GERMANY considering ban on extremist Muslim group after violent clashes with police over Right Wing party’s Mohammed cartoons

Germany may invoke a legal ban on radical Salafist Muslim groups, after violent clashes with the police over a Mohammed cartoon campaign put out by the right wing, anti-Islamization Pro NRW party.

Chicago Tribune  Last weekend, Salafists turned on police protecting anti-Islam protesters during a regional election rally in the western German city of Bonn, injuring 29 officers, two of them seriously. Police arrested 109 people.

The pro-NRW protesters had infuriated the Salafists by waving banners showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

There have been similar clashes in other German towns in the past week, including in Cologne, where around 1,000 police were mobilized on Tuesday to keep Salafists and anti-Islam activists far apart.

“We will use all the possibilities at the disposal of a constitutional state to oppose them (violent Salafists) wherever they fight against… our constitutional order,” Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told n-tv television.

“Germany will not allow anybody to impose religious wars on us, neither radical Salafists nor far-right parties such as the Pro NRW,” he said, referring to the ultra-nationalist that clashed with the Salafists in Bonn.

An interior ministry spokesman confirmed to Reuters that the government was examining the possibility of a ban on Salafist groups. “However, there is nothing official yet,” he added. Friedrich said Germany was home to some 4,000 Salafists, not all of whom were violent. 

“Without question the Salafists are ideologically close to al Qaeda,” the minister told the Rheinische Post in a separate interview. “They have the clear political goal to destroy our liberal democracy. We will not allow them to do that.”

Salafists, whose roots are in Saudi Arabia, recently stirred unease with a campaign to hand out free copies of the Koran around the country, prompting conservative lawmaker Volker Kauder, a close ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, to say Islam was not “part of our tradition and identity in Germany”.


Security experts have warned that German language Islamist propaganda is fuelling militancy among socially alienated Muslim youths in Germany. But despite the prominence of Germany in the saga of al Qaeda due to Hamburg’s role as a base for three of the September 11 suicide airline hijackers, its indigenous militant scene is much smaller than that in Britain or France, the experts say.

LA TIMES  On Saturday, 29 police officers were injured, including two with serious knife wounds, and 109 Salafi Islamists were arrested in the former West German capital of Bonn after members of Pro NRW provoked the Salafists with mocking cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.

On Monday, Pro NRW held smaller rallies in three other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We will not tolerate these attacks on the constitutional state and our police officers and will increase our pressure on both Pro NRW and the Salafists as much as possible,” North Rhine-Westphalia’s governor, Hannelore Kraft, told the newspaper Bild. “That means denying entry to Salafists who are known to be violent, as well as preventing Pro NRW from showing any more anti-Islamic cartoons.” 

Salafism is a movement within Sunni Islam that advocates a return to an earlier form of Islam. German intelligence service has said that nearly all violent jihadists in Germany have had prior contact with Salafists. 

Authorities have forbidden more than 100 Salafists from entering Cologne and have said they won’t allow Pro NRW to demonstrate near the mosque. But efforts to prevent Pro NRW from using offensive images were complicated by two court rulings Monday that displaying cartoons of Muhammad was protected free speech.

“We will allow peaceful protest against the campaign event,” Cologne’s police chief, Michael Temme, said on Tuesday. But, he warned, “we will swiftly and systematically oppose any form of violence.”



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  1. As usual, the liberal socialist democracies of Europe and elsewhere seem to come awake when the house they have built is on fire and they themselves are burning. You can’t store flamables in every room and then tell everyone you invite inside it’s ok to smoke and build fires. Hell, they can’t remember Hitler’s Ntional Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) from just 70 years ago!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Break the old system by overload. Claim you have the solution and then move in for the kill. Anything you want, Socialism, Communisum, Facisium, the Caliphate NWO. Just go for it. You are the answer.

    • I am shockeed and dismayed that our MSM would not tell us that the police were shot at, particularly if it was a mohommedist.

  3. Maybe, that’s what the FEMA camps are all about. A place to put all the conservatives who will eventually lose it over the Muslim invasion into our country.

    • God have mercy upon the USA: what happens there usually finds its way into her northern neighbour!!!!

