ANOTHER ‘Muslim Whining Day’ – this time at the California Capital

Every Friday is 'Muslim Day' on Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Muslim invaders are staging these ‘Muslim Whining Days’ in states across the country. Hamas-linked CAIR spokesIslamist says, “Muslims must fight against the Muslim ‘Boogeyman’ image created by right wing politicians and Islamophobes.” “We are victims of fear mongering.”

The day gives Muslims the chance to put pressure on their legislators in person. CAIR officials say this connection is important because some people are attempting to diminish the role that Muslims play in American politics. CAIR offices are holding similar events in state capitols across America.

This time the video didn’t show the asslifters praying in the lobby of the capital as they usually do. What would happen if Christians invaded state capitals and started holding prayer services there? I will announce future Muslim Whiner Day events and I encourage people to go there and interrupt their religious activities which have no place in the state capital.