MAYO CLINIC fires Female Genital Mutilation-supporting Muslim pediatrician

Dr. Elhagaly is no longer employed or caring for patients at Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea. We are working with his patients to transition their care to another physician. Female circumcision in children, referred to as female genital mutilation in U.S. legal statutes, is a felony-level child abuse crime. Mayo Clinic strongly opposes the procedure and it has never been performed at any Mayo Clinic facility.

CHANGE  (H/T Don L) Hatem Elhagaly (AKA “Hatem Al Haj”) worked as a doctor in Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Albert Lea, MN. His special interests are in child development.

He is also a proponent of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

In an Arabic-language paper entitledCircumcision of Girls: Jurisprudence and Medicine” (original here and here), Elhagaly (AKA “Al Haj”) repeatedly points to the idea that FGM is “an honor” for women, ignoring FGM’s extremely detrimental effects on women’s health and the barbarity of the practice. He attempts to justify his ideas by referencing scholars from several schools of Islamic thought and also the words of Muhammad, including the idea that FGM is desirable “because it is more beautiful to behold and better for her husband.” 

Hatem Elhagaly was taking care of young girls in Albert Lea, MN. We cannot entrust our children’s medical care to a man who supports horrific, brutal, and illegal mutilatory practices.

Learn more about him at his website where he says, “Some websites known for their Islamophobia have been waging a campaign against me because of statements I made regarding female circumcision, known as female genital cutting, (and many unjustifiably insist on calling all of its forms, female genital mutilation.”

Hatem Elhagaly is already gone from his job at the Mayo Clinic. I now demand that the various medical boards that support him revoke his certifications.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Short Bio
Dr. Hatem al-Haj


D.O.B.: 9/6/1388 AH. 09/02/1968 AD. Born in Cairo, Egypt
Currently, resides in the United States of America
Married and has four children


PhD in Comparative Fiqh from al-Jinan University, Tripoli, Lebanon, Grade: summa cum laude (excellent).
Master’s Degree in Islamic law (Sharee’a) from the American Open University, Grade: summa cum laude (excellent).
Board Certification in Pediatrics by the American Board of Pediatrics.
M.B., CH.B. (Equivalent to MD) Graduated with Honors from Alexandria University Medical School, Alexandria, Egypt


Currently, Dean of College of Islamic Studies – Mishkah University.
Currently, Part-Time Pediatrician.
1991-1994 Imam, Masjid al-Birr, Astoria, NY, NY.


The Building Blocks of Islam, President of the BOT.
Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA), Member of the Permanent Fatwa Committee
North American Imam Federation (NAIF), Member
American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow


74 comments on “MAYO CLINIC fires Female Genital Mutilation-supporting Muslim pediatrician

  1. What’s all this fuss about Female circumcision ? I am a happily circumcised Muslim woman and have no problem with it, so why should anybody ? I don’t have a smelly piece of skin covering my clit. So what. I am better off without it. I chose to have it removed when it gave me some problems including a bad smell which my husband found irritating and often complained about when we had oral sex. It also gave me painful irritations once in a while. My sex life has improved greatly since my circ. And its good to know that my religion Islam demands it, despite what some so-called Islamic scholars have to say about it. Even western women are going for it under the name of hoodectomy. Here’s a great site about it –

    • A bad smell? Infections?

      Regular cleaning with soap and water would have taken care of that. However, being a mohammadan supremacists suffering from islamically induced stupidity, that simple solution eluded you and your owner.

      I want to believe you’re a troll, but I’m afraid you’re the real thing.

      You keep your bronze age clit cutting. We, the humans of this world, will stick to good hygiene.

      • IC: I LOVE IT! You really laid it out.

        HELLO! I was a nurse for quite awhile and DUH: There’s a small difference between a horde of filthy Muslims, with dull metal knives, carving away inside the labia majora-with the bleeding and shock which would inevitably accompany that-and having a sterile operative procedure performed in a hospital.

        However: As IC states, there is absolutely no reason in the world to have any such ‘procedure’ since simple hygiene would obviate the need.

        Of course if you live with Muslim hygiene (wait, that’s a contradiction in terms) of course you’d have a smelly perineum. Kinda goes with the territory, doesn’t it?

    • If it is optional, that is totally your problem. The problem here is little girls being mutilated against their wills and by some nasty unclean person with a rusty knife or razor blade. If you are who you claim, surely you would not want this done to anyone without their permission.

    • Clearly you don’t even know what you have had done to your clitoris – or to be exact, the hood covering your clitoris. It is quite doubtful that the clitoral hood itself caused a repugnant odor that a simple bath wouldn’t resolve. There is a huge difference between removing the hood that covers your clitoris to expose the clitoris for heightened sensitivity, and having your entire clitoris removed. Had you actually had FGM, oral sex would do you little good, as you would derive no sexual pleasure from deadened nerves, scar tissue and PTSD. But then again, if you are truly a muslim woman, you would know that. You’d also know very well that your husband would have no interest, one way or another, in giving you any sexual pleasure – which is the whole point behind removing the clitoris. Muslim men are historically sexually selfish and woefully inept at sex with women – which is precisely the reason they have a woman’s desire completely removed, use them only for child-bearing and prefer sex with other males and goats over sex with women. I suspect that your post is some sort of lame attempt at justification or even humor about a horrifying, tortuous practice inflicted on helpless girls. However, I am more convinced that you are a man masquerading as a woman, and an illiterate one at that, because 1) any woman, and most men, knows that “Rose” is spelled with an “S”, 2) muslim men, in addition to being lousy lovers, are notoriously bad spellers and 3) a true muslim knows that islam is not a religion. Go get your jollies elsewhere, loser… like in your neighborhood barnyard.

  2. It would be great to send a donation to the Mayo Clinic in Albert Lea, MN and say THANK YOU for standing up for our young girls, and protecting them from this barbaric pediatrician.

  3. I still want the answer to WHY he was working there in the first place? My god! What have we not learned yet? YOU do NOT HIRE these PsOS! Anywhere!! Unless you want your asses sued, because they always come up with something to sue you on! Geee wonder how he’d like it IF someone cut his freaking dick off, just WACK it OFF! In the name of the almighty Allah of course – POS!

    • And people are horrified when they give me the name of a Middle Eastern doctor and I ABSOLUTELY refuse to go to one…male or female…I will not let them touch me. They are coming from such a dark place and belong to a cult that demands they do evil things and I cannot trust them.

  4. Don’t just de-certify him. Deport him.
    People like him are working to set back all the advances women have made in the west.

  5. Unless I missed seeing it here, someone has started a new petition to revoke the ‘good’ doctor’s credentials with:
    The American Board of Pediatrics (Board of Directors)
    American Academy of Pediatrics (Board of Directors)
    Minnesota Board of Medical Practice (Board of Directors)
    American Medical Association (American Medical Association)
    The American Board of Pediatrics (Maintenance of Certification)
    The petition is here:

    How this fuckin’ savage sits on the board of three highly respected American institutions dealing with children’s health and welfare is beyond me. These professional groups need to be exposed and embarrassed for harboring this traitor to the oath ‘first, do no harm’.


  7. You could guarantee that this mongrel is one of many muslim doctors and back yard bullies who get their jollies from torturing and maiming little girls. So why isn’t this vile barbaric practise forbidden by the United Nations or other humanitarian? organisations?

  8. Who the hell would take their kid to a pediatrician named Dr Hatem All Legally or Dr Hatem Illegally?

      • Mister, with the first name of “Hatem,” it wouldn’t matter to me if he was a Southern Baptist. He can’t be right as he was obviously reared by parents who “hatem” enough to have named him “Hatem.”

  9. From poster Asma Marwan:

    “Historically in Islam, female circumcision has meant cutting off some or all of the clitoris and its hood in order to reduce the stimulation of a female sexually so she will not be tempted to “roam.” I think that any procedure that inhibits the pleasure organ of the female, no matter how small, is a mutilation of the female genitals.

    Dr. al-Haj deems the cutting of the clitoris honorable? To me this says that his worldview is tribal with a culture of honor, shame and blame, that he has a cultural consciousness that depends on the belief that a man’s honor resides in a woman’s vagina and not in the moral traits of his own character.”

  10. BNI,

    As one who supported the dissemination of the petition and signed it, it was later brought to my attention that Dr. Elhagaly clarified his position on this issue.

    When I first saw the petition, I was appalled that a doctor practicing pediatrics(!) at a renown American medical institution actively supported FGM, which according to my understanding as practiced most commonly in Egypt (and I may be wrong), is the cutting out of the clitoris in its entirety. Apparently, this is NOT the type of cutting that Dr. Elhagaly supported, but something far less radical.

    I believe that we must be just and fair, especially if our beef with Islam that it is not that way (just and fair to non-Muslims) that we at least should try to be just and fair to differentiate ourselves from them.

    As much as I see that Islam in general thinks of women and often treats them as little more than chattel, and as we know, oftentimes far worse, I in no way condone the type of cutting that Dr. Elhagaly endorses, if for no other reason, because Muslim females already get the short end of the stick, why add injury to insult?

    Despite not liking the idea of cutting or nicking the clitoral hood, I think it’s only fair to point out the distinction between our conception of FGM and Dr. E’s.

    In the desire to be fair, I think that Dr. Elhagaly’s views merit being shared here, especially because his employment and reputation were/are at stake.

    • SS, I deleted most of your post. Don’t want to waste bandwidth on his CYA tactics.

      Why are you trying to be fair to a muslim who approves of FGM in any form?

      You should know better than to post that kind of crap here.

      • BNI, thanks for the above.

        The “ritual nick” to which he refers in an explanatory article on his site has no legitimate purpose. Advocacy of an illegal practice, no matter how minimal, is unacceptable. To which females exactly is ANY cutting of the genitalia “minimal” BTW? No health-benefit arguments can be made for FGM – we know that the muslims copied the Jews in the practice of male circumcision – and now practice it not as part of a Covenant, but as something prescribed by allah and their “prophet”, and use modern-day justifications of health benefits (lower penile cancer rates, for example) – but just “invented” legitimization of FGM for the purpose of controlling the sexual behavior of their females.

        He makes an argument for excision of the clitoral hood, somewhat analogous to removal of the male foreskin, with the exception that it provides zero benefit in the vast majority of cases. (In a video at his website, he proclaims that it prevents “morbid sexual excitement” ! ? !) The problem with his justifications is that this type of extremely limited “female circumcision” is so rare as to be virtually non-existent; the most common and widespread form involves complete removal of the entire clitoris, (and often the labia, including infibulation), analogous to the removal of the entire penis in the male. Obviously, this does not prevent sexual desire/arousal, but only sexual pleasure/release.

        The bottom line is that, as an islamic “scholar”, he is free to make whatever recommendations he wishes, but in his capacity as a physician in the US, where FGM of any and all types is illegal, he must suffer the consequences of his advocacy of such a practice. Advocacy of an illegal practice encourages people to break the law.

      • BNI: Exactly! Bottom line: As we all know, there is something seriously sick inside ANYONE routinely hacking at female babies’ genitals, but when that person is a pediatrician? There is NO DEFENSE. Wasted bandwidth? More like wasted breath.

  11. Ph.D. in Islamic Law.

    He really MISUNDERSTANDS Islam!

    Everyone knows that ‘Islam does not command FGM’.

    Sheesh! Another MISUNDERSTANDER with a Ph.D. in Islamic studies!

  12. Bonni,

    This firing is not enough….

    Someone in his home state has to do three things. File a criminal complaint with:

    The State Police.

    The FBI

    The Local Police.

    This guy needs to stand trial on criminal charges and then be deported.

    Further, there should be complaints laid through the various boards and certifying agencies in order that every single one of his patients is interviewed by not only law enforcement but by independent oversight bodies and officials.

    Is there anyone out there in this guys home state who is will to pursue this bastard in the manner he deserves?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Don, I don’t think they can do anything unless it can be proven he performed FGM on girls. He can’t be jailed for what he thinks.

      • I realize that Bonni, but there is certainly enough evidence there to prompt the launching of an investigation.

        Once interviews are conducted with patients its amazing how much will come to the surface….the trial and the slammer will come later…..but first the authorities need an official complaint in order to trigger the investigation.

        The Mayo Clinic will only cooperate in this matter once the investigation is underway, right now they are shitting their pants…….not have only massive liability issues have reared their heads but there are thousands of donors with very deep pockets who have given the Mayo Clinic millions of dollars and those same donors would be horrified to find out the Mayo Clinic had allowed this bastard to not only slip in through the sewer system…but to actually practice medicine……angry wouldn’t begin to describe the sentiments of the donors..

        That is where attention needs to be paid….many of us need to contact as many donors as possible and illustrate to them the funny little goings on that may have been taking place behind the doors of an American medical icon.


        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

        • Not only did I sign the initial petition, I’m going to have to sign any new petitions to revoke his licenses, and maybe even his citizenship, if he has it.

          Oh, and if he’s tried and convicted, put him in General Population, and let the inmates know he mutilated little girls.

  13. I believe Muslim males are required to be circumcised. However that is very different from FGM. I reckon FGM would equal cutting off the whole glans penis. Worse still – they sew up much of the labia and leave just a small opening making things very painful for the victim.

  14. It would be interesting to know if his female children have had female genital mutilation? I would think that the social workers, along with doctors, could legally investigate and it they have been mutilated that the savage doctor would be charged jailed and then deported for doing it or for allowing it to happen.

  15. Bonni – sorry for all the submissions. This is the one which should stand:

    The doctor now has his own petition, accusing us of “lying” and urging all to “rebuke the islamophobes”:

    Too late, he’s fired. Note that religion was only referred to in the context of his own words/writing – we attacked the PRACTICE. He’s the one who based the practice on his religion, not us!

  16. i couldn’t sign the original petition against this “thing” called a doctor fast enough i bet he is not circumsised and iknow a lot of people would love to take a rusty knife to his penis and start to cut with no relief.
    not only should he lose his credentials he should be deported.
    how can he say that that is a beautiful thing and better for the husband? Of course it’s better for the husland the woman has to suffer misery.

    • “…not only should he lose his credentials…”

      That’s a new one on me! They’re usually called the family jewels or…

    • It’s only better for the husband if the husband doesn’t like hearing his wife sing that oh so wonderful song they do when they’re REALLY getting off.

      Did I really just say that?

      *beatific smile*

      • Oh yes you did! LOL

        I’m sure though, even with their clitorises, muslimas don’t even get close reaching the point of no return.

        I’m sure mohammadan males were the inspiration for “two pump chump.”

    • If I’m not mistaken, ALL Muslim adult males
      are circumcised. However, if someone would
      step up and finish the job that was started
      and cut off the entire thing, then perhaps
      things would be “better for the wife”.

    • This is a repeat of the post that somehow
      ended up below, so I apologize in advance for
      the tedium when you encounter it !

      If I’m not mistaken ALL adult male Muslims are
      circumcised. However if someone would step up
      and finish the job that was started and cut
      off the entire thing, then perhaps things
      would be “better for the wife”.

    • before deportation he should be micro-chipped so if he ever tries to sneak back a very loud alarm would go off…and he could be found and dealt with….or better yet if he tries to come back the chip would stop him for good…

  17. Doesn’t the hipocratic oath begin with “First, do no harm”? Clearly, he lied when he made that oath.

    Because he’s a proponent of mutilating the genitals of little girls and women, one may assume his Mrs. has gone under the knife/razor blade/rusty-can-lid and “is more beautiful to behold and better for her husband.” I guess FGM is “better for her husband” because he doesn’t have to worry about sexually satisfying her…it’s all about his pleasure, and she’s just along for the ride. If God didn’t want women to have orgasms, He wouldn’t have created them so they could. Muzzie men are weak!