      I think, Barbara, that you’re very right: they’re meant to be concentration camps, and very possibly could eventually become extermination camps too… Then, if I’ve read matters right, Obama or somebody else will push putting microchips into our right hands or our foreheads as the ultimate security device…

      Lord Jesus, come back ASAP!!!! Otherwise, we’re ALL LOST…

      • Only, it will be not us “conservatives” since we likely will be liquidated, but those “liberals” who remain that will end up forced to wear that Mark of the Beast…

  4. “Without question the Salafists are ideologically close to al Qaeda,” “They have the clear political goal to destroy our liberal democracy. We will not allow them to do that.” End of quote.

    As it is well known these humanity-haters want to destroy our democracy and freedom, WHY are these violent jihadis allowed into our countries?

    And why are these colonizers given free housing and free stuff?

    • Linda, since Mohammed and his motley crew were driven out of Mecca to Medina, where jihad was invented, imigration has been the first step in jihad. According to Islamic law, jihad is a “communal obligation” that only ends when domination is accomplished. Tell you anything?

  5. You gotta love the body language of the Police when they arrive, they didnt face off against their fellow German citizens, No, the police instead pushed back the muzzies, and with gusto!!! Kickin ass! Gave those muzzies a good spanking!!!
    I some how do not think our govt will be as tough with the insurgents, when we reap what has been sown with all the muslim ass kissing going on here.

  6. In the picture with the words under it beginning with “Without question, the Salafists…”

    I see maybe one face in that Muslim crowd that doesn’t look like a product of centuries of strict inbreeding.

  7. There is no place for Islam in our contemporary World.
    This conflict is an Islamic Cultural War.
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must
    destroy Islamic Culture. There is no other choice.
    Muhammad Islamic Culture = Evil :: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose: Freedom or Slavery
    The Amount of Force needed to implement anti Islamic law you don’t have in you.

  8. Germany bans Nazi groups and Nazi websites as well as Mein Kampf so they can very well ban Salafist groups, Salafist websites and the Koran (hopefully) under the exact same rational.

  9. This applies to every non-Muslim country. The longer they take and decide to ban these Muslims, it’ll continue to become increasingly harder to actually ban them, due to the Muslims’ growing power and numbers from their high fertility rate, immigration, forced conversion, etc.

    Even if all they do is ban the “radical” Muslims, this still leaves the “moderate” Muslims, who read, believe, and are motivated by the same Quran and Hadiths, that the “radicals” read, to continue to grow, and eventually overtake the country.

    Germany had the balls to ban Nazism, they need to do the same for Islam.

  10. Lets hope the Germans have the backbone to follow through with their intentions. But to say those who wave the photo of Muhammad are also as bad, thats a crock. Police were not being attacked by the NRW group. Its the same in the UK when the Engish Defense League marches and Muslims try to stir up things. The EDL is accused of being the bad guys. When it comes to killing fellow Brits, it will be Muslims who do the killing not the EDL. Its time the Germans, Brits and all of Europe along with the US, wake up and realize we are at war with Islam.

  11. Let us watch this closely. This statement
    troubles me:

    “Germany will not allow anybody to impose religious wars on us, neither radical Salafists nor far-right parties such as the Pro NRW,” he said, referring to the ultra-nationalist that clashed with the Salafists in Bonn.

    Recent news has cause me to suspect that
    it’ll be the Pro NRW that will be deported.

      • Unfortunately, you probably can’t deport muslims who were born in Germany. But they can deport all muslims who are not citizens.
        Then ban the political concept of the practice of islam and ban the construction of mosques as well as the filthy and murderous islamic queeron.

  12. The pagan arselifters will burn, loot, riot, and kill to prove how peaceful and tolerant their satanically born false gutter religion is. And the irony of it is utterly wasted on them…….

  13. Considering?????
    What happened to the heart and Soul of Germany? Don’t they remember Hitler?
    Don’t they remember WWII on their own soil?

    • Upaces, I’m afraid the majority of German politicians are more afraid of the right wing Pro-NRW type parties than they are of the muslim threat.

      • You’d think Islamic totalitarianism would ring a bell with Germans and not just because of Hitler’s Grand Mufti pal back in WWII. I’m reading Erik Larson’s “In the Garden of Beasts” about Berlin in the early years of the Nazi regime and it’s jaw-dropping how closely the “coordinated” Nazi society resembles Islamic ones.

  14. What kind of savages riot over cartoons? muslims. The salafist savages arrested should be deported if they are illegals and if they have broken the laws of germany. Germany will get what they deserve if they do not deport muslims and stop all muslim immigration now. In fact it may be too late. North America, take warning. This is what we have to look forward to if we do not stop muslim immigration. The first step is to vote obama from the oval office.

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