Muslim students harangue professor after he uses an image of the paedophile prophet Mohammed in a lecture about Islam

American college professor gives in to Muslim student intimidation and their thinly veiled efforts to shut down free speech. The screen is black because there is no video but you can hear the the confrontations between students and professor.

BNI Reader Lewis kindly provided this information:

This is Professor Tom Ryba at the Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indianna.

He is an adjunct professor of religious studies.

You can can and leave a message of support for the professor at this number


Professor Ryba can also be contacted at [email protected] 

The president of Purdue University is France Cordova and her email address is:

[email protected]

and her office telephone number is:


Call this University and respectfully tell them you are tired of muslim students being allowed to terrorize decent academia.