SWEDEN: Horrific gang rape of 29-year-old white mother of two by Muslim asylum seekers in Swedish refugee camp

Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan MUSLIM refugees was the ‘most gruesome rape marathon in Sweden’s history,’ say prosecutors. The rape was oral, anal, and vaginal, with up to three rapists in her at the same time. Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted.

The other Muslim onlookers were clapping and cheering and calling the woman a “whore” and a “slut,” how Muslim men describe unveiled women. The victim is now confined to a wheelchair, suffering severe mental distress. The Swedish media concealed the ethnicity of the perpetrators and quickly removed the story. Swedish socialists say it would be “racist” to deport the rapists. No wonder, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world.

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  1. It’s WWIII, but the west will eventually be victorious. First we must overthrow the capitalists who have brought these savages, to replace us at work, to bankrupt social programs, and finally to spread fear and disorder and allow them to establish a Corporate Fascist Dictatorship. Take back your streets, your place of work, your parks and your shopping centres, take back your government. Occupy every place. When muslims are present disgrace them, yell at them, call them out for the violent raping scum that they are, and call out your leaders for being enablers of pedophiles and cheap gangsters, demand their heads to roll!

  2. Islam is hated the most and by the same people its accepted the most! the more you create hatered for Islam, you’ll see it growing everywhere. .. so keep it up guys you’re giving us more converts. lol (I meant lots of love from that)

  3. Taking Muslims or Hindus and letting them co-exist with a white girl is like waving meat in front of a starving tiger. These savage beasts are NOT USED to being around white girls who are 100000x prettier than their own kind so she’s gonna get victimized!! We have to do something to ensure white and/or christian women are never put in these dangerous situations and are kept protected!

      • I’m so sorry. I won’t say another word of Hindus. I was just outraged by some recent events. But, for the longest time (and still), Islam has been my worst nightmare. I’m totally with you on that!!

        • Despite Islam having so much misconceptions & yet more people from various backgrounds embrace it!
          This is because when people from various faiths & Atheists as well as prominent scientists read Qur’an or its logical answers to every question & doubts, there remain very minor hesitations in being honest with oneself that this is The Truth & makes sense…Hence I ask you to check these videos for clear ‘PROOF’ that Islam is the Truth…

          (Hey raghead boy, surely you don’t think I was going to allow you to post more than 25 links of Islamocrap here, did you? You are very close to being banned. But I’ll wait to see if Istanbul Chick wants to kick the crap out of you first–BNI)

          • allah is a figment of mo’s mentally ill psyche. You cannot “prove” that which does not exist. Always there will be weak and mentally ill people who believe that bronze age arab primitive superstitions are the cure to all their woes. That’s not because islam is “the truth.” It’s because it’s too hard for such people to truthfully acknowledge that they themselves are responsible for their own woes. They are weak people. Period.

            Lot’s of people become neo-nazis, Pastafarians, or atheists. Does that mean those three are “the truth” too?

            No doubt that you are too stupid to realize that the appeal to authority and argumentum ad populum are logical fallacies. I’ll make this easy for your primitive brain: If billions of people are jumping off a cliff then jumping off a cliff must be a good thing! Right? Do you agree with that? No? Than why do you think because you claim “lots” of people are becoming primitive ass lifters means being a primitive ass lifter is a good thing?

  4. It’s not just the Islamic c*ck-suckers. We have to worry about Indians too. They also love to rape white women. An American woman was brutally raped there and so was an Irish woman. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Caucasian women, please don’t go to arab or Indian countries. You are only safe around Christians and other white people (well, most). Don’t venture outside of Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia, or other safe Christian nations. Also, don’t be around any that were let into your own country. Stay the hell away from them. I wish our governments would stop letting them in. Refugees??? They want to rape our women and they’re wild animals. Islamic or Hindu refugees are taken from a bad situation for THEM (where they’re victims) and put into a perfect situation for them, where they can make white women their victims. Sweet white angels are caught off-guard because they’re used to a peaceful lifestyle but are suddenly confronted by a pack of wild pitbulls who take advantage of the situation.

      • So says the tool that uses urban vernacular.

        Whatever makes you sleep better at night, cupcake.

        You’re more worried about denigrating women who are opposed to mohammadan rape gangs than you are about the rape gangs.

        I suppose that makes you extra special.

  5. It was not islam that raped that woman it was men plain and simple. All you right wing mentalists can pretend your part of a “new” movement but there is nothing differnt from your brand of middleclass predjudice than the national socialists of pre ww2 Germany. i would mention the bloodless way shit like this could be addressed but you wouldnt really listen, because thats what you psychos really want, blood and lots of it. Grow up and stop being so fucking primitive if you want to preach about civilisation.

    • Lou, while you sit on your ass and allow the UK to turn into an Islamic hellhole where Muslim sex gangs kidnap, rape, and turn teenage white girls into prostitutes for them.. Get lost, loser.

    • Except you over looked one thing, “Lou,” that the “middle class, right wing mentalists” (elitist much?) haven’t over looked. That is that the unholy quran *proscribes* rape jihad, (23:5-6, 33:50, 4:24 just a few of those prescriptions there are many more), mohammad, whom all mohammadans including these rapists, believe was a “perfect pattern of conduct, the ideal man and a mercy upon mankind.” It’s convenient for your failed, intellectually weak immoral equivalency attempt also fails to address that *all* mohammadans strive to be *just like mohammad.*

      To ignore the fact that islam’s putrid prophet engaged in rape jihad, and that hadiths confirm that and mein kuranmpf endorses it is as criminal as ignoring the effect that Hitler’s words and actions had upon the actions of the nazis.

      Waddle your limp wristed ass back to your unwashed leftist loon enclave and put your empty heads together and at least try to come up with an original and logically sound argument.

    • Smug in your own subjective left-wing stupidity. Hmm, sort of reminds me of muslims. Are you sure you aren’t one yourself, or are you just another upper class Brit full of shit who hates his/her own country?

  6. You know Western Civilization if over with, defeated, impotent when it refused to defend the women and children in it’s own society and gays (who despise women) are leading the culture into an unrecoverable state of decay. We play asinine games being politically correct and non-profiling these animals who are attacking us. We should be making examples out of these animals, executing them under the punishments of their religion’s sharia law and anyone who complains should be punished along with them. Until that happens we will see more and more of these attacks.

  7. I really find this insightful, I feel really sorry for the woman that got raped but please dont judge islam. I’m a muslim n even i would never want that to happen to any woman regardless of country or religion.

    • So many, many LIES in relatively few words!!!!

      From http://www.thereligionofpeace.com, we get all too well how women are disparaged as being “untrustworthy”, “light-headed”, “light-weight”, &c., where even DNA evidence won’t help in convicting a man of rape – only FOUR MALES or the rapist’s confession can convince a judge that a woman isn’t lying!!!! [http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/010-women-worth-less.htm; http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/002-rape_adultery.htm%5D

      Given this evidence from the Qu’rân AND the Hadith, your taqiyya and your kitman are successfully brought to grief, Q.E.D.!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL other totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

    • Well where is your outrage at your co-religionists? If you so-called “moderate muslims” that we keep hearing about spent more time denouncing such horrific attacks and less time defensively trying to convince us it is not Islamic to do this, we might just see a trace of sincerity, but no, you cannot for you damned well know rape of the kafir is permitted per quran and Muhammad himself sanctioned it and practiced it.

      You’re pissing up a rope here, now beat it, carpet kisser!

    • Please don’t judge Islam … it will be known and understood by it’s fruit … the only fruit it bears ins poison, hateful, evil and fear that controls people like you who ask that other not judge it for what it truly is. What are you doing to stop these animals, to punish them?

  8. For all the so called open minded humen being, your bad talking about ISLAM won’t make a diffrent, you are haters and haters always gonna hate.

    ISLAM will not fade until judgment day, so try to accept it one way or another
    becouse no matter what you all gossip about, ISLAM is about Peace.

    So stop hating ISLAM you will not understand ISLAM until you become Muslim


    • @Old fool——–>New supremacist

      Just a query; as a Christian the foundation of your belief is that Jesus Christ is God. So, how did you do a complete 180, reject Christ and in fact denegrate him to just a mere prophet? After all those years believing the apostles what clicked, in what passes for a mind, in your head and made you believe that they were liars?

      Cock? Pussy? Money? Inquiring minds want to know.

      Just playing. You were never a Christian. You’re another mohammadan supremacist troll pretending to be a “former Christian.”

      Your abysmal grammar and repetition of leftist mantras gave you away.

      • Istambulterior chicken; I’m sorry that you feel that way but you don’t seem to realize that the religion of Jesus was Islam; According to the Bible; Jesus said: “Your Lord, God is ONE [notice ‘NOT Trinity’] you have to love Him with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength” that’s Islam! Islam means giving up all your love [submission] to God; so read Qur’an and know that it gives you reasoning, rational arguments and purpose of Life and The “PROOF” thank you and sorry for the nick name i chose for you

          • Bonni, I looked and naz/umer doesn’t have any nuts. Perhaps his mommy is the ones with testicles.

            God, they just crawl out of the woodwork don’t they?

          • IC, I have banned more first time posters in the past week than I have all year long. Totally foul and disgusting. This usually happens when a story like this gets posted on a popular Muslim or Leftist discussion board. I had to take down one of the ‘Janet Jackson converts to Islam’ posts because of the flood of hate filled comments from the Left.

          • Foul and disgusting? Not from those who “have the moral high ground!” Surely, you jest! /sarc

            I don’t agree with the far right on a lot of things, but one thing they’ve got right is calling leftists “emotional.” Lefties can’t argue rationally, factually, or logically. All they can do is rant, rave, and name call. That’s because they are not arguing for truth or with truth.

            If I didn’t hate them so bloody much I might actually pity them. Yes, I realize that’s emotional, but how can I be rational in the face of folks who will do anything, tell any lie, and harm me simply because they want to feel good about themselves?

            It’s like trying to talk a rattle snake into not biting you.

          • IC, actually, when Muslims comes here and tell us how wonderful Islam is, I can understand it, that’s what they believe. But when the anti-religionists that most Leftists are come here and malign us for criticizing the same religion which would kill them for their leftist beliefs re: sex, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, etc., it makes me livid.

          • I with you, Bonni, they make me livid too.

            I don’t care so much that the mohammadans will persecute and kill the leftists-if they want to jump into the fire who the hell am I to stop them. I do care, however, what the mohammadans will do to me. I don’t want to jump in the fire and no nut job unwashed liberal twit’s screaming “waaaaacist!” and “biiiiiigot” at me will make me jump into that mohammadan fire. If I have to bitch slap or crack a few leftist skulls to make that point, well, that’s entirely their fault for having their dreadlocked heads so far up their asses they can’t hear reason.

        • Naz/umer/mohammadan supremacists. It is not the “act of a few criminals” that I loathe. It is you. I loathe anyone who believes a dead arab psychopathic, kiddy-f*cking, woman hating supremacist was a “mercy upon mankind.”

          I loathe those who believe they have the right to foist their primitive culture upon mine.

          I especially loathe mental midgets such as you who use the appeal to authority logical fallacy. You primitives love to throw out the “but Western elites say islam is best/brightest/right” yet you fail to acknowledge that while they may write lots of bullshit that blows sunshine up islam’s ass, very few if any of them actually become ass lifting primitives. You trogolodytes are too stupid to question why is that. I’ll tell you why: They are bought and paid for by mohammadan money. They don’t actually believe that mohammadan primitives invented anything. There is actually no proof of that. They do not believe that islam is anything but a primitive cult. They do, however, enjoy the money they get for publishing bullshi’ite. As evidenced by how few of them actually become ass lifting primitives like you.

          Moreover, I loathe primitive nitwits, like you, who pull out the “dark ages” canard. You buffoons believe all manner of conspiracy theory and historical revision your co-cultists and paid Western whores manufacture. By “dark ages” you mean that period in Europe that is more correctly known as the “early middle ages.” The age that was so dark they they had universities(even women were educated at convents), architecture made possible by the real father of Algebra Diophantas (who lived 200 years BEFORE your al kwazami), the body of civil law (courtesy of Justinian), religious unity between the European heads of state, an agricultural boon, etc. etc.

          However, the middle ages did become dark when you primitives spread like a plague of locusts courtesy of your blood thirsty swords and raped the Europan lands. mohammadan hordes cut off vital trade routes of goods and knowledge that had been utilized by the peoples of the egregiously misnomered “dark ages.” mo’s bloody inheritors enslaved nearly a third of Europe’s population (mostly women and children) thus creating the REAL dark ages.

          This is not “imperialist” history. This is factual and provable history. It has only been recently revisioned not because of scholarly and archealogical discovery but because of soddy barbarian petro-dollars. These same flim flam whores who revision history to make you primitives look not at all primitive also refuse to convert to islam. They do so for the money. And no amount of their historical revision can hide the fact that the few contributions islam/mohammadan primitives actually made to the world were not actually islamic/or mohammadan. They were from the Indian, Persian, Assyrian, and Byzantium people brutally conquered by mohammadan primitives.

          As for your bullshi’ite about what Jesus said, he actually said, “The foremost is, ‘Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ “The second is this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” It’s from the book of Mark. He was addressing the Israelites and he said “one lord” not “one.” Moreover, he goes on to say to love your neighbors, including your enemies not to “smite at their necks” if the fail to believe as the Israelites did.

          Also, the triune god *is* one god. The trinity exemplifies the triune nature of god and man: body, mind, and soul. That is something totally alien to primitives because as you’ve so ably demonstrated mohammadan supremacists consist of only brutal, unintelligent bodies. You have no mind, as you cannot think, and it’s quite apparent that any creature who believes the base and brutal mo was an “ideal man” has no soul. You also just cut and paste misquotes from mohammadan supremacist sites.

          Moreover, there is no evidence that Jesus ever did a pathetic (and unhygienic) wudu before lifting his ass. Not only did Jesus not have multiple wives, he did not have any 9 year old wives. Jesus never owned slaves or took sex slaves as war booty. All of those base and barbaric actions are sanctioned and encouraged by allah. So where’s your evidence that Jesus was a practicing mohammadan.

          So, yes, I absolutely abhore, lying, whining, unthinking, boorish buffoons who will pull any childish fallacy, fantasy or finger pointing out of the book to defend an indefensible barbaric bronze age cult. So YOU are just as much a criminal as what you claim are your “criminal” co-cultists.

          As a footnote: there is nothing “rational, reasoning, or purpose of life” in an incoherent, repetitive tome that needs a set of instructions(tafsir) to understand. There is nothing rational or conducive to a sane and free person’s in a tome that divides humanity into “us and them,” declares death for those “them” who refuse to become “us,” declares women incompetent in business matters, or makes the taking of sexual slaves sacrosanct *at any time in history.*

    • Islam about “peace?”

      What “peace” would that be? The “peace” of being a slave? The “peace” of being dead, perhaps?

      Thank you, NO!

      Islam is “submission.” That is what it is all about. One must SUBMIT. That is all Islam is about. Nowhere Islam (more properly, Mohammedanism) holds sway has any real peace. The people live, by and large, in ignorance and poverty; an ignorance and poverty ENFORCED by the clerics and kings. They live in slavery; an enslavement either of mind, or of body. Particularly those Arab Mohammedans consider to be inferior to themselves, even if they are Mohammedans.

      The people are in a perpetual state of war, either with the non-Mohammedans or with the various sects of Mohammedanism. Even within the families of Mohammedans there is war, slavery, ignorance; all enforced by the ‘men’ on the women and children. Women are virtual, if not actual, slaves to the whims of the men and even boys in the family. They have no greater rights than those that Mohammed said women were to have. Not rights given by the Creator of the Universe, Yahweh/Yeshua (which cannot, except for actual crimes and misdemeanors, be abridged by any human) ,but actually “privileges” denoted by Mohammed/”Allah.” Privileges that the men and clerics may revoke at any time, on any whim, and for being less than utterly submissive.

      If you were ever really a “Christian,” then you would not have ever countenanced Mohammedanism (Islam) as a worthwhile belief system. Thine contention stinketh of calumny and deceit.

      Have a Yahweh/Yeshua blessed day. 😀

      • We can but hope. Although Russia is in deep with Iran! They will be exchanging oil for goods! Also they have Arms agreements with Syria.

        Until the West goes to war with all of the Middle East we will always be at their mercy because of the oil! After saying that, I am sure Russia must have substantial oil reserves themselves!

        Civilization can no longer be blackmailed by these Middle Eastern savages!

  9. I have many friends jews,muslims,christians and hindus. In all religions we get the God fearing good guys and the rotten godless bad guys. My opinion is that we must first learn to be a Human beings. Afterall the Almighty created us as Humans firstly. When we came into this world we did not say ” I am a Muslim, Jew etc” Love, mercy and compassion are Human traits and an arrogant and confrontational mind is the trait of the devil. I pray the Almighty make us understand. To all out there; please do as much good as possible. This is the criterion for success. “IF I POSSESSED THE KEYS TO PARADISE, I WILL GIVE IT TO PEOPLE WITH LOVING, COMPASSIONATE,MERCIFULL AND SOFT HEARTS” It doesn’t help being a “Muslim, Jew etc” but our hearts are hard.

    • Oh spare us the cheap, sanctimonious kumbaya act will you. Your only purpose is to obsfucate and repress the truth. That truth being a disproportionate amount of “rotten godless bad guys” belonging to the cult of islam, and please don’t tell us to NOT get our intel from the media. Only an intellectually-lazy, research-negative, blithering idiot would assume we do. Everybody knows how the leftist mainstream media colludes with muslims in order to supress truth, the truth of islam’s intrinsic propensity towards violence, justified by numerous qur’anic ayats, various ahadith, sharia, and documented in the sira. Violence and supression of the kufar and dhimmi is sunna, of paramount importance to muslims, and only a lying scoundrel or blithering idiot would say or think otherwise.

      Get Schooled, and from islam’s own sources, not the agenda-riven media.

      • Randy63ism-I could not agree more with what you have said. The majority of muslims seem to either be actively trying to kill us or through their silence are complacent with the deaths of women and children from a group of men who are too frightened to think of a society where women are respected and educated – sort of like the Kings in medieval days – don’t allow the peasants to be educated or read – they may get mad and overthrow the monarchs-We cannot allow this disease to enter our Nation unfettered – like the left wants –

  10. The accused need to leave religion out of it, the cause of racism starts from that point on. It’s unfortunate that the majority of muslims cop it from the minority that are garbage, however don’t go blaming the fact that women don’t wear the burqa they deserve to be raped, it’s disgraceful and once again it comes down to religious traits. I’m sorry, but they’re the ones that make us dislike muslims in general. It’s because of your sick and sadistic so called men who state the same quote every damn time, blame them for the hatred that most have against muslims.

    • Pardon me, but where does “religion” cause racism..

      Oh, I forgot about Islam. The most racist, vile, and evil doctrine ever propounded.

      But then, Islam isn’t really a “religion.” It’s more of a geo-political ideology trying to pass itself off as a religion.

  11. Solution. Stop importing men. Seriously. They’e big boys they can handle themselves.But leave them the fuck out. Then genetically wipe out their women. Just don’t let them breed with other. And if they have male children send them back to the homeland and brainwash the girls. Jeez.

    • My late father fought in the 2nd world war in Tobruk, Egypt and Italy and he said Muslims are the pits – no integrity, no intellect, no morals – just thieving low-life scum bent on destuction, and to think Hitler was in cahoots with this lot – sick bastard, he must be frying in hell.

  12. what they did to the poor woman is brutal, unbelievably , but the way you published the news was full of racism and haters, I know how they treat refugee in those camps, so don’t lie, but again, what they did was against humanity!

    • Lina, tell us, what ‘race’ is Islam? And what refugee camps are you talking about? Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, where Palestinians live in tenements and are not allowed to own land or become citizens? Those Arab refugee camps?

    • Description of “Acts” committed is not racism.
      We MUST HATE THE ACTS that are contrary to decency if it has a direct effect on any human being.
      Name any other religion that perpetrates rape, beheadings, senseless slaughter of people that are personally unknown to the “actor” of these acts; nor have they committed crimes against those who rape, behead and slaughter their people “due to their religion.

      SO? Who is racist? The ACTS ARE OF HATE mentioned above.
      People are “re-acting” in SELF DEFENSE; and of course their emotions are going to run to the horror of it all!

  13. I was in the nightclub business at one time. Before I bought my own club, I promoted other clubs to help them get off the ground. I always took a contract AND a tape recorder.
    I didn’t know anything about Muslim men at that time. They had just bought a really nice empty club in Dallas that had shut down to poor management. I went in, made my pitch. “they wouldn’t owe me a dime if I didn’t hit a specific number within 45 days.”
    Well, I not only hit that number, I went $10,000 over for the month. They decided because I was a woman, they didn’t have to pay me. I drove straight to Texas Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and told Sam what they had done. (he was a very old cowboy that had always come into my clubs prior to this, just to have a “drink”. He knew what kind of clubs I ran…VERY profitable and very legal.”)

    At one time, I asked him, “Well, I am going to buy a club, do you have a booklet or something I can make sure I know all of the rules?” LOL…He said, “No, Mam. If we want to shut you down, we’ll think of one.”

    Within “24 hrs., that club was shut down. They lost it all.” He had tagged on ridiculous little rules that most club owners don’t reallly have to obey just know about….unless they know you are dealing dope or prostitution out of your club, and they will

    I did let them know they screwed with the wrong woman!

      • We have become too worried how they will react. Believe it or not, here in Texas, at least, I have jumped right in the face of a couple of Muslims who were telling me I shouldn’t be out alone as a woman.

        I live in an area where we don’t have mass transit. I had to call a cab to get some prescriptions filled. The cab that picked me up was a Muslim. He asked me why my husband wasn’t with me.

        “Why in hell do I want one of those! I’ve had 3 and they took all my $$.”

        Ya shudda seen his face!

          • Believe you me, Darlin’…I wrote him one very hot letter about that! The ONLY reason he was elected Governor again? Bill White, his opponent wanted to take the guns away from Texans.

            I don’t like him either. He is also allowing the Illegals to go to college on “In-State tuition.”

          • Man! I can’t believe I didn’t get the exact location on that Apartment Building and the Cab Company Address.
            I will ask around and see what I can find out.
            I won’t forget…I just don’t know how long it will take me or exactly who to talk to in order to find out. That was the ONLY cab I have ridden in in 30 years…. I’ll look into it.

      • By the way, that same cab driver told me that Obama had brought them in from the Middle East and BOUGHT THEM an entire apartment building AND a cab company.

        Yes, mam! That wasn’t on the news!

        • DAMN! I’m a natural born American of African Descent (born in North Carolina in 1972). Why hadn’t Obama bought ME an entire apretment building and a cab company?


          Seriously, though, IF the government is going to pay for ANYBODY to start a business, the first priority should go to Natural-Born American citizens and Naturalized Americans.

          I’m glad I didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 or in 2012. Half-white bastage that he is (a fact most people conveniently forget….)

          *smiles beatifically*

          • DS Dunlap, concerning your comment above, “…I’m a natural born American of African Descent…” well, that’s precisely IT. Since Obama IS NOT, you have something Obama does not possess, and to his utter envy, no doubt. You are, Constitutionally speaking, qualified to hold his office, something he had to fraudulently conspire and unlawfully fabricate in order to gain the office. There is no doubt in my mind that you would make an infinitely better President than that socialist islamotard, my friend, and you would get my vote! 🙂

            “Amor Patriae Nostra Lex”

  14. islam is a dog-piss religion any way ya look at it … too bad the swedes cannot lop off the testicles of those bastards then throw them in the ocean and let them swim back to their home countires. the dirty bastards.

  15. My first Cousin Aim’ee was molested while she was visiting in Britain. She is still scarred from it all… Whenever I see an Islamic man, it takes every bit of my willpower to not harm or spit on him. Same goes for all Islamists.

  16. @Justyou: Yes, we’re an equal opportunity condemner. We condemn muslims regardless of race, sect, gender, national origins, age, and sexual orientation. (gay, straight, pedophile, capraphile, etc.) We pride ourselves on the diversity of our condemnation. Why? Because we’ve undergone diversity training, extensively covering the diversity of muslim mayhem, madness, and general all-around islamo-buffoonery.

    Now scram, goat humper!


  17. As hanus as this crime is, you can hardly condem an entire population for the actions of a few sick individuals. Gang rapes happen all over the world for all manner of groups but that is not an indictment of the entire male population.
    Those who would condem the entire male Muslim world for things like this are simply looking for an excuse to propagate their own perverted agenda of narrow minded bigotry. These men need to face justice and punishment but it should not be a reflection on the entire Muslim world.

  18. Where’s the proof? Sounds more like a story of those innocent men who are convicted of having a hand in 9/11 when it was an inside job! As much as the Western media tries to degrade Muslims, I doubt they wouldn’t publish such a huge story. There they go again, trying to look like the innocent victims in the world. Only the British/Americans are good! All else is bad!

    • Oh, lookie, a real live muzzie parasite named Mazy, living off the largesse (welfare) of the UK as 3/4 of all Muslim women do, while trashing both England and America. Muslims are solely responsible for the rape epidemics in Europe. And even the left wing media is starting to notice.

      We don’t need a reason to degrade muslims, muslims are the dregs of every society.

      Yes, 9/11 was an inside job, right inside the inbred psychotic minds of 19 muslims. Now go back to one of your 57 islamic hellholes and stop sponging off the West, bitch.

      Even better, tell us where you are in the UK so I can tell my EDL friends to watch out for you.

    • @Hazy Mazy: Ha! Do you know how ridiculous your accusation sounds? I doubt it since you muzztards aren’t exactly known for possessing any fair amount of intelligence. Everybody knows (to our eternal frustration) how utterly one-sided the Western media is concerning islam and muslims, how they consistantly cover up the full extent of muslim misbehavior and general all around buffoonery. As you are no doubt fully aware of, your own British media’s practice of labeling muslim criminals as “Asians,” in order to preserve the false notion of “community cohesion,” insults and angers non-muslim Asians who rightly feel stigmatized by the taint of that association. You are full of shit and furthermore, you know it.

      Inside job? Very likely so if conceived INSIDE of a mosque or cave in Afghanistan! (Likely)

      Now why don’t you go take a squat and shit to rid your mind of the filth, the filth of islam, that is!


  19. Yes. I am worry abt the great influx of foreigners in my country, Singapore.

    Like the gane rape report from UK: the British-born man of Pakistani origin was orchestrating what is believed to be the biggest sex-abuse ring ever discovered in Britain, involving up to 100 young girls.

    It may happen to any country that open the flood gate of immigration.

