EXCELLENT! Bulgarians sick of tolerating the most intolerant people on earth – Muslims

Anti-Muslim hatred is growing in Bulgaria. Last year, attacks were staged by angry citizens against Muslims who are sprawled out in the streets, praying and blasting eardrum shattering Islamic Calls to Prayer several times a day.

In the past year, no legislative reforms of judicial actions have been taken to secure Muslims rights. On the contrary, some of the victims are being sued for hooliganism. Ataka supporters attacked Muslim worshipers, shouting provocative slogans and throwing stones.

This type of discrimination is visible everywhere in the Balkans, a Bosnian journalist told Press TV.  Muslims continue to be largely deprived of access to proper education, healthcare, jobs or political representation.  (Good, time to get out of Bulgaria)

Muslims, mostly ethnic Turkish descendants of the Ottoman Empire’s reach into Europe, make up more than 12 percent of Bulgaria’s 7.8 million population, according to official figures.










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  1. this is not the way Bulgaria should fight muslim,We bulgariance one tried to beat them with violence and wars and only thing that we manage to do is to fall under slavery for 5 century no western chrsitian country even tried to assist us….The only to survive is just a peace cooperative living and a try to manage to continue live together chrstians muslims jews in peace….

  2. I am from the U.S. and I wish our government would grow a back bone and stand up to these muslims. I agree with you.

  3. Pay them back in the same coin. Quran teaches Muslims to kill us.
    Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.
    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”
    So much for the religion of peace

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    so we can edite problems such as mistyping or
    the lining of words,etc.Thanks

  5. Although I do totally sympathize with my Bulgarian freedom fighters in their resistance to muslim encroachment , I think that using violence , if not in legitimate self-defense , will only strengthen muslims´
    farse as victims. Such actions end up fostering their spread even more , as a backfire effect , in the eyes of the general public .
    We must never start the violence ourselves but instead behave as ethically as possible, when faced by their filthy lies and set-ups.
    If even doing so , we are already called bigots and haters , let alone if we resort to such unethical forms of resistance, giving our enemies the very tools to smirch our image and also strenghtening the very fallacy that Islam is a religion of peace , passed on in their taqyyia !

  6. GOOD!

    There goes reciprocity for them, give them the same treatments non-muzz get in their hellholes. Fells great doesn’t it?

    Get used to it, it’s only the beginning and the message couldn’t be any clearer: sick and tired of their shit so so, get the f***k out!

  7. I worked with a good lad from Bulgaria a couple of years ago.He told me how much he hated Islam and just because they invaded the place a few hundred years ago,it does NOT make it their home.I would ask people to read about the Janissaries,you may then understand why the Bulgarians hate Islam.

    • Excellently said, “trinovante” – and in fact, if you look up the article published some months ago on this Weblog “The Origins of Ethnic Cleansing In The Balkans”, you’ll see that it was one of the factors addressed therein.

      These unfortunate boys were recruited between the ages of 3 and 8 (roughly) by force from “dhimmi” non-Moslem families: they were taken away from their families and communities, sent to special Islâmic schools and trained to forget ALL memories of family, friends, community and religion and to have a fanatical loyalty to Islâm and the Turkish Sultan.

      A few of them rose through the ranks to even become Viziers (Arabic “Wazirs”) – as, for example, did Mehmet Chuprilich (Kuprili) did between 1658-1663. [His son Ahmet Chuprilich and then son-in-law Kara Mustafa continued the line until the loss of the Second Siege of Vienna (1683), for which Kara Mustafa lost his head.] However, the bulk of these boys turned into the Yanichari (Janissary) soldiers, the élite of the Turkish army.

      Not for nothing that Turks are hated outside of government and Moslem circles by the people of Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bósnia-Hercegóvina, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Moldova, the Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Armenia!!!!

  8. America backed the wrong side during the Serb-Bosnia war. We go in like big heros to protect the muzzie shit bags and we didn’t even know what was going on, why they were fighting in the first place. It was because muslums are scum and needed to be thrown out. The Serbs were right all along.

  9. Oh so the Muzis are a little upset that they’re getting back about .0005% of the violence they inflict on non-Muslims all around the world?

    They deserve a lot more of it!

  10. @2:18 in the video, note how this propaganda arm, “Press TV”, from Iran blurs out the identity and details of the so called ‘xenophobic’ website from the Netherlands.
    The PressTV report couldn’t withstand further scrutiny, so they obscured any detail which could undermine their narrative.
    lan astaslem

  11. “Muslims continue to be largely deprived of access to proper education, healthcare, jobs or political representation.”

    Do they mean “unless we pay for it?”

    And how do people KNOW that they are muslim, unless they start demanding special rights?

  12. Good for you Bulgaria, bust some muzzie heads.
    That’s the only way to reason with the savages. Threaten them with death, and deliver it to them and we’ll see just how much “they don’t fear death”.

    • That’s precisely it. There is no negotiation with Islam. Islam only knows violence, and consequently, respects it. An enemy who cracks down hard on them with extreme violent prejudice is respected, and gives them pause for thought (insofar as they can actually think, you understand).

      The reason why we’ve lost in Afghanistan is because we weren’t violent enough. They think we’re soft ponces, there for the taking, and they’re right..

      What we should have done is completely obliterate the country in return for not giving up the al Qaeda leadership. Drop daisy-cutters on villages even suspected of hoarding taliban. I don’t care if they turned out to be innocent – innocent people die in wars. That’s the way it goes. Afghanistan should have been returned to the stone age to wipe out the taliban, and let’s face it, we wouldn’t have to send them back too far. Any village is just a 1000lb bomb away from it.

