GERMANY: 29 police injured, 100 protesters arrested, as foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims try to shut down free speech

In a repeat of the May 1st riots, several hundred knuckle-dragging Muslims waged a violent attack against Anti-Islamization Pro NRW party. The protesters were outraged after the party displayed anti-Islam cartoons insulting to the prophet Mohammed.

FR ONLINE (H/T Martin)  Pro NRW provoked protests in Bonn against Islamagain violent attacks by supporters of radical Salafists. 29policemen were injured. Two of the officers suffered serious injuries with knife wounds. By late evening there were more than 100 arrests. The officers seriously injured were taken to hospital. 

Pro NRW had previously shown anti-Islamic cartoons. Less than 30 percent of North Rhine-faced people, police said 500-600 protesters.The police had parked police van between the two sides to defuse the situation, reported a spokesman. When the attacks and emergency vehicles were damaged. The police had closed the meeting after about 45 minutes.

For those arrested a baton and a slingshot and stones had been secured.Even after the end of the event, protesters were still acting aggressively towards the police. 

NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger condemned the Pro-NWR for targeting their provocations against violent Muslims Salafists. At the same time, the Minister stressed the peaceful attitude of the overwhelming majority of Muslims in North Rhine-Westphalia.

A few of the ‘offensive’ cartoons:





32 comments on “GERMANY: 29 police injured, 100 protesters arrested, as foaming-at-the-mouth Muslims try to shut down free speech

  1. I have a very, I guess, ignorant statement to make…or rather question to ask.

    Doesn’t anyone in Germany remember Hitler?
    That country, of all countries, should, it seems, be very aware of what happens when anyone doesn’t stand up to any power hungry beast…especially as LOUD and CLEAR the Muslims are!

    • To most muslims, Hitler and naziism are almost as important to them as Mohammad, the pedophile. They hold the Nazis in very high regard and agree with thier idology. This is but another reason to get them out of all non-muslim countries.

      • ROFL

        The party that provoced them and that caused the mess (not nearly as bad as the article states!!) was a …can you guess? :) national right-wing nazi-asshole party!

  2. I hope this is the beginning of a world revolt against this evil ideology,all the newspapers are printing the cartoons which is how it should be not just one having the courage to do so,we ,the citizens should stand up and defy this politically correctness as well ,let the kowtowing politicians know we are fed up with bowing to islam’s demands and threats,that is how they control not only their -women -us as well,there is a great silence here in Australia -any reference to boat arrivals or islam is not reported-we might -offend them -freedom of speech has been curtailed-and censored, the illegal immigrants will soom be getting more benefits than the Australian pensioners as the Government is going to cut some- presumely to keep up the with the continual demands made by the ever increasing hord of -muslim illegals to our country,recently a musuem was opened to honour the muslim influence in Australia,I am aware they did bring a few -camels here in the early days which have now multiplied and are a menace in the outback ,I think we should learn from that before their owners do the same -to us

    • Thank the Labour Government – if it not Conroy and the “new Sharia finance, it was Rudd going around the Middle East giving out monies to
      muslims then to top that he invites the UN rep on “free speech” (code for “don’t speak the truth about Muslims) to Australia to EDUCATE us about islamaphobia.

    • OF COURSE!!! Remember how the Byzantine Greeks used “Greek fire” in 717-18 at the first siege of Constantinople!!!

      With this ANTI-HUMANS, any and all weapons including chemical, bacteriological and nuclear as well as anything conventional is most amply in order!!!!

  3. The muslimes used a deadly weapon, that means “OPEN SEASON” to the false perverted prophet followers.

  4. I hope that the German govt. has the will to get these parasites out of their country. I would love to vist when they are gone.

      • And both Moslem and Communist shills and MURDERERS!!!! Not until ALL totalitarians (be they Nazis, fascists, Communists or Moslems – in the end they’re THE SAME!!!) like you are gone will there be ANY peace in this world!!!!