  20. First of all, I’m very sorry for the woman in the picture and complete justice will never be served to her how much ever we may contribute.

    I’m an immigrant to the United States and I’m privileged to be here. One thing that I noticed here that wasn’t there, anywhere in the world (except most NATO countries) is Absolute Freedom of speech. There is freedom of speech here and I loved it and I wanna keep it that way.

    I hate when immigrants bring their shit with their belongings and that’s religion and Mo’s party workers are the worst. They bring everything that’s shitty. They earn here, swear alligence, never to respect it again once they step out of the immigration building. I hate it that immigrants are not being controlled to atleast a certain extent (Inclusive of me. I’m for it for the sake of protecting this beautiful country).

    Please do some kind of profiling. You can’t let everyone in without some kind of scrutiny. I don’t want to see another native woman or any woman suffer because of some old school desert bastards.

  21. BNI please ban this unemployed, snaggle toothed stormfront c#nt. Obviously, Jilly Sue Jim Bob the third got laid off from the pig shit factory and has too much time on her hands.

    I’m tired of this joooooooo-hating stormfront whore’s posts landing in my in box.

      • That would be my guess. She’s used “paid israeli shill” three times now. That’s what all the stormfront types on youtube call anyone who doesn’t Jew bash.

        I’ve got one nut who IS a stormfront freak following me on youtube squaking like chicken little “she’s paid by israel to tell lies!” on every comment I make.

        Just go to stormfront and see all the mullet wearing hillbillies there pat each other on their hairy backs for “outing another paid israeli shill.”

  22. Yeah, like White men go around in gangs raping women. When was the last time you saw that in Sweden? You falsely think it’s only about religion. It’s about RACE. When you bring alien beasts, and that’s exactly what they are, in your country things like this happen.

  23. When are you fools going to realize that the Jews did this to us to destroy White Christendom? They were never our friends and always our bitter enemies. Hitler had it right and is the most lied about man in history next to Christ.

    “I have decided not to write anymore, neither of the Jews, nor against the Jews, because I have learned that those miserable, wretched people will never cease trying to win over the Christians. I have permitted this booklet to go forth, that I might be found among those who have resisted such poisonous undertakings of the Jews, and have warned the Christians to be on their guard against them. I would not have thought a Christian would permit himself to be fooled by the Jews. But the Devil is the god of this world, and where God’s word is not, he has easy sailing, not only among the weak, but also among the strong. God help us. Amen” ~ Martin Luther; The Jews and Their Lies.

  24. Is this really true, or just another publicity stunt, to attract more attention towards this page? People with little idea about Islam should not talk about ISLAM. Yes i am a Muslim, and my religion doesn’t permit any kind of violence, and nor does any other religion. Muslims or Islam has nothing to do with these kind of acts.

    • LIAR of LIARS!!!!!

      Take your taqiyya and your kitman ELSEWHERE!!!!! We here won’t fall for it!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM and all other totalitarianism, now, forever and unto ages of all ages, world without end, Amen!!!!!

  25. Congratulations Europe! Pretty soon European laws will be changed and it will be legally accepted to rape unveiled woman. You think your tolerance is your bigger strength. They think it´s your bigger weakness.

  26. I think if anyone wants them in Sweden or the USA, we should send those people to Islam country. That would be justice. Horrible what happened, but this woman trusted them, got in a car with the man. You see I am white and would never go with one of those people. Her ignorant mistake, made to be believe that not accepting them is racist. When they are the true racist since the beginning of time. They are not Jews who love god and the bible without Jesus. They are enemies to all woman, ever their ugly own hateful woman are raped by them. Stupid people compair the Jews history to racism, but they are not Jews and their religion is completely different. They hate the Jews like Hilter and hate Christians.

    • ‘They are not Jews who love god and the bible without Jesus’…..yawn, another israeli paid shill on this forum detected, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, be honest and say
      ‘They are not Jews who love gold and think of themselves as the superior race and the old testament where they laugh about us gentiles’…….wake up , wake up.

  27. I hate muslim woman and men and do not want them in the USA. Most christian blacks here do not like them either, especially christian minters. Muslim older woman are horrible racist that are so ugly to look at. RAPE YOUR OWN WOMAN. This beautiful swedish woman, it is horrible, in a wheel chair. It is insane to let them get away with it because they are of dark color. SWEDEN YOU SUCK.

    • I sure hope you’re being sarcastic!!!!

      Why in the name of all that’s holy should the INNOCENT suffer? As to euthanasia, are you anti-Christian, or simply anti-life??

  28. By voting for Leftist parties, Muslims turn European women into sluts, and European men into pedophiles. Everything Muslims claim to hate is promoted by the Leftis parties they vote for.

    • There is no such thing as an innocent Muslim. They will all see hell, haters of Christians, Jews and Christ. They are dirty woman who dress up like Catholic nuns, but are sexual in secret. Nothing holy about that. The only woman who have a right to dress like that are virgins married to Jesus Christ. They want to kill everyone in Isreal like Hilter. They have destroyed the USA and especially the state of MN.

  29. Interestingly, the same “human rights” groups that oppose Muslims in their own countries executing the rapists of Muslim women, are also the same that protect Muslim rapists in Europe. Human Rights=rape. Muslims and Europeans have a common enemy in the globalists. European women became sluts due to the corrupting influence of the Left.

  30. Now hear this!….Carry a gun, (38 revolver is good), pepper spray (3 are best)…and work out daily…so you are ready for any attack. That’s how we do it in the U.S…
    Learn self-defense…because the scum have already been allowed into Scandi countries…
    In America, we have the 2nd Amendment, (keep and bear ARMS)…thanks to intelligence, the NRA, and our heritage…

  31. PigSlam is the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world because they are doing it for the sake of their idol which is called alloh, which reside in mekkah, the unholy city of pigslam. That idol is in the form of black stone vagina which is kissed by pigslam during their hajj pilgrimage. As they kiss this idol they say their idiotic prayer to this black stone idol:” we are heeding your calling oh alloh”. The rest of pigslam who don’t go on a pilgrimage are worshiping this vagina shaped idol five times a day by crushing their forehead on the floor and lifting up their ass that’s why many of their forehead are bruised with black scar and we call them ass lifter for indeed they are. This pigslam ass-lifter are very successful in engaging in global terrorism. No country is immune from the terrorism of pigslam for they believe that they will be given with 72 plastic virgin by their alloh after their body is disintegrated by the bomb, the kind of virgin that can be bought in sex-toy shop made of plastic. That’s way this they are forever virgin, they are made of cheap-plastic. Their crap terrorism guide book is koran – it’s the similar to as “Mein Kampf”. the only difference is that Mein Kampf was written by Hitler, but their unholy book is written by their pedophile prophet: the murderer, liar, idolater, bully, raper, asshole-lifter guru, Killer of all killers. Stop pigSlam before it is too late for they have been programed by the MoMAD to kill all the jews and the kafirs and they cannot sleep well until they achieve their murderous intent. Do ALL YOU CAN to stop PigSLAM !!!

  32. BNI is a latrine full of green shit flies. The burden is on admin to prove this stuff is real. It is very low standard “journalism”.

    Never reason with the unreasonable.

    If there was a parallel anti-Jew site it would be shut down even more quickly. This is worse than the Dearborn press, the anti-Jew crap that was shut down over 50 years ago.

    This is not “free speech.” Like a famous court opinion said, “You can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater.” In other words, free speech is not limitless, and there aren’t enough huggies baby wipes to wash the shit off that you guys are slinging around.

    • “Can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater” huh?

      Well, how about yelling it when you’re “downrange” and against a wall instead, martyrbait? Rhetorically speaking, of course.

      You are no Constitutional scholar, but you do seem pretty sharia compliant though.

      Go ahead, make my day and make good on your username, and all that it implies, or STFU, shit talker! Buzz off and take the rest of the flies with you!

      • AMEN!!!! And I join you with your challenge to that good-for-nothing to report you!!!

        It’s MOSLEMS and ISLAM that are the worst possible latrine imaginable!!!! Moslems are among the least reasonable people I could have EVER imagined the great misfortune of having to meet…

        • To boot, Ms. BNI has been VERY scrupulous about journalistic standards. She makes extremely sure to research everything, and anything that subsequently turns out to be false is more than liable to be retracted by her.

          • ADHD, I update when I can, but I don’t always follow up as there are so many stories covered. Usually someone sends me an update.

  33. But all we really want is to escape! I was born in this hellhole (Sweden) and since I’m currently 14, banning us would be like sentencing me to a lifetime of surströmming and Ikea…

    I think our government is at fault here for not removing religion of all kinds from this country as it continuosly proves itself useless in any modern society. Religion is old-fashioned and evil and the reason all these hate-crimes are happening isn’t particularly their fault, now I’m all for taking responsibility for your actions and all that but when you’re constantly fed lies from the moment you’re born this is the outcome.

    They don’t know anything outside of honorary murders (hedersmord?) and sexism and it’s all because the people in charge are still letting them have these weekly meets where they just keep building up their crazy till it pops and someone dies.

    And just to make it fair I think ALL religions should be removed from the face of the earth since science is really the only reliable sorce of information we have at the moment. (And I don’t feel like giving the church 3% of my salary when I grow up which is currently the law in Sweden if you’ve been baptised either.)

    Although I do believe tne next generation will be a lot less religious after going to school properly and learning that there is life outside of these barbaric fairytales and the reason it’s all happening right now is prbably just confused immigrants trying to change their new country to what they believe is “better”.

    Have patience and it’ll all work out.
    The End.

    • HL, you sound like an intelligent lad, especially for one so young, but I’m afraid you are misguided in your assessment of religion. Islam is the only religion that calls for the submission or killing of all non-believers. Muslims come to the West and the first thing they try to do is change it into the same kind of Islamic hellhole they came from. Get rid of all the muslim scum in your country and religion won’t be the main cause of all the crime in your country anymore.

    • “Homeless Lion”, you’re BADLY mistaken if you blame religion for today’s evils!!!!

      With the exception of Islam (which is TRULY EVIL!!!), you’ll find otherwise that all the “religious” wars of any and all times used religion as a COVER for other, frequently-BASER motives (economic, personal power, personal anger between rulers, &c.)!!! To blame religion in fact is immature; furthermore, science does not and CANNOT explain everything!!!

      Furthermore, it’s not science but religion that contains the answers for morality, ethics, and other things relating to behaviour between human beings.

      If you insist in exterminating ALL religion from this earth, you’ll be no better than a Communist or a Nazi (BOTH these groups tried to do exactly that!!!).

      PLEASE, THINK – and think really carefully!!! – about what I’ve now tried to tell you. It’s for your own good from somebody who has lived over three times as long as you. God Bless!!!

    • Hey there Lion. Congratulations! you got the intelligence , which most others seem to be lacking on this forum (just read ADHD comment and you know what i mean).
      I agree with you, ALL RELIGIONS SUCK ! LET’S GET FREE OF THEM.
      we should keep our own reliougness in our heart, instead of eternally organizing it into politics…..let’s get rid of all those ‘choosen ones’ . Keep Roaring Lion.

      • Absolute and utter LIES from who now seems to be a COMMUNIST shill!!!!

        Christianity does NOT suck when applied and lived properly – and nor does Judaism!!!

        We want NO TOTALITARIAN TROLLS, please!!!

  34. West and America need to learn fast all about Islam soon as Islam has a full proof system to kill its enemy without sending arms and army.
    Send Mullahs so called religious leaders to convert our poor , uneducated and people in jail criminals to Islam once they are Muslims use them to fight with govt laws and people around them fro new laws and privileges to defend Islam using our people our resources and our food and money we are going to be defeated
    . Do we have a solution once convert to Islam this Muslim is now for all future generation loyal to Saudis Arabs and Allah not to USA or country he/she is born in.
    We are all now doomed sooner or later.

  35. This is more evidence that Jew-haters never confine their crimes to Jews.

    When Hitler started his campaign to burn European Jewry, it ended with most of Europe in ashes.

    The sand Nazis started by blowing up Jews in buses and restaurants in Israel; then came 9/11 and these rape waves.

    • Wow, are you a paid israeli shill, one of those we see posting on all sites to keep the people from discussing that according to your Talmud you are the choosen eople who can kill rape and mislead gentiles at will ….. as far as your history-lessons, guess you got it straight from Fox news . Ok time to leave this ‘very educated’ forum.

      • Wow, “Polly”, you’ve now TRULY PROVEN your anti-Israeli BIAS!!!!

        That Ms. BNI has tolerated your posting at all on this Weblog shows just how VERY merciful she in fact happens to be!!!

        I wish I’d seen this VILE comment of yours much earlier, YOU VILE CREATURE “Polly” – you sound like a Moslem shill…

        While not having read the Talmud (this area of expertise I must leave to the Jews like Ms. BNI), I strongly doubt that ANY “religious book” is as hateful as the Qu’rân (with its accompanying Hadiths and Sira {Mohammed’s biography})!!!! If otherwise (assuming you’re still lurking around), let’s see SOLID EVIDENCE from the Talmud itself (quoting full chapter and verse!!!)!!! Without that, why should we EVER believe you?!???

  36. Congratulations to Swedes for their multikulti policies. You should bring more muslims into your country. You have not enough problems with them.

  37. Hears another one in Glasgow,Scotland,”TWO MEN DENY RACIST MURDER” Asif Rehman and Adel Ishaq deny murdering William McKeaney,57,It’s alleged they punched him repeatedly,kicked,stamped and jumped on his Head. They also denied attempting to defeat the ends of Justice.It is alleged that Ishaq,gave footwear to Umar Nisar Bhatti who destroyed them by setting them on fire and by attempting to induce Bashir Ahmed to give him £500.so he could flee Glasgow.They deny all charges against them.The Court told them the Court was not ready for trial and a further preliminary hearing was set for next month. Still no word on the Doctor who was suspended due to him going to prayer when a Woman had taken a turn for the worse,this i suspect,will be swept under the Carpet just like many more. < You have probabaly heard about Lady GaGa's gig getting cancelled after she was accused of spreading "satanic teachings" -"Her style is vulger,her sexual and indecent clothes will destroy our Childrens sence of morality.she wears only Panties and a Bra when she sings and stated she is the envoy of the Devils Child.

  38. B.N.I. – Hope i’m doing the right thing here,but here’s another couple o’small Clips from the Newspapers from 16th.May over here,1)”Sex bully dad jailed” -a CRUEL father-in-Law has been jailed for 7 x Years for keeping his sons Wife as a Sex-slave. The muslim man,56,burned her withan Iron and made her swear on the koran shewould keep the abuse secret in Bradford,North Yorks. He ordered the Girl to wear no underwear and watch Porn,Bradford Crown Court heard.The un-named man admitted sexual assault.

  39. For once I considered their religion to be irrelevant (yes, I know, their ideology is the reason they consider it permissable), since Being ‘muslim’ seems rather to help them get away with a ‘diminished responsibility plea.
    Just once I should like to see really, really severe sentences. Something in the region of hanging for a first offence.
    Maybe then, they would get the message.

    • Hanging?

      How about drawing and quartering? or crucifixion? Maybe being buried up to the neck with their heads slathered with honey near an ant colony?

  40. SWEDEN _ Mosques’ advice: ‘don’t report abusive husbands’

    Six out of ten mosques in Sweden gave women advice about how to deal with spousal abuse and polygamy that contradicted Swedish law, a media investigation has revealed.

    […]The women were also told by nine of the ten mosques that men had the right – under certain circumstances – to have more than one wife. Only one mosque told the women that men didn’t have the right to be married to several women at the same time and that their husbands needed to follow Swedish law.

    When “Uppdrag granskning” host Janne Josefsson approached two of the largest mosques featured in the programme to inquire about their official position on matters discussed by the women, the answers he received were totally different than what the women heard. […]When confronted by what the imam at the Uppsala mosque told the women, the Islamic leader explained that the imam had expressed his personal opinion ¸/b>


    • I saw that, it was insanity…

      They also told the women that their husbands had the right to rape them unless they were sick which has to be against some law and now they’re indicating they want new laws making it possible for their kids to skip classes and leave with an imam to learn about their own religion and language while the swedish kids learn something else.

      That actually sounds like an extremely stupid request since, let’s face it, foreigners can’t possibly be as good at, for example swedish, as the other kids in their class and I think the deciscion to rob their kids of a future so they can carry on living these lies is really selfish of the parents.

      Muslim people come off as really inconsiderate and cold-hearted in general which I’m sure isn’t the case most of the time, they should just calm down their values a little and think about how they’re portraying themselves to the rest of the world once in a while.

  41. THis is an old story but still crap who knows the new conclusion. Lets put it this way, lets ban Sweden as tourists. Ive only been there once but Ive done my part by not going there since 1999/

    • Then you need to boycott every country in Europe. Sweden has the exact same muslim b.s. as ALL countries on this continent do.

  42. These politicians running the insanity know exactly what they are doing, and they don’t care. They fully intend on destroying our nations….on purpose. People need to wise up. There are traitors in your midst masquerading as leaders. My blood is boiling.

  43. What will make the Swedes take their heads out of the sand? or out of their ***?

    NOT MADNESS! NORMATIVE ISLAM, rather than an aberration.

    Kafir women are ‘mubaa’ (licit).

  44. ” swedish socialist say it would be “racist” to deport the rapist”. Well, yeah right, it would be, in fact it would be criminal to do so. The very fact that they weren’t shot dead upon conviction is not only criminal, but, a cowards act on behald of the Swedish Peoples. G-damn there are some really f-td up heads on this planet.
    Remind yourselves, never ever vote for me to be your leader, this shit would stop day-one. Ready, aim, fire at will. Sorry no mercy on those who pick on the elders, the young, or woman, to me, it’s what did you expect from a man when you inflict this barbarity on our most vurnable, anything less would be a crime itself.

    • There was once a town called ‘Fallujah’…..since you mentioned ‘Ready, aim, fire at will. Sorry no mercy on those who pick on the elders, the young, or woman’…..we all wish you remembered that over there .

      • Nice try:

        Fact: The US forces surrounding Fallujah dropped leaflets telling the civilians to get out. Did this for DAYS before the assault. It cost the US Marines more lives than they would have lost if they had said, “Too bad for the civilians, but we gotta clean this place out…”

        If Mohammedans don’t wanna act like civilized human beings, then they deserve whatever they get. Same for anyone else who doesn’t want to act live a civilized human being.


  45. This trend won’t stop until all women in Sweden have been raped. And those resisting it will be forced by socialist to get raped so as not to be called “racist”. This is truly the end of a society. The most curious thing, however, is the level of failure of the super feminist Sweden. The most feminist and male-loathing country in the world along with Norway is getting just the opposite of what feminists of that countries such as Marte Michelet, Joanna Rytel and other marxist paranoid clowns have been fighting for. But it’s they who should undergo what this poor woman did. How I wish them this fate…

  46. Iran is trying to boot out Afghans living there.

    Even Muslims know that Muslim asylum seekers and refugees spell trouble.

  47. Its easy ! send the bastards home, yes home…. thats the place they came from, ive never heard of so much crap, judge cannot deport the for fear of being racist, rubbish, if you offend the country your staying in, for whatever, then you will be deported, but no… dont want to be seen to be racist against muslims, why are we running around with all this red tape shite,get rid of them,and dirty scum like these, should be treated like the animals they are, castrate them, then send them home.
    Can you think what would happen to a western man/men if this happened in their country ??

  48. Well it is very common to make a comment and then Go on Walk and thinking that you have done a Right Thing Criticizing Religion And Telling People Untruthful Things which is not really A Fact.
    Islam Never Teaches To Hate People To Rape Women To Disrespect People but to Bring Peace to Bring Humanity and To Bring Justice of what is Wrong and Right If some People who is raping doing criminal acts is just not Muslims Because in Islamic Law if somebody is making Criminal Acts he is not one of us At other Hands if you want really to act Against us and want to tell the World that your religion is Best so then just read and know about islam and tell me one thing which is logically written wrong in the Book of Islam which is Quran.
    Islam is Made on Pillars To respect to obey and to Worship one God.
    Islam is the Complete Standard of Living if someone is Following he is among us if someone is not following he is not one of us so we cant say that we are perfect as humans to obey 100% every thing because we make mistakes but when we talk about our God His Book Quran and His Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) They are Perfect and their is No Mistake in them and in their Sayings.
    I would very like if somebody just Listen me Logically not in hatting Manner and Think with them selves is any word i said is wrong or out of standards Thankyou.

    • Hey, nice try Dougie, that is you isn’t it? “Not really a fact”, what planet did you come from there scooter? Wrong, you tell us what is correct in the war manual of yours as I have read it in full many times over not believing what I read and missed on previous readings. Five words for you scum, ” YOU ARE FULL OF IT, I’m your huckleberry. It appears satan has a good hold on your soul anyway, I say let’s dance. Pleeeeeease, if you think we will swallow this swill, you are sadly mistaken. May( MAPYSFDM)allah piss on your soul, your family and your dog muhammad. Now bark at your pagan moon god ali-aliah. Pathetic.
      If you think I am hard on you and your sensibilities, you’ve really got to meet my friends from the Corps, who prefere you as “butt boys in drag”, rally do you really want to have this conversation with a person who has studied this swill for over thirty five years, hunted and eliminated your type as a professional, really? Don’t go away mad, just go away. This is a very educated forum on your swill, there scooter, you are only fooling yourself, the God of Issac, Moses and Jacob have a message for you, “get with the program or suffer your ignorance for an eternity”. The choice is your’s and your’s alone.

      • ‘This is a very educated forum’….well you just made it ‘not very’ with your comments, no matter who you call along, your dragqueen loving buddies from the corps or your ‘God of Issac, Moses and Jacob’ (mmm, i better don’t get into the thousands fo years of the moral & financial raping by the ‘choosen people’)….this forum seems to be a lot about people blindly venting their anger, not about the fact that all western governments with the immigrations program want to breakup the existing societies, create chaos, divide the people, and suck you dry to the bone.Wake up, especially you retiredSoldier, you sound like another serious threat to society. Keep it local, and Good Luck.

        • Another Communist or Moslem SHILL who wants to discredit what we stand for, believe in and are even preparing for!!


    • NOTHING is more stifling, stultifying or FALSE than Islam!!

      Most certainly we know the doctrine of “Al Walaa Wal Baraa”, where Muslims are COMMANDED to hate “infidels” and to do evil to them at every opportunity in the name of Satan, known as “Allah”!!!

      As to rape, I’ll refer you to the following link: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Muhammad/myths-mu-rape.htm.

      To boot, we PROUD “INFIDELS” know well just how much EVIL there is in Islam, which forbids art, science, music and even medicine!!!

      No, Sahil: you’ve come to the WRONG PLACE with your taqiyya!!! Time for you to go back to your home with your tail between your legs, just like the dogs you Muslims so abominate – and who are in fact the best friends of us “infidel” men and women who know better than to have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with your SATANIC ISLÂM!!!!!

      • Same crap with the Talmud. Any religion or group of people who think they are superior then others are the greatest danger to all of us.

        • Make sure to include atheism in “religion”, as it in itself is a belief (set of beliefs) – and in fact THE VILEST of them all!!!!

          [Via Communism, Nazism and Fascism, atheist-totalitarianism is guilty of killing 170,000,000 people over merely 95 years, ever since Ljéñin started the Second Russian Revolution on 1917/11/07 (1917/10/25 Old Style)!!!! Only Islam rivals that quantity, and even that not so well: 275,000,000 over 1,400 years!!]

          • Hey now, ADHD, I’m atheist, do you think I’m vile?

            I don’t have a religion. I don’t have an ideology of disbeliefs. There are no rules, dogma, rituals or scriptures that frame my lack of belief. Nor do I care whether other people believe or not. I simply don’t believe.

            Calling a lack of belief in anything a religion is a canard.

            I don’t believe in Bigfoot, Lochness Monster, fairies, unicorns, Yeti, ghosts or the Jersey Devil, although a lot of people do and believe they have evidence to prove the existance of all the above.

            I certainly wouldn’t call my lack of belief in any of the above a religion. Nor should my disbelief in an omnipotent creator be called a religion.

            Please stop thinking all atheists are communists. The ones who do have a “religion” or an agenda like trying to cram atheism down others’ throats, those are the ones who kill people. Think leftists.

            Then there are folks like me who don’t believe, have no agenda really don’t care if you believe or not and would never dream of trying to make you a disbeliever, yet you always lump us in with the communists and their “religion.”

            Please stop this. This is one of the reasons so many atheists are scared witless to vote on the right.

            This is also why a lot of atheists are on the fence about the dangers of islam. They see the utter hate directed at them from Christians on the right and decide muslim supremacists (who are not open about their hatred of non-believers) and decide islam is the lesser of two evils.

            While I know you would never do me any harm, it really breaks my heart and I take it personally when you scream about how evil, disgusting and dangerous atheists and their “religion” are.

          • IC, I agree. CUT IT OUT, ADHD, your comments are often way too holier than thou and your attacks on atheists are over the top, offensive, and off-putting to people of other religions, most of whom are welcome here. Please confine your criticism of religion or lack thereof to Islam only,

        • To “Istanbul_Chick”:

          Sorry for not seeing your riposte earlier. NO, I don’t think of you as vile in the least as a person – far from it!!!

          My late father was an atheist – and yet, he was as anti-Communist as anybody could be. Furthermore, I do have atheist friends with whom (as long as religion is not brought up) I get along remarkably well.

          My point is that atheist-totalitarianism (as with Islam – which ‘ipso facto’ is totalitarian no less!) is the vilest of totalitarianisms. Why? Because that kind of totalitarianism (be it as Communism or Nazism) has no modicum whatsoever of respect or love for one’s fellow-man – it dehumanises your enemy in fact! [Perhaps I needed to stress the focus more on totalitarianism; however, without being out to judge or condemn good atheist people like yourself, “Istanbul_Chick”, the fact remains that atheist totalitarians like Hitler, Stáljin, Mao et al HAVE killed a monstrously-huge number of people in merely 95 years. What I’m trying to say perhaps is that Christian (for sure), Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu (these last three I don’t know, though I’ve heard bad things – for example – about the Buddhist-Communist nation of Laos) totalitarianism wouldn’t be so lethal in comparison to Islam or atheistic totalitarianism.]

          Here I’ll refer you to something the late Bulgarian Protestant pastor Haralan Popov wrote in his autobiography Tortured for his Faith: on each side of a gate in a Bulgarian concentration-camp were quotes from the Russian-Communist writer Maksjím Górjkiy (a very close friend of Ljéñin). On one side was “Man is something to be proud of” – juxtaposed on the other side was “If the enemy does not surrender, he must be annihilated.”

