GREECE Shocker! ‘Anti-Muslim immigration’ party makes huge gains in recent election


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  1. REPLY To AUSSIE 106, whose comment doesn’t appear to be here and who says,”immigration Department has successfully lobbied to impose new restriction”

    It’s only the same as the Privacy Act. The same kind of thing too that the ID of a person cannot be revealed until convicted of a crime

    “to the protection of “seclusion”, “effectively guarding a person’s privacy from being invaded — even if they are in a public place.”

    There’s no restriction on the reporting of the boats

  2. Well, some people will have to learn that Jews are not their enemy. We know that Marine Le Pen’s Front National used to be an antisemite party, but now fields jewish candidates. And even some Russian parties have renounced their neonazi ways and have even met with Israeli MKs and Rabbis in Israel.

  3. Well done for the greeks. They are finally getting the message that they must take their country back from the illegal muslim invaders. It may be too late but at least this is a start in the right direction. All muslim immigration must be banned. If you need immigrants bring in persecuted Jews and Christians from the muslim countries because they are truly in need of being protected.

  4. I was wondering when BNI was going to mention the Golden Dawn’s success in Greece. I have done some research into these guys, and here is my take on them.

    The Golden Dawn are extremely far right. This is no falsehood or media smear. It is what they are. Much further to the right than say, the BFP, or the National Front. It cannot be denied that members have used Hitler salutes, a swastika-esque symbol, and other questionable points of interest, HOWEVER!

    I cannot find any major Jewish hatred concerning this political party that can be taken as being representative of the party itself. Mainly, the Golden Dawn seem to be hard core Greek nationalists who want Muslims (mainly Turks) out of their country, and want to promote Greek pride, freedom from EU domination, etc, etc. They definitely have a big problem with Turks (Bulgarians have a similar issue). This is understandable, as they do sit next to Turkey. Now, I’ll leave it to you, Bonnie, to decide for yourself how comfortable you are with Golden Dawn, bearing in mind they are shadowy, and much more vocal about using violence to protect their homeland, but I have a theory that may prove true. The closer our Western, JudeoChristianic countries lie to the border of the Islamic empire, the more extreme their ruling parties may have to be, simply due to danger of proximity. Can anyone here at BNI truly disagree with mining the Turkish border? I’m not putting myself out there as pro-Golden Dawn, but they couldn’t be much worse than the socialist libtards that have ruled the country for decades. Plus, they do have a good name… Golden Dawn… You can almost feel A’ishah shaking in her full face veil.

    • Nobama, I was not familiar with Golden Dawn until I posted this story. But if, as you say, they have a problem with Jews, then so be it. As long as they are not doing anything publicly to disparage Jews or threaten them, and are focusing all their attention on the Muslim problem, I’m OK with that. I can’t help but remember that we were allied
      with the Russians during WWII to fight the Nazis, then when the war was over, we went back to a cold war with them.

      If/when the Muslim problem goes away and they start turning their wrath on Jews, I will be the first to condemn them.
      Politics and wars make for strange bedfellows.

  5. Bonni

    I know you have posted a great deal about the boat people. There are however people posting here who claim to be Australians and say there is nothing about it in our media.

    They must be plain stupid and blind if they say that.

    It’s just about a nightly occurrence on TV. The same with newspapers. I have a few subscriptions and hardly a day goes by with no mention of boats. Andrew Bolt, who is our best right wing journalist in the country puts it up on his site as it happens.

    • Shirl, those people probably don’t visit here very often. To anyone who doubts the media coverage of the boat people,
      just type “Australia” into the Search Box here and you’ll find a lot of those stories.

      • Here you go Bonni, another just in…it bugs me that people live in a country and bad mouth it to the world and they haven’t a clue what they are doing.

        I probably know more news but most countries than they know of their own…….

        ** Extraordinary. Under John Howard, three boats a year. Under Julia Gillard, the sixth in just one week:

        THE navy has intercepted another asylum-seeker boat off Christmas Island… He said initial indications suggested there were 84 passengers on board.

        That’s 556 boat people, and millions of taxpayers dollars, in just a week.**

        • Shirl, I know. I get most of the boat people stories that I post here right from your MSM. I often change/edit
          the tone of the articles, which is mostly sympathetic to the boat people. All I require from them are the facts.
          And if necessary, I add my own take on the story which can be very different than the one posted by the MSM. But that’s why I alway include the link to the original story.

        • BNI: Somebody needs to edit most of the “poor suffering alien” comments in the Manure Stream Media to inject some truth.
          The stalwart press is always looking for another minority to frame their bleeding heart bullsh*t features. These poor minorities are simply more welfare sucks looking for freebies they can’t get in their own cesspools of a country.
          In times past, aliens came to America, assimilated, worked, and basked in the freedom. Now these bums come here, go on taxpayer paid welfare, and demonstrate to change our country into the dunghole they came from.
          Throw the bums out ! !

    • Shirl in Aus —- Firstly I am Australian and proud of it.
      I suggest you go to google and type in ” Why is the media in Australia restricted from showing images of asylum seekers in Australia”
      This (I think) is the legislation ADHD was referring to — the legislation that we (Australians ) were given after the Labour Foreign Minister ( for our American friends Labour equates to Democrat )invited the UN Rep to enlighten us about “islamaphobia”.

    • Shirl, it might be that MSM media coverage is “patchy” to say the least. I suspect it depends on what state you’re in and what channels/papers you watch/read. I suspect some outlets are under orders to ignore or downplay the rate of arrivals for fear of being accused as “biased” against “refugees.”

      • Simon

        I listen to a good quality radio station. I would imagine half these people listen to crappy ones which only churn out music.

        Even the lousy commercial TV stations make mention of boats, only in passing. It’s more important to know which football team is doing what. !

        I do also watch the news good TV stations.
        I also received news updates about three times daily from a god news source.

        People can only blame themselves if they are not aware of he news.

        Bonni is in another country and she manages to find it.!

      • I think it’s the fact that the MSM do not want to report it because they mainly lean to the left of politics. However they seem to be “waking up”! Andrew Bolt said “the difference between the left and Conservatives is one year!” The Press Council says that journalists cannot call these arrivals “illegal immigrants”.
        Costs revealed in the budget trashed government forecasts, which predicted a dramatic fall in spending, however it has blown from 300 million to 1 billion!
        We need to reopen Nauru, turn back the boats, and reinstate temporary protection visas, it worked for the Howard Government!

  6. This from Reuters

    The group uses an ancient Greek symbol resembling the swastika as its logo and books on Aryan supremacy line shelves at its offices

  7. Do you people who claim to be AUSTRALIAN actually live here?

    Rad the newspapers and watch TV news

    THIS year is shaping up as the biggest ever for illegal boat arrivals after the navy yesterday intercepted the fifth vessel in six days.

    The arrival of 99 asylum seekers and two crew northeast of Christmas Island came less than 24 hours after a vessel carrying 60 people was intercepted north-northwest of Ashmore Island.

    Including the arrival of 311 people on three boats last Sunday, that means 472 asylum seekers and crew have been caught trying to reach Australian shores in less than a week.

    So far this year, 35 boats have arrived, carrying 2753 people. The calendar year record, set in 2010, is 6889.

    Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said 2012 was ” trending as the biggest ever for arrivals”.

    “This financial year is already the largest on record with over 5800 people arriving – with seven weeks still to go,” he said.

    Immigration Minister Chris Bowen again blamed the opposition, saying the latest vessel was the 30th since the Coalition refused the government’s offer to work together to stop the flow.

    “Offshore processing cannot proceed without legislation, but (Opposition Leader) Tony Abbott happily refuses to vote for it because his political interest is more important to him than the national interest,” he said.

  8. i’m glad that Greece has woken up. Now she must remove herself from the EU. this country can no longer support so many illegal people

  9. Golden Dawn denies being NeoNazis but they do use an awful lot of Nazi inspired iconography. See their black logo with a red background.

  10. These “migrants” are in the West for economic reasons obviously. The Muslim world is very widespread. If Islam is so good for people, then why not stay in Muslim countries instead of trying to turn the West into the backward places from which they have fled? Stopping to pray 5 times a day, food and water deprivation during Ramadan, restrictive dress codes and sex segregation rules don’t help economic activity.

    • I do know they hate our guts here in the United States and do not put shit into our economy, unless it’s to benefit them in business. They’ll lie, cheat and bargain for every penny when it comes to business too!!!

