Barack Hussein Obama ‘spits’ on the families of the dead Navy SEALS

When the caskets of those who were killed in Afghanistan and brought back to Dover Air Force Base, the families collectively asked that Obama NOT have cameras present. The families wanted to grieve in peace and not be part of an Obama photo op circus and political¬†statement. Many of the families did not even want to be acknowledged by Obama, but he didn’t respect that request either.

Their name conjures up the most celebrated moment of America’s post-Sept. 11 military campaigns. Now the Navy SEALs belong to a grimmer chapter in history: the most deadly incident for U.S. forces in the 10-year Afghanistan war.

Three months after they killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in neighboring Pakistan and cemented their place in military legend, the SEALs suffered a devastating loss when nearly two dozen of the elite troops were among 30 Americans who died when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

(Personally, I believe Obama wanted the SEALS killed which is why the entire SEAL team was placed on an old, slow helicopter, and sent into a Taliban-infiltrated area)

H/T Alan