          I don’t know if yours truly is making sense, but hopefully you’ll see that I’m not looking down upon you any more than anybody else who’s a non-Moslem. [Interestingly enough, my late mother was a Christian-believer who hated atheism (at least partly because of the Communist and Nazi oppressions which she experienced and finally had to flee), whereas my father was a militant atheist – yet they had a very happy marriage.]

        • Talmud? The Talmud, as I understand it, is NOT considered inspired scripture by Jews (correct me if I’m wrong, BNI). The Talmud writings are used primarily to cast a light on Jewish life at the time they were written.

          You might want to pay more attention, Polly, to the differences between the Talmud and the TORAH (The first five books of what Christians consider to be the Old Testatment *not ‘old’ in the sense of “outdated,” rather ‘old’ in the sense of pre-Incarnation *the earthly coming of JHVH as Jesus (Iesu, Gesu, Iesuos, Yeshua)* covenant*)

          Talmud is apocryphal (non-canonical and not YHWH-Inspired).

      • I don’t ever remembering Islam banned medicine and science. Also taqiyyah is Shia. Also don’t you feel for Muslims killed for not being Muslim enough.

    • @ Sahil — Rumor has it that in the night(s) preceding the horrible terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Muslim assassins/pilots had been seen cavorting in topless U.S. bars with strippers. Were they “permitted” by Islam to enter these dens of depravity (which genuinely obedient Christians & Jews shouldn’t be going to, either)because they were given special privileges by Allah for plotting to kill “infidels”? Just seems incredibly hypocritical, to me.

      • Lisa, that was no rumor, a fact indeed. Two days prior to that event, they in fact stransfered the left over money’s back to the base, in pak-is-tanni territories.

    • Don’t give us this B.S.

      Koran is full of hatred against non-muslims.
      and preaches murder , abuse of non-muslims till they submit top islam or are killed.

      This cult should have been banned from all
      civilsed society

    • @Sahil, don’t feed us that taqiyya crap. I can smell your shit (or is it shiite?) all the way through my wireless mobile broadband.

      Get lost, goat molester!


    • hey listen … dont talk about logics … every religion have its logic which is cent percent true . just that he people who raped the women were from islamic religion .. and its you people who everytime differentiate your islamic people from rest of the world … when you islamic people are facing any kind of hazard , you just go on showing thye whole world what are you suffering .. and when someone among you do this kind od shameful act … you just talk like politicians … what the bloody hell .. go on punish these guys according to you laws of islam why dont you ?? and make us shut our mouths !!

  49. The Vikings were a proud bad ass group and they would be sickened by their decendants wimpy liberalism. I have a very good Swede friend that left his homeland as a teenager because he was disgusted with the liberalism there. He says I am American, NOT Swedish.

  50. This is truly sickening but really just a logical extension of a death cult that was started by a paedophile ruthless conqueror.

    Islam teaches hatred and disrespect towards women and other cultures to its youth so it isn’t surprising that this type of thing happens.

  51. All of the statements made here need to directed to our legislators. They all have websites where they can be emailed.

    It takes two minutes. Send to your Representative and both Senators. Do it now.

  52. I’ve see a lot of stunning stories of stupidity, and cultural suicide here, but this one is really taking the cake.

    Shoot the effin bastards- to hell with deportation or prison.

    • NO… do not shoot them. Crucify them, instead….

      Also, do it in the summer, when they’ll live longer due to not having the luxury of freezing to death.

  53. All of them should be tracked down and killed … and everyone in their presence at the time.

    • Just saying if it were me and mine, I might wait for the wheels of justice to stop turning and pick my battle field and administer real justice if justice in the courts has been inadequate, circumvented of just plain discarded. Just SAYING.

  54. G-d, Please heal this poor woman’s body and Soul for all that she went through.

    It will take her years and years to heal from this. G-d, help her.

    • AMEN, and in Jesus’ Name!!!!

      Truly, O Lord, PLEASE Hear our desperate cries for mercy and deliverance from these MOST EVIL OF TIMES and Satan plus his demons!!!! You Love us all: we know that You Are a God of Love. PLEASE, Come Back, Lord Jesus, ASAP!!!! Deliver us from evil and don’t lead us into temptation!!

  55. A group of valiant swedes should arm themselves heavily, find the perpetrators, beat them severely, drill through their knee caps with a power drill, tie their scrotes tightly with razor wire, and then slice off their penises and ram them down their throats with a broom handle. I guarantee you if this happens often enough, the filthy pagan hell bound asslifters may think twice next time.

    And if they don’t?? Less Muslims breeders will be clogging up this planet.

    • Here’s another, alternative solution for the last part (their penises), picked up from James Michener’s “The Bridge At Andau”:

      There was this Russian Communist interrogatrix named “Pirozhka” (“Meat Ball”) before the Hungarian Revolution (and likely also afterwards when Khrushchjóv crushed the revolt with all his might!!!). She sexually seduced one of her victims, who then had a glass tube forced into his erection by her colleagues. They then beat his member, shattering the tube within. Every time afterwards, whenever he had to urinate, he found himself in the extremest of agony (and probably was never capable of sexual desire any more).

      I don’t like advocating torture methods (this is in fact one symptom of just how EVIL and depraved ALL Mankind happens to be!!!!); however, it seemed you’d be interested in it, Ort.

      • Oops, the stress of that Gorgon’s nickname should be on the LAST syllable. In other words, that name would be “Pirozhká” – if I’m not mistaken…

      • I love Michener’s body of work, but for pertinent history and practical considerations, John Ross’ book “Unintended Consequences” is worth hunting up, as it’s now out of print. I had to inter library loan it.

        Ross’ heroine Cindy Caswell had a more terminal approach than the Meatball; she used the chopsticks that fastened her chignon to lobotomize the seduced Quisling politician in her area of operation.

        The novel’s hero, Henry Bowman, has a novel way of disposing the ‘bad guys’. The manner of disposal and the question raised by it has become a trope among Patriot circles. It’s also guaranteed to make a Moslem loose his erection…

  56. This is total insanity to allow this to happen. Jail and deportation is the answer. Sweden will get what they deserve if the government does not start a non muslim immigration plan and start deporting all illegals and all convicted criminals. Shame on Sweden. For the rest of the world, if it is not too late, wake up and act now rather than reacting after it is too late.

  57. the bottom line–they invite the monsters in. western leaders are even more degenerate, evil, and stupid than the “refugees”.

  58. What surprises me is that people in the West are not rising up and putting the perpetrators, as well as those who let the perps in, at the end of lamp posts.

    • Exactly. I don’t understand the wimpyness about it.

      The time for torches and pitchforks is NOW!!

  59. Indeed this is absolute madness! Socialist enabled madness! These monsters need their nuts ripped out with flint bladed knives, then dump their bleeding asses into the Baltic and let the sharks sort them out. Better yet, impale their sorry asses in the most gruesome way, and right there in the refugee camps! I cannot even imagine the horror of 7 hours of this non-stop brutality. That poor woman will never get real, meaningful justice with the cowardly socialist wimps that rule Sweden. Hell, they need to be impaled too!

  60. My new upload video I recommend all the good people in Sweden and every part of the world arm us if they have the right to do so. If they screw with American women like this things will be much different. Here you have 7 of the 12 shot in the face and the other 5 in the hospital just holding onto life and the woman walks away not hurt or raped. Get tasers, small pistol type crossbows, whatever you can have in your country. Here is what the USA is all about!

    • word is Janet Napolitano and her home land security people recently bought up 56 million rounds of small arms amunition ! sign’s all pointing towards trouble ! watch your topknot.

      • BLR, actually, they bought 450 million rounds for DHS and another 150 million rounds for the UN forces.

        • There is a line from a song….

          “There is something lurking in the room with me, I cannot see it but I smell it’s stinking breath”

          Everyone knows we are headed for a showdown with islam and muslims. Unfortunately they are badly outnumbered and are in the wrong place to be playing the games they are playing.

          I have always said, commence arrests, internments and deportations. This is the only solution.

          What we are sorely lacking is someone to rise amongst us to lead the movement that will remove the cancer from America and Canada…..both from the streets and mosques of North America and from the White House.

          The sooner we get this confrontation underway the sooner we are rid of muslims.

          Regards, Don Laird
          Edson, Alberta, Canada

        • Yeah and the cost of ammunition for those of us in the general public has sky rocked with some calibers being hard to find.
          I trust a cottonmouth over Big Sis.

          • Anything outside of an 7.62X39, .40cal. .45acp. or .223 is going to useless in this mess anyway, makes no sense at all to have anything other than the names ammo in these times, mainly because when we finish off the government troops coming after us, we’l be left with nothing else to use, might as well take what they are offering, right? Trust a cottonmouth over big sissy, good one, surely one can predict a connonmouth, big sissy, not so much. Semper Fi

      • I got a little ammo and more to come, in fact I recommend everyone buy a ammo re-loader and materials to make your own ammo. Plenty of materials, this is what I will be doing soon.

        I don’t know if it’s true or not and don’t really care anymore but I hear they are pushing for a ammo ban period! Like saying we can have cars they would never take them but they will ban fuel. If this is true and they start this “ammo ban” God only knows what will come to pass…

        Just read the founding fathers warnings of tyranny and what the people are to do. As every American patriot should know it is your duty to stand and fight for this freedom, the Constitution, gun rights and the right and duty to form armed militias in every state just as they did in WWII to stop Germans from coming in from the east coast.

        It’s not a question of if you should or can be part of an American militia. If your American it’s not just a right it’s YOUR DUTY! To stand and fight for this great nation just as many have done to pass this torch of freedom to us!

    • Thank God for CCW in my state and most states! My Sig goes everywhere with me. Lately I have seen carloads of bagheads in our rural haven. They appear to be ‘day trippers’ with city license tags and they are not welcomed by the local merchants.

  61. Turn these creeps on to the judge and see how fast the extradition would happens if it was him. I hate the pious BS of these lefties when its the other guy and not them.
    I bet the judge and the like live in a very safe enclosed area patrolled by gunmen. Just saying.

  62. It seems more care is to the rascists? to what race are they reffering? being -muslim you could be any race as they are a from all cultures and countries so why the concern about being described as rascist??these low life scum of humanity are better being jailed in Sweden as they would not be jailed if deported,they have no concept of -decency or morals as they only taught -hate in their mosques-by their sexually frustrated imams and cleric,their outlook on life is not -normal,they take out their frustration and -hate on -women.

  63. There needs to be more people with backbones who make sure these immigrant offenders don’t get away with these horrific crimes against our citizens. Call it vigilantism if you must but I would make sure they got a lesson they never forgot. This whole business brings to mind the WW2 underground, “The Resistance” which went after the Nazis……

    Further, all politicians need to learn a few lessons too,the first being the rights of indigenous ( citizens of at least 3 or 4 generations) need to be foremost along with the best interests of the country & the citizens who built it. They need to listen to the people who elected them or there needs to be an easy & quick removal system if they don’t.

    Judges need to be elected so they can be removed if they are like most liberal judges who have a soft spot for perpetrators, especially non-whites and feel righteous by bending over backwards to be overly tolerant & forgiving to these minorities.

    On a related note, the people need to stand up and demand their leaders protect them & their countries from subversives or colonists or invaders or whatever you want to call them, because there will always be a never ending stream of them at our shores unless they take personal responsibility for reproduction, which won’t happen even if they can’t feed the children they breed. They expect us to house & feed them.

    They want what we worked hard to build and they want it for nothing. And after they take they want us to be ruled by them.

    I’m f*cking fed up with all this bullsh*t and it’s time it came to a crashing halt. F*ck multiculturalism, better know as cultural suicide and f*ck political correctness, better known as cultural marxism or just plain stupidity and f*ck all the brain dead liberal progressives who have brought this evil into our midst. I spit on you.

    Rant over, for the moment.

  64. “Swedish socialists say it would be “racist” to deport the rapists.”

    So just like Obama, money and votes from Muslims is more important than the well-being and safety of non-Muslims, and their future generations. When Muslims, become the majority, and then start beating the drums of Jihad, not only will all non-Muslims, but the leftists’ own children, will pay a price.

  65. This poor destroyed victim was victimized all over again by the cruel Swedish government and wicked courts; UNJUST judges, who have allowed some of the filth rapists to walk FREE. The other filth monsters, a very light sentence.

    May God give the proper punishment to these sons of the devil.

    The only conclusion one can come to, is that the governments of Sweden and other European countries are giving Muslims an open INVITATION to rape and destroy European girls.

  66. way do you let your children out alone ???
    the onley thing that will help is death sentance fot them in a land that do not do this . that will hurt thenm inside the islamic comiunity
    the american way

  67. Hang them up in public and stuff rotting pig entrails into their stomach cavities. Let them die a slow death for the whole world to see. Broadcast it on Al Jihadzero for all the filthy goat phuckers to see.


  68. Our leaders are GUILTY of great EVIL for bringing these filthy, INHUMAN MONSTERS into our countries. These merciless, filth look upon non-Muslims as prey to be utterly destroyed in every way you can destroy a human being.

    Western leaders HATE their own people and LOVE cruel, violent BARBARIC Muslims. Western leaders bear equal responsibility for every horrible crime that Muslims perpetrate against non-Muslims.

