New French president wastes no time in bowing down to Islam – BANS PORK from Presidential Elysee Palace

And you thought Sarkozy was an Islamopanderer. Not even in office for a week and Francois Hollande has banned all dishes containing pork products from all government offices, in deference to France’s demanding and perpetually offended Muslim population. How long before he unbans street prayers and burqas?

Revolts in Europe (H/T Susan K)   Effective immediately, the new French head of state never again will allow pork to pass his lips…or the lips of his staff, other government officials, or foreign guests.

With this decision, Hollande embraces the profound change in the French ethnic and religious population, with Christians becoming slowly extinct, replaced by the massive and permanent infestation of Muslim occupiers.

The new president’s decision is payback to the Muslim electorate, who overwhelmingly – 93% – voted for him. Formerly banned from the USA (until Obama took office) controversial Islamist Tarik Ramadan, called on France’s 700 mosques to support Hollande.

Pork will be replaced with mutton or beef slaughtered in the most inhumane way possible – Islamic approved halal slaughter. Muslim authorities in the country welcomed the decision, celebrating France’s demise as a Christian nation and moving it toward becoming the first European Islamic state.

HALAL-opponents in Paris donned pig masks to protest a restaurant chain’s Halal menu. I wonder if they will stage a protest against the Presidential palace?


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  1. [Bonni, Revolts in Europe has removed the entry. No reply as yet as to where that story came from, so it’s only speculation as to its origin.]

  2. Since 9/11, I have felt that it will be France that will lead Europe, and then the rest of the West, out of hole that the past and present politicians have put us in.

    Alain, you are right. France deals properly with traitors – no Nuremburg trials for traitors. They deserve no such fairness.

    • Actually, I remember reading about Charles de Gaulle and his people putting both Pierre Laval and Philippe Pétain on trial for betraying France and working as Nazi collaborators while leaders of the Vichy régime.

      At least the verdicts weren’t too slow, and they were carried out without delay: Pétain, initially sentenced to death (like Laval), had his punishment commuted to life-imprisonment by de Gaulle, and so he died a few years later on the island of Yeu. Laval was executed by firing squad (though not a few people, including the bulk of his fellow-prisoners in the jail of Fresnes, felt that the sentence was apparently unjust). Those would presumably qualify as miniature equivalents of the Nürnberg trials.

      • Yes, but to be fair to Petain, I think he got handed an awful situation and did what he THOUGHT was best for France (it wasn’t) under what had to be, for him, most horrifying circumstances. Laval, on the other hand, was a Nazi sympathizer through and through, and RICHLY deserved his execution. Only problem is that laval should probably have been drawn and quartered.

        • I see your point about Petain DSD, however, his (as well as Darlan and Laval’s) actions were nothing less than collaboration with the enemy, entered with eyes wide open, arrogantly believing a starving alligator would therefore be appeased, tamed and handled. Numerous lines were crossed, which was unforgivable, and as for resorting to declaring patriots traitors when the situation completely escapes you…

          Collaboration can NEVER be defended, nothing good can ever come out of it, as was perfectly illustrated. Therefore, NEVER AGAIN!

        • I see your point. I wasn’t trying to either excuse or defend Petain, though. Just pointing the primary difference between Petain and Laval.

        • Got you DSD, and rest assured I now you were neither excusing nor defending :-)

          It’s just me: thinking of what those traitors did enrages me!

  3. Time to have a running of the pigs in France, all the way to the dhimmi presidents house. Hopefully those Muslim filth blocking traffic in the street get trampled by the hogs and step in pig poo. You guys can borrow some of our hogs, we have 19 million of them.

    • Apparently you mean something like the “running of the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain… Laugh out loud…

      [Especially the thought of the Moslems getting trampled by their “favourite” animals… It would so serve them right!!!!]

    • And beer, cognac, whiskey and brandy (e.g., Courvoisier, Grand-Marnier).

