The rapid rise of right wing parties in Europe has the left wing shaking in their PC booties

Europe’s traditional liberal and tolerant policies, when directed toward the most intolerant people on earth (Muslims), are being challenged by right wing patriotic parties in virtually every country. Not surprisingly, this is not sitting well with the socialists, multiculturalists, and Muslim-apolgists who are trying to destroy European culture, traditions, and even Christianity.


Ukranian Week  The Breivik massacres are a brutal awakening for Europe’s politicians, who have tended to ignore the growing Islamophobia and opposition to immigration (justifiable anti-Islam sentiment and opposition to a flood of Muslim immigrants, most of whom live off the government dole, getting benefits that the native populations are not not entitled to) even in countries traditionally liberal and tolerant.

In Scandinavia, across central Europe and especially in France, as Marie Le Pen has just shown in the French elections, hundreds of thousands of people, especially the young, are rallying to parties that promise an end to the influx of immigrants and refugees, a harsh crack-down on Muslim activists and a new emphasis on Europe’s ethnic “purity” and Christian identity.

Across Europe there are now some 30 far-right political parties that are winning votes, entering parliaments, influencing mainstream politicians and even signing agreements with traditional conservative parties – as has happened in the Netherlands. Few of these groups openly espouse the more extreme ravings published in Breivik’s manifesto. But all share similar core beliefs, and all, like Breivik, are spreading these through right-wing websites.

Extremist Patriotic parties on the right are mainly motivated by their visceral opposition to immigration (especially of Muslims), to ethnic diversity and to multiculturalism, which they believe is a danger to European culture and identity. They appeal to latent nationalism, are hostile to pan-European institutions such as the European Union, and have no time for liberalism or “soft” social policies.

Nationalism is still a powerful force among far-right groups, which seek to whip up pride in past glories and hatred of any curbs on the right of the majority to enforce its views on minorities. In Hungary, the Jobbik party has made clear its contempt for post-communist democracy. “We are not communists, fascists or National Socialists,” said Gabor Vona, one of its leaders, in January. “But – and this is important for everyone to understand very clearly – we are also not democrats”.

The party received 17 per cent of the vote in elections two years ago. And although the mainstream press gives it little publicity, it disseminates its views effectively on Facebook and other social networking services. And far from being a party made up of social misfits or losers, studies have shown that most of its supporters are young, have jobs, a secondary education or even a degree. This profile is also true elsewhere: most of those who vote for populist right-wing parties in Europe come from the middle classes, and are people afraid of economic and especially social change (aka the welfare state), according to a study made recently by the University of Nottingham, in England.

In Germany and Austria there has always been considerable concern for historical reasons, especially abroad, about the growth of right-wing extremism. Other members of the EU boycotted Austria in 2000 when the Conservative party went into coalition with the Freedom Party, led by the charismatic far-right Joerg Haider.

In Germany, concern has been growing not only at the recent  success of the NDP party but also at the activities of fringe movements that have been targetting Turks and other immigrants – with little official investigation or hindrance. And mainstream parties are picking up some of the right’s ideas. Thilo Sarrazin, a highly respected German Social Democrat, published a book in 2010 in which he said Germany would become poorer and lose its identity as well as its potential because Turkish and Arab immigrants had a lower IQ. He said his ideas were supported by a third of Germans, who believed that the state should limit immigration and the practice of Islam. He was sacked from the SPD, but only a year later Chancellor Angela Merkel, from the ruling conservative CDU party, echoed some of his views when she declared that multiculturalism had failed.

In Greece, now suffering rising unemployment, social upheaval and despair as a result of the harsh economic austerity measures, anti-foreigner right-wing groups have been growing fast. They blame Albanians, Muslims and any other foreigners in Greece for taking Greek jobs and undermining Greek morale. Comparisons are being made with the appeal of the Nazis during the economic collapse of the Weimar Republic. (Big difference: the Jews weren’t killing anyone, trying to impose Judaism on non-Jews, or trying to create Jewish-compliant republics all over Europe)

But it is the growth of extremism patriotism in traditionally liberal climates that is alarming many politicians. In 2009 Swiss voters approved a ban on the building of any minaret on mosques in the country. Finland’s new party, True Finns, has sprung from nowhere to capture a significant share of the vote on a platform of hostility to outsiders and to any EU bailout for the weaker southern members of the EU. Sweden, Denmark and Norway have also seen a rise of the far-right.

