NINE MUSLIM men (Pakis & Afghanis) found guilty of sex trafficking of young white girls

A sex grooming gang which plied teenage girls with alcohol before raping them could have been stopped two years before their sickening crimes were finally uncovered. As many as 47 vulnerable girls were given alcohol, gifts and money before being passed around to have sex with ‘several men a day, several times a week.’

Daily Mail  At least one victim was forced to have sex with 20 men in one night when she was drunk, police said. Two became pregnant as a result of their horrifying ordeal – one of whom was only 13 and had an abortion. Yesterday nine men, all but one originally from Pakistan, were facing lengthy jail terms after being convicted of a string of offences, ranging from rape to sex trafficking.

But it can be revealed that a golden opportunity to smash the ring was missed nearly four years ago after a 15-year-old girl told police she had been raped in 2008.

Over the next two years, dozens of white teenagers were abused by older men in the gang, which was centred around takeaways in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. A review of the earlier case in 2010 sparked a wave of arrests and charges.

The leader of the Ramadhan Foundation has accused Pakistani community elders of ‘burying their heads in the sand’ on the issue of on-street grooming. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the group, said police should not let the ‘issue of race’ stop them from addressing the issue.

Mr Shafiq said: ‘There is a significant problem for the British Pakistani community, there is an over-representation amongst recent convictions in the crime of on-street grooming, there should be no silence in addressing the issue of race as this is central to the actions of these criminals.

‘They think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community.

‘I urge the police and the councils not to be frightened to address this issue, there is a strong lesson that you cannot ignore race or be over sensitive.’ He added: ‘I have been overwhelmed by the support the Ramadhan Foundation has been given by young people for our campaign on child grooming but concerned that community elders are once again burying their heads in the sand, this concerns us all and we must speak out.

‘The community elders need to learn from the reaction of young people and reject any attempt to silence the reaction from our community.’ He said the police would need to ‘reflect on their failures’ in this case.

‘Finally the far-Right and fascist movements are not welcome to Rochdale, we reject their division and hatred and it has no place in a tolerant and diverse society.

Former Home Secretary Jack Straw last year accused some Pakistani men of seeing white girls as ‘easy meat’ for sexual abuse following the jailing of another grooming gang in Derby. The latest case was conducted against a backdrop of racial politics.

Tensions were exploited by far-Right groups who waved anti-Muslim placards outside Liverpool Crown Court and marched on the takeaways named in the case three days after the trial started.

‘There is a particular problem with groups of Pakistani men who think white girls are worthless,’ said Mohammed Shafiq, director of the Ramadhan Foundation. ‘They think they can use and abuse these girls in this abhorrent sort of way and then discard them.’

The missed chance to save the girls came in August 2008 when the 15-year-old was arrested after smashing the counter at one of the takeaways. She told officers that two men had subjected her to repeated sexual abuse, plying her with vodka before raping her.

One was the ringleader of the group – a 59-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons. But despite evidence which included DNA swabs from her underwear, a senior CPS lawyer ruled there was no prospect of conviction and the pair were never charged. As a result, members of the gang were allowed to continue their abuse.

The investigation was only revived after Nazir Afzal was appointed chief crown prosecutor for North West England and examined the file.

Twelve men were arrested in 2010 but many of the girls were too scared to give evidence in court or regarded the men as their boyfriends despite the huge age gap. However five bravely agreed to testify against their abusers.

Girls who were reluctant to have sex were held down and raped, the court was told, while some deliberately drank themselves into oblivion to blot out what was happening.

One said she fell asleep after being given alcohol, waking to heavy breathing on her neck as she realised she was being raped. Another gave evidence of being raped by two men while she was ‘so drunk she was vomiting over the side of the bed’. One 13-year-old victim became pregnant and had the child aborted.

Victims of the abuse were introduced to the men by an older white girl known as the ‘Honey Monster’. She didn’t face charges because lawyers considered her a victim of sexual grooming herself.

Yesterday the 59-year-old was found guilty of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under the age of 16 as well as two counts of rape, aiding and abetting a rape, one count of sexual assault and an allegation of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Abdul Aziz, 41, from Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation and not guilty of two counts of rape. Kabeer Hassan, 25, of Oldham, was found guilty of conspiracy and rape. Adil Khan, 42, of Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation. Abdul Rauf, 43, of Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking for sexual exploitation. Mohammed Sajid, 35, of Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy, trafficking, one count of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child. Abdul Qayyum, 44, of Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy. Mohammed Amin, 45, Rochdale, was found guilty of conspiracy and sexual assault. Hamid Safi, 22, was found guilty of conspiracy and trafficking but not guilty of two counts of rape.

After the case, chief prosecutor Mr Afzal said he hadn’t had to think twice about reviewing the decision not to press charges and apologised to the girl who blew the whistle. ‘She was let down by the whole system,’ he said.














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  1. Have you heard? The Australia Govt has implemented a scheme for aussie residents to house illegal boat people, incl Afghans, for a small payment.

    A host of a news show ( a woman) has supported this, and has said she would consider to host a “refugee” also.

    I have tweeted this post to their twitter, and to a daughter of a fmr Prime Minister who also supports this.

    They are obviously in denial of the destruction to civilised life once they let in too many refugees, immigrants etc., of islamic faith.

    One does not hear of incidents like this post, here.

    I have four granddaughters, all toddlers, and another one due, and boy I do not want them to have to live in a world like I’m seeing in Europe and the US.

  2. OMG! Those guys are soooooo fugly! I sure hope they at least had the decency to put paper sacks over their heads while they raped those poor girls so the girls wouldn’t have to see that they were having sex with some hardcore fugly inbreds.

  3. After two days of posting comments on this awful case, i’m all bloged out – – – sorry.

    But on a related matter, the UKs BNPs N.Griffen came in for a lot of stick of late on here from EDL guys but remember he IS the elected MEP for that part of UK so he should protest there. Those children are his constituants, and so are their parents.

    To be honest, i don’t think he was elected on
    a platform of anti – semitism, his remarks
    years ago seem not to be uppermost in the electorate’s mind , but Islamification of the North West and the rest of Britain is.

    I for example, cannot but FULLY support the state of Israel as a jewish home for the jews
    because i want the UK to remain MY recognisable homeland for the Brits, with controls over who comes in and who doesn’t.

    All or most of his detractors in the EDL seem to have been exposed to too much PC
    revisionism at school, which may colour their judgements, or they may see the BNP as comptetitors i don’t know.
    How many of Lutons “Nice” muslims do NOT go to a mosque or pay money over for “Allahs causes” while smiling at the white man ?

    What drives the BNP and many people is the fact that England has never had in all it’s long history, a thread of cross party uniformity for over 50 years now to make, deliberately, the white English/British a declining majority and then an outright minority in their own country in the lifetime of my children.

    Our poppulation is rocketing above 62m and is due to hit 105m by the turn of the century, and all this in a country HALF the size of Texas.

    The facts are these,if any white UK child is
    under 40 in 18 years time, they will be THE
    new ethnic minority , in their OWN homeland.

    Should this come about, the USA will have lost it’s oldest ally, the same will be true of all the other English speaking democracys.

    As for being ” Racsist ” ,at a fund raising dinner in 2009 an Indian gentleman and BNP member sat next to me and was charming.
    He had been driven out of Cameron’s tory
    party for his love of the UK, his support for the Empire in India and his profound dislike of what is being done to the UK.

    I am proud to call him a friend, England needs more like him. A great many others,whites, have had the same experience,
    some loyal tories have even had their donations returned. Some live very near me.

    There was ZERO prejudice against him likewise the West Indian members who have been here years and assimulated.

    Two years ago, many members left or were driven out in power plays at head office, for ” Disloyalty “.

    When the EDL can stay out of the pubs before a demo, and stand for election at any level, i will look foward to reading about their proposals but really, this hostility is a storm in an “A” cup because as native Brits,
    we are ALL on the short changed losing side.