      Either way, so is it his given-name or surname that has the Arabic equivalent of “penis”? [Boy oh boy, how I positively HATE the sound of Arabic: it’s a barbarian’s language all right!!!!…]

  4. Je n’aime pas cette information !!! ça me fait peur ! Mais juste pour avoir des voix et être élu il va tuer la France et les autres pays vont suivre ?
    Mais on pourra faire tout ce qu’on veut pour interdire le porc, il y en aura toujours.
    Sa constitution anatomique et biologique proche des humains et sa facilité d’élevage ont fait que le cochon est utilisé en recherche médicale et dans des applications thérapeutiques : chirurgie cardiaque, production d’insuline, héparine (anticoagulant).
    La taille de ses organes internes est la même que celle des humains, ce qui en fait un bon candidat aux xénogreffes.
    La peau du cochon est très proche de celle des humains, et peut, comme celle de l’homme, recevoir des coups de soleil (contrairement à un mythe répandu, ce ne sont pas les seuls animaux pour qui c’est le cas16). Elle est utilisée pour le traitement des grands brûlés.
    Qu’on soit chrétien, bouddhiste, autre et même les musulmans sont des hommes, donc eux aussi sont proches du porc… et tous nous pouvons être susceptibles de recevoir une greffe

      • Let’s see if I can help you, dear Ms. BNI. [Youmie (et Alain avec d’autres français et françaises), je vous en prie, s’il vous plaît, de me corriger si je fais des erreurs – Youmie (and Alain plus other Frenchmen and women), I ask you to please correct me if I make mistakes.]

        “I don’t like this news!!! – it scares me! But [could it be] correct given his having the voices (votes?) and having been elected? He’ll kill France and the other countries will follow!

        “You can do all you want to ban pork, it will always be around.

        “The pig’s biological and anatomical constitution (make-up) is close to that of humans and its ease of production has made it to be used in medical research and therapeutic work: cardiac surgery as well as the production of insulin and the anticoagulant heparin.

        “The number (arrangement plus make-up?) of its internal organs is the same as that of humans, which makes it a good candidate for xeno-transplants (transplants of body-organs coming from animals).

        “The pig’s skin is very close to that of humans and can – like that of Man – be burned by the sun (contrary to widespread myth, pigs aren’t the only animals susceptible to sunburn). It’s used for burn-treatment (for large burns). Whether one’s a Christian, Buddhist or anything else – Moslems included – we’re all close to pigs, and we all can receive transplants.”

        Hopefully this helps (que cela aide)…

        • ADHD, thanks. My high school French gave me the gist of it but it’s a good comment that I wanted others to see.

        • That’s ironic, Ms. BNI, given that I didn’t even pass 1st-year university French after doing decently in it through 5 years of high-school. [Probably my mental troubles are the things responsible.]

          Either way, I could amend my translation of the second sentence to be “But just (in the sense of appropriate) given his having the voices (votes) and having been elected….”

          Also, the fourth paragraph should really be: “The SIZE (in the sense of clothing-related size) of its internal organs is the same as that of humans, which makes it a good candidate for xeno-transplants…”

          Hopefully Youmie, Alain and others will approve of these attempted improvements…

        • ADHD, I could get it from Google translate but their translations are usually so awful, I prefer to try to do it myself.

        • I completely agree 100%!!! One really is as well off doing the work himself at this point – and people have been working on computer-translating for decades now!! How much longer, even with our supercomputers at the big institutions – or our PCs nowadays which already have computing-power that 20 years ago would require mainframes – can we expect things to be like this?? How long before translations finally become half-decent???

          You and I both know – with lots of other people – that it’s not enough to get basic words, or even simple clauses and phrases. Sentence structure, semantics and so much else… In the end, this kind of parsing requires several passes before something tolerable results.

        • ADHD, one would think it could translate the main languages French, Spanish, German, etc. a lot better. I know Japanese/Chinese is hard because the sentence structure and writing is nothing like Latin based languages.

        • If I may correct or expand something you just said. English, German or Russian – for examples – are not truly based on Latin, especially not the latter two.

