CAIR-Michigan demands and gets police to shut down event promoting U.S. Constitution

In the middle of an event to extol the virtues of the U.S. Constitution and ‘American Laws For American Courts,’ the audience learned first-hand how easy it is to lose their freedom of Speech and Assembly. Amid shouts of “What about free speech?” from the audience, the Allegan Police Department ordered the event shut-down.

Thomas More (H/T Susan K)  School officials notified police that they had received a letter complaining about the event from Dawud Walid, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI).   The letter asked the school to disallow the event despite an existing contract.  CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism funding trial in U. S. history, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation.

As a result, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced yesterday that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR- MI), its Executive Director, the City of Allegan, theAllegan Police Department and the School District were named as defendants in a thirty-four page civil rights lawsuit filed in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Michigan, this morning. The claims included constitutional and contract violations. [Click here for copy of federal complaint]

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Law Center commented, “It’s amazing how much clout CAIR has with the political establishment of both parties in Lansing and throughout Michigan and the nation.  This, despite the fact that CAIR has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood, was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, and the FBI’s  former chief of counterterrorism, noted that CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups.”

Continued Thompson, “Press accounts make it clear that an indictment naming CAIR as a defendant in the Holy Land Foundation trial was squelched by Attorney General Holder’s office despite vehement objections by FBI agents and the federal prosecutors in Dallas.”

TMLC’s federal lawsuit was brought on behalf of State Representative David Agema; a chapter leader of ACT! for America, Elizabeth Griffin; Allegan County Commissioner, Willis Sage; and Mark Gurley, one of the event sponsors.

The event in question, entitled, “Constituting Michigan – Founding Principles Act” took place on January 26, 2012 at an Allegan High School auditorium which had been rented by Willis Sage.

The purpose of the event was to inform the public about the importance of honoring the United States Constitution, to recognize the internal threat to America posed by radical Muslims and the dangers to our free society caused by the imposition of Sharia law.

At first the Allegan police chief police indicated he shut down the event because of threats to one of the speakers, Kamal Saleem; however, shortly thereafter, the chief admitted to a reporter that there was no specific threat to the event and no real danger at all.  In fact, no specific threats of violence relating to the event were received by the City of Allegan, its police department, the Allegan Public School District or Allegan Public High School.

Police gave as their reason, the appearance of one of the featured speakers, Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim terrorist who converted to Christianity.  Saleem has spoken at numerous high schools and universities, Christian churches and Jewish temples across the nation.  He has also spoken at the U. S. Air Force Academy, Michigan’s State Capital, and Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.  At no time before the Allegan event or afterwards has an event where he has spoken been shut down by law enforcement.

Sage notified the Allegan police chief ten days before the event and invited him to check out the background of Saleem, which he never did.


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  1. Not just hate Islam for taking down the American interest but hate yourself for lack of understanding the reasons for your existence.

  2. Darwud or Darweed or Dogfood or whatever the hell his name is and the Allegan Police Department and their respective goats can do whatever it is that they do together when darkness falls.

    They are both trash.

    No room for views opposing the muslim uncivilized savages here.

  3. if obama wins again he will use an executive order to take our guns and then it is game over.people need to organize to fight back before it is too late.

  4. After the revelation that George Galloway is a Muslim we have to ask how many more closet Muslims are undermining Western civilisation. How many politicians, judges and policemen are keeping their conversion secret?

    • Tony, you’re right. For now, anyway. Reminds me of a Album by Pink Floyd called “Animals”.
      One of the songs (Sheep?) Went “… Babbling and bleating we fell on the dog with a scream” THE DOG’S DEAD!…” So, maybe we sheeple still have a chance.

    • This wasn’t a landslide victory for Hollande.

      I predict the economic situation in France will break down. You simply cannot give away more and more money through a socialist system when the country is bordering on financial collapse.

      I was listening to the happy voters yesterday. The idiots were saying that housing is much too expensive and Hollande will fix this problem. How can Hollande bring down the price of housing? Pure fools.

  5. Dear France I see you have elected a new president. Id like to tell you that I see great future for the EU to break up. Also Id like to tell you that Here in America we will be more than glad to give assylum to your millionaires who will being paying 75% of their OWN money in taxes. As you see that only gives them 25% of their own income. well Im sure there money would better our country. Also I am looking forward to a cheap vacation in Europe next year So i can visit all the lovely european countries without much worries financial worry.
    I just want to thank you for the statue of liberty, and when you become a muslim state you can give us a burkah for her?

    • Missy, send me a postcard, OK? As for me, I’ll spend MY money vacationing where Muslims haven’t infected/invaded yet. Oh, sure, I’ll have to pay more, but then a quality experience tends to sell at a premium. I have to admit though, my choices are dwindling.