    • Gleaner, perhaps you missed this Twitter post that Nick Griffin made about this website:

      FROM TWITTER posted May 5, 2012:

      “Bare Naked Islam is a good resource site. But don’t be fooled. It’s run by hard core Zionists who want . . .”

      “…a ‘clash of civilisations’ so the sheeple will fight their wars for them. Say NO to Islam AND Neo-con wars!”

      • Yes Bonni , I must have done, you see i don’t
        ” Twitter ” for me , thats for kids and twats

        That was a very stupid thing for him to say
        because we face the same enemy, all of us.

        The borders of the west are Israels borders.
        Where is the front in this war some say ?

        The front is around every headscarf, every
        muslim ghetto, around every mosque and madrassa, it is at every local council where
        appeasment to islam is the policy,because islam is a fog of poison gas to free people.

  4. Now don’t get me wrong, I suppose this was front page news all over England and roused the parliment to take action?

    • This was front page news and was covered in detail on TV as well.
      What is never mentioned however are the large number of other grooming cases ongoing at the moment all around England.
      Everywhere you find muslims you find grooming gangs. And of course there is no mention of the common denominator – Koranic teachings.

  5. My 1 question is where are their fathers & uncles & brothers. If that were my daughter I would find them & rip their heads off & shit down their necks. This shit has to stop.

    • I would do the same but my daughter would not have been socialising with those monkeys. Those women and girls should not be given a pass as totaly inoccent. Are they a dumb as rocks? What were they doing with those fuks to begin with?

  6. Let’s see , raping minor, plying them with drugs and alchohol and pimped them around
    and all they get is 7 – 12 years in jail
    to be fed by brit taxpayers money and then
    allowed back to society to do what ?

    Rape more more girls ?

    The law in britain is written by total asshats., either change it to hang them
    or deport them as unworthy to live in civilsed society………..or expect more of this in coming years.

  7. Rochdale grooming trial: Asian grooming gangs, the uncomfortable issue

    The issue of predominantly Pakistani men seeking out under-age white girls for sex is perhaps the most uncomfortable to face British society for generations.

    Grooming offences committed mostly by Asian men, says ex-Barnardo’s chief

    Martin Narey urges inquiry into why Pakistanis and Afghans are ‘overrepresented’ in child exploitation crimes in northern towns

      • The reason why this slimy bastard can’t be named for ‘legal reasons’ is because he has been charged with a number of other sex-related crimes & if his name was released could prejudice any jury in their deliberations.
        Yeah I know, so what?
        But that’s the rule of law even if it does apply to slimy qunts like this.
        He is also a barrister.


    Moslems hate kafirs. Kafir women are dirt and should be enslaved by glaze-eyed Mozmen because the pedophile pirate did it.

    Every cruel, brutal deed of Mohammed is ‘good’.

    Islam reverses morality.

    The whole purpose of Islam is to murder kafirs and treat them violently, so that the braindead Mozman can have ETERNAL SEX WITH SLAVES IN ALLAH’S PLAYBOY PARADISE.

    ALL MOZMEN see themselves as SACRED PLAYBOYS…for the sake of Allah!

  9. Once again B.N.I.,there was no mention of what Religion they were in the Brittish Press,i have one or two cuttings from Newspapers here,but no mention of what Religion they belong to,it stinks of a move to keep it Low-Profile,well i think it’s about time we started to Profile anyone who is considered a “visitor” to our Shores,how else can we Gauge these offenders.??

  10. My friends I totally understand the hatred feelings you have but as with everything please do not put us all in the same basket. My wife is english and I have my daughter with her. I hate these scum even more than you do, believe me. This girl emma actually now has a muslim boyfriend so even she does not hate all bcos of a few scum. Please watch this documentory on youtube called – pakistani gangs grooming children in the uk, it was made after those comments jack straw made and it is an excellent documentory that covers this subject head on and even from the pakistani community itself. This particular street grooming crime does seem to be a pakistani up north thing only and this documentory has got the reasons behind it bang on I believe and also gives out the correct message rather than the one the edl and bnp wish to portray. The majority of this type of crime is committed by white males in all european countries but I am not going around saying all white males abuse children.

