“Yes, we ARE at war with Islam,” say 73% of American voters

In other words, most American voters disagree with Barack Hussein Obama who said, “We are not—and never will be—at war with Islam. It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al-Qaeda.”

WND  Rasmussen Reports found that 73% of mainstream U.S. voters believe there is a conflict in the world between Western civilization and Islamic nations, and a plurality (49%) believe most of the world’s Muslims view America as an enemyThe numbers became even more significant when separating mainstream U.S. voters from a group Rasmussen calls the “political class.” Only half of Rasmussen’s “political class” acknowledges a global conflict, and 62 percent reject the idea that Muslims view the U.S. as an enemy.

A series of polls released over the last few weeks shows most Americans believe a global conflict is raging between Islam and the West.

Specifically, Rasmussen Reports polls found that 63 percent of likely U.S. voters believe a battle is brewing, while only 18 percent deny the divide.

Furthermore, when asked about many Western nations’ support of the populist uprisings known as “the Arab Spring,” only 26 percent of voters think the United States should do more to encourage the growth of democracy in the Islamic world, while 58 percent say the United States should leave things alone.

Similarly, 61 percent of mainstream voters suspect a terrorist attack in the U.S. in the next year is likely, while 70 percent of the political class see little or no chance of such an attack.

Rasmussen found that taken as a whole, however, only 11 percent of likely U.S. voters think the war on terror is over, while 79 percent say that war, declared after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America, is still ongoing.

Rasmussen explains it defines “political class” as the subset of Americans whose answers to poll questions reveal they look primarily to governing elite – rather than the American people – to best rule the nation.

The “political class,” therefore, isn’t actually composed of D.C. and Wall Street insiders, but Rasmussen explains, “Experience has shown that political class voters share the views and attitudes of the elites they support. … In many cases, the gap between the mainstream view and the political class is larger than the gap between mainstream Republicans and Democrats.”

On the issue of international Islamic relations, Rasmussen found 80 percent of Republicans and 62 percent of unaffiliated believe there is a global conflict today between Western civilization and the Islamic world. Just 46 percent of Democrats agreed.

There’s little partisan disagreement, however, when it comes to what the United States should do about it, Rasmussen found: Majorities of all three groups say America should stop fueling the Arab Spring that has already toppled several more secular governments in the Muslim world.


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  1. i know im gonna get hate for this comment, but we are not at war with islam nor is islam with us. We are at war with the 16% of islam called Shiites. They are extremist groups. the sunnis are peaceful religous people andthey make up the majority of islam. if you went to school you would know that in the kuaran it states that THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK are not to be forced into conversion or prosecution because they are simply people with a different book(I.e The holy bible and the Torah) to say we are at war with islam is like saying we are at war with the people of our own nation that worship islam. do not say we are at war with a religion ifthe majority is actually peacful…

    • Those verses about people of the book were partially abrogated because those people are meant to be taxed into destitution, even SLAVERY, and persecuted by means short of death until they convert to Islam or die!!!!

      Make NO mistake: we are at war with ALL OF ISLAM!!!!! ALL of Islam is OUR MORTAL ENEMY that MUST be exterminated for the good of ALL life on this planet!!!!!

    • Except that conveniently leaves out everyone who isn’t a “person of the book” (any non-Jewish or non-Christian person)- and ignores that when a Caliphate is established (as ISIS claims it is), the rules of Islamic “holy war” change.

  2. The reality is that Islamic religion is inherently evil and is hell bent on world domination.

    Muslims are also the biggest religious hypocrites on the planet, proclaiming a peaceful, honest and righteous path whilst being responsible for drug sales, fraud and paedophilia on an unprecedented scale especially in the UK.

    Wake up people, they hate everything western democratic countries stand for, their own women are treated like enslaved 2nd class citizens and western women are looked upon as scum to be raped and treated as badly as they see fit to fulfil their own perverted and morally bankrupt sexual wants.

    Ask yourself a very simple question, if you didn’t like the weather, the customs, the food, the laws or people of another country, would you emigrate there………I think NOT. Why then are they here???

    Show me a moderate, peace loving Muslim and i will show you a liar, telling you what you want to hear…………………..sort of reminds you of politicians really.

