentiate between one of them and we are a Muslim) Al omran

          can u point to me where to kill Christian or Jews ?

          Mister we honer all relgions and we dont kill or rape them , if thats true u`ll find single church or temple in all over muslim countries..

          wash my heart ? its clean and i never lie or spread or judge ppl on thier colore or race or relgion ..

          for u , Allah says : they have eyes but they cant see , and they have hearts but they dont feel …

        • He was moved by the urgent appeal for help from Byzantine Emperor Alexius I. Urban’s solution was announced on the last day of the council when the pope suddenly proclaimed the Crusade against the infidel Muslims ( Infidels ?? )

          The extent of the era’s anti-Semitism is apparent in Godfrey of Bouillon, who swore

          “to go on this journey only after avenging the blood of the crucified one by shedding Jewish blood and completely eradicating any trace of those bearing the name ‘Jew,’ thus assuaging his own burning wrath.

          On a popular level, the first crusades unleashed a wave of impassioned, personally felt pious Christian fury that was expressed in the massacres of Jews that accompanied the movement of the Crusader mobs through Europe, as well as the violent treatment of “schismatic” Orthodox Christians of the east.

          In the 13th century, Crusades never expressed such a popular fever, and after Acre fell for the last time in 1291 and the Occitan Cathars were exterminated during the Albigensian Crusade, the crusading ideal became devalued by Papal justifications of political and territorial aggressions within Catholic Europe.

          Source : wikipedia ( the first crusade)

        • @Khalid the KLOD

          Again you’ve done nothing but prove what a mindless, unthinking, unintellectual ool you are. You’re a typical muslim.

          Anyone who quotes wikipedia as a legitimate, historical source is a moron.

          Secondly, cutting and pasting does not prove your idiotic argument.

          YOU have NO idea who Godfrey was and why he wrote what he wrote. All you’ve done is cut and pasted something that marginally supports your typical musloid paranoia and historical revisions.

          You are a fine example of why you bronze age troglodytes have accomplished NOTHING in the scientific fields and never will.

        • To Istanbul Chicken head,

          so Wikipedia is not reliable source and ur words is ?
          and u suppose to know whois Godfery ? i bet u wrote his biogrephy ?

          well wiki or any other historical sources wont lie on one thing , thats u r criminals and killers greedy for wealth and blood as anyone in the world , yet u point fingers to anyone not ur color , race or relgion to be somthingur ppl did..and thats so smart of u ..

          u know i cant argue with u anymore , one wise guy once said , do not argue with stupid guy becouse ppl wont know the differance between both of u….

          live ur life hating everyone , am going to live my life laughing on ppl like u

      • Hey goat piss drinker, what the hell are you doing here if your muzzie shit holes are so much like paradise? Get the fk outa here!

      • Of course, you provide no actual data to back up the claim that more people were killed during WW1 than in all 1400 years of barbaric, ass backwards arab tribalism.

        You didn’t even give us a number.

        You troglodytes have no shame in just making sh*t up as you go.

        You are the most prolific liars, but the least talented at it. Three year olds are better liars than you arab tribalists.

        Just for starter on deflating your typical musloid obfuscations:

        Less than 60 million people died, world wide, during ww1. That number does NOT include the over 1 million Armenians murdered in the mass genocide by musloid Turks during WW1.

        musloid invaders committed mass genocide against the Hindus and Buddhists of India and murdered 80 million. That’s just India. That’s even more people who were killed in almost 200 years of the crusades.

        musloids have ethnically cleansed all of the Middle East and North Africa.

        So, no, asshole, more people did not die in WW1 than you evil creatures have killed in 1400 years.

        Too bad, the actual statistics do not support your historical revisionist lies.

        You evil bastards are far ahead of everyone else in the murder game.

        • inspite of all the craps u said full of hate and lies , and all ur lil friends who is talking of what reflect thier pitty life and fucking mind they gain becouse of the all abusing they get from thier parents , what can u do ? what else than ur fucking words canu fucking do ? history says Islam is the best , ppl says islam is the best , we live better we eat better we dress better and for sure we think better , there is one billion muslim arround the world , if my relgion drive to me to kill then u r Fucked ! islam is way far of ur understanding and ur lil friends , its like anything in the world can be used to Good or Evil , let me simplified it to ur lil mind or somthing of ur enviroment , its like a Spoon , can be used to eat , or it can be used to burn Cocain , got it ? well u r talking talking talking but without any actions , pleaaase do somthing , come here to middle east and try to do somthing , u`ll be shitting ur self before even getting of the plan , so shut the fuck up and let ppl be free and not telling ppl how to live or what to belive ,

          and about statistics , read about westren civilazation , the 13 crusades upon middleast ( none of muslims against europe) , South Africa , inspection courts in Spain , Israel vs palasiten , Nativ americans , Serpia vs busnia , read about thats then shut the fuck up

        • Khalid, muslims have slaughtered 270 million people. The Crusades didn’t come close. But hopefully the new Crusade against Islam will even the score.