          The term you were seeking – if I err not – is “Indo-European“, which includes MOST of the European tongues (Magyár {Hungarian}, Finnish, Estonian and Turkish, perhaps Basque {somebody can correct me here!} are the exceptions), Farsi (Persian), Greek and a number of the Indian languages like Bengali, Hindi, etc.

          In the European branch thereof, you have the Latin (Romance) tongues like Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian + Provençal, Catalan; Germanic/Teutonic with Dutch, Flemish, German, Frisian, English, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish; and Slavic with Old Slavonic, Russian, Serbian, Croatian (these two are VERY close together!!!), Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Bulgarian.

          I remember somebody showing me that apparently translating between English and Chinese is a HUGE leap. One can also wonder relative to how it would be between English and either Hebrew or Arabic (both these two being Semitic languages)…

        • One suspicion of mine, while we’re at it, is that the bulk of the effort has been invested upon translating relative to Chinese, Japanese and Korean as being up-and-coming languages of trade (especially Chinese and Korean, since Japanese apparently are OK with using English).

          Consequently, the work at rendering good translations of fellow Indo-European languages has been at least somewhat neglected…

        • Thank you very much indeed, Alain: I truly was afraid of making some mistakes, even though yours truly understood the bulk of what was written.

          [I had to look up a couple of terms in my copy of the Oxford-Hachette French-English Dictionary: coup de soleil, xenogreffe. The first in fact aroused my suspicion of sunburn quite early – and just as well as I had to go from the English word instead of the French one first.]

          Also, as you saw, I found myself making my own corrections in two cases as the words came to my mind (e.g., taille as being clothing-related size – quite a different use from music {e.g., a piece sub-titled Tierce en taille by François Couperin, where the term indicates a part like alto or tenor, being neither soprano nor bass}).

          To God Be the Glory – À Dieu soit la gloire…

  5. I wonder why Marine Le Pen did not endorse Sarkozy during the runoff, doing so could have averted this disaster. On the other hand, I am sure for better or worse, Le Pen has her own ambitions, and she has emerged as the new de facto leader of the right wing in France. But I question the wisdom of her decisions; Hollande has promised to give voting rights to immigrants/foreigners (many news outlets failed to mention this), so it may be too late for France to be saved.

    • lana, I know why she didn’t. It’s why a lot of people here didn’t vote for McCain in ’08. We knew he would be Obama lite on many issues and if we had to suffer, we wanted the suffering to be cause by a democrat, or in BO’s case, a Marxist with a lot of muslim thrown in. I thought of it this way, if Jimmy Carter could get us a Ronald Reagan, maybe BO will do the same. Sadly, Romney’s no Reagan but he will be light years better than BO.

      • Yes, and West won’t run for President.

        Can’t say I blame him. Another term in the House of Representatives might do him well for standing in 2016. Truth is, as much as we may all decry the wheeling and dealing that goes on in our government, it is how governance has ALWAYS been done. The problem occurs when the wheeling and dealing is done shadily, as opposed to in the open and visible to where the people can tell their representatives “Yea” or “Nay”, and force their representatives to seek a better deal.

        • DS, sometimes I think it would be better if Romney loses, so West could run in 2016. Then I think we won’t survive another 4 years of an unleashed BO.

        • Of course, it’s also possible Romney would have the good sense to choose West for a VP. If West would accept such, that is.

        • DS, I think he would. He said as much in an interview. Don’t think Romney will ask.

    • lanastaslem, no way she could have, since they’re both as bad as each other as well as being in bed with each other when it suits them. When you hear them saying they would rather vote socialist in order to block the Patriots, it really says it all!

      When you have integrity, you remain true to yourself and do not sell out, especially to those who openly criticize you to then have the nerves to beg for your votes just so that they can even more betray you.

      What’s that saying? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? Well there you have it, won’t fool us twice.

      Again, read my post above; when push comes to shove, you might as well go for push. As for Hollande, again I repeat, he’s got the lowest numbers ever, and he knows he’s got the TRUE FRANCE against him. Read into this what you may.

  6. People are stupid, after much complaint against Sarkozy, there you have your change.

    Socialism is not only guilty of poverty however much they talk about “social justice”, but is also guilty of the end of the West.

