Saudi father auctions off his son for $400,000

SAUDI ARABIA: In the midst of an affluent gathering of rich men stands a father with his son next to him, who is about to be sold to the highest bidder, just like his brothers, to become a suicide bomber against Syria. 

The Blaze (H/T Susan K)  The auctioneer then begins to open bidding for the young man’s life, all while people cheerfully shout out bids, and the father looks on in pride. This takes place in a hotel conference room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The atmosphere is festive, and the audience has children in it. But the merchandise auctioned is human flesh and blood!

The video shows the father, abu-salah, attending the auction and offering his son Khaled as sacrifice. The father receives 1.5 million Riyals ($400,000) as future compensation for his son’s demise in Syria. At one point in the video, the father is elated at the high bids.