’60 MINUTES’ LIED. Find out the real reasons Christians are fleeing Bethlehem

It could be described as a modern day exodus: Christians are leaving Palestinian Arab-controlled areas like Bethlehem in great numbers. Arab Christians in Bethlehem have been suffering from human rights abuses and economic hardships for years. But despite what the Muslim-sympathizers at 60 Minutes would have you believe, the suffering is not caused by the Israelis but by the Palestinians.

“It’s my prediction that if the remaining Christians in the West Bank and Gaza — Gaza only has maybe a thousand, two thousand Christians,” human rights lawyer Justus Weiner told CBN News. “If their needs are not addressed in 10 or 15 or at most 20 years, there won’t be any Christians in the cradle of Christianity. This will be a kind of memorial, a museum.” Weiner said the threat of persecution, including beatings and forced marriages between Christian women and Muslim men, are some of the reasons Christians have left.

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14 comments on “’60 MINUTES’ LIED. Find out the real reasons Christians are fleeing Bethlehem

  1. Christians are not all stupid. Getting out is smart. When the smoke clears mohommedists will be gone forever.

    • *ponders*

      Well, if all the Christians and Jews are out of Bethlehem, then the IDF can, when it comes to be done, know all they have in the place are Mohammedans who need removing.

  2. “Palestinians”?! Just what is a “Palestinian”?!Yes Bethlehem WAS once a Christian city, but THAT was before the ASSLIFTERS (erroneously referred to as “Palestinians”)took over. Palestinian Christians is NOT an oxymoron, but to call filthy intolerant muzzy Arseliifters IS most definitely erroneous…They ARE Arselifters, NOT “Palestinians!! It IS the ARSELIFTERS causing the exodus of Christians from Bethlehem, NOT Israel, BUT the arselifters and their dhimmis like the ones from 60 Minutes will NEVER admit that until after the LORD has scorched them off Planet Earth!!

  3. Persecution of the DIRTY ‘NAJIS’ KAFIRS.

    Religious discrimination and persecution? Normative Islam, rather than an aberration!

    A ‘good’ Moslem persecutes Christians and Jews, is rude to them and tries to humiliate them. A ‘good’ Moslem should ‘at least’ want to kill kafirs so as to fulfill the minimum duty of jihad.

    This Death Cult encourages hatred and religious discrimination and apartheid.

  4. 15 to 20 years? I think not, more like within 5 years max. One need only look at that shit hole next door, Egypt. They’re leaving at an all time high because of those Pedo Worshipers. And they’re getting 100 times worse treatment, with the blessings of the now extremist Muslime Government.

  5. I can’t stomach watching 60 minutes and CBS news with Scott Pelley anymore.

    Do you guys remember when 60 minutes did the story about imam rauf and the ground zero mosque??? Why no follow-ups on CBS news about this bum rauf on his tax-exempt mosque on 85th st. that doesn’t exist or his rat infested tax-subsidized apartment building he owns in Hackensack, New Jersey???

    • nomosque, it shocked me when 60 Minutes did a damning expose on Pallywood, the Palestinian propaganda arm that put out several videos that wrongly blamed Israel for incidents that never happened. For example, a staged incident where a father was trying to shield his young son when the Israelis killed the kid. But it never happened, it was a total fake yet it quickly went around the world and Israel was condemned. When the truth came out, a retraction was never offered. Also, when a Gaza family was killed on the beach and they blamed it on an Israeli attack. Turns out it was a Palestinian-placed land mine that killed them. 60 Minutes actually exposed these lies, along with a few others. But that was a few years ago and I haven’t seen anything since then that wasn’t totally left wing biased.

      • B,
        How many times did we hear Scott Pelley on nightly reporting about our guys urinating on the taliban night after night for about a week with this leftist rubbish. Then we had to listen to this quran burning nonsense till our our faces turned blue.

        It didn’t surprise me when I heard Al Gore was a part owner in Current TV.

        Hey B… My Dad was telling me that Michael Savage hates Larry David??? What’s his beef with him???

        • nomosque, Savage hates him because Larry David is a self-hating Jew (JINO) who loves to makes Jews AND Christians look bad. I hate him, too. He’s a schmuck and a commie bastard Obama lover.

        • Grew up, worked around Jews all my life and I’m very familiar with the word schmuck. LOL!!!

  6. 60 minutes lied, no, do tell it isn’t so, shocked I tell you, just shocked. NOT. It’s a bastion of lies, always has been. I remember first watching this program, then realizing it to be just another, opinion, from a leftie, no less and it wasn’t worth my percious time, and then, well now you know the rest of the story. Need I say more, not really, but as to the problem with the Christian community, in this area, I suspect if they were given the arms, political support and prayers, they’d be just fine fighting these animals all the way back to the dome. Think what would happen if the Christian men of this world were given the opportunity to go to the area, with their personal arms, prayers, and political support, does anyone really think there would be one muslim standing and breathing free air? when the smoke clears the air? I don’t.

  7. Muslims, as expected.

    But remember, islam tolerates everything and everybody, and muslims are very respectful of others; they are so lovely, and islam is a God’s bless, it’s the religion of peace. And us, non-muslims, we are the ones who are intolerant, violent and aggressive; we are hitler’s photocopies; we are full of irrational hatred against those poor muslims who are not doing anything to deserve it.

    Mujahideen and islam’s “peace” is with you.

    Islam is the real face of hipocrisy.



    Good bees! good bees!

    • To pork meat:

      I am a white, American female and proud of it. Don’t you ever include me as a “non-muslim” who is intolerant, violetn and aggressive. I AM NOT a photocopy of Hitler nor am I full of irrational hatred toward those poor muslims who are not doing anything to deserve “it”!

      Mujahideen and islam’s peace is not with me either! Muslims who live by the Koran are the ones who are exactly as you have decribed

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