PENNSYLVANIA: Pastor wants removal of textbook that promotes Islam over Christianity and Judaism, and denigrates Christians

This is what happens when you allow the Saudis to fund textbooks used in American classrooms. Norwin, PA school administrators are defending a middle school social studies textbook that a local pastor called “an Islamic Trojan horse” in requesting that the district revise its curriculum involving the religion.

Trib Live  In an administrative report this week, Superintendent William Kerr said the textbook is “an acceptable reference for the seventh-grade global studies course of study.”

The book, “myWorld History: Early Ages,” is one of several used in seventh-grade social studies “to teach comparative religions in a nondevotional, instructional manner,” according to the district.

In March, The Rev. Bruce Leonatti of Zion Lutheran Church in Circleville told the school board that the book “promotes Islam over Christianity and Judaism” and “denigrates Christians.”Leonatti said he plans to present a second report to the district about two textbooks under consideration for purchase because he disagrees with how they describe the Muslim aspect of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“This is not a done deal in terms of what we’re looking at,” Leonatti said. “We’re still exploring this. And they seem to kind of want to put it away and get rid of the whole issue, but it’s still there.”

Leonatti, who formerly taught history at Duquesne High School and in Ohio, contends the social studies text is riddled with errors. He said he’s involved with “ACT! For America,” whose mission is to “give Americans concerned about national security, terrorism, and the threat of radical Islam, a powerful, organized, informed and mobilized voice,” according to its website.

The book’s publisher, Pearson Education, “reaffirmed its commitment to a balanced and accurate coverage of world religions.” The “myWorld History” program is used in thousands of classrooms nationwide, a spokeswoman said. (U.S. Pusblishers get these Saudi funded textbooks either free or at a substantial discount which is why they push them on the schools)

Kerr states in the report that “there are no errors or misrepresentations in the textbook at issue which are significant enough to render it unusable as a curricular resource.”

OK, folks, decide for yourself:

Sample passages taken from “myWorld History: Early Ages” that The Rev. Bruce Leonatti objects to:

• “Religious toleration also helped the Arab Muslim Empire expand.”

• “The Arab Muslim empire was generally tolerant towards Jews and Christians.”

• “As the Arab Muslims build their empire, Islam spread peacefully both inside the empire and to the lands beyond its borders.”

• “Mobs of Christian peasants turned on those Jews who would not convert to Christianity.”

• “Medieval Christians would not tolerate even minor differences in beliefs.”

“I believe the board has been very supportive of our teachers and administrators and concur that the administrative report brings closure to this topic,” Kerr said.

“Norwin isn’t going to have any curriculum or textbook that’s going to be harmful to students,” Kerr said. “We are here in this case to teach about cultures. Part of culture is religion and tradition. We have made every effort to teach comparative religion in a nonbiased, nondevotional way.”
















An Encyclopedic Antidote to Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools





















29 comments on “PENNSYLVANIA: Pastor wants removal of textbook that promotes Islam over Christianity and Judaism, and denigrates Christians

  1. Ok people, the facts are these:- The UKs MI6 and MI5 are dependant on Saudi tip offs in the never ending hunt for jihadists, much like your CIA etc.
    We like you also sell them billions of dollars worth of arms and we rely on them to keep the oil price stable and the crude flowing.
    In return HMG and the US Gov turn a “blind eye” to the massive supply of text books preaching the pure hatrid of authentic wahabi islam to muslims residing in our two countries and our children.
    This fact was exposed on UK TV a few years ago and the paper trail led straight back to the Saudi embassy in London.

    Promises were made to “remove”either the texts or the complete qurans, how many do you think have been removed?

    For this reason, all the while we both suffer muslims loyal to islam to remain among us, we will have the Islamic ” Trojan horse ” in our midst, spreading their poison
    having more children than us and gradually taking over.

    In the scale of 1400 years, 50 or 60 to destroy the west from WITHIN is no time at all, indeed it’s a bargain.

    • Of course, if our “leadership” REALLY wanted to do their job, we could finish off the Mohammedan world, or most of it, in about 36 minutes.

  2. Saudia Arabia won’t even tolerate a Bible in their country, but they are writing the textbooks for the U.S., a majority Christian nation. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder how bloody stupid people can be. Muslims know how important it is to indoctrinate children at a very early age – just look at Obama for reference – a muslim through and through.