      I think ramadan falls in month of July/August this year and is probably the most useless nonproductive time of the year for muslims, never mind how useless they are the rest of the year. SCUM!!!

      I remember a muslim introduced his brother to a girl while she was in his business spending money, she went to shake his hand
      and he said, “I don’t shake hands with women.” WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE!!! I WAS PISSED!!!

      I’ll be sharing more stories like this with you guys.

  11. Aren’t they associated with Neo Nazi’s? That can’t be good. Their logo looks eerily similar to the swastika. Will Greece trade one radical entity for another? Scares me to think that this is the exact same way that Hitler got started in Germany.
    I’m all for kicking the Muslims out, but be careful who you get in to bed with.

  12. Turks were booted from Greece only 90 years ago.

    I guess the Greek school system doesn’t prepare their young people to be citizens…just like in most Western countries.

    Let’s be MULTICULTI…no baaaaad NATIONALISTS.

  13. The Greeks were once great warriors… they are again fighting and I pray they have 100% success in doing this!
    This is exactly what we should be doing on OUR borders.

  14. AMERICA: are you listening???
    We are losing our democratic system slowly but surely. If obama gets another term, good bye freedom. that simple.
    Is there any way to get the mainstream media honest patriotic? This would be the trick, so the naive ignorant Americans know what is really going on.

  15. As our awesome BNI author says – Cajones!!!!! lol..
    well good to see the Greeks are finally growing a pair doing something about the Muzzo shit thats been invading their shores for a long time… if they dont watch their asses they will end up like Cypress… my ancestry is Greek and I know for a fact they hate Muzscum esp. the Turks. Nows the time to get serious and defend their borders from the vermin Muzscum… actions speak louder than words, Im hoping going by this new post its not a case of all fart and no shit lol…

  16. Hey!I am all for that Party..Great idea!!More countries including the USA should follow suite :>) Time all NON-Muslims get tough and stand there ground against the ever forceful evil of so called army of Islam!!Send them back,they don’t want to assumilate into other cultures,they want to completely change and destroy other cultures for there own agenda!!!

  17. I wouldn’t be in a rush to celebrate the election of Golden Dawn members to the Greek parliament.
    They might be anti-Muslim but they are also anti-Semitic thugs who idolise Hitler and everything Nazi. Even their emblem is very close to a swastika and they enjoy singing Nazi songs at their meetings.

    • Stan, that’s what they say about every right wing group today. I say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Besides, I doubt there are more than a handful of Jews in Greece.

      What proof do you have that they sing Nazi songs?

      • Here’s a clip from the France24 news page. They are a neo-Nazi group.If you google them you will find many more references.
        BTW as there is another Stan posting on this site I will use the name Stan B in future to avoid confusion.

        “While the party has adopted an ancient Greek symbol as its emblem, its likeness to the Nazi swastika is striking. As for the open palm salute used by its members, it leaves no doubt as to who the party draws inspiration from.

        Golden Dawn’s official website sells copies of Adolf Hitler’s manifesto “Mein Kampf” and other Nazi literature, as well as dozens of books that defend white supremacy, including the controversial 1978 novel “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce, an American white supremacist.

        “I rarely use the term neo-Nazi because it is often incorrectly used to describe far-right parties,” said Jean-Yves Camus, a French researcher and expert on European far-right groups. “But in the case of Golden Dawn, the term fits.”

    • Stan, 90% muslims invaders enter in Europa by Greece frontier. “Golden Dawn” are anti-Muslims and anti-inmigrants. They are not anti-jews. I support Israel and I support “Golden Dawn” because I do not want more muslims in Europe.

        • From the horse’s mouth.

          “The shocking election success of Greece’s extreme right-wing party on Sunday has the local Jewish community deeply worried.

          The Golden Dawn party, with its anti-immigrant, anti-austerity platform and a symbol resembling the swastika, took about seven per cent of the vote, guaranteeing it 20 out of 300 seats in the Greek parliament.

          Pundits see their success as a vote of protest against severe austerity measures taken by mainstream parties to stave off a deeper economic crisis.

          But how any Greeks – angry as they are – could vote for Golden Dawn is beyond David Saltiel, president of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece.