And the biggest upset has been in traditionally tolerant Netherlands, where Geert Wilders, a politician who has denounced the Koran as an evil book and called Islam a “totalitarian ideology”, won 15 per cent of the vote in 2010. His Party for Freedom is now the third biggest force in Dutch politics. His views on Islam are so extreme controversial that he was recently banned from entering Britain, (but the ban has since been lifted). Before that, after the assassination in 2002 of Pim Fortuyn, the gay anti-Muslim campaigner, there were widespread attacks on mosques in the Netherlands and anti-Muslim riots that shocked many Dutch voters. All governments since then have promised to curb immigration and crack down sharply on Muslim clergy preaching intolerance.

Britain, too, has never had a strong party on the far right, but has recently seen the growth of far-right movements that are winning votes largely on their anti-Muslim platform.  A new group, the English Defence League, has organised street marches against Muslims and acquired a strong following on the football terraces. Its membership is so far small, but it has attracted a large following on the internet – as have other far-right groups elsewhere.

Earlier this month, the English Defence League organised the first pan-European conference of far-right parties in Aarhus, Denmark. About 200 members from several countries met and voted to form a European Defence League, to protect Europe from Islamist extremism. Most of these parties have denounced what Breivik did, but cannot escape association with him, as he has specifically cited his links to far-right groups in Britain as a main influence on his political views.

Part of the blame credit for the rise of the far-right lies with traditional political parties that have sidestepped awkward questions about immigration and the integration of minorities. Most are now adapting their policies to respond to popular pressure. David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister, said recently, like Merkel, that multiculturalism had failed, and called for a much stronger assertion of British values and British identity.

Muslims in many European countries have been alarmed by the trend. Some have responded by urging fellow Muslims to do more to denounce extremism in their midst and report suspected terrorists to the police. But instead, many have denounced what they call a wave of Islamophobia, and have hunkered down in their own communities, isolating themselves from the mainstream. The perception that the far-right is goading attacks on Muslims has also enouraged militancy and extremism among many young Muslims in Western urban centres. France saw an eruption of violence in the Paris suburbs three years ago.

But the murders by the Toulouse gunman in March have reawakened fears of al-Qaeda terrorism striking again in Europe. And across Europe, governments are fearful that another Breivik may be waiting somewhere, encouraged by far-right xenophobia and ready to take fearful revenge on what he sees as the new danger to his country’s national identity. (So typical of the left, they fear another Breivik massacre more than they fear another Muslim terror attack)

The following write-ups about Europe’s right wing parties are from a far left wing rag in the U.S. called The Nation

The Nation The continent’s far-right parties vary in their individual ideologies, but most express a growing anxiety with immigration, multiculturalism and what they see as the “Islamization” of Europe. Here are 13 of the many right-wing parties fighting for ground in Europe’s charged ideological battles.


Norway’s anti-immigrant Progress Party, of which Breivik was a member until 2006, won 23 percent of the vote in the country’s 2009 parliamentary election. The party is now the country’s second-largest.  A brochure for the Progress Party urges tighter limits on immigration depicts a masked criminal with the text, “The man is of foreign origin.”


The National Front, under the new leadership of Marine Le Pen, has disavowed some of it’s more openly fascist positions in favor of a more specifically anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant platform, and is steadily gaining favor in the country: in local elections this March, the National Front won 15 percent of the vote, only one percent less than President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party. Marine Le Pen at a news conference in December 2010 during which defended her remarks comparing overflowing Mosques in France to the Nazi occupation.


The nationalist Fidesz party won more than two-thirds of the seats in parliament in Hungary’s national elections last year, giving them the supermajority that’s needed to change the country’s constitution. But even more startling were the electoral gains of the neo-fascist Jobbik party, whose anti-Roma and otherwise racist rhetoric secured it 17 percent of the vote in the same elections, making it the third-largest party in the country. This alliance has already cracked down on dissent, censoring media and cutting funding for culturally important theaters.


Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party almost tripled its representation in Netherland’s House of Representatives last year, winning 15.5 percent of the total vote. Wilders has become an icon of the anti-Islamization movement with his controversial policy proposals: he advocatesbanning the Quran, limiting the construction of mosques and taxing wearers of headscarves.

Geert Wilders in court in March after he was charged with inciting hatred against Muslims by comparing Islam to Nazism. He was acquitted in June.


The English Defence League takes its ideological battles to the streets: since its founding in 2009, the EDL has specialized in soccer hooligan-style provocation and violence to get its message across. The group confrontationally rallies through largely Muslim neighborhoods, and in the wake of Breivik’s attacks, the EDL’s founder argued that “What happened in Oslo shows how desperate some people are becoming in Europe.”

Apparently, The Nation is unfamiliar with the British Freedom Party with whom members of the EDL are now vice chairmen.


Governments of the European Union were outraged in 2000, Buruma writes, when the Austrian Freedom Party garnered enough votes to form part of a coalition government. Party head Heinz-Christian Strache was active in Austria’s neo-Nazi underground for years, and even took part in militia training. None of which has tarnished the party’s image among voters: Freedom Party now garners as much support in Austrian polls as the two mainstream parties.

Austria’s far right Freedom Party (FPO) is causing outrage with its advertising campaign. The slogan causing all the fuss appears in bold letters across huge billboards next to the smiling face of Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. “Mehr Mut für Wiener Blut” – more courage for Viennese Blood. The next  line says – “Too many foreigners does no one any good”


In the country of Mussolini, the neo-fascists of the now-dissolved National Alliance partyhave found new positions as members of President Silvia Berlusconi’s government. But they’re hardly the only far-right politicians in the country: the anti-immigrant Northern League party’s Mario Borghezio—who is also a member of Italy’s parliament—defended Anders Behring Breivik after the Norwegian attacks, saying “Some of the ideas he expressed are good, barring the violence… some of them are great.”


Der SpiegelSadly, Germans again voted overwhelmingly for left-wing parties with the SPD (Socialists) up almost 5% to finish as the largest party on 39.1%. The Socialists and Greens are now likely to form a coalition. The anti-Islam PRO NRW achieved only 1.5% of the vote, approximately the same as in the previous elections, meaning they get no seats in the regional parliament. This was despite the massive publicity surrounding the Mohammed cartoons and anti-Islam graphics which provoked Muslim rioting and attacks on the police that made national headlines. The demonstrations at which the violence occurred were part of PRO NRW’s electoral campaign.

North-Rhine Westphalia is one of the most heavily Muslim-colonised parts of Germany. There is large-scale Turkish settlement there, along with the usual infiltration of the Socialist and Green parties. The media is obviously hostile to any anti-Islam party but the cartoon riots forced them to at least give PRO NRW some coverage. If an anti-Islamic party was going to break through into the mainstream, this is one of the places where you would think it most likely to happen. But it didn’t.

It’s bad news, then, but PRO NRW did at least cross the 1% threshold, which secures it some state financing.


In last year’s national elections, Swedish voters gave the far-right Sweden Democrats representation in parliament for the first time. The nationalist party grew out of earlier, more openly neo-Nazi groups, but in recent years has focused on restricting immigration and tarring Muslims as a threat to Sweden’s society and welfare state

An Islamic revolution akin to the one that swept through Iran in 1979 could easily take place in Sweden, claims the second highest ranking member of the far-right Sweden Democrats. “It can happen really fast,” said Sweden Democrat party secretary Björn Söder to the TT news agency. Ekeroth said previously that “Sweden and western countries are at risk of going out with a whimper” because of the influence of Islam, drawing a connection to 1400 years of Muslim aggression.

Jimmie Akesson (below), the far-right Sweden Democrats reportedly crossed the four percent barrier needed to win national representation. With expectations of taking 20 seats in parliament, the Sweden Democrats are in a position to form a new government with Reinfeldt’s center-right.


