KANSAS: Muslims demand Governor Sam Brownback veto anti-sharia bill that was passed by the State Legislature and Senate

Hamas-linked CAIR and about 25 Muslims attended a rally Friday at the Statehouse urging Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to veto a bill banning foreign (anti-sharia) laws that they say actually is an attack on Islam.


CJ ONLINE  Faizan Syed, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ St. Louis branch, said similar “American Laws for American Courts” proposals have been floated in almost half of the 50 states this year. He said proponents have made them purposely vague to avoid running afoul of the Constitution like a 2010 Oklahoma law that specifically targeted Islamic law, or sharia. “We know this was targeted against Islam because of the Oklahoma law that was struck down,” Syed said. “They just changed the wording.”

The Kansas bill, House Substitute for Senate Bill 79, voids any state court decision that is based on a foreign or religious law that doesn’t comport with the state or U.S. Constitution. It passed the House 120-0 on May 7 and passed the Senate 33-3 on what was scheduled to be the last day of the session.

Some proponents have said it has nothing to do with Islam, but is merely meant to provide an extra layer of protection for Kansans’ constitutional rights. But from the beginning, a perceived threat of sharia creeping into Kansas communities has shadowed the debate.

When it first came to the House floor, Rep. Jan Pauls, D-Hutchinson, urged her colleagues to vote for it by saying it was critically important to address sharia. Rep. Peggy Mast, R-Emporia, who lobbied heavily to ensure the bill got a vote in the Senate, also has pointed to sharia as a growing threat.

When the bill came to the Senate floor, Sen. Susan Wagle, R-Wichita, called it a women’s rights issue, noting “they stone women to death in countries that have sharia law.”

“That’s not sharia law,” (Yes, it is) Omar Hazim, imam of the Islamic Center of Topeka, said after Friday’s rally. “People need to try to gain some knowledge before they make decisions that are going to affect a lot of people.”

Hazim, who said his organization has 250 to 300 members, spoke at Friday’s rally. He said that sharia refers to much more than a set of laws in Islam. Rather, he said it is a code of living that includes prayer, fasting, charitable giving, pilgrimage and service. (As well as stoning women, hanging homosexuals, executing blasphemers, cutting limbs off thieves, punishing victims of rape but not rapists, etc., etc.)

Hazim said the Koran states sharia shouldn’t be forced on anyone. (That’s why you burn churches and forcibly convert or kill non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries who refuse to convert to Islam) He also said he was disappointed that neither he nor Washburn University law professor Liaquat Ali Khan were invited to speak to legislators about the bill.(The only thing you should be invited to do is leave the country, permanently)

Syed said women in America are already protected by the Constitution. (But Muslim women won’t be if sharia is imposed in their communities)

“It’s not about Muslim women,” he said. “That’s just an excuse they use to really push this Islamophobic agenda.”(Hey, whatever works) When asked why Friday’s rally included only a few women, Syed said he wasn’t sure. “Probably they had to work or something,” he said.

One woman who was there was Sharo Hancock, the Kansas City community coordinator of the Asian-American Democratic Caucus. Hancock said as a “white, non-Islamic citizen” she was disturbed by the bill. “Any legislation that violates freedom of speech, I have a huge problem with,” she said. “This isn’t just an issue for Muslims, this is an issue for all Americans.” (It’s Americans we care about, NOT muslims)





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  1. GOV. BROWNBACK’S OFFICE cant get on to your site but as I am Australian I am fully in agreement with any stopping of any party of Sharia Laws happening in a western democratic country. If the towlhead muz-slimes want that law then tell them go get the hell back to mecca. its a silent invasion of islam into the west so stop it happening ASAP!

  2. HEY – here’s an idea ? CAIR should stone themselves to death ! THEN – tell us how they like it… OOppps – then there wouldn’t be any more CAIR !!!! hahahahahahaha

  3. So, just to be sure I have this correct. State judges are ignoring the supremacy clause of the US Constitution by using foreign, sharia law in their courtrooms. Now, some people believe that passing a state law will force those same judges to cease and desist? People, judges interpret the law, they determine what it means and whether or not it is valid. Today, they ignore the US Constitution as they see fit. Why would any reasonable observer believe that those same judges would respect a state law that basically repeats Article 7 of the Constitution? If you guessed they wouldn’t, you are correct. Therefore, while some of you may think the Kansas law is a nice idea, you are incorrect. It is, in fact, as effective as painting wings on a pig and calling it a plane. The only effective way to make judges obey the law is to enforce the law. In the case of renegade judges, it is through the mechanism of impeachment. So, if you want to do something useful, barrage your elected Kansas Representatives with demands to impeach any judge who adjudicates in compliance with sharia. Class dismissed.

  4. [humming, this is the last time I tell you to restrain your use of the word arselifter to one per post. You intentionally put several “arselifters” in each comment and I’m getting sick of seeing the word used by you ad nasueum. This is the second time I have asked you nicely to stop. There won’t be a third time. –BNI]

  5. If mohommedists are so easy to get along with, why do they try so hard to impose their laws on US? After all they are tolerant, right? It shouldn’t matter about Constitutional law, Right? It seems the more they push, the more hyprocrisy jumps out and bites.
    How do they explain away this agenda change?
    They lie, of course.
    I have a rule that I use to determine liars from those that speak the truth.
    Listen to what they say, but watch what they do.
    Also, Liars are easy to spot because they let you know what they are about to do by accusing others of exactly what they are about to do to you. The more they deny, the more you need to scrutinize.