  69. Please, someone explain why these countries (USA & Canada included) continue to import these savages to our shores and our politicians allow it and/or support it.. It makes absolutely no sense unless there’s been some back door deal/ mega-conspiracy by all nations to purge anglo-saxons and democracy from the planet. And that doesn’t even make sense, without us their would be little progress and everything would start to revert and crumble & die. We built these countries that the they want to walk in and take over. And we know darn well from history that they wouldn’t & couldn’t maintain them, everything withers in the path of islam.

    I also don’t buy the “we need them to take the jobs our citizens won’t take” meme. There are non-muslim refugees & immigrants who would be happy to take the jobs that we don’t want. Surely this is not just about votes. I don’t even see it being about destroying capitalism & replacing it with socialism or marxism. Surely people realize they and their children will not be immune to the savagery these barbarians bring with them? Eventually their time will come.

    I just don’t get it.

    • There are probably also plenty of Americans who, at this point, would take these jobs they say “Americans won’t do.”

      Of course, that very statement is BS. Most Americans will do whatever job they can get. I, myself, was a “waver” for Liberty Tax Service a year or so ago. Had to wear the Statue of Liberty costume and all that.

  70. Well done Sweden, for letting the filthy fvuckers in the first place, now this is another victim of your failed multi-culti experiment. They’ll be no virgins left in Sweden when it becomes the Islamic Republic of Sweden, which shouldn’t take too long thanks to cultural & ethnic masochistic left-wing scumbags.

  71. It’s up to the Swedes to take control of their destiny. I have no compassion for Sweden’s citizens. The great majority of Swedes speak English. There’s enough info on the Internet to keep them informed of what is truly happening in their country.

    • True, that there are enough information on the internet. Problem is that Sweden was ruled by socialism almost 80 in a row. This has affected the population negatively in as such as they have a very high trust in the government and authority in general. Another problem is that there are only a few free alternative news-sites. These sites has been slandered by MSM and labeled by them as racists. This probably stigmatizes a lot of swedes from even visiting those sites. They can’t do from their work because they are already blocked there. They don’t dare do it at home either because any other family member could catch them in the act and yes, this whole issue splits through entire families.

      Yet another problem is that swedish MSM is so extremely tightly controlled. No dissent to multiculturalism or islam is allowed. It’s just as shown in the video. They hang out ethnic swedish perps but not immigrants. About 6% of the swedes are awake. The other 94% are sleepwalking zombies. They are only interested in reality shows and sport on tv. They don’t listen, they don’t care what happens to their country or their children. Maybe they simply deserve to become slaves to these savages? Unfortunately, we who are awake are going to be enslaved too. We’re doing our best trying to wake people up, both on internet and IRL but it is a slow process.

      • Hi Robin, good to see you again. For BNI readers who don’t know, Robin lives in Sweden and is a long time commenter here.

  72. I feel ill from watching the video. That poor woman confined to a wheelchair (raped for 7 hours, the horror!!), her tax dollars going to pay for her attackers servants while the media and government turn their backs on her. Good grief, this is what the world has come to and it is only going to get worse.

  73. When you’re faced with a problem of RAT
    infestation,send in the dogs and if they don’t come out, recall the dogs and BURN them
    out, then shoot em.
    I can’t help but notice that the left are silent about these crimes against western females. Strange.

    Why oh why do women and girls in the west have to pay the price of brutal rapes so that
    their governments can pose as “Compassionate”
    multiculturalists ?

    Is the calculation amoung the ruling elites that these girls and womens sufferings are a price WORTH paying for an “Anti fascist” future nirvana ?

    • I hope you’re not out to suggesting burning and shooting the dogs!! You need to watch your semantics, sorry…

      Otherwise you’re right – and that means that we may have to fight back, even if it means MASSIVE deportations and/or (if the Muslim bacteria/virii use force to repel us and stay here) exterminations, even massacres, MOST unfortunately!!! However, when it’s a case of “kill or be killed”, we will have NO choice but to use their own inhumanity against them… In that case, we’ll have to be prepared to be every bit as inhuman to them as they are to us… Ah, war is horrible – and for that, once we win, the Communist Quislings that brought this upon us will need to be put on trial (and FORGET all our excessive bending-over for the criminals’ sakes!!!) and either deported to North Korea (disenfranchised, of course) or executed just like their Muslim “allies”!!!

      When both Muslim and Commies are taken care of, BOTH Muslim writings like the Qu’rân and the Hadiths PLUS all the writings of Communists like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels et al will need to be BANNED outside of tightly restricted special libraries…

    • The real question is, why do woman in Northern Europe still vote for the Socialist?

      We have been sold out by our governments who only see future voter numbers at our expense for people who bring absolutely no value to our society.

      I had a near sexual assault from a Muslim man when I lived in London, who at first would not leave me alone. He identified his country of origin and his religion to me. I fought back and he backed off, he was not expecting a fight. After calling me a slut and a whore. He walked away bruised in body and mind. However, I do know, had there been more of them, and it not had been so public and in the daytime. I probably would have been on the losing end of that fight.

      You must teach your daughters, sisters, and even wives. That there are predatory men out there who see western females as sexual opportunities to be exploited by coercion or force. Teach your daughters that they must be smart, wary and I hate to say it-sober. And not to be afraid to come to you. Teach them to say FUCK OFF and to mean it. And if you can get the hell out of areas were Muslim populations have grown. For the sake of your children…go.

      Years later, it still fills me with anger. That I was minding my own business and this bastard interrupted my life and my day and dirtied it with his wickedness. Despite my anger at the intrusion into my life, I am proud of myself for fighting back and scaring him just a little-even if it was a wee bit and that a small woman can quite possibly pack a wallop.

      I threw the first blow after he failed to listen to my warning of “HANDS OFF.”

      • Hill, you were very lucky indeed. Usually they attack in packs, which is why there are so many gang rape cases wherever muslims live. All women should learn self-defense and carry mace at least.

        • @barenakedislam,

          You are right I was fortuitous that day. I agree self defense is important to learn, but in the UK, I think it is illegal to carry mace.

          Also woman (really everyone) should learn and be taught, to follow their instincts. If you sense danger then there is likely danger. I think, it is important for girls/woman to learn that predatory men exist; especially from Muslim men who don’t see Western woman as descent people, to be well treated or respected.

          • Hill, illegal to carry Mace? Sheesh, what a bunch of wussies. I guess women should start carrying bottles of acid to throw in the faces of Muslim rapists. Acid is very popular in muslim countries.

          • Most sad to say, but – if my memory is correct – should Hill or others carry acid, they’ll be charged with “vitriol-throwing”. [I remember that law as being mentioned by A. Conan Doyle in his “Sherlock Holmes” series, and I doubt that it’s been removed from the books since…]

            The British legislative, executive and judicial system is such that it’s all but illegal to defend yourself, period!!! Since the Parliament, entire civil-service, etc. have been hijacked by the Commies (already in a position of considerable authority and influence in the 1940s), it probably will come to that people in communities will have to protect each other and renounce working with the law-enforcement agents, using vigilante tactics while doing exactly what Muslims are supposed to do with the FBI in the USA…

            This will mean anarchy, with the government then bringing in martial law – which then will finish the United Kingdom’s progression from the world’s greatest democracy to another Communist DICTATORSHIP!!!!

          • Yes, that is a totally irresponsible, cold-hearted, and certifiably insane state of affairs when a nation’s authorities decree and criminalise a person’s natural right to self-defense. Show me a country who practices this, and i’ll show you a country where democracy and representative government have ceased to exist!

            The issue of firearms posession is perhaps the greatest difference between the United States and the other Anglophone nations. The EDL and the British Freedom Party have one helluva fight ahead of them and need our support to fight the oligarchs who run and ruin their nation.

            It galls me to no end that a government would do this to it’s own citizens, and then try to shove socialism down their throats and islamisation up their asses at the same time.

            An armed and educated society is a civil society. Locations with the most restrictive gun laws have much higher rates of violent crime. Statistics bear this out, and a government that fears it’s own people is far better than a people that fears it’s own government.

          • BNI, A cookie for you lol.
            1. for the use of the word “packs” when responding to Hill, packs insinuates sub-human/animal members, I LOVE IT! lol.
            2. for the Acid comment, you are absolutely correct. For reference it’s pretty much illegal to carry any self-defence weapon in the UK… That is a sad sad sad thing…

            To Hill,
            I am also very sorry to hear that you had to deal with that shitbag, however, At least you gave him a little humility via physical pain lol. Outstanding!

            Rangers Lead The Way!

          • CPL G, yes, I consider them packs of rabid wolves.

            Good thing, Mr. BNI, a former Marine, taught me how to shove my fingers into an attacker’s throat or eye and pull out whatever is in there. LOL

          • @BNI- I am sorry for taking so long to respond. For Reasons I do not understand, I was unable to post or access this thread. Although, I could read each individual post via my email. I kept getting an error message.

            Wolfs are animals that are too noble to be used as a comparison to Muslim scum. I think they are more like Hyenas. Both are cowardly scavengers who often pray on the weak and vulnerable in a pack.

          • Hill, other people have had that problem. Trying deleting all your browser cookies.

          • @CPL Goodrich.

            Thanks. On the good days, the memory makes me smile, when I recall the shock on his face, for fighting back. On the bad days, I am filled with rage and would never trust being around Muslim men, as far as I could throw them.

            Thanks Ranger.

          • @BNI-It is worse than being just mere wussies in the UK. Tony Blair and the British government are against self-defense, famously said, if you are being robbed or assaulted DO NOT fight back. (Sorry. I had to paraphrase.) Which is actually hypocritical for two reasons. 1.) People in the government who either have Police protection or have the right to it if needed/demanded, are telling the defenseless masses to take a beating or give your life for our self-righteous ideology.

            Especially, under Labour in Britain quite a few people were arrested for defending themselves or their families from criminals. (See the sad and farcical cases of WWII veteran Bill Clifford & Omari Roberts, Steve Coupland and farmer Tony Martin.)

            Or the other farce that flourished under Blair and his cronies government.Criminals who were hurt in your home or by you during a robbery had the right to sue you for monetary compensation and win at court.

            2.)The British governments stupidity does not take into consideration thousands of years of evolution. That kicks in when someones life is threatened, the adrenalin kicks in and it is either fight or flight. Your survival instincts kick in before you have time to think about a situation.

            As others have pointed out, acid would be seen as a criminal attack, but I like the idea of wasp spray.

          • Hill, that’s why you all have to get behind the British Freedom party.

        • WASP spray is much better. You can shoot it up to 20 to 22 feet, which gives you time to get your aim controlled. It stops any attacker immediately. The spay kills snakes, rats, and Wasps…More often than not, Mace or pepper spray can piss off an attacker. Not so with Wasp spray. Wasp spray is exceedingly painful when it hits the attacker, and causes temporary blindness. The more the attacker wipes their eyes, the worse it is. Thought you might like to know.

          • Here in the U.S. wasp sprey can be found at any grocery, hardware, home improvement, and nearly of the convienience stops.

            I don’t know about Britain, since they seem determined that their subjects must suffer what ever the thugs want to do.

          • Is this wasp-spray by RAID?? That sounds like an outstanding idea for somebody who doesn’t have access to firearms…

          • When used in conjunction with a BIC lighter wasp spray makes a great flame thrower with a 20-30 foot range. 😉

      • BRAVISSIMA!!! You did the right thing in fighting off that Muslim good-for-nothing wretch!! I honestly hope he got sufficiently hurt such that he would think twice about coming near other Western women. Maybe it eventually started him into thinking how come could they be so ready to fight back.

        Of course, ANY human being can pack a nasty wallop when full-grown. Also, good for you for taking the fight to him instead of waiting for his first blow!! Sometimes the best defence is a good offence!

        • @ADHD, Thank you for your kind words.

          I agree Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, which is why I struck first after he failed to take my warning serious. They only understand violence.

          I too, would like to think he would be hesitant in the future, but the cynic in me knows that Muslim men are like hyenas on the edge of western society. Waiting and watching for just that right opportunity to assault Western woman and children.

    • This western government supported multiculturalsim is clearly set up to break apart the strength of the western communities….create chaos,divide and suck them dry! Unless we stand up and take our countries back from EU and other globalist ideas we will truly be living in a hell hole till the end of time wherever we are, keep it local !

      • WHY are you telling us to “keep it local”??? Sooner or later the shit has to hit the fan, and the more the word about BOTH the Moslems AND THE COMMUNISTS (words like “inclusivity”, “diversity”, “multiculturalism” and the rest are their shibboleths!!!) gets out to everybody and people wake, the better!!!

        We CAN’T trust our politicians, civil-services, lawyers, bankers, other big-businessmen or academicians – the ordinary people will have to take matters into their hands, I most strongly fear!!! How I wish to be dead before all this boils over and our democracies are replaced by élitists’ dictatorships!!!…

  74. What a mess! We best take heed or we’re going to faced with the same MESS – and to think they don’t publish the “race” UNLESS their white? WTH? Gotta Loooooove the PC! I would be beyond L & L time, eh!
    I detest these barbaric heathens!

    • Simple. The media in England does the same thing – identify Whitey but not Brownie or Blackie, SO, I always assume (correctly) that if race is not mentioned, then the perpetrator must be coloured. Simple.

      • tF, it drives me nuts that they call Muslims ‘Asians’ in the UK. I’ve lived in Japan and traveled extensively in Asia and nowhere did I ever encounter the kind of filth that Islam produces. If I were Asian, I’d be pissed.

        • “Youth” or translation in the rest of europe’s press means also mozlim!

