“The Palestinian Authority recognizes Israel’s right to exist, renounces violence, accepts all previous peace agreements”…..

…..and other lies the Obama Regime is using to justify the release of $192 million in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, which was frozen by Congress after Palestinian President Abbas tried to declare statehood before the United Nations.

Free Beacon  Each of these claims is false and promotes the erroneous notion that the Israelis have a genuine partner for peace, said Itamar Marcus, the head of an Israeli research institute, who was appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to represent the Israeli government in negotiations with the P.A. on incitement issues.

 “This is totally, totally false information,” Marcus told a crowd of congressional staffers and other observers Friday during a presentation on Capitol Hill sponsored by the Endowment for Middle East Truth. “The White House”  is “releasing $192 million based on false information.”

“The Palestinian Authority is in total violation of these principles” detailed by the White House, he noted, before launching into a presentation outlining the multiple ways in which the P.A. teaches its youth to hate Israel and become violent terrorists intent on eliminating the Jewish state.

Claims that Palestinian political players believe the Jewish state has a right to exist are easily disproved by their comments, in Arabic, on the P.A.’s official television station, Itamar said.

In one video clip translated from Arabic, the P.A.’s mufti, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, explained why Israel does not deserve to exist. “The most important religious figure in Palestine is saying Israelis have no connection [to their land], and that’s a constant message of Palestinian TV,” Marcus said.

Hussein claims in another clip that was aired on official P.A. television stations that Jesus was a Muslim. “They’re saying Jesus was the first martyr,” Marcus explained after airing the video. “They are taking away his Christianity and turning him into a Muslim and saying he preached Islam.”

Slickly produced propaganda videos claiming that Palestinians—not Jews—lived in Israel during biblical times also are broadcast on a regular basis.

“It’s a very, very powerful message of Israel not having a right to exist,” Marcus noted. It reveals a campaign aimed at “denying all of Jewish history and Jewish right to exist there, and an ongoing denial of Christian tradition as well.”

Marcus also displayed a translated version of a highly inflammatory article penned by Adli Sadeq, the P.A.’s ambassador to India. It contradicts the generally accepted notion that Fatah is a moderate political party that pursues peace.

“They [Israelis] have a common mistake or misconception by which they fool themselves into assuming that Fatah accepts them and recognizes the right of their state to exist and that it is Hamas alone that loathes them,” Sadeq wrote in a November 2011 article published in the newspaper Al Hayat Al-Jadida. “They ignore the fact that this state, based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise, never has any shred of a right to exist.”

This type of violent, patently false rhetoric is rarely condemned by the United States, further emboldening the P.A., Marcus said.

Referring to Vietor’s official explanation of why the P.A. should be given millions of taxpayer dollars, Marcus said, “That first statement from the White House is a total mistake,” and noted, “all of these examples happened in the last few months, some of it in the same week that the White House made that statement.When the White House signs off on P.A. aid without condemning such rhetoric, “they’re telling the P.A. that you can continue glorifying violence and teaching your kids to continue making maps that don’t show Israel. They’re giving them a clean bill of health, and that’s the danger here.”