NEW JERSEY: Arrogant Muslim baghead cries ‘victim’ when told by a mall security guard to take the mask off her face

Wakeelah Salaam was shopping at the Bridegwater Commons Mall when a security guard came up to her and ordered her to remove her oppressed Muslim woman face covering. “He said, ‘ma’am, I’m telling you, you cannot wear that mask in here. Litigation jihadists from CAIR preparing to file a lawsuit as we speak.

ABC  He came as close to me as though he was going to kiss me, and then he made the hand gesture like he was going to lift it up for me,” Salaam said. (Kiss YOU? Don’t dream, honey)

Salaam was born in the United States, and was raised Muslim. Salaam says she was shocked when she was approached twice by the same mall security guard Saturday. She eventually felt so uncomfortable that she called police. “I felt threatened, like I couldn’t walk and shop in the mall without this man asking me to take off my niqab,” Salaam added.

Like good little dhimmis, Bridgewater Commons’ security called Salaam to say, “We sincerely apologize”, said Donald Lantz, “Our security guard has received additional training in cultural diversity how not to be offensive to muslims.

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