          The press, traitors to our society, closely followed by their accomplices, ‘education’ and ‘politicians’.

          politicians a la caMORON, with statements there is no link between islam and the murder of the soldier, between islam and the cowardly gang in Kenya, while the shout alla akbar or make mozlims leave before killing!

      • It’s the same way here in Sweden. If you’re a brown or black criminal the media NEVER mentions this, or their name. Yet if a white Swede commits a crime not only is his name mentioned but also a photograph accompanies the article! This boils my blood!

  75. Soul-less barbarians. We’ll have these sorts of crimes in the U.S. before too long if the decent, God fearing citizens don’t stand up and say enough is enough. Probably happens in Detroit now but our weak-ass lying media won’t report it because it wouldn’t be “p.c.”.

    • Actually, muslim rape is not so epidemic in Detroit(in comparison to non-muslim). The women here give it up quite willingly. Big problem in Norway. Even made it’s way up to Nordland province. Big problems in Bodo this last winter. Shocking and sad.

  76. This criminality has become commonplace across many countries in Europe…its the price they pay for the insanity of unchecked immigration from islamic toilets as well as the insanity of multiculturalism.

    They saw the light in Norway and did what many countries, including the USA and Canada refuse to….they started keeping track of the ethnicity of the rapists…..and surprise, surprise, surprise……it was African immigrants, Middle Eastern immigarnts and almost all of them……..


    Here’s another video from Norway…


    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • In other words, the tie was Islam, not necessarily ethnic origin.

      Of course, the European countries haven’t been importing many Christians, have they?

  77. i agree that the world needs to wake up. But the convidted rapists should be castrated and bagged

  78. ” Swedish socialists say it would be “racist” to deport the rapists. ” Deport them??? Cage them for life would be better. Execution would be best!!!

  79. In the Netherlands many women color their hair brunette to avoid being raped. Where is the Dutch police?

    BTW: Not only in Sweden there is a lot of rape, in Norway (a politically very “left” country as well) there is also a lot of rape.
    But the politicians don’t react!

    In Germany, about 80 – 90 % of all rape cases were made by muslim immigrants.

    I think the politicians will only start thinking about immigration plicies if a close relative has become a victim. Nott sooner, as they are eager for the immmigrant’s votes.

  80. Those twelve filthy bastards, as well as anyone clapping and cheering on, should face the electric chair.

    • How I wish you were the Judge an I was the Hangman ! My blood runs hot for revenge woe on to any rapest if I get my hands on him.

    • I have a little different view on sexual predators wild, I think any rapist, child molestor, etc. should be handed over to the parents/loved ones of the victim. The loved ones of the victim should be free to torture/do whatever they please to the perp. for 72hrs. They cannot kill the perp., Doing so would just lower our judicial system to their level more than it already is. After said 72hrs. The perp should be judged in the judicial system to whatever ends they see fit. THAT would be TRUE JUSTICE!

      Rangers Lead The Way!

    • Why waste electricity….once they are convicted by a jury of their peers, allow the victim &/or family members to serve justice. Castration by sword, I think that would be apropos.

  81. this is what happens when you let scumbags/shit into your country. The world needs to wake up, this is not a religion of peace but a cult of pure evil ass holes.

    • bbyford………
      The west is waking up to multiculturalism and Islam. I have just been reading newspapers on the net and they are worried about the rise of the right. They use all the PC jargon xenophobia, islamphobia, red necks, fascist,on and on they go.
      The left is frothing at the mouth about the rise of Nationalism in the west.
      No longer is it a small group of skinheads or brown shirts protesting about whatever.
      This new right is now made up of middle class people worried about their jobs and their children along with the future of the civilized west.

      • couldn’t agree more.
        I’m desperately trying to connect with more people down unda; are you interested?
        – obviously security will be important
        I’ve set up a disposable email:- mohamadsux@gmail.com

      • Indeed Gary. I see people waking up everywhere to the sheer barbarism of the Islamic mindset. Not nearly enough yet – we need to keep confronting people with the truth of how evil the worldview of Islam is.
        If we in the west want to survive as a society, we need to keep hammering people with truth. Truth is a very powerful weapon, which is why the left introduced political correctness – the very antithesis of truth.

        • The problem is the Liberal elite who rule us.
          Many ordinary people can see the threat but are brainwashed into believing the idiots in Parliament.
          Islam has no place in Europe,it is incompatible with our beliefs and freedoms.

        • Dear Moris, You do not have to blame islam for such perpetrator, for instance if someone crush a new ferrari car, who you will blam the car or the driver, if you have to blam u should critisize those guilty muslims not islam, You know in islam the penalty for these kinds of actions is executing till death or they are stonned till death, a few year back here was the same case in afghanistan so the people stoned the perpetors to death, then the western media and Human right council made a drama oh islam what a barbaric religion 21th century and they are executing and stonning rapers, instead they should fine them and so on…….

          • Well well well Jameel, Kitman is alive and well in Afghanistan, the Bacha Bazi and Caprasodomy Capital of the World. You leave out the most crucial element of this crime here. Can you honestly, and with a straight face tell us that in Afghanistan, A male muslim rapist would be stoned to death for raping a kuffar (non-muslim) woman? Can you? Yes, I believe you can, and in fact, would. Why do I think this? Because Taqiyya is alive and well in Afghanistan too. Rape of non-muslim women and girls was a standard practice of your own “beloved” prophet, muhammad (my pig piss be poured upon his dusty bones!) You are a prime example of islamic duplicity, namely, islam’s well established track record of double standards and ethics regarding the treatment of fellow muslims as opposed to the treatment of the much maligned, hated kuffar.

            We already know mulim males are occasionally stoned to death for rape of muslim girls or women (only occasionally). Your subjectivity reeks of pig shit, but that is hardly surprising to anybody here, after all, muslims are the only people in the world who make a virtue of both beastiality and pedophilia, and indeed, sometimes combine the two vile practices by raping kid goats!

            Damned “caprapedophile bastards!”


          • I’m sorry Randy63sme but your argument just lead to the facts that men as in strong balls valsing around are evil with or without the excuse of religion! you talked about paedophilia shall I remind you of Christian priest taking there due on poor innocent children’s left in there care?
            Did they got arrested for that??
            no because they are men and men rapist will always escapes justice not because one religion is patriarchal but because THE WORLD IS RULED BY MEN
            You are talking about double standard in Islam shall I remind you that each culture is full of hypocrisy? That is how American will do there utmost for their citizens but will barely take others in account…and does goes for the British the French etc… Everybody has double standard and you just confirm that hypocrisy
            You talking about goat fucking but i believe that zoophlism was invented in Europe not in Africa or Asia

            I am not here to preach on deaf ears as it would be a waste of my breath but rather ask a question
            What is the point of this??
            I saw trough your website that it relate to muslims wrong doings….but I can find christian wrong doing or jewish wrong doing and create a website as well which would only lead to hate and stupid actions taken by stupid people as stupidity does not stop at religion race or sex!!
            I believe that as a rational human being we can learn from a mistakes ( the 2 world war and the 9/11) that if we cannot live in peace together how about we just ignore each others

          • “… shall I remind you of Christian priest taking there due on poor innocent children’s left in there care?
            Did they got arrested for that??no because they are men ”

            I stopped reading right there because you are an IGNORANT LYGING MUSLIM SUPREMACIST C*NT.

            Several priests are currently in prison. SOme are still under trial. NONE has been found innocent.

            You’re also a relativism asshole. There is NOTHING. NO doctrines. NO rule books. NO sacred text in the Catholic dogma that suggests, commands or condones child rape.

            Unlike in islam in which your putrid prophet set the example and allah the impotent made is sacrosanct when mo violated Aisha’s tiny child-sized vagina with his adult-sized penis.


          • welll see you stopped reading 1 and secondly you become irrational and insulting when I did not insulted you!
            First off “some priest” have been arrested but not all of them…same as some muslins guys got arrested and not all of them being a rapist has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with being fucked up human being
            And 2 you are referring to a cultural difference here when you talk about our prophete abusing aicha: it was of custom in that time that girl would get married quite young I believe that you will find proof in every early society from England to Africa and Asia and that custom is still practiced in most of Africa and some part of Asia I do not approve of it but it is not my place to do so as it is not my culture
            As it is not your place to judge others culture as im sure you would like yours to be judged
            MY point was that it is easy to judge someone else but rather harsh to receive th same treatment
            I am Muslim but I am a Woman also and I am Black I am French why does 1 thing should define me when we are all so different and so interesting

          • You flaming f*cking cunt.

            Lying is an egregious insult.

            “Some” priests were convicted because there was sufficient evidence to prove their guilt. The ones who weren’t were not let free because of CANONICAL TEXTS or because of Jesus f*cking children because it was the “custom” at the time. They were not arrested because of insufficient evidence.

            You are NOT interesting, C*NT. You are nothing but a depraved typical musloid making excuses for you co-cultists’ deplorable behaviour which *IS* acceptable in your culture by comparing it to deplorable behaviour that is NOT acceptable in our culture.

            You are a jihadi. They so and so did it mantra IS a typical jihadi tactic.
            AND FYI, C*NT: prophets of make believe sky fairy generally have BETTER behaviour than the basest elements of their “culture.” NOt so mo the putried kiddy f*cker. He took the most base, most deplorable, most reprehensible elements of bronze age arab “culture” and made them sacrosanct.

            If you haven’t been c*nt slapped enough, which you so richly deserve you jihadi c*nt please come back for more.

            I love nothing more than abusing you creatures who CONDONE kiddy f*cking for your DEAD arab piece of shit but lie about others doing it and still DARE to call themselves women.

            REAL WOMEN NEVER condone kiddy f*cking. NEVER.

          • And honestly, you despicable c*nt, we don’t care what you animals do to each other in dar al islam.

            It’s when you troglodytes bring it to our countries that we have EVERY RIGHT TO JUDGE YOUR DESPICABLE “culture” because it VIOLATES OUR LAWS.

            Don’t like being “judged,” c*nt?

            Then don’t defend kiddy diddling. Don’t lie about others’ kiddy diddling to exhonerate your co-cultists.

            And better yet F*CK OFF to dar al islam where you can be the slimy, arrogant, kiddy diddlying defending c*nt you are without being “judged.”

            THIS is what causes you bronze age troglodytes to be hated.

            This hubris. This relativism game. This utter inability to tell the truth is why you are the most hated group of hominids on the planet.

            The hatred you monsters are feeling has NOTHING to do with the “tiny minority of extremists.” It has everything to do with obfuscating, arrogant, supremacists assholes like you.

          • “I am muslim but I am a woman also”

            You forgot to add lame to your description.

          • istanbul chik you are a jewish whore and you know it so there is no need to judge others while you dont have info about your own religion shame on you with you shitty face and brain

          • psycho, you muzzie POS, Istanbul Chick is definitely not Jewish, but you are banned.

          • The mohammadans never disappoint. They just can’t form a cogent thought, without vile sexual insults and threats, among the whole lot of them.

            And leftards and feminazis can’t figure out why so many of these violent rapes are committed by musloids.

          • That is because the Muslims culture
            suffers from arrested development
            and an infantile reaction to everything.

            Made worse, by a manic inference to
            sexualzation to everything Western, because. Western society is based on acceptance and openness.

          • “…cannot live in peace together how about we just ignore each others…”

            How about you supremacist bronze age troglodytes F*CK OFF to dar al islam.

          • ask your mom that which religion she recommends she will reply islam coz she has been suffering from you current religion and having sex with thousands with your own will which is worst than rape fuck yourself lol

          • Yet another “well thought out argument” from a “modern, moderate musloid.”

            Leftards and the uninformed take note:

            “Psycho’s” psychotic, racist, and sexually laced insults are the rule rather than the exception for “modern, moderate” musloids. THIS is what islam does to the mind.

          • hahhahah Istanbul chick are you being real??
            after you spend 4 messages insulting me when I never so much as said fuck to you You have the audacity to critises??!! See that is Hypocrisy with a big H!!
            you can ditch it but you can’t take it then?!
            what was you aid “psychotic racist and sexual lassed insulte are the rule” well take a look at you previews message then!!

            O and to answer you message to me Was Joseph Frietz muslim then even though he seuqastred his own daughter raped her and she gave birth to his childrens??

          • Yep. Typical infantile rebuttal from a Muslim.
            Sexualized inferences and makes no sense.

          • You bloated, stinky, cheesy-backed, ugly, camel-fellating POS! How dare you say someone having sex of their own free will is worse (yes, it’s spelled W-O-R-S-E, NOT worst)than rape. I would call you a Nazi, but the Nazis, at least, had a book (Mein Kampf)that was ACTUALLY coherent, even if it was evil! The Qur’an is incoherent EVEN in 7th century Arabic. Your pedophile “prophet” Mohammed (may he be stuck by his scrotum in the ice lake of Cocytus for all eternity) was considered to be evil even by the standards of 7th Century Arabia.

            Next time you want to try and insult people, try using an epithet other than “Jew,” because not only is that NOT an insult, but the Bible’s New Testament teaches that true Christians are ‘Jews by adoption’. Were I able to honestly claim to be Christian, I’d consider being called “Jewish” rather complimentary. Certainly better than being called a Mohammedan, a Muslim, or an Islamic.

            Here endeth the lesson.

          • @farah the fraud


            I did not call you a whore. I did not call you a “Jew” as if that was in insult. I did not call your mother a whore and accuse her of “fucking all mens.”

