Iraqi Kurdistan: Muslim heads exploding as protests over blasphemous article turn violent

Knuckle-draggers gathered outside the parliament to condemn an article entitled ‘God and Me,’ by Norwegian Kurdish expatriate, Halmat Goran, because he complained about what he called God’s treatment towards Kurdish Muslims.

Angry protesters attacked 3 pubs, a cultural center, the headquarters of Kurdistan Parliament and Zagros TV as well as police kiosks in the city center. The rally was to condemn an allegedly blasphemous article published in Chirpa, a local Kurdish magazine.

Security forces were deployed to control the demonstrators as the events turned ugly.  The writer of the article was seen a week ago in a YouTube video tearing out pages of two suras from the Holy Qur’an. Goran is currently still in Norway, but demonstrators want him to return to the Kurdistan Region to face his punishment for insulting Islam – the death penalty.