        • R u crazy ? 270 million people ?from where u get the facts ? u r realy brain washed , or brain removal, u r realy ignorant ppl full of shit ! dear jackass , its called CRUSADES , cross ? crusades ? , ur ppl launched a war on us not the other way and they got kicked in the ass big time , read about crusades before u saying somthing u dont know , and u and all the stupid ppl like u r welcome to come , crusade ? hehe ur country full of muslims u fuck ! europe is getting older and poor , soon muslim ppl will be majority soon in ur country , so shut up and try to live in peace with ppl thats not on ur faith ( if u hv one) , the ironic thing is as Christian or jews , ur relgion prevented u to do any killing and ask u to seek peace all the time , in reality its 180 degdree oppsite , and as u says thats Islam is evil and alwayes seek killing , in reality we never do any more harm than any other civiliztion..ignorant

        • Thank you so very, very much for banning “Khalid”, dear Ms. BNI!!!!

          Just one second of looking at his drivel and you know the rest…

          By the way, some sources put the numbers of people murdered by Islâm as high as 275 million people over 1,400 years… What bugs is that its exponents like Khalid can’t do anything but resort to “ad hominem” insults, threats, etc.

          With such people, EXPULSION is the ONLY answer short of killing them – and if they insist on invading the West, that’s what will have to be done to them…

        • Also, not to forget: who forced the West into starting the Crusades?? Continuous GENOCIDAL Moslem attacks upon us “infidels” over the course of over 450 years as of the time Pope Urban II issued the appeal in 1095!!!!

          Again, it’s such a monstrous pity that Duke Reginald of Châtillon bungled his plan to destroy Islâm’s chief shrines in Medina and Mecca…

        • I agree with Khalid, look even though wikipedia isn’t completely reliable, the facts that he stated are accurate. I have a background in Spanish and Middle Eastern History and religion and Khalid is right on target. May I point out that in order to be credible in debating information that can be verified is that you should double check your facts and provide the sources you use to back up your theory. I detest the person who call the Prophet Mohamed putrid. That was very bad taste and highly inappropriate. Honestly, Khalid comments like the one you read here are from uneducated people. I just thank Allah for Islam. I for one am very educated, and a green eyed American, who by the way did convert to Islam years ago. It is truly a blessing. I honestly used to bash Islam and muslims when I was ignorant. Do some real research and just might be surprised by what you can learn with an open mind.

        • Alicia, are you a Chubby Muslim Convert Girl, too? We have an entire section here on CMCG’s because most of them are either fat and/or ugly.

          You may not know it but Istanbul Chick lived in a muslim country for many years and has forgotten more than you’ll ever know about Islam. Have you read the entire abrogated version of the quran, the one with hundreds of passages calling for violence, torture, and killing of unbelievers? I didn’t think so. You were not ignorant when you used to bash muslims, but now you are.

          Calling the paedophile prophet muhammad “putrid” is one of the nicer things one can say about him.

      • Islam has never controlled the world. #Muslim armies slaughtered millions without the help of artillery, machine guns, gas and aircraft. Islam has produced almost nothing to further civilization. It’s barbaric, backward AND EVIL.

      • *sigh*

        You idiots do realise, I hope (although from what I’ve read so far some of you wouldn’t), that a genuine Muslim apologist would probably know how to spell Shari’a Law?

        But by all means keep on venting; some of you clearly have no other outlet for your projected rage.

        • Wrong.

          I’ve personally read papers of many who can’t even spell their own names using the Latin based alphabet.

          Nor do all of them spell mein kuranmpf the same.

          The bravado is typical musloid hubris.

          You clearly, have not dealt with non-Native English speakers.

          You also clearly would be the type of limp wristed libtard that would defend pedophiles and white supremacists *IF* it served your agenda.

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