Key issues: Flemish independence, anti-multiculturalism, traditional values. Vlaams Belang used the national elections to promote its antimulticulturalism agenda. The party favors strong immigration controls in addition to a limit on the number of mosques in Flanders and the deportation of immigrants who fail to integrate. Its recent campaigns and public rhetoric reflect a more moderate tone than in previous years, when the party, then known as Vlaams Blok, had a more explicit anti-immigrant position. 


When the Danish People’s Party demanded customs control on the country’s borders this year to keep out “criminals from Eastern Europe and illegal economic migrants,” it ended the free movement of goods and people that European Union member states have enjoyed for over fifteen years. The People’s Party has also worked to make Denmark’s immigration lawssome of the strictest in Europe.

DANISH PEOPLE’S PARTY AD below that says, YOUR DENMARK? A multiethnic society with: – Mass rapes – Crude violence – Insecurity – Supression of women – Forced marriages IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? 


The Swiss People’s Party drew widespread international condemnation in 2009 when it successfully sponsored a bill outlawing the construction of minarets in the country. It also sparked controversy in 2007 with an anti-immigrant campaign poster depicting white sheep kicking a black sheep, presumably out of Switzerland. The SPP is no fringe group, either: it now has more representation in Switzerland’s lower house of parliament than any other party.  



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  1. Islam is not only a religion, but a political movement. All people have the right to protest politics they do not like. The German protesters are not concerned about Islam as a religion (and private practice of it), but as a political philosophy that they do not agree with. If there is any “hatred”, it is against potential political changes they think are wrong.

  2. If I would hang around this website all the time I would start to think myself that multiculturalism is a bad thing. Do you want to know what is really going on in Europe? Visit for some real news and not this partial, biased and prejudiced website. You are welcome.

    • It is a bad thing, it increases crime and denies a group of people a right to have their own country. Multiculturalism is creepy and horrifying.

  3. Hi guys. I am a black person living in Canada, but I do admire these parties IN SOME WAYS. I just wanted to show my support. I believe that ASSIMILATION and integration comes first wherever you go. I cannot stand seeing immigrants from ANY country go to another country and demand free handouts, religious tolerance, MORE rights than citizens etc. I fully believe that there can be one national identity with some minorities mixed in, after all it has become a reality. It has become clear that after many years of tolerance, Islam has shown to be incompatible with western sociiety.. Hell every society, even in Africa and parts of Asia.

  4. @D S Dunlap, I don’t think any of the sides on WW1 were morally superior to the other. Just as post WW1 Germany gave rise to nazism, so you will a strong revanchist sentiment within the Hungarian People. I won’t mince any words when I call Jobbik NeoNazis, because that is what they are, they hate Israel, praise Islam as a ‘Masculine Religion’ (as Hitler did), and explicitly state that they abhor the idea of democracy but will use it to take power.

    • I didn’t say that any side was superior to the other. I only said that Austria-Hungary was on the LOSING side of WWI. Which is an historical fact.

      Austria-Hungary was with the “Central Powers” alliance during WWI, and they lost the war. This is why their empire was parceled up. Same thing would have happened to the Russian Empire after the Germans beat them, but the Bolsheviks made sure that wouldn’t, for the most part, happen.

      • Correct. The real spark for the war was Austria Hungary’s issue in the Balkans with territory that the Turks had formerly owned. I still put some blame with the Ottomans for pushing into EUROPE’S LAND to spread their religion. You’d have thought they had learned their lesson in Spain. It’s their fault Albania is an Islamic state today when it really shouldn’t be.

  5. Once again I urge all of you to read Geert Wilder’s book “Marked for Death”. This is one terrific book on the European experience with Islam. It is also punctuated with historical facts from recent to long ago. Also of interest is the thoughts on Islam recorded by Early American Presidents and politicians. This points to the fact that this issue is not new at all. It has however, shifted into overdrive fuelled by Middle East oil treasure. This may be the best nonfiction I’ll ever read.

  6. Hungary was partitioned by the allies during WW1 under the Treaty of Trianon, and as a result, Hungary lost about 70% of its land. Hope this explains more.