  6. Governor Brownbacks Email is Governor@ks.gov.
    I just sent him an Email.

    9:25 AM (0 minutes ago)

    to: governor@ks.gov

    Governor Brownback: Saying Hey from Alabama. I have been following your states admirable stand against the application of foreign law of any kind.
    I noticed that a larage majority of your citizens have voted for the implementation of such a law and that the Kansas duly elected legislators have passed it.

    Now however, there is a loud, perpetually insulted bevy of 25 or so muslims demanding that you veto this law and allow them to apply Shariah law to themselves and the citizens of Kansas.

    I was just wondering what your action will be.

    Bob McKenna

  7. Hey Governor Brownback ! A very large majority of your constituants have proven by raising their voices and votes that they are loyal and patriotic Americans who want to be governed by American laws only.
    Compare this to twenty-five or so of demanding, eternally insulted, leeching muslims screeching for a barbric code to be used instead.
    How about you ? American or muslim ?

  8. I applaud Governor Brownback,and the Kansas legislature for the creation and passage of the law. I have lived in Kansas for 35 years of my life.I do not want sharia law anywhere near my right as an American citizen. Just remember sharia sounds like diarrhea, a bunch of loose runny shit.

  9. Who do these pagan asslifters think they are to demand anything? Go back to assland and do whatever you want. If you live here, and God I wish none of you did(!!), then you sit down and shut up and assimilate.

    If you refuse, we would be happy to launch you off this continent. DON’T come back.

  10. Thanks to people like David, BNI, Geller and so on we can win the battle to keep all forms of sharia laws out of America. Any one caught using sharia law should be jailed. We must keep forever vigil because sharia will always try to creep in. Well done Kansas.

  11. I’m fine with writing legislation or a state constitutional amendment to stop sharia, but make sure it’s (US) Constitutional, otherwise you’re just handing a CAIR a political and public relations victory (However, not a legal victory as the US Constitution already prevents the implementation of sharia).

  12. Islamic Sharia law is an extremely VICIOUS ATTACK ON ALL NON-MUSLIMS. Under sharia law, non-Muslims are treated as INFERIOR to Muslims. DEFENSELESS non-Muslims have NO human rights under Sharia.

    CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood organization, seek to destroy our freedom and human rights through Sharia and control and conquer non-Muslims. The absolute opposite of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!

    The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to DESTROY civilization and global Islamic conquest.

    YES to our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!


    • So the Knights were really wearing buqas?
      I guess the firey Cross has a whole different meaning than the one I thought.
      I suspect the Grand Dragon would take issue with Sharia. Don’t know f’sure, but…

  13. Copy of my email:

    Hi Mr. Brownback,

    Even though I am not American, I know a thing or two about Sharia Law.

    I was married to a muslim for 16 years and I have muslim friends, male and female. They are ALL AGAINST SHARIA law. They escaped their countries of origin in order NOT to be subjected to Sharia.

    There is no such thing as soft Sharia. CAIR will have you think it is only soft sharia, but surely with time, as witnessed in all muslim countries, Sharia becomes hard. Great Britain is an ideal example where there are now over 85 sharia courts in London alone. And muslim women are complaining.

    Amputations, beheadings etc. The soft version gives the right to a man to beat his wife. A woman can only inherit half of a family’s inheritance. A man can divorce his wife by repeating three times a small sentence: I divorce you. Segregation of males and females.

    CAIR is well versed in how to deal with politicians. Do not fall in their trap. You are much to intelligent, I hope, for this to happen.

    Your duty is to uphold democracy. PLEASE, HONOR IT.

  14. Considering the number of votes in favor of the bill, I would think Brownback has the guts to tell CAIR and their lynch mob that this is Kansas and not saudi arabia or pakistan where Muslim riots rule the day. If Muslims want a fight, I say bring it on.

  15. So, we need laws now to protect us against foreign laws? Seems to me the Constitution has what used to be known as the supremacy clause. Article seven? I’m thinking if we need state laws reiterating what the supreme law of the land already says, maybe we better pass some federal laws too. Then, we can pass some local ordinances just to be sure. Never mind, at least if the state legislature is playing with itself, it won’t be doing anything meaningful to harm us. Hah!

    • don’t depend on obama to enforce any laws of another counrty he wants un laws now . being a muslim he will not pass any law that forbids sharia law.

    • Does our government follow the Constitution? No. Look at Congress, Senate, president, and liberal federal judges.

      Can the Constitution be changed? Yes, with Amendments.

      With enough Muslims in government, the Constitution can be changed, meaning, our government can be changed. This is something many Americans don’t seem to understand.

      Getting into positions of power is part of the Muslim strategy.

  16. It’s time to let these rabid POS follow the law of our country since this is where they choose to leech. I have yet to see one become a productive citizen of this country. They are the scourge of the earth and need to be placed on the same level as cock roaches

    • Curtis, there are plenty(toooo many!)of countries that judicate under Sharia Law. I agree, they would be happier THERE and WE would be happier HERE.

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