  3. Islam is like a cancer . And YES Hussein Obama , we are at war with islam . Those dessert warriors are at war with the whole world , they killed 270.000.000 people in 1400 years !! Europe is burning . We have to fight back and stop them now .


    • Hello. My name is Jama. And Im a Muslim. Sorry. I know you don’t like us Muslims. But I will try really hard to populate the west with my offspring. So their will be more Muslims than none Muslims. this will be my contribution to the west. Thank you. The pleasure is all mine. Lol (”-)

      • Jama:

        1) Why don’t you think instead about WHY are you Moslems so INTENSELY DISLIKED, EVEN HATED in the West???

        2) The more Moslem offspring you have, the more wretched good-for-nothing Untermenschen we’ll be forced to expel or exterminate one fine day!!!! I assure you that we PROUD Western “infidels” will NOT put up with your Satanic people, ideology, totalitarianism, degradation of Almighty God’s Creation much longer!!! We WILL fight back!!!

        3) Among the consequences of my point #2 may well end up that Mecca, Medina, Damascus, Baghdad, Qom, Mashhad, Karbala, Riyadh and other important Moslem cities will be wiped off the surface of this miserable earth via nuclear explosions turning them all into smooth GLASS!!!!!

        4) ALL these things will happen unless God Has Mercy upon your totally-deceived souls and turn you away from your ANTICHRIST “prophet” Mohammed the liar, thief, rapist, pædophile, murderer and GENOCIDE!!!! Again, Mohammed is a supreme DECEIVER who is the WORST POSSIBLE kind of example for ANYBODY!!!!!

        • “John”, you truly are coming across as a Moslem and/or Communist shill!!!

          I too am – or am trying to be – a Christian and know all too well that while not knowing everything (thanks be to God, for only He Knows Everything!!!), I know enough about Islam to realise its MORTAL THREAT to the existence of ALL LIFE on this planet of Earth!!!!!

  4. While Islam IS at war with us, and ALL the free peoples of the world, WE have yet to wage the war they deserve. As the internet spreads the word and raises the alarm, They will try everything they can to shut it down or censor the content. The Islamic Cyberjihahd will be next. Of, course, as usual, they will fail miserably at that too.

    • i feel real sorry and i see why our education system is failing so miserably. Either these people commenting on this website have an agenda or they are some of the dumbest people on the face of the earth. there are about 2 billion muslims in the world in every race and the more you bash muslims the more they multiply; islam is not going to stop and no body can stop except god himself; i think we should all sit down and talk rather than kill each other. us jews, Christians and muslims been killing each other for how long (thousands of years)did that solve anything. imagine for a moment all that energy that we have spent over the years killing each other, if we had spent that energy helping each other just imagine were we will be at today . we need the media to do its job and bring (program people) that’s what they do program us into being peacefull with each other, we can accomplish a lot. may god guide us

      • LIAR!!!!! The maximum I’ve seen of estimates of Moslems on this earth totals 1.6 Billion!!!

        Second, we PROUD “INFIDELS” know better than to trust ANY Moslems (Qu’rân verses 5:51, 9:5 through 9:49 and 8:12, among MANY others, prove to us just how ANYBODY who trusts them is stretching out his neck for the Moslem knife!!!) – your taqiyya and kitman utterly DISGUST ANY AND ALL THINKING PEOPLE WORLDWIDE!!!!

        If your name is really what you make it out to be, you’re a truly FINE TRAITOR to your ancient people; if not, you’re really out to “take us in”!!! MONSTER, we know better – GO ELSEWHERE, on some leftist (Communist) Weblog!!!!

        We have NO agenda other than to throw every last Moslem man, woman and child OUT OF THE WEST!!!! [And also insist on any and all Westerners in “dar al-Islam” returning back home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!]

        You and your kind have been at war with us for a full 1,400 years – and you have killed 275,000,000 “infidels” during that time. NO THANK YOU!!!!!

        • Thank you so very much, dear Ms. BNI: when people like “John” (who truly comes across as a Moslem or a Communist aider-&-abettor thereof!) start using that kind of gutter language (not to mention that he’s believing what likely is a Saudi-written textbook!!!!) in addition to denying established facts, then we know that they’re our ENEMIES…

  5. We are not at war with a religion. We were not attacked by al-Qaeda. We are not at war with al-Qaeda or Taliban.

    Islam: a Goddamn continuing criminal enterprise of perpetual warfare is at war against us. We need to destroy it, entirely. We need to eradicate Islam. We need to exterminate Muslims.

    While one Goddamn Muslim is alive on the face of the earth, the war is not ended; it will resume and continue.

    Every Goddamn Muslim who is able bodied is going to hell unless he goes to jihad. Participation in jihad is the Muslim’s Get out of Hell free card. Without it, he is doomed to eternal damnation.
    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 9&l=eng&nAya= 38# 9_ 38

    What does Allah mean by “painful torment”? He means burning. Burn yer skin off, give you a new skin to burn off. Repeat endlessly. Feeding you toxic, bitter nettles and pouring boiling water down yer throat.
    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 73&l=eng&nAya= 12# 73_ 12

    What will save the Muslim from that “painful torment”?
    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 61&l=eng&nAya= 10# 61_ 10

    What is in store for the Muslim who fights and is killed in battle?

    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 78&l=eng&nAya= 31# 78_ 31

    What are believers and what do they do? Only those who sold their souls to Satan; who fight and die in his cause.

    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 9&l=eng&nAya= 111# 9_ 111

    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 49&l=eng&nAya= 15# 49_ 15

    And terrorism? Damn right! Terrorism is an act of righteousness which earns a ‘slime extra credit towards an upgrade in Allah’s celestial bordello.

    http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 9&l=eng&nAya= 111# 9_ 111

    While there is Islam; while there are Muslims, there is perpetual war. Want it to end? Exterminate Islam or induce mass apostasy and exterminate the recalcitrant recidivists who remain enslaved to Satan.

    Those are your options, there are no others except defeat, subjugation and slavery.

  6. BHO can take his lofty platitudes about how “we are not at war with Islam” and shove up his arrogant arse!! WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAM and the arselifters that support the demonic DEATH CULT they call Islam, so, so long Arselifter-in-Chief come the next election!!

  7. Why do the American people allow that ahole Obahma to espouse islam and speak for the mass of the American People. His speeches should be edited by Congress!

  8. Taqyyia is not acceptable in America, Mr President, or have you forgotten? Yep, he is a Muslim at heart! His roots are too deep in Islam, to be a good, patriotic, honest President! PLEASE GET HIM OUT NEXT ELECTION!

  9. this man is so delusional that he believes his own lies. We are at war and the sooner we all accept it the better off well all will be.

  10. Those who follow the teachings of the Qur’an are the enemy

    Yesterday I saw four “Black Widows” (muslim women in full black gear and niqabs) in Whitby, Ontario.

    They are coming Canada, they are coming !!!!!!!!!! ! ! !

  11. Back in the days of Thomas Jefferson, America was paying “Jizyah” a tax, or, in modern terms
    protection money to the Barbary Pirates. Thomas Jefferson stopped these payments by sending the US Marines into North Africa to get rid of the Pirates.
    Today the US Government is once again paying “Jizyah” in the form of financial help to muslim countries.
    It’s time for the West to wake up and see what the muslims are doing to Europe.

    Although I must say, I think the people of Europe are finally waking up to the problem of the muslim scourge.

    God Bless the “European Defence League”

  12. This guy must have his head examined. How long he thinks that he can fool the people?

    The first World War was not a “war against Mustard Gas”, Mustard gas was a weapon. The enemy was Germany and Central Powers.

    The Second World War was not against the famous German aircraft “The Messerschmitt”, The Messerschmitt was a weapon. The enemy was fought was Germany, Italy, and the other Axis Powers.

    The Third World War, which the US is fighting now, is not a war against terror. Terror is a weapon. A weapon called for by the enemy’s textbook, the Koran (Qur’an).
    The enemy is ISLAM and its teachings of Dar al-harb (Adobe of Devastation or realm of Warfare).
    Its 14 century (al-qaeda did not exist) old jihad against all who do not accept its medieval morality, and its demands to impose dhimmitude (status of civil subjugation) on any who resist its insistence upon submission.


