All-American Muslim, MY ASS!

Muslims can be born here, educated here, dress like Americans, talk like Americans, but in the end, they return to the homeland for an arranged marriage to a cousin. Usually a first cousin. Hello to inbreeding. Hello to a new generation of mentally retarded and/or physicially disabled Muslims leeching off the American healthcare system.


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  1. The muslim idiot has a stigmatism from his parents being related and as such he is inbred. Now he marries a cousin, inbred also and as such their children will be inbred and probably idiots with all types of disabilities and so on. The health care of the US will be overtaxed by the idiots produced. There should be a law about cousins marrying cousins. For his next three wives they too will be inbred. The wife will like the US and be tired of being raped and beaten by the idiot. The husband will then honor kill her and the BS goes on and on. No these inbreds will never put the US ahead of their muslim beliefs and always be a danger to the US.

  2. Not defending islam, all of you here know that I would never do that, BUT this is not an islamic practice. Hindus do the same thing.

    However, what WAS disturbing about this video was when he was trying to justify it by saying

    “we don’t know each other, but we have the same culture, we understand each other and can talk to each other, you know things I can’t do with someone not from my culture.”

    Excuse me? Aren’t all the musloids and their leftarded lap dogs screeching at us that they are “Americans”? If so, why isn’t an American someone from his “culture”? Why is only a Pakistani, born and raised in a Pakistan village, who doesn’t speak English (he mentioned the language barrier) of the same “culture”? Why not the mid-western farmer’s daughter?

    American’s are MY culture. I have friends and family from all walks of life. Blue collar, white collar, hillbillies, WASPS, white, black, hispanic, Jew, Gentile, Hindu. We all “understand” each other and can “talk to each other.”

    Here we have a musloid admitting in a round about way he’s NOT American. It’s not his culture and and voluntarily segregating himself from American culture. Yet the musloids and leftards keep screaming at us that they are “more” American than us “haters.”

    • IC, you must know that muslims consider themselves muslims first which supercedes any nationality they might claim

      • True. Actually, Muslims believe that if ONE Muslim steps with his dirty foot in a land this land becomes Islamic right away.
        Mohammad managed to convince them that Islam is their nationality. That is why they are united for the cause.
        It is amazing that those people who are full of hate, even to each other, are united the way we see it now.
        We, on the other hand, are pathetically devided, which is a booster for Islam to spread.

  3. Prediction: The Pakistani bride after arriving in USA will pursue her law degree in addition to becoming a fierce spokesperson of the greatness of Islam in this infidel nation; in addition to becoming the driving force in bringing as many male members of her family to the USA.

    But eventually she will be caught doing some forbidden act (like talking to a male stranger or wearing a westernized dress) that will cause one of her male family members to enrage and decapitate her, making her another statistic of honor killings in America.

  4. It would seem that if one is arrested for domestic violence or any other crime, it would be advisable to declare oneself as a Muslim. There would be an increased likelyhood of dismisal. There is no litmus test of faith that I am aware of in the legal arena. Of course, one would have to get the words ” I am a Muslim” out without vomitting… I suppose this would be the very definition of prostituting one’s human dignity.

  5. “Getting married for himself” my ass. What a nightmare culture he comes from. The bride is offered up like a farmer would offer up a mare he hopes a local stud will fertilize for his profit margin. I would have said, “Sorry, this is my life.” If he were American his family traditions would end the day they touched down in America. Freedom is FREEDOM. You’re not American if you can’t exercise this one principle.


    Break up this Death Cult sociologically and destroy it ideologically.

    Islam’s xenophobia and misogyny cannot be fixed. Moslems know it.

  7. Upaces, I don’t care how much you educate them, their old culture dictates everything. You can take the boy out of Pakistan or wherever, but you can never take it out of him.

  8. My late Greek grandparents had an arranged marriage but they were not related. They grew to love each other over time, they were Orthodox Christians.

      • Precisely.

        Also, if you think about it, nearly ALL marriages are arranged. Whether it’s the families arranging the marriage or the individuals DIRECTLY involved, someone’s got to make the arrangements. 😀


        • No, not all…Moslem marriages are FAMILY-FORCED marriage!

          Cousin marriages are arranged and sociologically create SLAVE GIRLS.

          How dare you laugh at the MISERY of MILLIONS OF WOMEN!

        • Per1, get off your high horse. Muslim women approve of this system or more of them would be leaving Islam.

        • Good one BNI..They made their bed, now they can sleep in it. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. If they are in America they can leave islam or their husbands because as the muslims say, “They have no honor killings in America” Those words will come back and bite them in the arse. Peace to all non-moslems who know moslem women approve of this system.

  9. IF they are so damn educated, haven’t they taken a science and/or biology class to know that breeding with family members causes physical and mental defects?

  10. In other words, place the burden of change on your children instead of being “the EXAMPLE.”

    Soooo, they marry White American Women then beat them OR kill them if they “misbehave.”

    They continue their own insanity passed down from one generation to the next.
    Will they ever learn!!!

    • “Will they ever learn?” Mmmmm, my guess is HELL NO; not before they are wiped off this planet, and THEY WILL be a lot sooner than any of the filthy lying arselifters think!!

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