AGAIN! Filthy Muslim videotaped bellowing the Islamic Call to Prayer at the Woodbury Common outlet mall in Harriman, NY

This time security comes over, but who do they confront? NOT the Muslim, but the person who was videotaping the shrieking spectacle of Islamic supremacism in action. The cameraman was warned not to take videos in the mall. The Muslim finally leaves, but not because he was told to by security.











71 comments on “AGAIN! Filthy Muslim videotaped bellowing the Islamic Call to Prayer at the Woodbury Common outlet mall in Harriman, NY

  1. I imagine a couple of professional wrestlers there. Can you imagine… “Hey Freakshow! do you think this is the place for that horrible caterwalling? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!” Followed by muzzie getting thrown out on his non-lifted @$$

  2. notice all the sheeple DO NOTHING!

    Islam is a Cancer and needs to be erradicated! It spews hate from the cradle to the grave and can NOT be allowed any longer to perpetuate inside the United States of America!

    this crap is a blaten assault on America and our judeo christian beleifs. This person is essentially slapping every person there in the face and no bady reacts! COWARDS!

    Any member of the nation of islam use my email, contact me directly if you dont like my comment! And i will let you know where you can come for your good ole fashioned American Ass whoopin!

    • MM, your email is only visible to me. I am trying to find out when this garbage is at the mall and I will confront him and then pitch a bitch to management.

    • Sheeple! Exactly! This is shameful to watch as so many people just casually walk on by without so much as offering a challenge to this rude, provacative, supremacist, pig turd.

      I feel nothing but shame and disgust at so many of my countrymen and women who haven’t the brains to recognise this act for what it truly is, and the balls to do something about it.

      They just quickly glance and carry on as if it is no big deal. Well, it is high time for torches and pitchforks people!

  3. Maybe if enough customers to the mall voiced their displeasure and threathened to stay away from the mall as long as this jackass is allowed to continue his ranting, then maybe the mall owner might think twice about telling the guy to stop taking the video and think more about shutting up the lousy Muslim. As long as he is allowed to get away with it, we know he will be back again to continue making noise. Isn’t that how Muslims are? Once they are allowed to block the streets to pray, they return daily. If they are kept from blocking the streets, then they might try to find another street but most likely would stay away from the one where they were removed.

    Perhaps walking more dogs where these scum want to pray is an idea. Leave the pooper scoopers at home.

  4. It’s simple : just walk in front of him with a black dog to see what happens …

    It’s a cardinal rule of the Islamic theology :

    « A menstruating woman with a black dog or a donkey walking in front of Muslims praying will invalidate the prayer….»


    Question : If a dog, woman or donkey walks in front of one, does that invalidate one’s prayer?

    Answer : With regard to that which invalidates the prayer, it is a donkey, a black dog, and an adult woman, because the Prophet said: “The prayer of a Muslim man is invalidated if he does not have in front of him something like the back of a saddle, by (the passage in front of him of) a woman, a donkey or a black dog.”

    More spiritual details on this religious procedure on this page :


    Is the Prayer invalidated by a Passing Woman?


    Understanding hadith: Women and Dogs nullify the prayer

  5. OHHHH I KNOW! Press my hands over my ears, drop to the floor and start howling in agony!

    Very passive aggressive, but the rent a cops couldn’t nail me for attacking the arselifter and they’d have a hell of time proving I wasn’t actually in pain.

  6. I think if I run across one of these islamists I will pretend like I think it’s a “flashmob” thing and join in and start singing the raunchiest song I can think of.

    Now taking suggestions…

  7. I would have stood in front of him, said the Lord’s Prayer, and then commanded his evil spirits to leave his body in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. I figure that would get a rise out of him at the very least… that would be hard. Hah.

    • Yeah, and what happens if the evil spirits DO leave, and he finds himself wondering what he’s doing there and why he’s got his butt hoisted into the air…. *beatific smile*

  8. Shut down and run off an asslifter in mid screed? This is how we do it back home:

    This gal in WV is really good – she can even out ululate a baghead:

    The stalwarts in OH have it goin’ on, too:

    I’d love to see a tour bus full of Arkansanians do their thing ipromptu:

    There are many more great vids from around the country; hog callin’ is an honorable and joyful sound. Who could complain, it’s cult-chural, don’tchew know? And pig is always in good taste, unlike…well, you know! 😉

  9. Punch the fucker in the throat,see if he can chant shit then !

    He is like a dog pissing on a lamp post,he was marking HIS territory.