    • J – follow the money. Textbooks are costly and this saves the school districts (aka government) money because they get these Saudi books either free or at a very low cost. They don’t care if the content is accurate or not.

  3. For anyone reading this article I am going to re-iterate what I have said in other places, We need to get involved. We need people who are anti-Islam to become teachers and school board members or administrators. The pro-jihadists have infiltrated our schools long ago and support all kinds of nasty crap being foisted on our schools.

    In Florida our test scores are at the bottom of list of 50 states because they focus on teaching Islam and religions of the world rather than Mathematics, English and a host of other more relevant areas of study.

    We need to be vigilant, we need to be involved.

  4. I hear the Lord God saying in the passage, “Since you Americans have pushed me out of your society, your house is left unto you desolate. Now that I am no longer your Lord and master, you can deal with a new Lord and a new Master. It’s called Islam!”

    After a few decades of oppression under Islam, satanic Americans will be begging for Jesus Christ and the Bible to come back and play a prominent role in the USA. But it;s going to take many years of rule under Sharia Law to wake the American people up to the reality of life under Jesus Christ vs life under Mohammad.

    Oh, and one more thing, get rid of the “Establishment Clause” of the First Amendment! Most terrible thing ever dreamed up by man!

  5. The idea that muslims visited America is on a scholerly level with Chariots of the Gods or the Book of Mormon.

  6. Lets sort these ones out

    • “Religious toleration also helped the Arab Muslim Empire expand.”

    True, sort of. Giving the choice of dhimmitude gave a choice of surrender whereas a campaign of extermination would have met stronger resistance. Sun Tzu says, always leave your opponent a way out.

    • “The Arab Muslim empire was generally tolerant towards Jews and Christians.”

    False. Tolerence depended on the mood of the current ruler.

    • “As the Arab Muslims build their empire, Islam spread peacefully both inside the empire and to the lands beyond its borders.”

    First question. What is peaceful spreading within the empire? A choice to avoid onerous tax and convert? That is much the way that Roman Catholicism was erased in England. Catholic gentry and nobles were taxed into poverty. Peaceful spread outside? Maybe indonesia and malaya and champa were converted missionary style. This spread was halted however by the Spanish in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia by the Vietnamese. The muslim state of champa was erased and assimilated by the Vietnamese expansion into the Mekong delta.

    • “Mobs of Christian peasants turned on those Jews who would not convert to Christianity.”

    Unfortunately true. Until the enlightenment, the status of Jewish folk in Europe was bare tolerance.

    • “Medieval Christians would not tolerate even minor differences in beliefs.”

    Again true. The modern tolerant Christian is a product of almost three hundred years of Christian vs Christian wars that left some ares with a tenth of their former population.

    • On “Tolerance”:

      Here’s a fact that various folks have pointed out about Mohammedan “tolerance” vis-a-vis “Christian ‘intolerance’:” During the time of the Crusader kingdoms, there was ONE law for ALL subjects (Christian, Jew, or Mohammedan) in those kingdoms. Mohammedan poor, and even some Jews, found themselves migrating TO the Christian-held lands because the laws there protected the property rights of all. In fact, if a Christian noble or immigrant sought to take the property of a Mohammedan or Jew, the aggrieved knew they could go to the court and, regardless of faith, social status, or ethnic origin, they would be treated justly under the laws of the Crusader kingdoms.

      In fact, a Mohammedan traveler lamented that his own “co-religionists” were fleeing Mohammedan-held lands for the Crusader kingdoms because the laws were much more even-handed than in the Mohammedan lands. Poor Mohammedans were leaving for the “infidel” lands because they could expect to keep any property they earned and acquired; and that some wealth person couldn’t just take it from them.

  7. The problem is the textbooks are already there. There is a need for parents to be involved in the selection proces, preferably during the editing process for the texts.

  8. ACT! (Act For America) has released a Textbook analysis report “Education or Indoctrination? The Treatment of Islam in 6th through 12th Grade American Textbooks.” I encourage everyone to visit the site. The full report or summary report can be downloaded for FREE!

  9. This problem of brainwashing material isn’t limited to American schools. A teacher I know teaching English near Daegu, South Korea found the text books heavily pro-Islam. There were subjects like the fun of wearing traditional middle-eastern clothes and the marvels of Dubai, it made the teacher nearly gag. The kids loved the material, that is until they were shown the oppression of women wearing the niqab, as well as the wonders of the mile after mile of Dubai’s honey tankers. Muslims are not know for details like sewage plants and recycling.
    Best advice is be vigilant of your kids material, take the time to correct the lies of Islam and help support those that oppose the Islamic curriculum.

