GEERT WILDERS, in his new book, ‘Marked for Death,’ makes himself an even bigger target for Muslims who want to kill him

Wilders calls upon Muslims to leave Islam. “We must encourage Muslims to leave Islam and choose freedom and prosperity instead. Our Judeo-Christian and humanistic civilization is superior to the barbaric Islamic civilization.”

Geert Wilders is widely known in Europe for a platform to ban the Quran, along with new mosques, and Muslim immigrants – and for his incendiary speeches. He calls Islam “the ideology of a retarded culture” and likens the Quran to Mein Kampf.

Fanatics, terrorists, and appeasers have tried everything to silence Geert Wilders, Europe’s most controversial Member of Parliament—from putting him on trial to putting a price on his head. For years, from his native Netherlands, Wilders has sounded the alarm about the relentless spread of Islam in the West. And he has paid a steep personal price, enduring countless death threats and being forced into a permanent state of hiding.

In Marked for Death, Wilders reveals: How—and why—liberal politicians, including Barack Obama, downplay the Islamic threat The systematic suppression of free speech through lawsuits, prosecutions, threats, and violence meted out against Islam’s critics The untold story: how Islamic groups are redefining human rights to suppress non-Muslims everywhere The true, bloody history of Islam’s spread throughout the world How the West can defend itself against an existential enemy determined to conquer the globe

Wilders claims that his book was written to inform people about the ‘totalitarian ideology’ which Islam is according to him. But according to him his book is also meant to encourage freedom loving Muslims to turn their back on Islam.

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