      • Hungary is a real problem and trial for the West. It’s essentially an Eastern European state that is beginning to pivot back into Russia’s sphere. We do not want it becoming another Belarus or Moldova. I do, however, hear nothing but good things about Austria’s right movement. Perhaps a reformation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire under Strache is in order. At least until Hungarians are made aware of who their real enemies are. And we all know who they are… not mentioning any group here.

        • Nobama, and the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz Christian Strache, is a real hottie! Nice to see some conservative eye candy in politics for a change.

  7. That in Europe political right-wing parties gain strength is not due that Europeans would have moved “rightwards” in their political views. It is only due the fact that existing (very often left-wing) parties neglected the problems that mass-immigration (esp. from poor muslim countries) makes.

    I don’t share the author’s views on the German NPD party!
    We have new conservative, bourgeois, and islam critical parties that ARE democratic like “Die Freiheit”, “Pro NRW”, and “Pro Deutschland”.

    NPD is anti-semetic, and far right-wing. I don’t like them at all! Electing them is like re-electing Hitler (who was a big friend of Islam btw).

    • Martin, well, the article was from a left wing source so they probably looked for the most extreme parties. Personally, I prefer the Pro-NRW party too. Don’t know anything about the Pro Deutschland party.I think I will replace the NDP with the NRW.

  8. it’s about damned time! there may still be hope for europe and america. here we have to get rid of obama as president first.

  9. Interesting this article mentions Jobbik. Jobbik is a very anti-EU and anti-Western party. Apart from wanting Hungary to leave the EU, they also stress the Turkic/Hunnic aspect of the Hungarian people, and want to ally with Russia, Turkey, and the central Asian states. Hungary lost 70% of its land during WW1, and many Hungarians feel that this is betrayal by the West, as Hungary had been a bulwark against Islam for hundreds of years.

  10. Although characterized as one of the rising right wing parties, the Hungarian Jobbik party is NAZI friendly, virulently anti-Israel, anti-semetic [“I wish all of you
    lice-infested, dirty murderers will receive Hamas’ ‘kisses.’ ” -Kristina Morvai
    ] [Hungary must seek independence from
    “Washington, Brussels,” — that is, the European Union — “Tel Aviv” and other powers.” – Vona Gabor
    ], [“Hungary is a Jewish colony” – brother of Jobbik’s VP] ]
    & pro-Arab/Muslim [first Arab-Hungarian friendship day on 9/11/2010] to the degree that they seek to rewrite Finno-Ugric ancestral heritage to readily merge with convenient anti-semetic political agenda:

    Monday, March 12, 2012
    Genetically speaking, Hungarians’ closest relatives are the “torgaji madjars” of Kazakhstan and among present day Europeans the Bulgarians are our closest relatives; but the research has also found genetic links to Ukrainians and Turks.

  11. It is time that Europe began to take back their countries. I hope that it is not too little too late. The muslims know how to use the democratic system to get their control of the country and then once in control, they ban legal elections because the head of the islamic countries is always a religious cult leader and not a democratically elected leader. I loved reading about the Euopean defense league. We need an American defense league and then a world wide defense league to defeat the stealth jihad and creeping taqiyya of muslims.

  12. England, the UK, norway, Swedan, the Netherlands get out of the EU before you are swallowed up and destroyed by the collective.

  13. never seen so much good news in one post ! as to their harping on the need for replacement people that’s bullshit Technology will move us into the future not 7th centry trowbacks ! heck i got a new peace of machinery that already dose more work than four of my lazy boys and it don’t give me no sass.

  14. We can only hope these parties gain ground. Bonnie, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Europe, but politics there is unimaginably boring. Usually one TV debate in an election, no real ad wars. Nothing. It’s no wonder that the actual Europeans don’t turn up to challenge the dominant left and the people they have shipped in. I think jFp is right that Islam really is stepping on a dragon’s tail here. There was a time when Europe was a fiercely proud place. The people are waking up to the fact that they are being robbed of their identity.
    Let’s be honest. The West as a WHOLE has fallen. Our economy has been run into the ground. Our politicians are driving every nation towards socialist welfare, 100% secular societies, and moral decay. The commies in China and Russia, along with Islamic fundamentalists, believe we are just another ruling entity that is fading and has had its time. I say, NO! Western civilization is the BEST model of life produced so far, and I’m not talking geography. I include Japan, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan etc in this, because we all follow a basic model of fundamental principles common to all DECENT human beings. We have our problems, sure, but we are not nearly as barbaric as our enemies. Wake up patriots! From Sydney to Stockholm. From Las Vegas to London. We will NOT stand for leaders who kowtow to communists, whether they sit in Moscow, Beijing, or Caracas. We will NOT betray each other, for we are brothers in arms. We will NOT allow our way of life, and our values to be suppressed by a religion which our ancestors drove from the Iberian peninsula centuries ago. We will always fight for the freedom from tyranny for our friends who cannot defend themselves. Eastern Europe is NOT the property of communism. Christian Africa is NOT the property of Islam.

    Like a phoenix from the ashes, we shall rise again from this pit of leftist submission. The end is nigh for those who would oppose the great people of the West. We are great. We are proud. We are strong.

    • GREAT post, NObama – from your keyboard to God’s ears!! “THAT’s the spirit!” as we used to say when cheering on a sports team or a child at school or play! I’m with you – and, of course, am watching and praying for the new right-wing, anti-pisslam, pro-Israel parties that are springing up across Europe! A most encouraging turn of events, IMO….

  15. It’s wonderful some Europeans are fighting back openly. We have people fighting but not enough is happening.

    We need a party, too, one that will speak out. Who will do that? Newt Gingrich got his tongue chopped off for saying Islam is a threat.

  16. The nation of islam will learn, to its horror, that the concept of Jihad is a two-edged sword, capable of being used as a weapon against it~!
    The same is true of ANY weapon – as any military man trained knows,,,

  17. Good post, but thankfully, the Muslim population in the US is only 0.6% according to a recent Pew study, not 1.4% as shown in the figure. Muslim organizations such as CAIR keep providing too high numbers too make them seem more influential/important than they actually are. But then again, even 1 Muslim is 1 too many.

    • Yes, I believe I made comments to that effect. The Mohammedans and their dhimmi fellow travellers always inflate the number of Mohammedans in the US. I even saw somewhere that 1/3 of all Black Americans were Mohammedans. Which is ridiculous on the face of it.

      There are, in fact, about 2.8M to 3.2M Mohammedans in the USA. OF these, about 26% are black Americans. This comes to about 740K, out of a black American population of about 45M, give or take a couple. Total % of black Americans who are Mohammedans: 1.4, thereabouts.

      This is just ONE example of how the Mohammedans and their fellow travelers love to inflate their numbers.

      Another is the lie that Mohammedanism (aka Islam) is the world’s fastest growing “religion.” The fact is, and this is provided by one of their most virulent jihadists, that on the continent of Africa alone, 6 million apostasize FROM Mohammedanism each year. If they’re losing adherents at THAT rate just in Africa, then Mohammedanism is experiencing a net loss of adherents worldwide. Births cannot keep up with that kind of drain, particularly since a number of births don’t live past the first year, and the female half of those births are usually considered worthless, anyway.

      So, fellow INFIDELS, take heart! Mohammedanism is NOT an all-powerful juggernaut! It can be turned back; it can be beaten. Don’t let Mohammedans and their sympathizers throw the “R” word at you; that word does NOT apply to anti-Mohammedanism.

      *Arm, train, and equip all non-Mohammedans currently engaged in active combat against Mohammedans!*

  18. Hope still lives..fingers crossed. Either we stop the Islamification of the west with these groups soon…or its Utoya Island massacre all the way through.

  19. i am glad the different nationalist parties in Europe are gaining ground. Being PC is a waste of time and something i could never grasp.

  20. Its good to see that many of us a waking up to the threat of Dhitlam. Its thanks to the EDL and websites such as BNI that are educating people and opening our eyes to the threat of Shitslam and how its decaying already our western way of life. Lets face it the media is run by left wing retards who have no regard to our way of life and western values. Those asswipes can leave with the Muzscum when we push their filthy asses back to their sandunes. I hope and pray that all these far right parties gain more power and start cleaning up the mess we are in. First cab off the rank – eliminate that traitor scum running the White House. That evil man makes me sick…

  21. Islam,
    You have awakened a sleeping dragon. Beware in time we will grow in numbers and destroy you.
    The long fog of sleep is ending and our eyes are opening.
    We see you for what you are and we will destroy you.
    We will destroy your books and all memory of you. We will burn you from existence and you will never again plague this good earth.

        • Alternatively, we have to make society such as to use more robots to reduce or eliminate menial jobs for which Muslims are often brought in traditionally. Can we produce enough well-educated, qualified children that can TRULY handle the mechanisation and computerisation of work? I suspect that Marxist hedonism is in part meant to cripple us that way…

  22. It is good that Europe is awaking to the danger from Islam, yet I wonder if it isn’t already too late. The Europeans as well as the folks in Canada and the USA have limited their families too much, making room for all those immigrants. The Muslims reproduce fast, and will naturally overtake the Europeans within a few decades or less.

    • RR, good! That way people won’t be able to keep their heads in the sand about the Islamic threat.

      • Right on, BNI! I’m all for the sobs resorting to violence, it’ll just help open more eyes to the true nature of muslims and islamic supremisist intentions. It will likely be very ugly, but war is such. And, make no mistake, we are in a war. Bring it on you jihadi savages. You’ll are about to experience who have the real balls, and you’ll be revealed for the inhumane cowards you are. No more Mr. Nice Guy. You’ve abused and perverted the openness and good will of real humans. You’re about to be put in your place. Hell.

    • The move to the right is a natural response and a normal response to the existing and ever growing violence and muslim abuse against non muslims in Europe.
      Something will snap eventually,
      And I’ll take part blame for it when it happens.

    • Sounds like you missed something somewhere, Robin. Islam has nothing BUT violance, when taqiyya (“Divine deceit”) fails. Mohammed was a nasty, humorless, fatherless son (there’s another word for that) whom Muslims are eternally required to obey and imitate in all things for all time – or risk being murdered for apostasy. I’d rather educate them in their own disjointed, illogical belief-system while whatever else is going on to cleanse the West.

      • Do you mean “orphan”? If you do, I thought that BOTH parents would need to be dead for a child to qualify as such…

        • Mohammed’s father died before he was born, and his mother basically abandoned him. His parents were married, so Mohammed was not a bastard, in the strict sense. He was a real bastard in the perjorative sense of the word.

          Of course, numerous orphans and bastards don’t grow up to be vengeful, cruel, racist, genocidal, pedophilic, piratical, profiteering false prophets. Mohammed did, though.

    • Robin, I ask you: “We don’t want them to choose violence, so allow them to “Islamicize” the West?”. IMNSHO, this is MORE dangerous that meeting the threat early on and straight on. The coming storm clouds will not dissipate but will grow larger and evermore ominous as they fill with malicious ability. Turning away will not deflect a tornado nor Caliphate.

  23. In Quebec, we are operating differently. The separatist-sovereignist party ‘Parti Québécois’ will win the next election. I plan to vote for this party. They made it very clear there will be a referendum on separation from Canada. I now agree with this since we can make our own Constitution and laws.

    Muslims in Quebec comprise 1.6% of the population but they have managed to instill hallal in our prisons and our daycare centres. It is time to stop and regain our culture.

    Although I like Harper and his government, the Parti Québécois is the only one that stands up in the National Assembly to denounce hallal, muslim problems etc.

    • How did that happen, that such a (seemingly) insignicant % can have such influence over your culture? I don’t get it. Are Canadians simply not paying attention, or do they not care. If it’s the later, than you folks are deep trouble. It’s time you’ll put on the shit kicking boots and stomp out the muslim cockroaches.

      • How did this happen in Quebec and in Canada also? Well, it’s our elected officials as always. They don’t see any problems.