      • Mohammedanism is waging a WORLDWIDE war of deception, division, and conquest. This kind of thing is to be expected.

        That said, I think it might be time for us all to find our favorite ancestral warrior types and let them loose on the Mohammedan world!

  10. Just maybe Ratko Mladic was right? Why did we stop him. Our government had no right to go there. Bosnia should have been left alone. Now they had BALLS big ones at that.

  11. Muslims lie because it is second nature to them. They follow al taqiyya, which is to lie, lie, and lie some more to all non- muslims.
    Since satan is the author and finisher of their “faith”, and satan is the father of lies and according to the Lord “a murderer from the beginning”, nothing they do surprises me.

  12. Why is there no university course in the history of jihad? Or the Islamic murders of 270 million people? Or the Islamic slave trade that caused 120 deaths in 1400 years?

    Why does no university study the history of Islamic atrocities?

  13. Thank heaven that it was exposed, many falsehoods are spread by Islam!! Truth, is the enemy of Islam. Islam should not even have tax-exempt religious status in this Country, it’s the only religion that puts a “death threat” on your head, if you leave Islam…..I don’t call that a religion!!

      • In Canada too, but using a US book. Grade 11 students in BC use “Human Heritage” by Miriam Greenblatt and Peter S. Lemmo, 1995, published by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, and supplied by Western Campus Resources (, who could probably comment on how widespread is its use.

        One of only four ‘Academic Consultants’, thus 25%, is Sayyid Mohammed Sayeed – International Institute of Islamic Thought (Herndon, VA). SMS appears to be with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), known to be part of or closely associated with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Good credentials for (mis)guiding a school book, eh? Wouldn’t you think that a book covering the span of human history, art, warfare…(with some geography) would have more consultants, and one religionist could speak for all religions? Why didn’t they have Pat Robertson and Meir Kahane to consult on their religions?

        Now for some facts and figures: Pages devoted to religion – islam 18, Christianity 13, Judaism 9.

        And islam is totally bowdlerized a la John Esposito, Ahmed Deedad, Karen Armstrong and 100,000 other lesser known brownosers. Their are no mentions of terrorism, genocide, or death during mohammedan colonization, or the Barbary Pirates, or Aisha, or excessive fornication, or Female Genital Mutilation…

        In sum – exactly what you would expect if SMS wrote the entire mohammedan copy. Sickening.

    • Quite right ICE! But I think we all know by now that the school administaors are only going to be praised by the likes of our current Arselifter-in-Chief in this nation. Scripture, the Bible that is, NOT that piece of literary sh– called the Quran, DOES state unequivocally that in End Times there will be many who call EVIL GOOD AND GOOD EVIL!!…The arselifters DO make a good case for HOME SCHOOLING pushing this sh– onto unsuspecting vulnerable grade school students; and I have to say, if I were a parent or grandparent of one of the children subjected to this Islamic Horseshit, I would be more-than-ready to kick some asslifter ass and get the kids the hell out of that kind of classroom!!

  14. what a bunch of shit. pearson Education promoting islam? saying that islam is a religion of peace is so wrong.

    • read the papers and listin to the news about the sucide bomeings and the killing of jews and christans.
      what kind of peace is it whan a bunch of muslim’s terroize a elemerty school in russia and kill most of them.
      what kind of peace is it when a bomber destories a train and kills incent people in spain.
      what kind of peace is it when 2 planes full of people fly into the twin towers in nyc,plioted by muslim’s that killed the flight crew,before taking over the airplane.
      and another tried to fly into the pendagon.
      in all there was 4 fully loaded boeing 747’s that was used besides those in the twin towers and in the pentagon.
      what kind of peace is it when they treat there women worse than dogs and rape young girls, and mutlate them.
      how can they be trusted when it ok for them to lie to a non meslim.
      there tims will come when they burn in hell.

  15. Norwin, PA school administrators are DECEIVING and LYING for totalitarian, colonizing Islam.

    Norwin, PA school administrators, tell the TRUTH! You disgusting TRAITORS to America and the Free World!

    Inform our vulnerable school students that in Islam the world is divided into two: The House of Islam; the 56 nations already conquered by Islam, and the House of War, the nations not yet conquered by Islam, the rest of the world.

    TELL the TRUTH about ISLAM!

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