    It is very clear, this only has a solution and it is a peaceful and of course, has to do with his back to power.

    There is no other than the “urban warfare” against Muslims and we have an advantage (yet) that we have many more because, although they seem to many, because it sets them apart very easily, mathematical reality is that only represent 22 % of world population.

    Then in an open confrontation, have everything to lose.

    So …… not to expect.

  7. How long will it be before the pathetic French come begging to the US asking to free them of this self imposed misery? When they do, and they will, I hope we have the cajones to say NO!

    • russel, why would they ask us? We’re not much better off than they are, thanks to our own garbage in the White House and Congress.

      • Don’t bother Bonni, I now look upon comments like these in the same way I do those calling us Patriots racists and nationalists; whatever!

        Same old song, same narrow view.

        Good luck cleaning up your own backyard Russel, and don’t forget to blame all your compatriots for the mess while you’re at it.

  8. In France we eat a lot of pork. Delisious ham, pork chops, sausage, pickled snout, ears et al. Not much waste. This afternoon the wife, kids and I had a barbeque of Tex-Mex chops. Its not only good, but we know for sure its not HALAL!

  9. Hi.
    I saw the same post at Shoebat by Ben Barrack.

    I’ve tried to find another source for this story, but apparantly ‘Le Monde’ claims the whole thing is a Hoax.

    Le Monde Blog:

    “Pour le reste on est dans une véritable « diarrhée virtuelle », des choses totalement saugrenues circulant dont la toute dernière affirmant que « François Hollande ne mangera plus de porc pendant son séjour à l’Elysée pour satisfaire la population musulmane.”


    “For the rest we are in a true “virtual diarrhea” totally absurd things circulating, the latest circulating claiming that “Francois Hollande will not no longer eat pork during his stay at the Elysee Palace in order to satisfy the Muslim population”


    Hope this info is usefull .

    • MFS, I asked the BNI reader (Susan K) who submitted the story for further verification and this was her response:

      Susan K

      Submitted on 2012/05/17 at 4:16 pm | In reply to barenakedislam.
      I’ve sent a message to the website asking for the links. It is a good website and everything that is posted is true… so I’ll wait for their answer and forward to you.

      I’m in the middle of a translation so I can’t do the research. Will wait for their answer. I checked their other stories and they are all conform with other websites.

      • Thank you BNI.

        Actually the translation isn’t completely correct.
        The thing is he’s only talking about food served at the “Elysée”.
        Like you would talk about food served at the “WhiteHouse”.
        It does say it would be Halal no matter for which occasion.

        “Le président ira même jusqu’à supprimer le porc de tous les repas servis à l’Elysée que cela soit pour le personnel ou les personnalités politiques, économiques ou religieuses reçues officiellement.”

        “The President would even go to remove pork from all meals served at the Elysée, no matter if it’s for the staff or Political, economical or religious guests on official visits.”

        “Les autorités musulmanes du pays se sont félicitées de la décision affirmant qu’elle irait dans le sens de l’exemple à suivre pour tous les ministères et plus généralement les représentations de l’Etat en France ”

        “The Muslim autorities welcomed his decision concluding that this decision would indicate the example to follow for for al the ministeries and more generaly all the representative bodies of the French state”.

        I would say Pres Hollande did not force anyone to follow his personal decision, but the Muslim Ummah jumped on the occasion to try to force a decision.

        • MFS, article states: “The President would even go to remove pork from all meals served at the Elysée, no matter if it’s for the staff or Political, economical or religious guests on official visits.”

          So how can you say “Pres Hollande did not force anyone to follow his personal decision?”

        • Sorry i did not express myself correctly i ment towards the other representative bodies of the French state.
          He does force everyone at the Elysee to eat Halal.
          If the story is proven to be true.
          So far the only original source i find is :
          “revoltes-en-europe.over-blog” ,all other sites mentioning the story refer to this site.

          Even the “Fdesouche” doesn’t mention this peticular story.It does mention the LeMonde story about the Anti Hollande assault.

  10. Cheese eating surrender monkeys !
    That would be an easy thing to say,but also a lie.
    French people have laid down their lives for freedom,they are the natural enemies of the English,we have fought each other for nearly a thousand years,they can fight and we will fight with them.

    • Aye! We Americans tend to be rather fond of the French people, if not their government. 😀

      The French are also the natural enemies of the Germans, though, considering that both Germany and France are Frankish-descended nations, I can’t quite see why. Maybe it’s that sibling rivalry thing. 😉

      Of course, the reason the English and the Americans had such a difficult time with each other between 1730 and 1850 is because, well, we were you and you were us… 😉 😛

      Of course the French can fight… when their “government” lets them do it! Same for most Westerners, I suppose. (I include non-Mohammedan Africa under the heading of Westerners. Even more so as Christianity is growing fastest in Africa, followed by South America.)

      Point is, there are TWO worlds: the Mohammedans and the rest of us. In the end, there can be only one. We’d better make sure it’s OUR world and not THEIRS, or human progress, human freedom, even the very meaning of the word “humanity” will end.

    • Thanks Trin and likewise if needed. Was wondering if you guys had by now forgiven us for having fought alongside the Scots against you :-)

      • I fucked up mate !
        If it makes you feel any better iam loyal to my mates and i will never apologise for that.

        I was wrong,hope i can call you a mate.
        I was for the Clans mate,im a son of Eire.

        That said,i love England

        • Sure you can call me mate Trinovante, and long live loyalty (plenty of that needed)!

          Always had a fondness for the Clans myself :-)

  11. I fear there won’t be a next time for France. Islamists will seize the opportunity offewred and fill France with their kin and kind.
    The French voted this freak in and now they will live with it and sadly, begin to die with it!
    OHMS! Join the resistance!

    • Kenneth, again, wrong, WE did NOT vote him in. Some did yes, but NOT the majority. Less than 30% is far from being it. Again, read my post above. It may be hard for some to get their head around it, but it’s pretty simple when you look at figures and look at the BIGGER picture.

  12. Kind of pointless, he being a socialist friendly to Islam he’s going to have plenty of “pigs” visiting that palace whether he knows it or not.

    Obsession with “ethnicity” destroys individualism. “Multiculturalism” = obsession with ethnicity = destruction of individualism, and it throws the doors not only of that palace but all of France to domination by Islam.

    Go Cochons! Onward to the Elysee! If I knew any French I’d hold your coats and sing the Marseillaise.

  13. I think the person who made the Europe 2029 video is a psychic…Well good luck future Frankish Islamic Emirate of Algeria or whatever the muzzies decide to rename France once they’ve taken over.

  14. Christians may not have thought about it, but will have to protest en masse. They are not allowed to eat “food sacrificed to idols”according to Jesus and James. Halal food is exactly that.

  15. Now that’s blaspheming over a whole MILLENNIUM of French culture, history, cooking and so much, much else!!!!

    If he insists on everything being “halal”, then he may as well go all the way and convert to Islam.

    May God Almighty Punish him and his minions mercilessly while not doing as much to the entire country being so misled…

    • You said “may God punish him” and don’t worry, He will. I think God sent him a message as after his investiture as president, he flew to Germany to meet Angela Merkle and his plane was struck by lightning and had to return to France. If I remember right there was a photo of a lightning bolt over the White House a few months ago. God will not be mocked!

    • Yeah, it’s a real shame, if true… after all, the only good thing about the French IS the food! *Just kidding, Alain! ;)*

      Jokes aside, in truth, it’s sad to see the nation that stood back and began the forcing back of the first Mohammedan tide being brought to the knees by a Leftist bastage!

      • Coming from the follower of a racist, genocidal, piratical, child-molesting, raping, pillaging, delusional, necrophilic, incestuous, conniving, deceiving, cowardly, butt-hoisting profiteer, I find that highly amusing that you would hope Satan ignores our “pleas.”

        Of course, “Allah”, the rock idol moon god, IS Halal bin-Shakhar, AKA Satan. So, if he ignores us, that’s all fine and dandy.

        Thank you, and I recommend that you NOT every try hoisting your butt on any property I ever own. On second thought, go ahead and hoist your butt on someone’s property in Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or any one of numerous other states that allow concealed weapons in some form or another.

  16. I offer this expression to every citizen of France who is still a little bit patriotic and works for a living.

  17. Gotta get me one of them pig masks before they’re also banned from being sold retail. I thought France was a democracy. Oh, excuse me, I forgot. Democracy has no place in islam.

  18. I’m astonished! This is quite a scoop as it has not yet been released on french medias. Are you sure about this?
    It may be true as our new president is quite stupid as every leftist about the real nature of islam. But to such an extent let me voiceless!
    It is a very clear signal that every western country is under the threat of internal traitors and that we should unite our efforts as soon as possible. This war is a total war and we have to be conscious to the fact that we are loosing ground, step after step, every day!

        • Alain, I asked my French speaking friend to see if she can confirm it anywhere else.

        • I’ve checked everywhere, asked sources, so far no confirmation anywhere this is fact. I know the site it came from but until this is confirmed, taking it with a pinch of salt.

        • When it comes to Bonni,be VERY sure of your words.
          I may have it wrong but i swear to what ever god you believe in,threaten her then you are fucked !
          She is one of US,clarify your point !

        • Trinovante, with all due respect, keep that kind of talk for those deserving it because yes, you got it wrong.

          I believe Bonni knows me well enough by now and it’s purely by respect for her that I’ll leave it at that, this time.

        • Yet again i have got it wrong.
          You have my FULL apology.

          I have a keen sense of loyalty towards Bonni because of all she has done for us in the UK,this time that loyalty was mis placed.
          It’s good of you to let it go in the face of me being a bloody idiot.

          Sorry Alain.

        • It’s okay Trinovante, don’t worry, mistakes happen and we all put our foot in it sometimes, myself included :-)

          Don’t ever apologize for being loyal to BNI!

        • Alain was merely warning Bonni that this particular story could be suspect. There was absolutely no threat – far from it. Relax…

      • Sorry, BNI, but it’s over a week old. The story is no-where else but the site linked to. I’ve written to them and asked them where it came from.

  19. It gets better, the new prime minister’s name is “penis” in arabic and the porte parole of the government is a Moroccan immigrant. God help us!

    The Arab press embarrassed by the name of the French Prime Minister
    Arabic-speaking media were forced to adapt the transcription of the name of the new French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, so that each invocation of the socialist head of government wouldn’t become a gritty story

    : Fred Dufour , AFP
    Indeed, the transcription of Arabic names as delivered in France – “Airo” – is a synonym for “penis” in the familiar language of many countries in the Middle East.
    The headache lasted several hours for many Arabic-speaking journalists around the world, who have to juggle with the pronunciation.
    Put Yourself in Their Shoes …… If They Are Forced to say: “In France, Mr. Penis HAS Tried …etc

    • Dubi, my condolences. Now you have your own Obama. Next election you will get your revenge…unless he imports millions more asslifters.

  20. Scottish Diplomacy vs French Diplomacy

    Jimmy MacDonald, a city councillor from Glasgow was asked on a local, live, radio talk show just what he thought about the allegations of torture of suspected terrorists.

    His reply prompted his ejection from the studio, but to thunderous applause from the audience.


    “If hooking up one rag-head terrorist’s testicles to a car battery gets the truth out of the lying camel shagger to save just one Scottish soldier’s life, then I have only three things to say; red is positive, black is negative and make sure his nuts are wet.”

  21. Muslim Voters Change Europe

    The French vote marks the first time that Muslims have determined the outcome of a presidential election in a major western European country; it is a preview of things to come.

    As the politically active Muslim population in France continues to swell, and as most Muslims vote for Socialist and leftwing parties, conservative parties will find it increasingly difficult to win future elections in France.