        However, I got great news from the province of Saskatchewan today. Muslims thought they could manipulate one of the weakest provinces in Canada re population. Well, they didn’t get what they want. Saskatchewan is waking up: new immigration rules slammed

      • Liberalism, the most predominate and failing mindset on the planet. If the re-emerging push of Quebec for separation happens, will it simply be another dispicable socilized democracy, full of PC policies and leftist legislation? Appeasement of minority groups? If so, it’s already consigned itself to a slow death.

    • I used to follow the news from Canada VERY closely (when I lived in the Pacific NW); but now, down here in SoCal, I get very little of it, except from a friend and a relative – both living in BC, and both, I’m happy to report, very intelligent & educated Conservatives. The friend, in particular, is VERY anti-muzzie as well!

      Anyway, I was under the impression that the Parti Quebecois (at least many years ago) was, of course, pro-separation, but also very Leftist & Socialist; so, my question is, how have they squared their Marxism with this new anti-muzzie (or, at least, anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism) political world view?

    • You’ll be flying straight from the frying-pan into the FIRE!!!!

      The Péquistes care ONLY for the “Québecois de bonne souche”, which means THEMSELVES. They have no love whatsoever for anybody else – have you forgotten how Jacques Parizeau behaved when he and Lucien Bouchard lost their 1995 referendum?? THEY (the PQ and their federal 5th-column the Bloc Québecois) are no less Quislings than anybody else!!!!

      To boot, underneath their nationalist veneer, they’re QUITE LEFT-WING – many of their people voted NDP in the last federal election!! Consequently, you’d be as good as voting Socialist, if not Communist – which anti-Canadian traitors would end up with sooner than expected!!!!

      Furthermore, the laws they have implemented (e.g., Bill 101) have been such as to work against not only Muslims but other, entirely harmless minorities like the Mennonites, who’re now already forced to emigrate from there to other parts of Canada.

      Granted your frustration with both existing federal and provincial laws: this is most certainly the WRONG answer!!! You need a new party instead, with policies and representation transcending the nationalist divide.

    • the P.Q. has always been a Communist Front Party that wants to destroy Canada ! If any of you Canadians care to remember, the F.L.Q. ( in the 60’s and early 70’s ) who were bombing, robbing banks, kidnapping and killing ( the M.P. M. La Porte and Mr. Cross ) Was a part and parcel of the P.Q. !

      • BRAVO!!!!

        Yes, I DO remember the felquistes, their kidnapping of James Cross (a British trade-representative) and the Québec Minister (of Justice?) Pierre Laporte, whom they savagely MURDERED by strangulation!!!!

        Pierre Elliott Trudeau, prime-minister of Canada at the time and a former open member of the Communist Party of Canada (and decades afterwards, Margaret Thatcher called him “wet” right to his face), was so zealously bigoted against the death penalty so as to insist on sparing the lives of Laporte’s kidnappers, Paul and Jacques Rose + François Simard. They got out on parole – and have been out on occasion to use petty bombings to help make minorities in that province unwelcome (though they are so smart so as to make it virtually impossible to trace them, MOST unfortunately!!!!).

        Were I the Prime-Minister of that time, I wouldn’t have hesitated – if necessary – to even personally hang those arch-bastards of the Rose and Simard families – just as Carj (Tsar) Peter I (the Great) almost certainly himself executed (by hanging or beheading) some of those Strjéljcï (free-shooters) who rebelled against him in 1698-99!!!

    • Susan K., I have been fortunate to have travelled widely in my life and I have found in Europe(especially France)as well as Quebec province, a very strong sense of national, ethnic and cultural pride. I find it almost mindblowingly incomprehesible that France or French-Canada would tolerate in influx of those so who are so abhorent to the concept of assimilation.

  24. Stop Muslim immigration. Stop welfare for them. Offer free rides to Islamic hell holes. Thirteen million is not too many remove. We got rid of the Berlin Wall; we can get rid of the Muslim infestation.

    • Well thank you for showing me how crazy Christian/Nationalist fundies are in Europe, I’m not gonna bitch about the ones at home so much now. Serious question: If Extreme (Patriotic?) Nationalism has gotten your continent burned to the ground twice in the last 100 years, why would you be a Nationalist?

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