    • More than one moochit has said, “But I didn’t mean it~!~!” when confronted with an oath taken~!
      What I don’t understand is why in the Universe the MAYO ~! Clinic hired him in the first damn place~!~!
      A Frippin moochit in an American Medical Establishment????
      What an oxymoronic situation~!

    • CGW, he’ll have a hard time finding another job in the US. Time to go back to Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to make FGM mandatory.



    Here are a couple of telephone numbers.

    Please call the the good Dr’s office at


    and ask to speak to “Dr. Aly”….they have given him that folksy little abbreviation at the clinic. If he is not there leave a message.

    The call Patty Hareit, Mayo Clinic Public Relations, at


    and leave a comment on the answering machine.

    I left a comment indicating I was going to contact the Mayo Clinic’s donors and benefactors and inquire as to why the good doctor was allowed to practice his brand of Middle Eastern Magic in the first place.

    Lets have this bastard’s licences pulled.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada


  19. How in heck did he get a VISA to come to the United States. Send this barbarian home. Betty yet, investigate him for child abuse. I am sure that he performed FGM on girls in his Mosque. Evil by definition is Islam

      • You can be sure that not a few of us who visit this Website or subscribe to it have signed it. We can rejoice that he has been fired: that’s the first step, over which you’ve already seen my post of rejoicing in a previous comment-section.

        The second step is now to force him to leave both the USA AND the entire West!!! It’s not good enough for him to leave the USA and get employment in Canada or the UK – or even Russia or Poland. Out with him and ALL Moslems!!!!!

  20. How in the hell did a quack like this ever get a license to practice mutilation in a civilized country ?
    If they want him to be a doctor, perhaps he sould specialize on fish.
    He didn’t learn anything about “First of all, do no harm”.
    He should be disbarred and deported to the dung hole he came from.

    • AMEN!!!!

      If the word can be spread against him given his being two-faced (his saying one thing to Westerners and something quite different to his Islamic audience), at least we can make it that much more likely he’ll leave the USA – and hopefully the entire West!!! The sooner he’s back in his “dar al-Islam”, the better!!!!

      The sooner Muslims find themselves unemployed – and ineligible for any welfare!!! – the sooner they’ll leave – and we MUST fight the Commies infesting our governments, academic institutions, banks, etc. so that they’ll have a harder time helping their muztard allies!!!!

  21. Awwwwwww……does anyone have a tissue????….I’m squeezing out a few salty ones in sympathy…..I mean celebration….

    Now lets go to work and have the bastards licence to practice medicine removed….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Don’t stop with revocation of his license. Since he was born in Cairo, he needs to go back there, either willingly or otherwise. They need doctors there more than here, while they build up their new islamic nation. Why do these large institutions hire muslims? They hire persons from a lot of countries. I worked at Rochester Methodist a long time ago and there was already a tremendous assortment of countries and languages represented. A few years ago I worked in a large metro hospital and one evening I suddenly realized I was the only white American on that department. I was part time, but I had noticed that the full time American nurses were leaving and being replaced with recruits from India, Africa, Korea, and Philipines. I went to care for patients who would say, Oh, thank goodness, someone I can understand.” Yes, Mayo’s has a reputation to uphold and they will get rid of anyone who does not adhere to their standards.

  22. How about we hold these men down who practice this sordid crap and de-tally whacker the spanking monkey SOBs and then shove it up their corn holsters!

    • And you. CGW.

      I signed the petition after reading one of your posts over on JW.

      Good work!

      One small victory for the civilized world.

    • This whole topic feels like an actual kick in my gut. I can’t imagine anything so disturbing as holding down a little girl and mutilating that hyper sensitive part of her body. They belong in hell forever.

    • You’re quite welcome! And we will keep the petitions going until this filthy stinking arselifter is NOT ONLY out of the Mayo Clinic but out of the medical profession and back to the Arab sh–hole he crawled out of!!

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