ANOTHER ‘Muslim Whining Day’ – this time at the California Capital

Every Friday is 'Muslim Day' on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Muslim invaders are staging these ‘Muslim Whining Days’ in states across the country. Hamas-linked CAIR spokesIslamist says, “Muslims must fight against the Muslim ‘Boogeyman’ image created by right wing politicians and Islamophobes.” “We are victims of fear mongering.”

The day gives Muslims the chance to put pressure on their legislators in person. CAIR officials say this connection is important because some people are attempting to diminish the role that Muslims play in American politics. CAIR offices are holding similar events in state capitols across America.

This time the video didn’t show the asslifters praying in the lobby of the capital as they usually do. What would happen if Christians invaded state capitals and started holding prayer services there? I will announce future Muslim Whiner Day events and I encourage people to go there and interrupt their religious activities which have no place in the state capital.


43 comments on “ANOTHER ‘Muslim Whining Day’ – this time at the California Capital

  1. Damn these muzzturd scum! The whining is just as annoying as their 5x a day tower yodeling and their pitiful, arrogant demands. They are out to domminate us pure and simple. They’ve said it time and time again, but liberals always stick their fingers in their ears and make silly noises. Such is the level of their pathetic denial of objective reality.

    I am already of the mind that it will take bloody civil war to place this cancer into remission, and excise the malignant tumor of islam upon the body politic.

    Lock and Load, its gonna get ugly!

  2. Can you have a flash mob go to the capitol? When the moozies lift their arses in prayer, all run in singing Hallelujah Chorus!! It’s the time of day we sing and pray, no prayer rug needed!

  3. Another Muslim pity party….. (Recycles invitation and hopes piece of paper is turned into something useful.)

    The only victims are the non-Muslim victims you foul Muslim pigs have murdered and enslaved over the last 1400 years. The boogeyman image was created by Muslims and their evil deeds.

  4. If they want to give back they should join their local patriot militias lol. Muslims are welcome just like every other religion and race. Their is nothing that says their will be no running around in the woods on all fours like a pig screaching like a pig and being shot at. I believe it’s a vote on who gets to be the target pig every week lmao! JJ

  5. No, muslims are NOT victims of fear mongering. They are the recipients of the results of their own negative deeds. There’s nothing much to like about demanding, ultra sensitive, supremacist, intolerant barbarians. The facts expose them, that’s why they fight to silence free speech.

    Islamorealists know that islam’s goal is to colonize America and the world and force sharia on non-muslims. When they take power, they offer only 3 choices, submit, convert or die. Keep that in mind the next time you hear one whine.

  6. NO ONE created the perceptions but Muslims. They ARE the Boogeyman. They can deny it all they want to, but we all know exactly what it is they want…….a United States that kow tows to their every whim, including Sharia.

  7. Get rid of the bogeyman image?… Every woman dressed in niqab or burqa looks like a bogeyman (or bogeywoman)! Muslims are suspect because they do suspicious things and their religion tells them to. Why shouldn’t we non Muslims be afraid?

      • How about partial crucifixion… ?

        You tie the person to a T or Y-shaped cross and let him hang there for about an hour at a time(after all, we don’t want him dead, yet).

        Rest for ten minutes, then repeat.

        Repeat process until they tell you what you want to know, and then you imprison them in a solitary confinement for the remainder of their lives.

  8. Want some advice my Yank friends(from a Brit,lol),don’t let the fuckers vote!
    What they will do is corrupt your voting system by getting into local positional elected posts,they will then ask for a postal vote system,then they will post votes from one address which only has ONE room but register scores of people at that address that are allowed to vote even though they don’t exist.

    They will then change your laws,little by little,some of them will pretend to be on your side by criticising small things within the “Islamic communitity”,but all the while they will blame you for complaining about these “small changes”.

    If you want to TRULY make a difference now is the time to do it,if not ?
    You may aswell move to the UK and get it over and done with !!

    Sort yourselves out,get off of your computers and save your fucking country by taking to the streets in your town.

    • Trin, Please call me a Met, not a Yank, I grew up in Queens and I’m a New York Mets Fan(LOL BACK AT YA’). Some of us in the USA are listening to you guys warning us.

      • nomosque, you should explain to our English friend, trin, that you are talking about American baseball teams:

        New York Mets
        New York Yankees

        • Well, at least you’re not a Yankees fan, nomosque… that’s a plus! :)

          *Boston Red Sox fan*

        • I live in the New England area now, but never lost my allegiance to New York Mets.
          My whole family are Yankee fans, they get on my nerves.