      Even Muslims would have got the message, loud and clear: the infidels are in town, and they mean business!

  13. I dont blame the Bulgarians one bit for there treatment of the Muslims. They were subugated under the Ottoman Empire in 1396. These muslims shattered there country culture and isolated them for centuries.In 1876 the Bulgarians endured the Batak masscure. This masscure was so awful that it shocked and horrifyed Europe and the United States.

  14. Your reaction to this news will test if your are under the delusion or not. If you react with sympathy for to “poor Muslims” after watching this video, you have been believing the lies. You must get away from the propaganda message of the mainstream media and spend some time here and with other non PC sites.

  15. The Mohammedans are stoning and polygamist hords.They can’t be tolerated. They want enforce the Umma and the sharia-slavery.

  16. As I keep saying ISLAM WILL KILL ISLAM.Sadly it is going slow, but the storm will hit hard. Let the Muslims push and push. People will have enough and react.

  17. Churchill wrote that the borders with Islam are always stained red.

    This area, the Balkans had the misfortune of being right at the interface of Ottoman imperialism and Christian defence.

    Up until the roll back of the Turkish Empire, Christians and Jews lived as dhimmis and thus the resentment grew.

    This is deeply historic in an area where tradition dies hard and these peoples memories cannot be expunged by political correctness or a lying media.

    They know only too well what happens when the ‘religion of peace’ gains the upper hand and it doesn’t come with the synthetic emoticon smile our western leaders attempt to plaster on all things islamic.

    Our western prism on Islam is based upon a fawning media and a political bias which infects and distorts beyond believability. Arab money pumped into establishment whores bank accounts seems to somehow ensure an easy ride.

    Some get it and for many its still dawning.

    For these guys the dawning happened long ago, first hand, up close and personal and often a matter of life and death.

    We also are now experiencing ‘life and death’ as Muslims bomb their way around the world yet those in power would have us believe, its not them, it’s us.

    Give them their mosques, footbaths, immunity at airport check ins, freedom to block streets with uppended arses, blaring calls to prayer and all the rest. Cave in before CAIR, ISNA the MCB and the bewildering panoply of alphabet soup organisations which have come out of the woodwork and all will be fine.

    It isn’t because the more we give, the greater the demand and the only end will be submission.

    Fortunately there are still bastions where the bullshit doesn’t cut it and here it is in action.

  18. it hard to get an edcaution in a country where they destory the schools and won’t let the women get an edcaution at al

  19. It is good to see and to know that some of the European countries are waking up to the threat of muslims of islam taking over their countries. I hope that it is not too late to save their countries from the muslim hordes. When the muslims are in the majority then they will democratically take over the countries, bring in sharia, and bring the inman as the religious head of their newly claimed country. Then democracy will be abandoned and the country will be ruled by a religious head and the draconian sharia laws. This will happen by 2040 with the current muslim birth rates. The countries must stop all muslim immigration and deport all muslim criminals along with their family members and so on.

  20. Good, finally people who are not willing to put up with the muslim BS. It’s about bloody time. I’d like to see the same in North America.

    Guests need to follow house rules, NOT make them. The same goes for colonists.

  21. So they represent 10% of the Bulgarian population, so what is the bet that they account for at least 50% of the crime.

  22. I call this self defense. And I also call it smart. Time the people wake up and get the liberal commentaor to visit the shi*hole*that they originate from. Then make comdenation statements.

  23. Muslims are hated in Eastern Europe. There is a lot of bad blood between the Bulgarians and Turkish Muslims. Much of the violence in Bulgaria is purely ethnic, such as conflicts with the Roma (Gypsies), but you can bet that religion is a major factor in the case of the Turks. The same is true with Greeks, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Georgians, Romanians, and Balkan residents. Nearly all hate Turkish guts, because of centuries of Muslim Turk oppression!

  24. No surprise, Eastern Europe has been on the front lines of fighting the aggression of Muslims for hundreds of years.

    • Correct. But now we have invited the enemy of civilization into EVERY country. All Western nations will be tunnelled out from within and then destroyed.

      The purpose of Islam is to annihilate other cultures and replace them with discriminatory Sharia and misogyny.

  25. I hope the next new comming from Bulgaria is this:

    “Bulgaria has decided to ban islam and condemning the preaching of islam, being a muslim or the possession of the (cursed) quran as hate crimes against humanity”

    • Try their spelling: Türkiye!!!

      Otherwise, fantastic!!!! Let ALL Muslims, no matter however long-established their colonies have been, be made utterly unwelcome in the ENTIRE West!!! Let them all go to their ‘dar al-Islam’ and STAY THERE!!!! Isolate them so they can NEVER try to travel to the West for positively ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!!!! [Slóbodan Milóshevich, Rádovan Karádzhich and Rátko Mládich were all correct in that ONE regard (much as I hate them as Communists, especially Milóshevich!)…]

      While we’re at it, Türkiye should be kicked out of Europe too: let them lose ALL their territory on the European side of the Dardanelles/Bosphorus divide!!! And make sure that divide is sealed completely with minefields and everything else needed to ensure they can NEVER get into the West.

      [Personally, I’d even drive them out of Türkiye itself – let them be imprisoned in the Arabian Peninsula, better yet…]

  26. Hey dumbass Leftst dhimmis of the West, take note and follow good to see countries like Bulgaria having grown a pair and not bowing to Shitscum Muzscum. Well done Bulgaria keep it up!

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