          “This is a neo-Nazi party – they are crazy, completely out of their minds,” said Mr Saltiel. “I don’t believe that Greeks are neo-Nazis,” he added, “but what is amazing is that even in cities where [during the Second World War] the Germans killed a lot of Greeks, you had between four and six per cent voting for the neo-Nazis on Sunday.”

          “Of course this is troubling, and it is not unique to Greece,” said Rabbi Andrew Baker, director of International Affairs for the American Jewish Committee and the personal representative of the OSCE chair on Combating Antisemitism.

          “Strong discontent over the economic crisis in Europe has led to support for some of these right-wing extreme xenophobic parties, some of which have antisemitism as a piece of their agenda. And certainly that is the case with the Golden Dawn party,” said Rabbi Baker.

          Golden Dawn “plays on old antisemitic stereotypes of Jews controlling or manipulating economies, and in its campaign linked the economic crisis with Jewish interests,” Rabbi Baker said. “There are good reasons to be concerned.”
          From the Jewish Chronicle.
          Sorry but there is no way we should be welcoming the election of neo-Nazi thugs.

        • Stan, typical left wing Jewish crap. They always sympathize with Muslims as if they have anything in common. They don’t support the EDL or any other anti-Islam group. Rabbis are the worst, always kissing up to their enemies.

          Whenever Muslims are bitching about something or fighting to build another mosque, they always have scumbag Rabbis and Jews siding with them. These Jews are as vile as muslims.

          I don’t give a damn. I support anyone who is against Muslims. Don’t post this stuff again. OR you will be banned.

        • I don’t like to be threatened, especially when I’m in the right.
          Either apologise or I’m out of here. I’ve supported you on every other topic but if you can’t tolerate a different opinion, Bonni, you are no better than the crazy Muslims we’re here to expose.

        • Amen. Left wing Jews expressing concern? Then Im all for the Golden group! Muslim butt kissing Jews are abhorent! These are the same kind of Jews who thought Hitler would leave them alone. How did that work out for you?

          Make no mistake, muzzies will use the Jews as a means to an end, then kill them too.

  18. We need a party here which has similar sentiments. Our borders do not need land mine protection, but we would benefit from a party which demands Sharia Law NEVER gets entertained, headbags be banned, and expose the religion-of-hate for what it is, and to expose the stated aims of islam to destroy Western values from within.
    However such a party would no doubt nbe banned. I am unsure that we are THAT democratic. Currectly we have laws which prohibit news bulletins about illegal boats arriving – it may be the pictures which are banned? But whatever it is, we have news censorship relating to immigration of predominantly muslim and African invaders.

    • It’s so EVIL that your news-media in Australia are banned from reporting the arrival of illegal immigrants on boats!!! I find it hard to believe that your government is THAT totally corrupted, to that absolute extreme!!

      As to Greece: yes, I completely endorse having mines placed along the Turkish border – that’s the spirit!!!! That’s exactly what in fact should be done with ALL Muslim communities: let them be boundaried with exactly the same kind of precautions as what East-Germany used to use to prevent people from escaping into West-Germany, only that instead it would be to prevent Muslims from getting into non-Muslim areas.

      • Where on earth do you get that the media in Australia are banned from reporting the arrival of illegal boats from?

        I have never heard so much rubbish in my entire life.

        As to this political party it should be banned. It’s a neo-Nazi group and they will target Jews, Gays and Blacks too.

        • Please see what Aussie Brett said, in the second paragraph:

          …Currently we have laws which prohibit news bulletins about illegal boats arriving – it may be the pictures which are banned? But whatever it is, we have news censorship relating to immigration of predominantly muslim and African invaders.

        • Yes Shirl, many ultra-right wing groups in Europe have anti-semitic ties. The sad fact is that the ultra left wing groups are self hating Jews who want to see the destruction of Israel as we know it as well. Israel is on her own this time.

        • Aussie, in that case, it is incumbent upon citizen reporters to take videos of the boats landing and posting them all over the internet

      • For ADHD again.
        This just came from an Australian Newspaper, who are not, according to you allowed to post about illegal boats.

        **The fifth in a week, but who counts any more?

        THE navy has intercepted an asylum seeker boat northeast of Christmas Island carrying almost 100 passengers.