    • Wrong Maria José, read my comment above. The outcome is what WE decided as there is no other way for people to WAKE UP. We could have had Sarko in again, but he’s as bad and had already done way too much damage so he was a no go.

      As I said, nothing is no longer as it seems.

      • It’s actually quite a smart move, Alain. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Let’s hope it does wake up every French man and woman.

        • Thanks Saxon. Time to think, plan and act like generals. Think ahead, long term and we had to decide what we could afford to loose: a battle or the war. We’ve made our choice, it has been, is, and will remain OUR COUNTRY.

        • Alain,
          I hope you’re right, because this sure is worrisome.
          Ocastro has been one hell of a wake up call for a lot of the US electorate.

  22. Spain
    Islam Arrives in the Basque Country

    The Basque regional government in northern Spain is drafting a controversial new Law on Religious Institutions, which states that mosques and prayer rooms with a capacity of fewer than 300 people will no longer require prior local government approval.

    The draft law is generating considerable opposition from elected officials of all political stripes, who fear the new measure will encourage the proliferation of mosques throughout the Basque region.

    The mayor of the Basque capital Vitoria-Gasteiz, Javier Maroto, said in an interview that the practical effect of the new law will be that “any fruit and vegetable shop can be converted into a mosque and there will be nothing we can do about it.” He has promised to fight the new law, which he believes will encourage “mosques to spring up like mushrooms.”

      • How come? Can’t he have his legislature (when those elections are done) vote them out? [And of course he’ll make sure that they’re not enforced…]

        Boy oh boy, I wish you all the best, Monsieur Alain, in the upcoming civil war that not only France but the entire West is almost certainly condemned to. [Only some place like Greenland or maybe the Faroe Islands MIGHT escape – a few Mohammedans found their way even into Iceland…]

        • He cannot because when confronted over these questions over and over, he declared having no intention of lifting those bans, and that he would protect our constitutional laicity.

          Now we all know politicians are sacks of lying shit, but in this particular instance, he knows he cannot do a 180 turn, that is unless he’s wishing to see ‘all hell break loose’ and be remembered as a second Petain.

          Personally, I’d say he’s welcome to try because patriots have this growing itching that’s gonna have to be tended to. Wasn’t kidding when I said he’s on ‘high watch’.

        • Actually, I did read that article not long after its publication – excellent job on the writer’s part!!!

          I only hope that Hollande isn’t actually out to DELIBERATELY provoke an uprising, declare martial law, kill the constitution and rule by decree – which is what almost all Communists have done whenever they got power in the past. [Many people here fear that Obama – especially if he loses his re-election bid – will eventually do just that in the USA!!] Salvador Allende was the lone exception, going against the advice of his mentor and friend Fidel Castro, who told him that “power emanates from the barrel of a gun!” – and Allende perished when the Chilean army mutinied under Augusto Pinochet Ugarte…

          Otherwise, Ljéñin did just that in Russia, Béla Kun in Hungary in 1919-20 (fortunately the Magyar armed forces under Hörthy rebelled and forced him into Soviet exile, where Stáljin had him murdered in 1938), Castro in Cuba and Stáljin in the countries of Eastern Europe (notably Czechoslovakia, where he and his adherents had the popular Prime-Minister Edvard Benesh murdered in 1948). Likewise Mao in China, and the tale goes on and on…

          Although Hollande claims to be a Socialist rather than a Communist, I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past ANY Marxists whosoever, period!!!!! I sincerely hope I’m wrong in my paranoia, but it’s best to be prepared even for that kind of a most HORRIBLE possibility; especially if combined with leftist and Muslim backing for him if violence breaks out…

        • ADHD, let’s just say that should your ‘paranoia’ turned out to become fact, he’d get a nasty shock. Beside the countless of civilians fighting in defense or our country, he also should NEVER forget that our military is not made of traitors, and I now know for a fact that many from neighboring Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Spain would be by our side if that happened. So as I said before, he’d better watch his steps, and that too goes for the muzzies.

