MINNESOTA: Muslim community wants to ‘educate’ the person who vandalized a sign

Why do Muslims always think we have to be educated about Islam? If people hate Islam, it is because they already ARE educated about it. Surprisingly, the imam admits the vandal might have been a Muslim.

 Marshall Independent  Sheik Osman, a board member of the Islamic Center of Marshall, so whomever defaced the sign outside the meeting place needs to make amends and find out more about the Islamic culture.

“What he or she knows now is just stereotypes from the media,” Osman said. “That person should listen to what we have to say – get firsthand information – and then decide to ask for forgiveness.” (Bite me)

Osman said the Islamic community does not want to press charges against the vandal, but instead wants to educate and come together neighbor to neighbor.

“I study the Bible,” Osman said. “I’ve noted where it says at least eight times to love your neighbor as yourself.” Osman said Chapter 4, Verse 36 in the Koran includes the phrase “be good to the neighbor who is near of kin and the neighbor who is a stranger.” (The difference is the Quran is referring to Muslims only)

Although the Muslim community bought the Main Street house two years ago, the sign saying Islamic Center of Marshall was recently placed in the front yard – and was promptly defaced with orange spray paint in April. Other incidents of vandalism took place around Marshall at that time as well including Holy Redeemer Catholic Church.

“No one has the right to go to a place of worship and vandalize,” Osman said. “What is the benefit?”

Osman said he doesn’t know who did the damage – “it could be a Christian, it could be a Muslim.”