    • Ah, what a monster quantity of taqiyya is dripping from this ultra-hypocritical fellow’s post!!!

      Maybe once upon a time it was white males that were responsible for the majority of these crimes; however, those whites never were so brazen and contemptuous either of their victims or of the society they lived in once they were caught as these Muslims have OPENLY declared as being, particularly because they have Qu’rânic backing for their crimes!!!!

      When you have your ideology telling you BLATANTLY to defy ALL “infidels”, then why do you think we should tolerate the likes of you in the West???

    • Abdul
      The potential is in every muslim to behave this way, because of what they are taught at home and in madrassars.

      Every muslim is free to demonstrate on the streets against all of this, how many demo’s have there been – anywhere ?

      As you should know, when others do this, they are doing it despite Christian teaching,
      not because of it.

      I note you are married to an English woman,
      have you honoured her culture by giving your children English names ?

      I will rejoice at your conversion and redemption, how long will i have to wait ?

  11. After prison time served these savage muslims of islam must be deported along with their families so that they have no further ties with England. This is clearly muslims of islam who are taught not to respect infidel white woman. It is a hate crime of muslims against infidels. There needs to punishment and discipline consequences for the police and the crown prosecutors who turned a blind eye to this atrocity because they were cowards and stupid. I hope that the girl who tried to get justice will sue and be well compensated by the government. These men are evil pedophiles doing what their mohamad did and thinking that they could do the same thing. How many years will they each get? Will they be deported? We know that they will demand retrials, halal foods, prayer breaks and so on. Maybe instead of jail time, deport them now.

  12. “The 59-year-old ringleader, who cannot be named for legal reasons”.

    What legal reasons could there possibly be for not naming the ringleader?

    Unless of course he is a policeman or MP or something?

    Very strange.


  13. Just a further thought : I listened to the BBC’s Radio Four news item regarding this and although the guilty scum were referred to as ‘ Asian’ or ‘Asian men of Pakistani origin’ – not once was the ‘M’ word mentioned. Wonder why ?

  14. It should be remembered that the BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin, was arrested twice for stating that grooming was happening and that the police were afraid to actually DO something. What we need in the UK is for ALL muslims to be deported back to the hell holes they came from. Had this been policy some years back, then those girls would not have suffered.

    This was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg – more will follow.

  15. It beggars belief with all this PC talk, that after all what has been unearthed, they still have the audacity to say it is not a racial issue. Yet the same problems are going on in Sweden, Norway, Belgium and other European countries. And amazingly they are all of “Asian” (muslim Pakistani) groups. Until those in power grow a backbone and stop worrying about upsetting this and that community then the problem will never be fixed.
    Socialism and PC is the destroyer of nations.
    I feel sorry for all the other Asian communities, ie Hindu Buddhist etc who are now all tarred with the same brush “Asian” when everyone knows it is a muslim Pakistani problem.

  16. Unfortunately, in the UK being politically correct to Muslim scum is far more important than the welfare of its own young, vulnerable citizens.
    Bet this story doesn’t get the world-wide publicity it deserves.

  17. So will the vile pond scum from a cess pool of amoebic dysentery (OK Porkistan) be deported after they serve their sentences?
    Will the original Crown Prosecutor who took the decision not to prosecute & thereby subject more victims to sexual assault & abuse face any hard consequences?
    Will the top level cops who also took the decision to try & bury these abuses under Political Correctness & thereby aid & abet these foreign born criminal pedophiles be also subject to sever disciplinary action?
    Now that this story is out in the open, we will find it is only the tip of the iceberg of this crime against white girls.
    Hopefully it will give other victims the courage to come forward & not only name these racist moslem qunts, but will also bring out more Police & Media complicity & corruption in keeping the public from being informed.
    All great for “Community Cohesion” – tell that to the 100’s if not 1000’s of victims.
    And then these same fools wonder why there is such a backlash?

    • nothing will happen. the pc liberals will blame any one but the muslims who committed this act. the muslims will cry foul- o they hurt our feelings etc etc. slowly the uk sinks into an islamic sharia country. sad so sad. backlash???? good question. i ask myself this regularly but ,,,,

  18. The parents were prob bleeding heart liberals allowing such young girls out at all hours for ahit like this to happen. I sure as shit know my parents wouldn’t have allowed such behavior. So, I know that these girls were easy targets because of age and some maybe homeless, but I don’t have much pity. The parents should b criminally charged for being failures and every one of the guys hung from trees around the town with big signs announcing them as Muslim terrorist. And fuck those police for being cowardly too

    • Hi Natalie,

      I live within a few miles of the place this happened. The white female victims were targeted by these Islamic supremacists for a variety of reasons.
      Some of the girls were being raised by local social services, their parents being unfit. The other girls had similar disadvantaged upbringings. These girls have not had any positive influences on their lives – they have not received a decent education, do not have parents that care for them and have behavioural issues connected to these problems. This made them vulnerable.
      Unlike local Muslim girls that are provided with state sponsored positive discrimination to enable them to have fantastic opportunities in life.
      It really is time Western European governments stopped allowing OUR PEOPLE to be thrown onto the scrap heap in favour of spending vast sums of money and effort on muslims immigrants.

  19. Last night’s Sky News featured a Manchester Police spokesman assuring us all that this has nothing to do with race.

    He’s half right, Islam is not a race.

    However the vast majority of defendants did happen to be Pakistani which is a race. The others are Afghan, as far as I’m aware, also a race. And they’re all Muslims.

    So it’s either ….

    A/ a huge coincidence,

    B/an accident of fate or

    C/ he’s lying.

    Both the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph sites are awash with this story despite the best efforts of Police, CPS, Social Workers and all the others for which PC is so sacrosanct they’d see teenage girls abused and raped before admitting the truth.

    • logdon, virtually all the stories I have posted on this subject are from the Daily Mail. Thank goodness someone is willing to tell the truth.
      And yes, it is not about race, except to the extent that most of the sex slaves are young white girls. The only thing the perps have in common is that they are ALL Muslim. Why is this not being called a hate crime?

      • Well, the Pakistanis belong to the same stock as the Hindus of India. Herein lies the trouble for Hindus. They get tarred with the Pakistani brush, even thought they are NOT Pakistanis…

        Bonni, this is a HATE crime of the first order. Though I absolutely despise the term, as nearly all crimes involve a hatred for someone or something, even if it’s strictly a personal hatred, this is madness to avoid calling the “Religion of Peace (Pah!)” out on it.

        • DS, apparently in the UK as in the US, hate crimes only apply to crimes by whites. I hate the term hate crime as you do, but if it’s going to be used, it should be used fairly, regardless of the race/religion/ethnicity of the perp.

        • As you said only for whites. This means all other peoples on the planet can do whatever they want and it will be overlooked.
          However the backlash is on the way.

        • It just can’t come soon enough!!! Why should we whites be inferior to anybody else?? Two wrongs NEVER make a right of any sort and under any circumstances whatsoever!!!

        • Agreed.

          So, drive the Mohammedans out. Only those who renounce Islam should be allowed to stay in the West. Once that is done, we can then work to drive them out of other parts of the world, until they’re all driven back to the Arabian Peninsula.

    • The Manchester Police spokesman is covering for Islam. The police and UK leaders have one concern only: PROTECTING Muslims. Police and UK leaders are ALLOWING Britain’s female children to be offered up as sacrifices to Islam. They are despicable.

      “She said the problem got ‘worse’ after telling the police” End of quote.

      UK leaders, the police and other officials are GUILTY of aiding and abetting these filthy crimes perpetrated by EVIL Muslims, sons of the devil-MONSTERS in human garb, by doing NOTHING when they were begged for help by one of the victims. They ought to be prosecuted along with the perverted, depraved child-rapist predators.

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