More good news about the growing backlash against the Islamization of Europe

Anders Breivik aside, anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe no longer is the exclusive property of the right wing and has worked its way into mainstream thinking. Slowly awakening from a long slumber, native populations now view Muslims as ungrateful intruders, who overtax the welfare systems, refuse to assimilate, and demand special accommodations for their religious practices that no other religious group could expect.

So, is it any wonder that parties on the right and even the far right are gaining real traction, pushing for severe limits on Muslim immigration and deportation of all Muslim convicts, as well as backing laws that ban the building of minarets, limit mosque construction, and prohibit the wearing of muslim face veils in public?


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  1. Accommodation in Islam is a one way street i.e you get absorbed or you die. Europe has committed demographic suicide thanks to cretinous bleeding heart liberals who genuinely believed in this shit called ‘all religions are equal’.

    Muslims are hell bent on showing that ain’t so. Sadly idiots like Merkel would rather bury their heads in sand and pretend things are fine and dandy. The founder of this cult was a bandit, slave taker and a pedophile. No wonder he has whelps like ISIS.

    Islam = Hybrid of HIV and Ebola, rest is academic crap. Personally, for me between an infected scrotum and Islam I will prefer the former.

    A moderate Muslim is like a passive carrier of HIV. He can still infect you. A moderate Muslim is an imaginary creature like the non-violent terrorist.

  2. Norway’s misguided anti-discrimination legislation makes it difficult to create statistics showing the downside of Moz immigration: welfare fraud, inbreeding of children and health costs of it, teaching the immigrants the language and educating them, and RAPE, THEFT and DRUG DEALING. Norway probably has as many or MORE Moz rapists as SWEDEN.

  3. Funny six months ago the sounds were when are people going to wake up.
    Not only are the people here in the USA waking but aroung the world.
    Bonni did you notice that when you decided to keep fighting when all looked lost, that the tide changed? I did! Laughed my ass off too.

    • ICE, it has not turned very much. Look who got elected president in France. We have a long, long way to go.

      • Perhaps, but we must be in it for the long haul. The people who pushed and strove to resurrect the Jewish state, they were in it for the long haul, and though it took the near-extermination of the Jewish people in Europe, they got it done.

        Those who began the anti-Slavery movement in the West (almost from the time it started to take hold in the Spanish Americas in the early 16th century) were in it for the long haul. Various European nations brought a halt to the slave trade in their spheres of control, and then ended Slavery wherever they could. Even the US, which eventually came to civil war partly over Slavery, the Abolitionists were in it for the long haul, and won out.

        The drive to guarantee voting rights for Women was a long-haul process in the West. They stuck it out and won over. Same with the Civil Rights movement in the US and elsewhere. They were in for the long haul and won out.

        So, I’m telling you, Bonni, DO NOT WEAR OUT! DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT GIVE IN! As Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never, never give up.” As the old Gospel song that was an anthem of the Civil Rights movement says, “We shall overcome!”

        *HUG* Tides turn slowly, sometimes. However, they do turn. Glad you’re here.

        *gets off soapbox*

      • Bonni we do have a long way to go. However prophecy must be fullfilled wether we like it or not.
        The French and Germans have a very big role to play.
        The USA is a BIG GUN on the side of GOD that is why we are moving along, sometimes at a very slow pace according to the instant fix generation.

        Your snarky took a little bit of a hit after the CAIR slam. However you are back on point once again. Welcome back MISS SNARKY.

  4. If you can trust Al Jazeera…. Chances are they’re a bunch of whiners like CAIR.

    But I really hope it’s true, and anti-immigrant sentiments and the major media reflect the stark and ugly truth about Islam and its negative effects on the West.

    They need to be in their own Muslim lands, keeping their dysfunction contained.

    • SS, believe it or not, I often find that al-Jazeera paints a more accurate portrait of what is going on re:Islamization than our own MSM.

  5. The US needs to get ahead of this NOW, before we have a slaughter. If you come to America, then become an American.

  6. A pause in the irrationality of an entitlement welfare culture is welcome, for example the rise of Conservative (not “far-right”) parties like Wilders’ PVV.

    Germany however, the sugar-daddy of the EU, is getting weary of subsidizing the endless entitlements and bailouts for the impecunious countries of the EU. The insolvency of for example Greece, and soon we may see France fraying at the seams, is causing them to tilt hard left again.

    When individuals are scared they look toward statism to save them, which as we know, always ends in disaster.

    Conflicting forces at work. Hard to make a call on this one, with the insolvency on one hand and its reaction, and the Islamization on the other, and its reaction.

