OH NOES! Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law and convert to Islam, complains of being “manhandled” by airport security

Why is she so upset? This is probably the most attention she’s gotten from a man since she decided to don a headbag and become chattel for Islam.

Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniya gives a Palestinian diplomatic passport to Lauren Booth before she became a Muslim

Press TV After passing through the metal detector with no beep, she went to pick up her bags from the conveyor belt, and was suddenly – and without warning – searched by a male security guard.  She was even more offended when her complaints to security management were scoffed at. Lauren says her ordeal is indicative of a wider problem.

Ahmed Uddin from the Islam Human Rights Commission says that more people are reporting harassment at airports. But the number may not reflect how wide the problem is, because many Muslims don’t come forward. Human Rights organizations say a consequence of increased security at airport since 9/11 is that more Muslims feel they are regularly and unfairly stopped and searched. They say this is further isolating a community that already feels it is being demonized. (That”s the idea!)