UH OH! Do you think this Muslim baghead got lost on her way to the convent?

Julia Ann Shearson is an Executive Director of CAIR – Cleveland and is worried about government surveillance of Muslims. C’mon, Julia, get thee to a nunnery. What are you doing hanging around with the most misogynistic, bigoted religious cult in America?


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  1. If dedicating her life to Satan instead of the one true G-d is getting lost, I would have to say YES.

  2. Hey BNI:

    You say, “C’mon, Julia, get thee to a nunnery.”

    Maybe you knew this, and maybe you didn’t, but a “nunner,y” in Elizabethan English slang, is a brothel.

    *beatific smile*

  3. The government is a ‘peeping tom’ on Cleveland mosques as every single one of them has been deemed radicalized. They all receive funding from the Saudi’s.
    What cesspool did this deceitful, disingenuous frumpazoid crawl out of?
    Sorry Sistah but the things you want to keep private are the things that kill US citizens and fund your world-wide terror campaigns.

  4. From consumer reviews and complaints on P&G’s website. You will like this.

    “I am a Muslim and have been using Premium Care Pampers for my baby girl. It was really disappointing for me when my wife pointed out picture of pigs on Premium Care Pampers. When manufacturing these consumer goods, the manufacturer should care for the likes and dislikes of their target customers and never make such things that can hurt their feelings. It is really disturbing for us and we are looking for another brand and surely will convey the message in our society to never use Premium Pampers because they have pig pictures on them. Above all, it was a shock to us that these Pampers are being manufactured in Saudi Arabia. I will also launch a complaint to His Highness Saudi Consular General in my city.”

    It so happens Americans like pigs and P&G is an American company. Pigs are intelligent, make good pets, and piglets are very cute. Kids see them in cartoons. That is why P&G put them on Pampers.

    There are things Muslims do that are very offensive to Americans.​

  5. you know she looks like that fat ass heifer who was waggling her tongue and giving out candy on 911 in palestine

  6. Don rocks, wow.
    O.T. I can’t decide what to do with a best buy $25 gift card I have. I may make a youtube segment of me burning it.
    I know, I’ll have the cashier verify the value, and then I’ll go out into the parking lot and cut it into little pieces while explaining why to all the customers. All recorded of course.

    • Thing about that is that Best Buy has already GOTTEN the money for the Gift Card. You can destroy it in protest, of course. However, as they have already received the funds, it doesn’t damage them.

      Then again, if you cut it up outside the store and tell everyone WHY, THAT could damage their sales.

      Or not.

  7. Don is hilarious. That muzlim woman is an islamic suck ass, makes me sick and now I am thinking about pea soup myself.

  8. “it causes mistrust (to be put on a watch list)”
    Gee, how about ‘it causes mistrust to become a member of a terrorist religion’

  9. OMG! I’m sick of all these converted mooing moohammadians! I swear, its soymilk for now on!

    Got Soy?

  10. Launch the treasonous bitch out of this country, and into some Muslim third world toilet country where she will have less personal worth as a human being than a paving stone.

  11. Stockholm Syndrome…she identifies with the oppressors and outdoes them in the hatred of women in order to feel less anxiety about being honor-killed.

    All Mozwomen live with the knowledge they can be honor-killed any time. They dissociate from the constant fear by surrendering to the oppressor.


    GOOD NEWS!!!!!…..on the fuzzy-wuzzy multicultural front…….several corporations have taken a page from the “We Love Islam” book written by sophisticate Mike Mikan, CEO of Best Buy and Future Shop………at the behest of CAIR and with the enthusiastic support of muslims across North America…….. both Toys “R” Us and Romper Room have set up a muslim wedding gift registry service for those gurgling, blushing muslim brides to be………..

    HEALTHY NEWS!!!!!…….Gerber Foods, ever the corporate community team players, has launched their new line of snacks, “Prophet’s Pablum” and “Muhammad’s Mush” specifically designed to replenish iron levels as a result of blood loss from massive vaginal and rectal tearing sustained on the happy muslim couples wedding night…………………all halal of course,

    OH WOW!!!!!……EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!………. quick to comply with muslim outrage and protestations across North America, Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Pampers, have agreed to pull all advertising of Pampers as CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and all affiliated muslim groups, found the ads to be sexually provocative in the extreme and had in fact, resulted in thousands of muslim men being admitted to emergency rooms in a state of cardiac arrest resulting from pedophiliac sexual excitation…..(commonly known and diagnosed as “Muhammad’s Fever)……….this was, of course, with the full support of Justin Trudeau who took a page from his fathers book of socialist lunacy telling reporters that ….”What goes on in a muslim daycare is nobody’s business”……..both Libby Davies and Olivia Chow, overwhelmed with liberalesque sentimentality, lost control of their bladders, peed their pants and then burst into tears, but, recovering quickly, they burst into rousing applause………”Oh, his daddy would be so very proud!!!!” they said…….

    (Margaret Trudeau was unavailable for comment as she was somewhere in orbit around Saturn aboard the USS Prozac…….)