  23. This reminds me of how former Philippine President Estrada marked the routing of moro guerillas from one of their base camps. The President , his Defense Secretary, some senior military and officers from the unit that had captured the camp roasted a full pig with an orange in its mouth in the base camp mosque and had a victory dinner to include getting totally wasted drunk.

  24. the french are still the majority population in france, they could have voted for marine le pen. did she even get 1% of the vote? either the french are too stupid, or hopelessly addicted to leftardation dogma. or maybe the election computers were all rigged.

    obama could win here because of election fraud. with all the dead people registered to vote, all the illegal aliens, all the multiples, all the never-even-existed persons registered, plus manipulating the machines, the complicit msm, all lead to full scale socialism/sharia here too.

    we need mashiach now.

    • liz, she got nearly 20% of the vote which shocked everyone. After a dose of Hollande for a few years, she may very well win.

      • Yeah, funny that how people get shocked when Patriots and NOT racists and nationalists as they so love to brand, start getting themselves heard! If they find that shocking, just they wait and see when those who weren’t courageous enough to add their voices, and those still in denial then in turn do add up!

        Those so ‘shocked’ have no idea of what’s brewing as they’d need an understanding of what’s been happening to get the full picture. Nothing is no longer as it seems, so some should keep that in mind before making ill-founded and smart-ass comments.

        Nutshell: both Sarko and Mollahsse (as we call him) are as bad as each other, which is why Sarko had to go and as such, Mollahsse wasn’t elected but Sarko was thrown out. When you add up abstention, nil/blanc votes, and votes for Sarko, the votes Mollahsse got are ridiculously low, and he knows that very well so is aware he’s walking on very unstable ground.

        Now, when you have those who refuse to see and wake up despite the call, then the only way is too shove their faces right in the shit, as make no mistake that Patriots have ‘spoken’ during this election, hence what’s happening. And you’d better believe some already got a rude awakening since the past 10 days, and about time too.

        So beside the fact that there’s no guaranties Mollahsee will even do his full term, what’s for sure is that muzzies will either get in line or they’ll get to see what a civil war in France looks like sooner than they think.

        There’s no turning back and what these motherfuckers muzzies should have realized is that we didn’t get liberated from nazi Germany to now let them mess around. They should have left us well alone but it’s too late for them, as patriots now enter into active resistance. Mollahsse has been warned of what he will be responsible of, and he would do well to remember what does happen to traitors and collabos.

        • Alain, as I just said, France now has its Obama. Next time you’ll get a patriot, but I’m afraid you will endure much suffering in the interim. Keep fighting.

        • Yes Alain, as BNI said, keep fighting. We can never go down without a fight. NEVER!!! May G-D bless us all.

  25. At least that idiocy hasn’t happened here yet. Whatever else the obummer is, when Chancellor Merkel wanted Shaved Ham and Ginger Snaps at the White House, she got it.

    • I wouldn’t think so! I have Chinese in-laws and I being a WASP male enjoy my pork sausage and ribs as well as PORK steak and bacon as do my in-laws in Taiwan, though my in-laws are all Buddhist and I am Christian along with my wife, we DO have in common the fact that we ALL pretty much despise ARSELIFTERS and their obnoxious imposing belligerent Arselifter ways!!I had pork sausage at breakfast; I’m getting a hankering for some barbecue pork ribs for dinner in a few hours now!!…Mmmmm, any arselifters care to join us for dinner?!…No?!…Well,—- you!!!

      • Mohammedan butt-hoisters must have a REAL hard time in the South. Particularly in Carolina barbecue country.

        That said, they probably don’t eat Boston-style baked beans, either, as there’s some serious BACON in that stuff…. *beatific smile*

        • Hey DS its probably a good thing they don’t eat those yummy in the tummy baked beans. Can you imagine at prayer time all those asses lifted in the air with those beans working inside? Whew, what a gas attack!

        • Yeah, and if a Muslim farts during prayers, according to the Hadith, he has was wash himself and do his prayers all over again because God won’t answer his prayer.

          With all those baked beans, he would never be able to finish his prayers!

        • how about van camp’s pork n beens with your pork ribs

          i have backon and eggs every morning for breakfest

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