        Shadow immigration minister Scott Morrison:

        This latest boat means more than 10,000 people have arrived by illegal boat since the election… The government based its budget on 450 people arriving a month by illegal boat but just 11 days into May more than 470 people have arrived. This follows almost 1,000 people arriving in April and 887 people who arrived in February.**

      • They are occupying your country, just get them out – dont waste money on minefields, unless you are going to make them walk over to clear them!

      • It is we have a Fabian Socialist as Prime Minister she even referred to herself as a Red the other day, her strategy is same as Obama destroy the country from within, that’s why Islam and Socialism work together until after, historically it ends in a blood bath.It’s the same strategy can’t say a word it’s undemocratic, or anti multiculturalism etc etc but the goal is the same one side want’s control of everything the other want’s control of everything and none of its good for the Christianity our Western Nations Constitutions and Judiciaries are based on, it’s Tyranny and Oppression

        • Hi Tony
          I’ve just logged on here. Many Aussies agree with the people here on not wanting Islam here because it’s a hate religion not one of peace. They slowly creep in and take over until there is blood shed. I have a friend who’s friend was murdered last year because of her good will against Islam (she was guilty of a crime under sharia law) and was killed. They blamed her husband for the murder and it was only the Australian newspaper who reported the Islamic fear the woman had before her death. Even a Christian pastor warned the police but have dismissed these allegations. We do live in a very socialist state. Land rights are falling away like melted ice cream from a cone. They have changed the wording on ‘fee simple’ guys. I go to a community law group which helps us learn how to go around the mountain if we can’t climb over it using the normal channels. There is discussion that our government has breached our constitutional crime laws and they can be sentenced for allowing a dual legal system. Our universities are becoming pro muslim offering separate toilets in some and our public swimming pools now (some of them) have separate swimming areas and private screens so the muslim women can’t be seen bathing. B H they cover up from head to toe so what’s the deal? There’s nothing in the Koran (that I know of) that says they have to have these special compensations. Why is our govt allowing this? Their elections might be funded by the Saudis oil money. Figure that. It’s a hunch and not an allegation. A philosophical enquiry embryo let’s say. Could someone do some research on this? How can one get this info from Parliament? The public should know. Ijust watched Fairfax’s CEO Mr Hywood whose voice broke when asking our media senator questions. He said our media laws are the worst now and basically throws out free speech for his employees. No one can voice the opinion of what our govt is doing or what the law really is about. He was mocked by the senator. I’m going to get a transcript on this. It should be ready tomoroww. Let’s vote for which is anti islamic as he lived under sharia law when working as a missionary with his dear wife. She was to be raped and killed under the soldiers changed their mind and walked out of their, then, house. He wants to bring back the family values that made Australia Australia. There’s also the Christian Dem Party who is now in Parliament but I’m not sure what they’re doing. We have the worse abortion laws here in Victoria and Tax and NSw are following. Babies are allowed to be murdered after they’re born. Healthy babies. Our govit in this context is guilty of genocide. Mass killing of our Aussie babies. Our govt must go. All of them. Let’s tell the world what our govt is doing. And….let’s start anew in September.

          Another concerned Aussie.

        • RR, Welcome, we have a lot of Aussie readers here. If you enter “AUSTRALIA” into the SEARCH box in the sidebar you can see hundreds of stories we’ve done on the Muslim problem down under.

    • Aussie Brett –you are so right -our newspapers or not report the illegal boat people that are floating in -daily-weekly ,they have been censored -we have lost -freedom of speech due to the politically correct and those who ingraite themselves with islam,I live in Queensland now-originally came from NSW-Bankstown area,so I am aware of how they are -colonising -our-country,we are told multiculturism is a success in Australia-not true-we Aussies know it is -simmering and when -they-them start pushing for their -evil sharia laws -then you know -what -hits the fan-the fun will start.

    • Thats what the Social Network is for. If the government won’t allow the news to flow then the people need to.

    • Very, very sad, for Australia and the countries of the Free World, that our leaders adore, and prefer to take in the followers of totalitarian, colonizing Islam whose stated goal is the Islamic conquest of our countries. Would-be immigrants who love our vastly superior Western civilization and Western values, and would be ready to die for their new country, are rejected.

      What a wicked BETRAYAL of the Free World.

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