    SAD NEWS!!!!………. on the CAIR front………Ibrahim “Dougie” Hooper, wanting to impress Nihad Awad and eager to show all the CAIR Cowboys he was really really really a real muslim and really really part of the CAIR team, under orders from Nezar Hamze, he went out late last night to “blow up a few cars”……..he ended up in hospital with 3rd degree muffler burns to his lips……………..however, at the hospital, Dougie Hooper had company…………in the bed beside him was Ahmed “Was That The Blue Wire Or The Red Wire?” Rehab………..apparently things didn’t go so well in his attempt to blow up the local “Jimmy Dean House of Islamic Horrors”……………..

    SHUT MY MOUTH!!!!!!…..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!……..IT’S EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!………….The Heavenly Rest Funeral Home of Dearborn , Michigan, has enthusiastically announced their commencement of “Muslim Date Night”……..after last prayer, the morgue will be open from 01:00 am till 04:30 am for all those love-struck muhammadans who are looking for their dream gals……………ever the opportunists….the Faberge Corporation has added a new line of cologne to the list of favs for those Ramadan Romeos…….in addition to “Evening In Auschwitz” and “Eau De Zyklon B”…….they just rolled out “Memories of Formaldehyde”, sure to be a hit with those moonstruck mullahs………to quote the co-designers of this new fragrance, Carl Lagerfeld and Barack Obama,……”In trying to enhance the mystique and machismo of the muslim male and not wanting to frighten the other muslin love interest, domestic livestock, we thought a cross between the rotting corpse of his late wife and sheep’s excrement would be a hit”………….word has it old Carl wasn’t wrong……the first 100,000 bottles were sold in advance in Riyadh and Dubai has been back ordered for months……….(apparently Saudi Arabian dictator and chief pedophile, King Abdullah, had a swimming pool filled with it and does twenty laps every morning before attending the first beheading of the day………)

    And all of this from an impotent, child molesting desert lunatic who managed to parlay a scorching case of syphilis and flatulence induced dementia into cutesy “messages from god”…….and the rest, as they say……is history!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhh……islam….the religion of peace………peace and hypocrisy……..and they’ll cut off your head to prove it!!!!

    Well…..that about does it for me this evening……after another brandy I’m off to the toilet to talk to muhammad……

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    PS: would someone please file a complaint with one of the multitude of Human Rights Commissions?……….Please!!!!?????……or at least get me put on the “Islamo-Hater” list with that revolting collection of litigating left-wing losers, the Sothern Poverty Law Center???…….please!!!!………or how about a death threat???……just a little one about cutting off my infidel head……or gouging out my white-devil eyes…………look…..I really am starting to feel left out……or send me some anthrax………anything………call me late at night and wish me happy Ramadan and then hang up, or don’t hang up, just breathe heavily and tell me you want to see my “kebabs” roasting over a camel dung fire………..anything……..just make me feel a little paranoid…pleeeeeease!!!!!


    Justin Trudeau is the son of our former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau (now, thankfully dead) a leftist piece of excrement, who spawned a multiplicity of lunatic and cancerous pieces of legislation that have contributed significantly to the destruction of Canada’s moral and ethical fabric……and that is when the good Prime Minister wasn’t fathering a small herd of bastard children.

    Margaret Trudeau is Justin’s mother and is famous for running about sans panties, much to the delight of paparazzi, and acting as a human bicycle to rock stars and “B” grade celebrities…

    Now Margaret divides her time between drunk driving and acting as a pharmaceutical test pilot for all the popular mood-altering drug manufacturers…

      • Stop it Bonni!!!

        What compliments!!!…You’ll make me blush…..

        Of course I wrote it……if memory serves me correctly it was inspired in part, through several glasses of fine French brandy and the outrage and bile that rises in my throat every time I lay my eyes on enormous bag-clad women like Judy Shearson who, as a result of her scorching halitosis and deficit IQ, spent the entirety of her young life, a virtually ignored wall-flower……now wraps herself in sackcloth and stumbles about in a fog of incoherent, rambling and delusional rhetoric…..evidence of that in her comments regarding her status as “community leader”…..JESUS H. BALD-HEADED CHRIST!!!!…..that little gem had me reenacting the pea soup scene from The Exorcist…..

        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

        • Don, if you’ll allow, I will try to find some good visuals to post with that and put it on the Main page.

        • That would raise the pee-in-your-pants with laughter factor to an unavoidable level.

          I hope Don gives the okay to that! I look forward to seeing it!

        • me too especially the part about the child rapist king. how about a good shot of Linda Blair?

    • Thank you!!! I needed more than a good laugh after a very stressful 2 weeks. I laughed so hard I bent over and gasping for breath. It felt good! This is definitely a keeper. The funeral home date night – genius!

  13. MOOOOOO!

    Another semi-articulate hefer converted because some arselifter paid attention to her.

    COme one men man up and take one for the team! Start paying attention to the fatties so they stop converting, and marrying and importing in more jihadis!

      • You’re right.

        I shouldn’t ask you fellows to do what I wouldn’t do myself.

        NO WAY would I ever pay any attention to the socially retarded, butterballs like Hooper and Norquist who convert for muslimah poontang.

      • Got that right!! THAT is an “extra mile” that I d— sure would NOT go!! BTW, my lady (wife) is Chinese, grew up Buddhist in Taiwan, became Christian at age of 30 in the U.S. As stated before, all my in-laws and relatives in Taiwan are Buddhist; but Christians and Buddhists can come together on the common ground of DESPISING muzzy ARSELIFTERS who so desperately DESERVE that despising!!

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