  6. Do not expect us Europeans or English folks to be in sympathy with the police. They have been the instruments of oppression, with a zeal, over the peoples of Europe. The EU & governments have been complicit in the oppression of dissent from the population, any words other than what is officially accepted, are stamped upon, by use of laws, created to suppress free speech. The police are used to provoke, arrest, detain,intimidate, coerce, any dissenters. They do it, regardless, knowing the people are against those various laws, & the actions of the police, courts, & repulsive legal trade. We the people usually supported the police, although not perfect, we hoped they would do their best to deal with the criminals. Now all European peoples are criminals, or easily can be, by an unwise thought, transferred to words. So much for democracy in Europe, It’s in the toilet. Now, I do not believe the people have any faith in our police, judiciary, repulsive legal system. Hence, many hard working, tax paying, law abiding individuals feel no sympathy for institutions that have betrayed them. Maybe when a larger number of these institutional members are stabbed, racially abused, robbed, mugged, beaten, killed, they’ll form different opinions, I shall not hold my breath, as this form of liberalism may be the death of all of us. It’s looking ever more likely, it’ll be a civil war in some European countries, especially in England.

  7. So sick of THEM! And this is why they can and never will assimilate; everything is an INSULT to them, crosses, flags, churches! my god, look at all the “cartoons” that are done about our own in office; do you hear them CRYING and WHINING about it? NO! It’s called FREE SPEECH asslifters! But instead you JAIL, murder, etc. If you don’t like it, GO BACK to your own hell holes from which you crawled –
    Get them OUT of our countries; the sooner the better. Don’t come to another’s country and spew your crap ROP, we have our own, whatever we choose it to be!
    If we went to their god forsaken countries, do you think we could do what they are doing in ours…hahahaha!! NO WAY in hell. We would be thrown in jail or MURDERED! Most likely the latter!

  8. No such thing as a moderate Muslim. As long as all muslims support the radicals, they are as guilty as those who want to bring Islam’s evil ideology and sharia law to Germany and all of europe. Plus all of America. As for the German politicians and authorities, shame on them for submitting to islam. If they allow Muslims the right to silence those who speak out against the evils of Islam, they they also are guilty in moving Germany closer to the Caliphate that Muslims really want for europe.

  9. THE PEOPLE have enough. THE PEOPLE start to act. THE PEOPLE are saying enough is enough.
    The politicians, who suppose to be working for THE PEOPLE, must listen.
    Are we THE PEOPLE here in America will wake up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH??

    • according to some posts i’ve read DHS is preparing for civil war and the people of theis country better prepare for it.

  10. Well IF the German Police and politicians are smart they will use this to isolate, deport and let the NWR do it again. Eventually you’ll be left with the Muzzies that might choose to live in peace with their fellow Germans. Ya right. And pigs fly.

    • The German police are smart,but the politicians has tied their hands.The stupid liberal goverment are on the side of the muzzie.So its a daily drama on the german streets.

      • liberal government???
        daily drama???
        instead of following hate filled propaganda, take atleast 5 minutes of your life to inform yourself!!


        • Aha, yet another Moslem or Communist shill!!!!

          Go away from here: we know the taqiyya and kitman that both of those SATANIC groups of people try to brainwash us with!!! You can as well begone to one of your own – wir brauchen Ihnen GAR NICHT hier!!!! Hinaus von hier – MARSCH!!!!

  11. Insulting to the plagiarizing, psychopathic, pedophile pirate?

    Or accurate?

    Moslems turn Mohammed into their god and demand we worship him.

    The portrayal of Mohammed as an immoral opportunist comes from Islam FIRST BIOGRAPHY of Mohammed. Apparently, the early Arabs thought such a barbarian was ADMIRABLE.


    In the modern world, Mohammed has no place. Mohammed is a backward barbarian.

    • Actually, even the Arabians of Mohammed’s time thought most of his actions were evil, wrong, and barbaric.

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