UK Labour party condemns Tory (Conservative) party’s anti-mosque leaflet

A contentious leaflet, distributed by the Conservative Party highlighted the controversial issue of the Dudley Mosque, which was rejected by the High Court last month and suggested that the Labour Party would be in favor of it, if elected.

Dudley News  In his winner’s speech, new councillor for Gornal, Dave Branwood, condemned the election literature, saying: “The Tory party should be ashamed and embarrassed about it.” (But everyone already knows Labour is in favor of building as many mosques as possible. Labour are the ones who should be embarrassed)

While Shaukat Ali, the new Deputy Leader of the Council, compared the Conservative Party to the EDL and BNP in his speech, saying: “It is a real sad state of affairs when you get a major party stoop so low by putting all these leaflets out, showing their desperation. We need to work together to promote Dudley as a borough.”

Unfortunately, though UK Conservatives talk a good game, few of their promises ever come to fruition, especially regarding all their proposed policies on Muslim immigration. These posters were from the 2010 David Cameron campaign: