GERMANY: 29 police injured, 100 protesters arrested, as foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims try to shut down free speech

In a repeat of the May 1st riots, several hundred knuckle-dragging Muslims waged a violent attack against Anti-Islamization Pro NRW party. The protesters were outraged after the party displayed anti-Islam cartoons insulting to the prophet Mohammed.

FR ONLINE (H/T Martin)  Pro NRW provoked protests in Bonn against Islamagain violent attacks by supporters of radical Salafists. 29policemen were injured. Two of the officers suffered serious injuries with knife wounds. By late evening there were more than 100 arrests. The officers seriously injured were taken to hospital. 

Pro NRW had previously shown anti-Islamic cartoons. Less than 30 percent of North Rhine-faced people, police said 500-600 protesters.The police had parked police van between the two sides to defuse the situation, reported a spokesman. When the attacks and emergency vehicles were damaged. The police had closed the meeting after about 45 minutes.

For those arrested a baton and a slingshot and stones had been secured.Even after the end of the event, protesters were still acting aggressively towards the police. 

NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger condemned the Pro-NWR for targeting their provocations against violent Muslims Salafists. At the same time, the Minister stressed the peaceful attitude of the overwhelming majority of Muslims in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A few of the ‘offensive’ cartoons: