EXCITING NEWS! English Defence League’s Tommmy Robinson & Kevin Caroll join British Freedom Party as Vice Chairmen

The British Freedom Party has announced that Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Lennon) and Kevin Carroll, leaders of the English Defence League, have joined the Executive Council of British Freedom and will share the role of Party Vice Chairman alongside Party Chairman Paul Weston.


British Freedom Party  This historic development marks the growing cooperation between British Freedom and the English Defence League, thus offering a political voice to the working men and women of this country who have effectively been betrayed by all the main parties – particularly the Labour Party.

The move establishes British Freedom as a new force in British politics – the only party with the strength and determination to call for Britain’s withdrawal from the unelected and totalitarian European Union, to confront militant Islam, halt mass immigration and defend democracy’s most vital ingredient – Free Speech.

British Freedom will also end the deliberately divisive policy of multiculturalism and reverse decades of destructive Political Correctness which exists only to promote division and Socialism – despite the appalling record of Socialist inspired mass murder, war, and the terrible economic, social and environmental carnage witnessed over the last century.

The popular movement that began in Luton three short years ago marked a decisive turning point in this country. It was the moment when British people began to reassert their national pride and identity and started to resist the forces that will, unless stopped, destroy the culture, traditions and precious freedoms of Great Britain that so many, so recently, gave their lives for.

Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll will lead the Party’s assault on corruption, complacency and unaccountability in British (and EU) politics. Together they will provide a powerful voice to a British working class all but abandoned by the mainstream parties; to a middle class whose traditional values have come under relentless attack; and to Britain’s service and ex-service personnel – the ultimate defenders of freedom – who have all too often been taken for granted.

British Freedom will reassert the primacy of British law, culture, values and traditions as the necessary basis for establishing unity in a country increasingly riven by Leftist inspired racial, cultural and religious division.