  10. I instinctively would have screamed out for everybody to run away from him under the assumption that he is about to blow him self-up.

    I am sure that I would have probably been arrested for doing so.

  11. Everyone of us are deeply aware that if this was not a Muslim bellowing out DISTURBING the PEACE, but was a Christian or Jew SHOUTING out a prayer, every security person in the Mall would have immediately rushed over and made some very nasty comments. The police would have been called and the non-Muslim taken away in handcuffs and jailed.

    We are having Islamic sharia law imposed upon us! One law for HIGHLY FAVORED Muslims and another law for despised infidels. Vile and disgusting.

  12. I agree with jFp, respond with a positive message. Break into song, the National Anthem, Amazing Grace, What a Friend we have In Jesus, This is My Country… or, grab a soap box and exercise your own right to freedom of speech and religion. The main thing is to not allow this kind of arrogance to go unanswered. Actually, open-air preaching or speaking can be exhilarating and you’ll be thrilled by the positive response of those Americans standing around wondering what to do. Take the initiative!

      • BNI– My thought was predicated by two realities, first,that at present the terrorists act under the cover of the Constitution. We can’t destroy the Constitution in order to save it.
        Second, I believe our priority at present is to identify the danger surrounding and publicly stand against it. Physically assaulting this guy would simply result in my/your being arrested, jailed, charged with a hate-crime, excoriated in the press, and probably being forced to contribute my wealth to the coffers of the local mosque. Our best recourse at present is to continue to raise the awareness of the American people of the threat confronting us until there is an overwhelming demand of the seditious character of the religion of Mohammed, to end Mohammedan immigration, and massive deportation. The problem we are facing is going to take time to correct. Time, patience, perseverance, and the mercy of God.

        • John, I have no idea where to find the guy, and I won’t go looking for him. But I know my temper. If I ever encounter one of these pigs, as I’m too small to start a fight with him, I know I would get up in his face. Then, if he laid a hand on me, I would use a few tricks my Marine husband taught me. Let the media come.

        • This is essentially what I am saying. But we’ll need to have cameras rolling to document what happens. It is very likely he wants a confrontation, and CAIR is slithering around in the shadows.

  13. I’ve said it before. Stand beside him and interpret what he is singing into English. Make up anything you want.
    If you are really good at acting then do an exorcism on the devil within him. Hold up a cross at him and repeat ” it’s the power of Christ that compels you.”.

  14. It would Not do for me to be there! Noticed how he was pretty much in the WAY of anyone walking on that sidewalk!! But of course, in your face, always in your face. Doesn’t this asslifter have a mosque to do his screeching!

  15. This exhibitionist should have been immediately escorted to the parking lot and away from public display.

    If I was there, I would have registered a very loud protest over his most unwelcome morbid & threatening belly-aching by explaining that while the Old and New Testaments concern themselves with the love and teachings of God and Christ — the Qur’an instead expends considerable effort demonizing other religions and the people who practice them (see CSPI’s Statistical Islam) and check out this chart illustrating % of Islamic text devoted to jihad.

    Further, a pious Muslim who prays the five requisite daily prayers of Islam (as demonstrated by this unwelcome display of the Fatiha) he will recite the Fatiha seventeen times in the course of those prayers – EACH AND EVERY DAY.

    This is pure brainwashing the hatred of non-muslims into every believer 24/7/365.

    As Wafa Sultan states in her book “A God
    Who Hates”:

    “This verse describes Christians as “those who have gone astray” and Jews as “those who have incurred Your wrath.” We see from this that Muslims execrate Christians and Jews a number of times in the course of a single prayer, which they repeat five times a day.”

    execrate –verb
    1. to detest utterly; abhor; abominate.
    2. to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce

    See also: Spencer: Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 1, “The Opening”

    Islamic prayer is indoctrination to hate, building the foundation of hate enabling the training for violence. Do read Kinetic Effects of Prayer in Islam for further clarity.

    Why is this so difficult to comprehend? Islam is not about peace. Islam is about triumphalism and submission of all.

    LAN ASTASLEM (Arabic: لن استسلم )
    Know Islam = No Peace.
    No Islam = Know Peace.

  16. Sura 9: Non Muslims are ordered convert to Islam, Dhimmitude, sub-human status with mandatory payment of tribute, or death.
    This law is in effect today but in some Non Muslim countries, Muslim leader are instructed to remain silent about such issues.
    Muslims use stealth conversion done by first getting you to agree on small points then later, much later leading to the cutting off of hands and

  17. If he is allowed to bellow his Allahaaaaa, ideeeeeeooooo Ouuuoooo, You can sing something like “Sally Was A Good Old Girl”
    with hand clapping and dancing just as loud.
    I would do it in a hearbeat.
    The Raghead hollering about his call to raise your ass has no rhythm or melody.
    Maybe some of the silent dhimmies would join you. They can’t be enjoying his stupid yodeling!

    • Bob, I am tempted to go up there. I don’t live that far away. But I know I will get arrested for assault if I do.

      • Bonni, can you just go or send someone with a loud boombox to drown him out? Any info on how often he does this?

        Folks, complaining to mall management is a great idea. You might want to insist that you and your family refuse to patronize the mall and its stores as long as this is allowed to continue. Contacting corporate headquarters for each of the stores and complaining, insisting that you will discontinue patronizing ALL their stores, not just the ones at this location, would also be a good idea.

      • SHAZ, I am trying to contact the Youtube account holder who posted it to see when the POS Muslim is there.

        • Isn’t that the same guy in video with the kids in the schoolyard you posted last week???

        • I bet that elementary school is somewhere around Harriman, NY, I’m 99% sure that’s the same guy.

          itisi says:
          May 12, 2012 at 6:51 pm Alright. Now where is the school located?

          barenakedislam says:
          May 12, 2012 at 7:07 pm itisi, I wish I knew.

        • write as many anger letters your posinous hands will permit. i will still pray and there is nothing you can do

        • I will, are YOU asslifter in the video? If so, tell us when you will be there again.

        • Why don’t you find a nice tall tower in Cape Canaveral Florida to do your yodelling from, hopefully when Mission Control is present!

          Your looney Lunar deity awaits, CAIR bait!

  18. Most shopping malls don’t allow cameras especially video cameras. Many public stores such as supermarkets and department stores, prohibit these too. But you wonder if the Muslim can be cited for a public disturbance. Most malls also prohibit, among other things, swearing, obscene gestures, loud music or noises, passing out leaflets and literature, loitering, and malls require appropriate clothing i.e. wearing shoes, shirts.

    Freedom of expression and freedom of religion is a fundamental right under the Constitution, but not when it infriges upon the rights of others. And some limits to freedom of speech and religious activity are permissible under some circumstances.

  19. Again, this is not the humble, meek pious little muslim exercising his religion and praying to his god….

    This is an act of open aggression and hostile intimidation and should be treated as such.

    The muslim should have been thrown out of the mall and instead his ass was kissed by mall management.

    Please call them at this number below:

    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
    498 Red Apple Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    (845) 928-4000

    Ask them what they think they are doing by allowing a fanatical muslim to intimidate and frighten other shoppers in the mall.

    Passerbys should have gotten in this muslims face….and I mean in his face!!

    One more example of the cancer of islam as it creeps into our lives…

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

      • Copy of my message to them:


        I don’t agree with your administration allowing muslims to do their prayers on the premises of your shopping mall.

        Your mall is very nice and well-designed. It is a pleasure to shop there. But the pleasure is being voided by muslims who not only chant their call for prayer in mid-mall but also bring their families for the prayers.

        If you allow this, then you should allow Christians to stand next to the muslims. the former being allowed to ring a bell over the Muslim’s howling accompanied by recitations of psalms and prayers to Jesus Christ.

        FINALLY, if you need a good argument to stop these muslims before they outnumber everyone in the mall (normally the case when no one addresses the issue before it is too late), the qur’an (muslim holy book) clearly states that in the case where muslims cannot perform their daily prayers, they can recoup them at night when at home.


        • Dont preach what you dont know. “the qur’an (muslim holy book) clearly states that in the case where muslims cannot perform their daily prayers, they can recoup them at night when at home.” is totally not true.. leeving it on purpose is totally prohibited. Try skipping a whole day meal.. then recoup at night.. and keep it up for a month.. let see what will happen to you :))

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