    So long as our leaders and the media do not abandon that self-defeating form of “political correctness”, which requires them to substitute the name of a weapon for the name of the enemy, movement will continue to conquer and devour every culture, every civilization and every faith that doesn’t submit to its demands.

    What some apologists call “Islamism” and “islamoFascism” and “ Extremist Islam” are not aberrant strains of Islam, they are in fact, pure Islam.

    Muslims around the world know very well that Islam is the target. They understand the truth which we continue to hide it.

    • dear ronyvo, I am sure you have noticed that the media is loathe to print the fact that the “Terrorists”,”Extremists” and as they call them in England “Asians” are in fact all Muslim, Islamic would be conquerers…. How can we face the real danger that faces the West if we are not informed of the truth by the media….

  13. Come on guys and gals if you really don’t believe that Islam is not at war with the west, you are drinking way too much of the Obama elixir. Either that or the latte socialists are so deeply mesmerized by the futile leftist concept of coexistence and multiculturalism they can’t find their ass with both hands. The sheeple are blind and being led to slaughter.

  14. Obama can continue to stick his head up his azz and live in his make-believe world but he won’t take the rest of America with him!

  15. Islam has declared war upon the west and America specifically, several times. Osama Bin Laden even sent a letter to the NY Times and the White House, affording the American people the opportunity to convert to Islam. Our failure to convert, in the minds of Islamic leaders, justified their attacks upon us and our interests.

    Although Clinton, Bush and Obama have all said we are not at war with Islam, and turned around and proved it by not aggressively fighting to win in Iraq and Afghanistan, Islam is very much at war with us. Hillary Clinton can’t understand why the Taliban won’t let us surrender to them..it is because we must convert, become slaves or die. Islam is akin to the playground bully. Sooner or later he is going to want your lunch money…might as well go to war the first time, rather than down the road.

    Yes, Islam is at war with America and the west. No, America is not at war with Islam and thus far, our elected officials have just continued to give up the lunch money, in the form of foreign aid. It is time America not only admitted we are at war with Islam, but acted like it.

    • why islam is not at war with brazil, venezuela, cambodia, vietnam and many other countries out there that are not muslims. i am a muslim i have christian and jewish friends that i hold dear; i just don’t understand where you get the notion that us muslims are at war with you. you don’t see muslim armies on the streets of america or europe, but you will see our american and european troops on their land. its time to get real the only 3 religions in the world that are basically the same are at war. the only way we are going to be at war is if we fall for the devils like a lot of people posting up here to set us up and take our people to kill each other. but i hope that day never comes. because they have tried many many times and didn’t work and we are too civilized nowadays to go out like that. god bless everybody here and may god also guide us all in the right direction.

      • Actually, Islam IS at war with THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Many Moslems have infiltrated their way into Latin America, only waiting for the commands from Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and MANY OTHER terrorist leaders to go into action killing us everywhere!!!!

        BEGONE, Moslem GOOD-FOR-NOTHING!!!!!

        [And no, Islam is NOWHERE NEAR to being the same as Judaism, let alone Christianity!!!!!]

      • For example, I remember reading not that long ago about 10% of Guyana (British) being Moslem!!! I can only imagine as to why we don’t hear the ugly news from THAT quarter of the world about killings (Moslems’ favourite sport!!!), rapes, thefts, &c….

    • we might not be at war with the muslim’s but they are at war with us and there goal is to kill all non believers so we better wake up and go to war with our enemy.
      don’t get caught with your pants down like we did when japan actacted usg get ready and be ready

  16. Americans are smarter than Obama.

    Guess what, Mr. President? (‘Death to America.’)

    Moslems ARE at war with America. (‘Death to America.’)

    Moslems know that they are at war with America, because the Koran and Hadiths command them to make war on the Kafirs and subjugate them. (‘Death to America.’)

    So you are wrong, Mr. President. (‘Death to America.’)

  17. Anyone who has read the Quran knows that Islam is and always has been at war with the Christian and Jewish West. We have been idiotic about what we have done and not done in relation with both Islamic nations and individual Muslims. We must be much smarter.

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