NO! Toronto Islamic school should NOT apologize for its anti-semitic curriculum that equates Jews with Nazis

Canada should apologize to its Jews and Christians for allowing a death cult like Islam, posing as a religion, to spread hatred, bigotry, and misogyny in a land of freedom and religious tolerance. Islam must be de-classified as a legitimate religion and the practice of it outlawed in every non-Muslim country on earth.

Qur’an 8:59

“The infidels should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them.”

National Post  The East End Madrassah acknowledged in a press release that passages of its educational texts that referred to “crafty” and “treacherous Jews” and contrasted Islam with “the Jews and the Nazis” were a mistake.

“We unreservedly apologize to the Jewish community for the unintentional offence that the item has caused,” the school responded in a statement. “Our team of scholars has already undertaken to review all texts and material being used in the curriculum to ensure that our teachings are conveying the right message.”

In the years up to and during World War II, the leader of the Muslim world and Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, embraced Hitler and the Nazis. Tens of thousands of Muslims served with Waffen-SS military units, and the Nazis promised Jerusalem and the murder of all Jews in the Middle East upon the Nazi victory. The Nazis even set up an SS school for Mullahs in Dresden.

Meanwhile, Jewish groups said they were not satisfied with the school’s response, and neither was Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak. “It’s not a matter of reviewing materials,” he said. “This is hatred. This is poison. This type of material has no place in our classrooms, no place in the province.”

At a Toronto synagogue a few months ago, the scrawled “Islam will rule” was accompanied with a swastika. Islamic hate during Ramadan

Qur’an 33:26

“Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before.”

The East End Madrassah rents space every Sunday in a high school owned by the Toronto District School Board. The madrassa said in a statement it had operated for almost 40 years and had taught thousands of Muslim students.

“Our curriculum is not intended to promote hatred towards any individual or group of people, rather the children are taught to respect and value other faiths, beliefs and to uphold Canada’s basic values of decency and tolerance,” it said.


“So, when you clash with the unbelieving Infidels, smite their necks until you overpower them, killing and wounding many of them. At length, when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly, making them captives. Thus are you commanded by Allah to continue carrying out Jihad against the unbelieving infidels until they submit to Islam.”

The school is one of three affiliated with the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat, an Islamic centre that once demanded the Ontario government apologize for hosting Salman Rushdie, the British author condemned to death by Iran over his book The Satanic Verses.

More recently, the centre’s resident scholar complained in a sermon posted online that the West was “hyping the whole world up” against Iran over its nuclear program, adding, “this is all because of this fellow sitting in the Middle East, Israel.”

Qur’an 5:51

“Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends.”

From: Blazing Cat Fur: The East End Madrasah and the Centre Madrasah are affiliated with the David Duke loving Islamonazis of CASMO the favoured Muslims of Ontario Human Rights Commissioner Barbara Hall and Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Party.

This is the Level 8 Dinyat Text at Toronto’s East End Madrasah.:
End of Jewish Plots and Treacheries 

“Ever since the Prophet’s entry into Madina, the treacherous Jews had vehemently opposed him and his Islamic call, evoking memories of their hostility to the previous Prophet, Jesus Christ (a), half a millennium ago. The crafty Jews entered into an alliance with the polytheist Quraish in a bid to stamp out Islam. They conspired to kill Prophet Muhammad [s] despite the fact that he was lenient towards them and had treated them kindly, hoping to convince them of Islam’s truth.”