Somali Muslim parasites (imported by Obama) protest Minnesota banks refusal to transfer money back home to their terrorist relatives

Shouting “Yes, We Can,” hundreds of Somali Muslims marched through downtown Minneapolis on Friday afternoon, stopping traffic and forcing officials to block off several streets and divert traffic.

Star Tribune (H/T Maria)  The protest, which began around 2:45 p.m. outside the Wells Fargo Center building, was aimed at getting Minnesota banks to resume business with local money transfer shops, which are used by many Somali invaders to send dollars to al-Shabaab-dominated Somalia.

As part of the protest, an unknown number of people also closed their accounts at the bank. The demonstration was tied to a May 11 deadline for banks set by supporters of the Somali money-wiring businesses. They have been pressing Wells Fargo, where many Minnesota Somalis bank, to provide banking services to the struggling money-wiring outfits.

For months, members of the Somali American Money Service Association have been lobbying officials at Wells Fargo and U.S. Bancorp for help.

Years ago, several Minnesota banks had accounts with the Somali money-service businesses. But in recent years, amid tightened federal regulations designed to crack down on funding streams for terrorists, the banks have cut ties.

Friday’s protest was not the first time Somali customers have showed up en masse at Wells Fargo to close their accounts in response to the money-wiring crisis. 

In January, scores of people staged a similar protest at a bank branch just off E. Lake Street in Minneapolis.

But the event on Friday, which included leftist members of Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, SEIU Local 26 and Occupy MN, was by far the largest demonstration since the money-wiring crisis began in December.

Wells Fargo locked its doors, but a customer service counter was set up outside where people lined up to close their accounts. (I wonder if they know how to say “Good riddance” in Somali?)

Peggy Gunn, a Wells Fargo spokeswoman, said customers who wanted to close their accounts were brought to a banker who helped them with their transactions. 

Friday’s protest did not sway Wells Fargo to change its policy about doing business with the Somali-owned money-transfer shops, she said.

“We made a business decision in 2008 to exit those business relations,” Gunn said. “… There are federal rules and regulations that banks have to abide by, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Asked what the risk was in providing banking services to the Somali money-wiring businesses, Gunn said only: “We made a business decision. No financial institution in Minnesota is providing those types of services.”

Javier Morillo, president of SEIU Local 26, said the union on Friday closed the strike fund account it had kept at Wells Fargo. The amount: $72,000. “Wells Fargo, if they wanted to, they can keep Somali families from starving in Somalia,” he shouted through a megaphone.

Several times throughout the demonstration, the protesters took over different intersections. They started out lined up in front of Wells Fargo Center at S. 6th Street and Marquette Avenue S. Then they marched to the intersection of Nicollet Mall and 8th Street S. and stopped in the middle of the street.

“Sit down!” an organizer yelled through his megaphone. The crowd sat down on the street. Cars idled at the green light as a line of organizers stood in a row stopping them.

Meantime, about 15 protesters linked arms and sat in a circle in the center of the intersection, waiting to be arrested. Police warned them to clear the intersection and told them that if they did not comply, they would be arrested. After about an hour, the protesters got up and left.

Abdulaziz Sugule, a consultant for Somali American Money Service Association, said more than half of the Minnesota money-wiring businesses were recently notified by a bank in Seattle that their accounts will be closed in June because they can’t handle the volume of money-wiring business they’ve been receiving from Minnesota’s Somali community since local banks cut ties last December.

“We keep the pressure on,” he said of the ongoing protests. “This is a message to the banks that we’re not going to go away.” (As if losing your business is of any concern to the banks. Banks don’t make any money on your kind in the first place)



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  2. Hallowing at the Moon… Governor Dayton stated, “if you don’t like refugee’s get out of Minnesota.” CAIR has his complete support and Dayton plans on bringing more refugee’s here to Minnesota. I worked with a couple of days with a few and though two of them were okay there was this one that prayed ALL DAY LONG, out loud. Drove me to quit!! Minnesota bows down to Muslims here.

  3. let them take the 150 dollar accounts they have.. arent you supposed to have less than 2000 in bank if you receive welfare?

  4. Why did they have to come here. As Americans, we are just to nice. We can’t help everybody in this world. Go back to your homeland, and stop trying to push your culture in Minnesota.

  5. It is vary reassuring to the residents of Louisanna and Texas that these fanatical muslems are so overly-welcomed in Minnesota. I do find it strange however that a state that boasts on their election of such mental giants as Jessie Ventura and Al Frankin would be shocked when terrorists threaten terrorism.

  6. The Govt. of Minnesota supports these terrorists and fagotry, they hate white christian america, welcome to communism and death. Drop your guitar and pick up an AR

  7. My only question is why do you self segregate, if you would not have to make demands that American’s take care of you and your race, want us to make special rules for only you if your a muslime or samoli, make life easy for only you, Your people try to work hard and live among us and give away 35% of your paycheck(like we have to to support you), listen to what we have to say instead of arriving in cities like a muslim gang. I have seen first hand how you treat an American when you take over a city.

  8. Just to clarify to person who replied to my earlier post, I am a construction electrician and a builder I worked for, put up 3 brand new homes just for section 8 recipients. These were NOT shacks and approached $300K each.
    I also did work on a subsidized housing project and I found a receipt blowing across the parking lot. 4 bedroom townhome cost $1,440 their part, $228.00! Who thought this was/is a good idea while new Acuras and Lexus cars sit in the drive, Ahhh, the American Dream. Not for me and you though.

  9. WHY, do these people who hated us being in their Country even want to be here if all their religious beliefs are being trampled on?

    I am ex Honorably Discharged volunteer, with service connected disability Army during Vietnam which was not popular.

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    • MrS, thank you for your service.

      They are here to destroy our way of life and impose theirs, while many are living off our welfare.

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    • How very true your statement is. Islamic culture is a culture of shame. Compassion from non-muslims is perceived as weakness. Dialogue is only a stalling technique to such people and they have specialised terminology for it such as taqiyya and kitman.

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  22. “Police warned them to clear the intersection and told them that if they did not comply, they would be arrested. After about an hour, the protesters got up and left.”

    The pig police are amusing in their impotence; I have personally seen pro-life protesters who were blocking entrance to an abortion place, given a warning of five minutes and then being very roughly carried away by such pigs who often pulled their hair ( the women ) and dragged them face down. They were peaceful protesters blocking an entrance to a non-essential business. Plus they were for the most part Christians, so they were targets for the swine with badges. But the devil-worshiping spawn of pigs, the muslime, are given an hour and allowed to block intersections on public streets, and never arrested but allowed to leave when they felt like it.
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    • my dear brother,i wish u all knew what islam is all about,its religion of peace ane worshipin God alone,,there nothin called terorism,cz the the attacker is the terrorises,being infidel,its hard to understand me,bt u guys go to liberary n read islam,wich is the religoun that existed til the beging of humanity,

      • We know more about islam and the quran than you evidently do~! Read the quran in the Chronological order, and see the terroristic demands of jihad within the Madina chapters~!
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