    • June will be interesting. It’s when the legislative seats are voted. There is a good probability that many Sarko voters will vote for Le Pen party seats. This is where the situation will become tricky for Hollande.

  6. We need to deal with Islam as we did with Communists in the 50’s. They are the sworn enemies of the USA and should be treated as such. When will the American people wake up and deal with these terrorists?

    • “When will the American people wake up and deal with these terrorists?”

      Not enough people yet know the truth about Islam. Therefore, there needs to be an all out information warefare on a massive scale, to inform and awaken the masses. I don’t think many of the left are necessarily bad, but instead, they’re ignorant of Islam. Many here, probably remember a time, where they thought Islam was basically like all other religions, and this was due to not yet knowing the full truth about this totalitarian ideology.

      Each and every person, can help with informing others. Each and every of you, have unique gifts and talents, and will contribute in your own unique way. This may be directly, or you can let others know about sites like this. Our collective efforts and success, will have a significant impact and will determine the future. We may or may not succeed, but if we don’t try, or lost is already guaranteed.

      • deport, I put all my posts on Twitter as well so it’s easy to retweet them to as many people as possible.

    • Frank, in retrospect, it seems to me, that the Mcarthyism of the 50’s actually helped the communists. After that movement, they were protected under the guise that anyone who said anything about communists in America were immediately deemed “foaming -at-the-mouth” nationalists, blah, blah. Just as the Muslims declare anyone who opposes them are either racists or Zionists or both. Funny thing is, even if either case were true, that does not in anyway invalidate the danger of Islam. A better tack is to stick to the “Constitution and nothing else” position. No real American can oppose that.

  7. CAIR, like all “good” Mohammedans, doesn’t want the truth to be told. They do not wish to have their secrets exposed to the light of day, particularly by one who was on the “inside;” by one who KNOWS the truth of Mohammedanism and the threat it poses to human civilization.

    That Saleem has spoken so often and for so long without someone having shut him down at least ONCE before this is, in fact, something of a miracle.

  8. Supremacist Muslims demand, and get, many special rights and privileges not given to non-Muslims. At the same time, supremacist Muslims don’t believe that hated infidels should even have the right to free speech.

    All of the major Muslim organizations are guilty of sedition. But instead of prosecuting them for the crime of sedition, U.S. authorities embrace them.

  9. Life they’ve already done, and are doing now in multiple countries, Muslims are a slow spreading cancer, that will eventually destroy the host country and all non-Muslims. Unless the Muslim population can be controlled, or ultimately the spread of cancer being stopped and reversed, I see no other option. It’s either this, or a slow, gradual, and guaranteed suicide and death.

    I like what your doing here BNI, your helping to awaken the masses. When the masses know the truth, and enough are awakened, and if it’s also not too late, mass counter solutions and actions will naturally follow.

    “A mind that is stretched by a new experience [truth] can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

  10. Its unbelevieble that we as AMERICANS put up with this Bullshit. These muslums think they own Dearborn. As in all cities across the world the parasites are coming out of the desert. When they get to the Christian countries their hands are out for all the welfare that they dont deserve. Let them die.

  11. ‘Muslims will conquer the White House’…!


    That sounds like overthrowing the elected government of the US, doesn’t it?

    Islam is a SUPREMACIST, FASCIST, MISOGYNISTIC DEATH CULT that has no place in a free democracy based on critical thought and the Golden Rule.

    Islam can only be practiced where there is a DICTATORSHIP.

    Islam is incompatible with free speech…the RIGHT TO CRITICIZE is not accepted by Islam…Moslems have the right to criticize…’others’ do not.

  12. Just another reason why we must vote Obama out in November. With Obama out, Holder will be quick to follow along with a host of radicals that Muslim Obama has put in place to push his Islamic agenda.

    • The way to stop it is to get involved in politics at every level. Ask politicians the hard questions, vet them for where they stand on islam and the constitution. Be a lie detector, if they fudge, obfuscate on Islam, go find a candidate who will support your views.
      Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by thought stoppers, designed to shut you down, `racist’ and `islamophobia’ have no power but what you given them. Do not allow a political candidate to be so weak that `racist’ and `islamophobia’ words shut them down. If we vet our candidates properly, we can avoid more Obamas.

    • Running for office and voting the wise politicians in, would be a good start. Otherwise it all in my name !!

      • PROBLEM.IS, that all politicians, lie,,we have had this in the UK for so many years, they all LIE,,only a massive revolt by the people will change things,,,the French have gone socialist,, they will be telling us the British all the Muslims that they have are being sent to the UK,,to help with the economy,we are expecting it,,,

    • I feel like we may preach it but if they dont listen you got to show it… oh hell what can you do? learn the hard way

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