  7. Not an instant too soon – it just can’t possibly come prematurely!!!!

    ALL Muslims who don’t accept to completely and publicly renounce that Satanically-EVIL ideology ought to be deported back to wherever they came from!!! [Those who’re Caucasian converts without Muslim ancestry should be dumped into Iran if Shi’a, Saudi Arabia otherwise.] ANYBODY who has committed grave crimes like murder, rape or permanent wounding (e.g., amputation) should however be publicly executed!!!

    Europe, like the entire West, has GOT TO PURGE this Muslim CANCER from inside of herself; and the same applies to any and all Commies!!!! [Communists who’re not guilty of terrorist crimes (à la Red-Brigades, Baader-Meinhof, ETA, etc.) deserve permanent exile to North Korea or other Communist countries – those that have blood on their hands (murder, rape, manslaughter while carrying out bombings, etc.) ought to likewise be executed in public!!!]

    • You must to make sure they curse that criminal, assassin, slaveholder, assailant, and megalomaniac known as muhammad and his imaginary friend allah (also known as iblis or muhammad’s inner voice), otherwise they can deceive you.

  8. I spoke with a smug Muslim who said Muslims would breed us whites out of power and then take over. I said judge us by our past not by our leaders and his eyes grew wider. Apparently, he had never considered there would be resistance from us.

  9. I just saw this quote from professional douche-bag Ben Affleck, and had to share it with you:

    “There is a perception in some circles that Islam is inherently more violent than Christianity, that this notion of Jihad is inherent in Islam and leads Muslims to be more brutal than Christians. I think that is false.”

  10. Here is a closing paragraph of a letter/heated exchange I had with the Bacha Bazi Beauty of CAIR, Ahmed Rehab… relates to the growing anger across the world at the outrageous and murderous acts and campaigns of muslims…..soon the traffic will be flowing in the opposite direction on Ellis Island as we send our most unwelcome muslim guests home….oh soon….so deliciously soon.

    “your hour is at hand….soon we will have the legislative, congressional and legal
    mechanisms required for your removal from North America. Sooner than you think Ahmed, we will be standing on your doorstep, weapons and deportation
    orders in hand… will be loaded onto buses and sent to internment
    camps…..we will not be moved by weeping and wailing women in headbags and body bags…we will not be moved by Mainstream Media and their close-ups of crying children…..we laugh until we pee our pants at the close-ups of the befuddled buffoons like Nihad Awad and his dull-witted lapdog, Ibrahim “Dougie” Hooper of CAIR…in a state of disbelief that we had finally had enough of them…….from there all of you will be deported and repatriated back to the
    islamic toilet of a country of your choice…..that day is fast approaching
    Ahmed……it is almost here…and I will be standing at the airport Ahmed handing you each a bag lunch (halal of course) for your trip back home…..of course there will be no security checks as you and your fellow molester worshiping muslims board your plane….that way should one of your spy a muhammad cartoon, a pair of panties or a brassiere in mid flight and go batshit and set yourselves alight….well lets just say the sharks will have a smorgasbord of putrid flash on which to dine…..of course rumour has it that the word is out…..muslim cadavers are considered by bottom feeders to be haram…apparently the pour souls who noshed on the wretched corpse of Osama had indigestion for weeks….

    But I digress…..

    Should your planes manage to make it back to those filthy islamic shitholes you call home you can spend the remainder of your miserable lives there terrorizing, murdering, violating and mutilating each other to your hearts content….and then once a year you can send us Christmas cards telling us about “Islam The Religion of Peace”…..and we’ll laugh and laugh and laugh…

    Until then my dear sweet Ahmed,

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

      • Initially he answered several times in response to various emails and in response to a piece I wrote after the Norway shootings….but, not flattering myself, his arguments wouldn’t hold and in the end all he could manage to come up with was garden variety personal insult and invective…

        Of course the entirety of his arguments were sent out in emails to all of CAIR and most of their terrorist buddies like ICNA, ISNA and MAS, the effect was Ahmed Rehab just pulled up the draw bridge….kinda like Mostapha Tolba of MAS did recently…..Mostapha’s final counter-point of brilliance was to tell me to “go bite my finger in rage”…

        I chose to crack open a cool one instead and toasted their health……I mean demise..

        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • You shouldn’t reveal the plan to the mooslimes. Do the jeehadis tell you in advance when they will bomb or how they plan to subvert potential anti-ialamic legislation etc.

      They will be ready for whatever they need to do to counter it with help from bleeding hearts and dhimmi morons.

      Many senators can do their bidding if you throw a few milions their way just the chris christie , Norquist shill for islamic subversion.

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