            I called you a supremacist c*nt.

            BIG difference there.

            Again, C*NT, “frietzes’ actions are AGAINST WESTERN LAW, they are abhorant and NOT ACCEPTABLE in WESTERN CULTURE, they are NOT CONDONED by Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhits, satanist, Shintoist TEXTS.

            The rape of the Swedish women, abuse of YOUNG GIRLS by muslim men IS CONDONED IN YOUR CULTURE and it is recorded for all time in YOUR TEXTS and you are defending it. Thus you are a rape and kiddy diddling defending C*NT.

            AGAIN BIG DIFFERENCE, C*NT. You are defending culturally and religiously approved and legal sexual violence against women and children while lying about and pointing out reprehensible, abhorrent and ILLEGAL activity by non-muslims.

            And YOU’RE still too stupid to understand the difference.

            And YES, C*NT, we have EVERY right to judge your ass backwards, violent, racist, supremacist and misogynist cult when you clowns are dragging it to OUR countries.

          • Psycho, “Lighten up Francis!” Now I know muslims aren’t the brightest bulb in Aladdin’s Lamp, but you should be in the Guinness Book of World Records there, Einstein.

            Or at the very least, nominated for a Darwin Award.

            BTW, thats a good name for a muzztard. Now run along before you miss the shortbus to Kabul.

            “Can you say cognative dissonance?” “Sure you can.”

          • Farah – first of all we are not talking about pristest right now. We are talking about immigrant muslims who rapes women and girls in Europe. What are your trying to star to talk about? In Poland we have a word about americans and russians who were quarreling about their states. And once russians hasn’t have anything to reply he said “And you and in your America you bit Negro’s” and your statement is the same. Once more – we are not talking about christian wrongdoing, we are speaking about muslim wrongdoing, if you have anything to say…go on, but do not sell us your pathetic Taqiyya, we simply don’t buy it.

            Things like the one described in the article and other articles. The Pakistani Muslim Gangs in Britain for example. We are not muslim women who are teached to by quiet in receive everything from her master. We are neither stupid dhimmis. We can call a “rape jihad” what happens.

          • I’m just now seeing your post for the first time. I see my distinguished colleagues have suficiently rebutted your lame response to my comments,(thanks IC, BNI, Hill, DS!) so I haven’t much to add, but this, Kiss My Ass, Beyoch!

          • Brother Jameel I agree with you and the argument you forth, unfortunately you are talking rational about biases.
            It is a mindset of some to blame Islam for any one’s wrong doing, you know why because ignorance is haunted by Islam.
            Only an ignorant person can blame a great religion for the act of an individual.
            I beg to those who do that, at least try to know what is Islam.
            I know western civilization inside out, I don’t know what they are proud of, though it comprises of an non ending list evils.

          • Salah SHAMsi, You do know that your so-called prophet *(m)uhammad was never born, do you?

            He wasn’t born, he was queefed from a pig’s vagina (may pig piss be upon him).

            Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!! 😉

            * Lower case (m) intended to inflict maximum blasphemy and insult. Why? Because I can, thats why. 😉

        • “Salah Shamsi”, you claim that you “know Western civilisation inside out” and that you don’t know what we are proud of, that all we’ve done is an endless “list [of] evils”.

          Is the building of the Gothic cathedrals, then of Renaissance and Baroque palaces – and today’s sports stadia – “evil”?

          Is our ability to fly from country to country – or to the Moon – “evil”? How about our trains, buses, cars? – We Westerners invented ALL these things!!!!

          Are the achievements of Galileo, Newton, J.S. Bach, Mozart, Wagner, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Vauban and so many, many others all “evil”??

          Are our invention of musical instruments, scientific instruments, peaceful sports, the telephone, the computer all “evil”?

          Are our laws allowing women to wear what they like and not to have to fear wicked men (especially spiritually and mentally infantile Moslem RAPISTS!!!) “evil”?? Or our laws combating cruelty against animals? You DARE to call everything in the West “evil” merely because it’s “un-Islamic”???

          Well, I sure hope you’re NOT living in the West, you hypocritical MORON – even using a computer to attack what has allowed you to write this bullshit!!!! Go back to Saudi Arabia and live as much in prehistoric savagery as you want, but LEAVE US PROUD “infidels” ALONE!!!!! CURSE your “Islam” for EVER AND EVER, AMEN!!!!!

          Ah, Ms. BNI, I wish I had noticed this MUCH earlier…

        • Psycho- “istanbul chik you are a jewish whore and you know it so there is no need to judge others while you dont have info about your own religion shame on you with you shitty face and brain”

          It is so fun to be chided by a moslem beast. They never seem to even try to defend themself or their backwards beliefs. Instead they name call and derka derka blah blah blah….

          With each post I see from them, I am forever amazed at what little education they have. It is hard to believe that they are able to remember to breathe.

          moslems are the racists.

      • I think all whites should ban together regardless of any situation we are now a minority and if our presidents keep allowing all imigrants into the USA then we have no choice to become a vigilanty im for executing all nonwhites its bad enough we have problems with our black and mexican immagrants we are fucked in many ways likw the Amer. indians.
        like say in USMC kill’em all and god will sort themout.

        SEMPERFI,simply eliminate them all(FTI/FTC&FTB)

        • Yes, I find I am incredibly saddened by the fact that apparently ALL groups of people throughout the world, whether through race or religion, band together & protect each other – even when the person they are protecting is just disgusting – EXCEPT whites. It doesn’t make any sense to me, it is suicidal behavior. Here in Sweden we are told we have NO CULTURE. Over and over again the govt & the bizarre (might as well be govt controlled) media lies and lies about ‘no crime wave associated with immigration’, they lie about the amounts of money being spent, and the number of immigrants here. When immigrants are arrested, their images are never show, often their names are never listed. to ‘protect them’. When whites are arrested (rarely) for crimes like murder – their photos, name, place of birth, family information – it’s all there.

          When Somalians were arrested for terrorism (somalians granted swedish citizenship) a Swedish news outlet called them ‘Swedes, the Swedes, Swedish citizens, Swedish blah, OVER and over and over throughout the article. Like 20 times. NEVER once did they refer to them as ‘the accused, alleged terrorists, somalian immigrants with swedish citizenship, the killers, the muzzies, the islamic al-shebaab supporting worthless dogs NOTHING – loll) Anyway, I thought FOR GOD’S SAKE how many times do they need to refer to them in a million different ways of just calling them SWEDES and nothing more. THEY ARE NOT SWEDES, they will never be Swedes, and their preoccupation with returning to their homeland and killing people proves it. They come here and wave their islamic country flags from their windows, call white women whores and execute a wave of rape across Sweden that knows no bounds. MANY rapists are not deported because it ‘violates their human rights’ and in the meantime even TEENAGE BOYS & YOUNG MEN are being raped and gang raped.

    • what is this shit? seriously you gringos are nothing but slaves living under fear. whats next? BEWARE OF YOUR FAMILY THEY WILL KILL YOU WHEN YOU FALL ASLEEP. BULLSHIT you, this website, and all the gringos sheep behind you.

        • oh prophet you that are enligthened with true knowledge please make a website and share all this hate. dont grow love grow hate. is it logical to hate all islam because some dudes rape s a woman? are you fucking mental retarded? how many gringo gang rapes happen everyday i dont go around making websites saying that we should kill all gringos. you dont deserve the oxygen that god kindly gave you.

          • lol to true. So many racist and bigoted fanatics here. Islamophobes are the new KKK. I have to admit though, this is some entertaining stuff. I don’t remember reading anything like this when several US soldiers terrorized and gang raped an Iraqi family, including a 14 year old girl before murdering them and burning all evidence.

          • Who are the REAL BIGOTS and FANATICS???

            TOTALITARIANS – and that means Moslems, Communists, Nazis and Fascists!!!! Out of those, you almost certainly fall into the first two categories – which one thereof you belong to is the question….

      • Said ‘Jose’ who probably lives in the U.S., tons of undeserved ‘freebies’, still refers to ‘whites’ as gringos, and originates from one of the most violent disgusting murdering raping countries on the planet. Mexico.

        I live in Sweden, you RIDICULOUS worthless excuse for a human. I am not living in FEAR. I am ANGRY that men who come here claiming asylum from oppression are liars who grab the first chance they can to BRUTALLY gang rape a 29 year old mother of 2, WHILE STILL LIVING IN THE ASYLUM HOUSE – all but one had barely been here for 3 months !!

        They are given FREE: housing, food, money, education, medical and dental care. If they are 65 they receive RETIREMENT pensions, even though they never lived here or paid into the system. AND YET – because of the graciousness of Swedes, they come here, and in return we have 10 year olds being robbed at knifepoint (and raped), 80-90 year old Swedes robbed, beaten, murdered, gun crimes that never existed before, and roving gangs of teenage islamic boys who randomly attack and savagely beat ‘whoever’. A man of 59 a mindless drooling diaper wearing shell of humanity after having a dent kicked into his head the size and shape of a football. WHY? Because he told them not to throw rocks at his dog. The perpetrators were 13 – 15 years old. A 90 year old woman punched to the ground and kicked in the VAGINA crawls home where her family finds her a couple of days later bleeding heavily from her vagina. WHY? She told them to stop kicking a dog someone had left tied outside a store.
        A couple, aged 80 – beaten severely by a 22 yr old islamic immigrant OVER a parking space. The woman died. THEY NEVER DO THIS TO THEIR OWN elderly. A 42 year old father of 2 & a couple of friends walking down the street, around the corner comes 3 african males, somalian & congolese, celebrating the birthday of the now 18 yr old somalian. FOR FUN (they said) they just decided to beat the fuck out of the Swedish males – the father was killed by head kicks. THEY JUST DID IT FOR FUN.


        Swedes created a beautiful, clean, safe almost utopian place to life with cradle to grave benefits (for which we pay THE HIGHEST TAXES ON EARTH – it’s not a ‘gift’) NOW women dye their hair black to avoid sexual harassment, fires, rocks thrown at firefighters, schools, buses, people, SAVAGE beatings over NOTHING, gun crimes, drugs, and Sweden is NOW the RAPE CAPITAL OF EUROPE. Rape has increased 1000%, child rape 500%.

        Quite frankly, you suck, so do they, and Hamas is now down in Mexico mixing it up with the drug cartels. You deserve each other, but you should stay where you belong if you love it so much.

    • if some so called muslim who dont even practice islam well , they can commit rape anywhere even in muslim country , so please dont condane islam because of some stupid secular muslim ,you need to know , that not any muslim by heritage is absolutly a good one

      • Do you realise how many times we have heard you muzztards say that and other similar garbage? Are you guys so stupid and uncreative as to think we could fall for that? Libtards might. Especially Swedish libtards.

        Geez, one would think after 1,400 years of taqiyya, muzztards could have come up with more convincing ways to lie to the kuffar than that.

        Then again 1,400 years worth of inbreeding would tend to mitigate that possibility, cognatively speaking, of course.

        “Död åt alla muslimer!”

      • For the Islamophobes: Do you hate Islam that much? have you read “what the ELITE non Muslims say about Islam?” have you checked the history ‘prior to’ colonizing of the Most Civilized Muslim World?

        Modern Day Peace: Today there are 5 major problems responsible for A&E causes, Loans, Debts, Depression; Eventually & Inevitably Suicide;
        [1] Alcohol [2] Drugs [3] Interest [4] Gambling [5] Sexual Immorality

        Now, why not address these problems than picking the Criminal acts of some individuals claiming to be Muslims & attributing them to Islam?
        These problems bring revenue to the government who is, instead of protecting us from such problems; promoting them. I’d like you all to think deep within yourselves; have you studied Islam or just became Muslims scholars from Google? Why abuse the religion that has brought you out of “Dark Ages”?

        • umer, there is no such thing as Islamophobia because fear and loathing of Islam is quite justified and not irrational at all.

          And yes, the reason we hate Islam so much is because we have witnessed your behavior (more than 21,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks around the world just since 9/11, Civilization Jihad by Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the US and Europe, 270 million killed by Muslims worldwide, and most of all, the violence teachings of your holy books, most of all, the abrogated quran.

          FYI: “Civilized Muslim World” is an oxymoron.

          You are simply a moron.

          We love abusing your death cult posing as a religion.


    • Please guys try reading what Elite non Muslims [or non Muslims scholars say about Islam [or Mohammad or Quran

      (LINKS DELETED. Muslims don’t get to post links about garbage here. –BNI)

      • Appeal to authority is a logical fallacy. It’s childish and intellectually weak. You just posted of the grown up version of “my dad makes more money than your dad.”

        Listen here you typically neuron challenged mohammadan: It matters not one wit if you quote the god damned flying, magical pope of the universe. islam still stinks.

        Moreover, most of those “scholars” who bray and fawn over your bronze age arab tribalism are bought and paid for by saudi money. This is demonstrated by the fact that very few, if any, of them actually to convert to your bronze age cult despite how much sunshine the blow up its barbaric ass.

        In other words, if I write paper after paper and loads of books about how awesome the flying spaghetti monster is, because I believe that he is the most awesomest and has the best religion out there I’m going to become a pastafarian. That is if I wrote those papers and books out of a sincere belief of his awesomeness. However, if I wrote them just to make money I would never become a pastafarian.

        Now explain to us why very few of those “scholars” wrote all their treacly bullshi’ite about your bronze age barbarism but failed to become a bronze age barbarian like you?