Six-year-old Saudi boy raped, killed, then incinerated, allegedly by neighbor

A six-year-old Saudi boy who went missing two days ago was found dead with a charred body after his rapist killed him and set him ablaze. One newspaper said the rapist is the boy’s neighbor.

Emirates  Police had mounted a massive search campaign to find Mohammed Salim Al Azmi after his parents reported him missing for two days from his home in the northern town of Alqurayat.

“His body was found charred near a bridge east of the town,” the Saudi Arabic language daily Sharq said on Monday.

“Sources told the paper that police suspect a 35-year-old neighbor kidnapped the boy, raped him and then murdered him before setting him ablaze to get rid of the body.”


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  1. I wonder what good ole’ Andy Choudary would say about this. Every time I hear him open his trap he goes on and on about how wonderful life would be under sharia law. We have all those horrible things in the west such as divorce, gambling (he’s really hung up on that issue isn’t he) prostitution, rock music and Islam will eradicate all those evils. He seems to think these evils wouldn’t happen under an Islamic caliphate. Oh wait, he’s never mentioned anything about the sexual exploitation of children. Hmmm, food for though inn’t it.

    • Yes, and the ruling elite in most of these Islamic countries engage in all the things Andy Choudray ostensibly condemns. They gamble, hire prostitutes, listen to rock and other “Western” musics, engage in multiple marriages and divorces, etc.

      Thus, if you’re at the top of the Mohammedan societal heap, Shari’a doesn’t always apply to you.

  2. I was wondering. From what I understand, females who are raped, and are murdered (by the rapist – or their families in “Honor” killings), or executed by their “courts” (stoning or hanging), are thought to go to the Muzzie idea of Hell.
    If the females are thought to go to Hell, would it follow that a male who is raped and killed also thought to go to Hell? Anyone know?

  3. Suspect we will see acts such as this growing in the U.S. as more and more islamic muslimes enter our Nation.
    They are all useless piles of maggot excrement – same as their dead prophet and their current leader here in America.

  4. Sadly this is just another example of how the islamic cult abuse Children,it really makes you SICK.!!

  5. This is not peculiar to Islam, or the middle East. This kind of travesty is global and happens in the ‘developed’ world too.
    Once again your hysteria is clouding your judgement, any first time visitor will read this and say , more Jew on Muslim hatred, you are thwarting your own cause.
    I can only think this is some ones son, the location of his birth is not his choice and at the age of 6 there was a chance an education could help him and his contemporaries challenge the M.O. of the Saudi govt’.
    I am mortified for his parents, I am the father of 2 boys myself and can only guess at their pain and anguish.
    This a 6 yr old boy, where is your humanity?

    • waffle, “my hysteria” – what are you talking about? I simply posted the story. I did not comment on it. What is your problem? You are pretty close to getting kicked off of here with those kinds of comments.

    • I think the girly boy thing is something pecular to Afghanistan and maybe Pakistan. There are a variety of pecular institutions to get around the fact that the wealthier in muslim societies can sequester up to 4 women. In shiite societies term marriages for periods of as short as fifteen minutes exist. Some forms of homosexuality are condoned apparently.

    • they keep killing each other off then there will be no more muslim’s so keep up the good work but leave the children alone

  6. I think this one is off the reservation even for saudi arabia. A better measure of the beast is what is tolerated with no sanctions. One of my wife’s relatives worked in saudi arabia as an engineer. His wife was afraid to take their infant daughter out in public, shopping and such because of the ubiquitous casual cruelty that saudi mothers inflicted on their children. Stuff like beating, slappiung and punching kids while in shopping lines. They felt that seeing this would damage her psychologically.

    • Good humanitarian input, thanks for that. You sound as vehemently hateful and malevolent as those you decry. I only hope you never lose a son.

      • I quite agree; as much as I generally despise arselifters, I would NOT wish that kind of fate for ANY small child ANYWHERE in the world; as for the filthy degenearate scum that did that to him however, I would NOT be at all charitable toward the pedophile puke; torch the SOB, just as he did that child!!

  7. This is a cult of monsters! They have no respect for life especailly that of women and children! This is the Religion of Peace my ass! They are a bunch on inbred animals-

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