German-born Pakistani jihadist calls for the murder of all anti-Islamization Pro-NRW party members and journalists in Germany

Yassin Chouka, alias Abu Ibrahim, is believed to be a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. In a video, he urges fellow Muslims not to attend any more PRO-NRW demonstrations in Germany, but, rather to find out where Pro-RNW members live and work and their typical travel routes. Then kill them, ideally in darkness or early in the morning. 

Islam vs Europe  The German anti-Islam pro-NRW movement recently made headlines with its anti-Islam media competition and demonstrations featuring both the fruits of the competition as well as the classic Danish Mohammed cartoons. Now a jihadist who grew up in the German city of Bonn but now lives in Pakistan has published a video calling for all PRO NRW member to be murdered, as well as the journalists who reported on their demonstrations. 

From the video, Ibrahim says, “The German media have again collaborated in the crimes. Under the cover of neutral reporting they have again published the Mohammed cartoons. This, too, will not be tolerated by the followers of Mohammed!” “Der ‘Spiegel’, which is controlled by Jews, and other well-known German media outlets have thus insulted our prophet. Lie in wait for their employees, kill them and give them a lesson they will never forget.”







16 comments on “German-born Pakistani jihadist calls for the murder of all anti-Islamization Pro-NRW party members and journalists in Germany

  1. typical muslime tactic attack in the dark or when someone is asleep.hey grow a pair blitzkrieg the muslims before they do it to you.that is if you don,t want to live under a goverment even worse then the nazi,s if thats possible. hitlerism sharia same same.smarten up fritz.

  2. Moslems are gradually being discovered and EXPOSED as a terrorist society.

    Westerners have OBSERVED true Islam…the Death Cult for Zombies.

    It can only be a short time before Germans start demanding stronger EXTRADITION LAWS.

    We just need to BAN COUSIN MARRIAGE to kill Islam.

  3. Hunt the bitch down, leave no stone unturned, and extricate him from existence. Avoid collateral as best as possible , but shed no tears if a few innocents also succumb. If the un, or its ilk, condems it, so what. Go take out a few of them bastards as well.

    I’m loving this, the NRW ain’t taking no more shit from the white women/children raping muslim cowards. From now on its kick assssss.

    • Forget avoiding collateral damage. Wipe the entire area he is in OFF THE MAP (so long as it’s in the Mohammedan world).

  4. You’da thunk that Germany would have some sort of laws against incitement to murder, commit terrorist acts?
    Oh wait, this is a musloid, so all laws don’t apply to him,bugger,I forgot!
    And if a white guy said this, a Rabbi or priest? A Buddhist monk?
    But then, on the other hand, if the followers of the Religion of Peace & the Perfect Man actually heed this rectal thermometers’ words & do kill,bomb etc the Newspapers employees, would this be a wake up call?
    It would be rather ironic, that the very media who empower these cretins are targeted & killed by them.Almost poetic, but I druther the only casualties be musloids.

  5. Well, I hate to say this, but I will. I kinda hope they do kill several Germans. This will finally show to the Eurabians just how horrible muslims truly are. I believe it will be a flash point for the begining of the push back against the mohamedeens. Europe is a powder keg right now with a very short fuse, kinda like my ex-wife. Germans can be some of the toughest sumbitches on earth. time to feed the frog

  6. I gather Germany has hunting sub culture. Each German patriot should gain possession of a shotgun and form bird hunting clubs.

  7. How much more of these insane calls for the murder of us non believers before the free world wakes up and realizes were at war with Islam? If I were a Muslim in Germany, I’d be watching my back now. Germany belongs to the Germans, not the freeloading Muslims.

  8. This muslim needs to check history – Germans weren’t the good guys and happen to be very good in the terrorizing department…..or should I say bad.

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