  9. Do they need permits for this or can any group go to the Capitol, pray, and schmooze with legislators? Ya think a Christian grou would be allowed/ tolerated? Good Christian people living close to their capitols should show up, en masse, and have a prayer gathering.

    • mike, I have not been able to find that information but I’m sure they at least need permission to assemble in the Capital. Why they give it to them is beyond belief. They actually prostrate themselves on the floor to pray. It’s disgusting.

  10. This group is now following the established
    patten trialed across Europe.

    First outbreed the infidel, then react with
    violence when confronted, then gain, by mass
    block voting local control, then go for full
    national control again by block voting.

    Perhaps when you in the states feel you are loosing your country as we in the UK feel we are loosing ours, you too will need a party
    of the Nationalist right to speak for you.

    If you really do have a muslim president ,
    don’t do what we are doing now, treating them
    as you would all other reasonable people, get
    nasty, get blunt, demonstrate outside their houses and make it noisy with lots of banners,because this is a war you MUST win and there are NO low blows.

    Believe me, the sky won’t fall in and the feeling of fighting back feels so GOOD.

  11. If these people want to worship Allah HAVE AT IT! Why in the hell do they need to be up the ass of our government and city politicians and constantly hounding us to change our culture to suit them! You dont see any other religions doing this because THEY DONT WANT TO TAKE OVER THE PHUKIN WORLD!

    They all think we are DUMB ASSES!

  12. they are concerned they are being marginalized? or second class citizen? Fit into American society or leave. not vice versa

  13. This special-pleading is just the start. As they muultiply they start shouting down others, forcing through their demands,e.g., making aggressive demonstrations to have crosses removed from church exteriors because they offend passing Muslims.

  14. “What would happen if Christians invaded state capitals and started holding prayer services there?”

    Hm. Not a bad idea, actually.

  15. Who gives a shit what muslimes think or want? These lowlifes are not first class citizens or second class citizens. They are NO class POS.

  16. How do you know a jihadist is pretending to be ‘moderate’ Moslem?

    You don’t.

    How can you tell that Moslem is pretending to be a loyal American?

    You can’t.

  17. Mohammed was the greatest fear-monger.

    Koran 8.60 eternally commands fear-mongering with the word ‘TURHIBUNA’ (‘terrorize them’).

    ‘Good’ Moslems terrorize kafirs and force them to submit politically to Moslems.

    Also, Allah says that kafirs are ‘greatly hated by the Moslem believers’.

    So HATRED and TERRORISM are what Allah wants.

    Moslems discredit themselves by denying the words of the Koran.


  18. What if the Muslims threw a whinefest and nobody gave a flying fuck? Oh, wait, that’s happenning now!

  19. They’re victims? Gee I thought we (the rest of the world, ya know, the civilized part) were the victims. After all, after 18000 documented Islamic terrorist attacks(only counting since 2001)doesn’t that qualify US as the victims and THEM as perpetrators?
    Doesn’t “Don’t talk to the FBI” qualify them as accessories, coconspiritors or sympathizers at the very least? 18000 attacks by Muslims only and since 2001 only doesn’t portend to an unreasonable fear. So how can this be a “phobia”? Explain THAT one away Muslims, Dhimmis and Left Wingers. Please! This I just gotta hear!!

  20. When will they and ‘Dougie’ crawl back in their holes and shut the f***ck up!!!!!

    When will they get it in their mushy brains that all they will gain with their constant whining, and I want this and that or else, is nothing more than civil wars across the board!! Whine and issue threats all you want, YOU WILL NEVER WIN!!!

    • When they are forced to. Mohommedists only respect those more powerful then themselves.
      Our politicians have over stepped their authority and need to be brought to task. One at a time if we are not able to do it in one election. But we have to keep track of the traitors, and see to it they are tried and convicted for their crimes. Including Treason, Sedition.

    • Right on!! The arselifters of CAIR (COUNCIL of ARSELIFTER INTIMIDATION RELATIONS)….Yeah , I know Arselifters, that isn’t what you call it but THAT is WHAT it IS!! Just when ARE you lying Arselifters going to get it!! You ARE NOT like you said “second class” citizens…..HELLS BELLS! You WOULD NOT EVEN rate as high as third class, so get this ARSELIFTERS: YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE, sooo STFU!! If you just can’t STFU, then pack your sh– and GTFO of the USA!!!

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