NEW JERSEY: Arrogant Muslim baghead cries ‘victim’ when told by a mall security guard to take the mask off her face

Wakeelah Salaam was shopping at the Bridegwater Commons Mall when a security guard came up to her and ordered her to remove her oppressed Muslim woman face covering. “He said, ‘ma’am, I’m telling you, you cannot wear that mask in here. Litigation jihadists from CAIR preparing to file a lawsuit as we speak.

ABC  He came as close to me as though he was going to kiss me, and then he made the hand gesture like he was going to lift it up for me,” Salaam said. (Kiss YOU? Don’t dream, honey)

Salaam was born in the United States, and was raised Muslim. Salaam says she was shocked when she was approached twice by the same mall security guard Saturday. She eventually felt so uncomfortable that she called police. “I felt threatened, like I couldn’t walk and shop in the mall without this man asking me to take off my niqab,” Salaam added.

Like good little dhimmis, Bridgewater Commons’ security called Salaam to say, “We sincerely apologize”, said Donald Lantz, “Our security guard has received additional training in cultural diversity how not to be offensive to muslims.


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  1. I don’t hate Muslims. I’m a Christian and I don’t hate anyone. However, when people come to the United States, they have to abide by our customs, learn English, etc.

    If I immigrated to Saudi Arabia, I’d wear the hijab, which is one reason I would NEVER go there! But, that’s the point – if you don’t like the customs of a country – DON’T MOVE THERE! My parents came to the US from India, guess what – they didn’t expect Americans to become Indians. They spoke English, took us kids trick-or-treating and sent Christmas cards, etc.

    Most Americans are very tolerant, decent people, but they don’t want to be pushed, just like anyone else. My Mom had lots of white neighbors who were genuinely curious and interested about Indian culture, they would trade recipes, etc. But the reason she made those friends – she was also respectful of them and their culture.

    The thing is – if the US wasn’t a great place to live – why would people be moving over here? Part of what makes the US so great is the Constitution and the system of law that we have here – and it’s not shari’ia law. If someone wants to live under shari’ia law, there are plenty of places where it is practiced. I find it offensive that people want to move to the US and impose shar’ia here.

  2. The Muslim woman claims: ‘This is a protection for me,’ In Western countries, women and children ARE protected! What about OUR protection?

    You NEVER know who is HIDING under that long, loose dress and face covering. A woman? A man? A criminal? A terrorist?

    All a Muslim has to do is complain and they are INSTANTLY obeyed: ‘Our security guard has received additional training in cultural diversity,’ said Donald Lantz. ‘We respect her right to dress according to her religious beliefs and she is welcome in our mall anytime.’ End of quote.

    The mall just let Muslim terrorists know that their mall is a ‘soft, easy target’. Now the public knows the mall is more concerned about not offending Muslims, than keeping us safe, the public may decide to choose another mall where security is the TOP priority.

  3. What a stupid piece of shyte she is. Her friggin’ face cloth was see thru anyway!! You can see her face under it!!!!
    Do any of these bItches consider, how scary they appear to children? They want us to consider THEIR feelings about wearing this useless piece of rag, yet, they do not care, about how frightening it can be to a toddler or young child, to see this ‘thing’ floating around in a black table cloth?? Imagine what it would appear like to a child…step into their shoes…Muslim women are nothing more than selfish whores…

  4. The Mall and security apologized. OK fine. But here is the problem. What if a terrorist or a criminal (such as a robber) comes into the mall wearing niqab or other head/face covering, and plants a bomb or enters with an AK47 and begins shooting up the place and then escapes, and he kills and/or injures people? Who will be liable then? The mall? Security? Because they did not make persons remove head gear that concealed their identities? And then they committed crimes? What is more important, human life and safety or a person’s religious beliefs? Who will be financially liable? I am talking big lawsuit resulting from negligence.

    Personally, I think Islam is a vile superstition that deserves no respect, only ridicule, but more importantly where is the concern for human safety?

    It’s a lose-lose situation. The security guard was doing his job in protecting people. But he is getting punished for doing his job. And now people can enter into public areas such as shopping malls and have their identities concealed “for religious reasons.” That kind of policy puts the public in danger.

    All it takes is for people to enter the mall, wearing head coverings such as niqab, and they don’t even have to be Muslims, and they hurt and kill people. I see a big lawsuit happening, even bigger than what this Muslim niqab is demanding, because of negligence.

    Keep in mind, in American society, that the bottom line or money, is the most important thing. They’ll change that policy real quick if people get killed or injured from a niqab wearing terrorist or criminal and they know that they’ll get the shit sued out of them for negligence!

    • Steve, they were stupid to apologize and insane to say they gave the security guard cultural training. I don’t know who is more repugnant in this country – the muslim garbage or the dhimmi Americans who kiss their asses?

      I can’t wait to see what they’ll say when muslim terrorists in burqas start shooting up that mall.

    • Here’s a solution: to ensure no one is carrying any AK-47s or other weapons, everyone must go to that mall wearing G-strings. Oh….wait…..! Some of the girls/women are probably already doing that….!!

      • The danger is usually not from the girls wearing the shorts and g-strings — although some might disagree. Although heart palpatations and increased blood pressure are hazzards in such cases — for heterosexual males.

        Fundamentalist Muslims and Christians might disagree saying that half naked girls endanger the morals of society.

        But face concealing niqabs or other face coverings really can pose a threat to safety. Criminals already have used niqabs, burqas and other forms of Islamic dress to commit crimes, this in addition to the more common ski masks, stockings, and the like.

        Ski masks and head stockings, etc. are already prohibited in many places because of security risks. So what makes a difference if the face is concealed for religious reasons? Does religion always trump safety? What’s to stop someone with criminal or terror intent from concealing his or her identity with face covering “for religious reasons” and committing a crime or act of terror?

      • i guess you chose your user name from the the insurance tv commercial. muslims don’t believe in insurance–it’s gambling to them.

        the comment section here can get a little rowdy, but all the posts contain accurate information about the teachings of islam in context, as interpreted by leading clerics for 1400 years and practiced by muslims for 1400 years. for instance, today hands and feet are still amputated, women are still stoned for alleged adultery, pre-pubescent girls are still married off to old(er) men. a man can have almost all sexual contact(includes fondling, thighing, anal intercourse) with a female, starting one day after birth. when she turns nine, he can have vaginal intercourse. it is legal to have sex with farm animals. the koran repeatedly advocates terrorizing, raping, looting, pillaging all non muslims and occupying their lands. allah said so.

        all “peaceful” koran verses are abrogated(nullified) by later violent verses, mo said so. all leaders and clerics interpret the koran in this way, for 1400 years. so when they claim islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, they are lying(taqiyya), as mandated by mo to deceive infidels. what is “peace” in muslim teaching? peace is when the whole planet is under total sharia law, that’s it.

        as for tolerance of other cultures, there is none. there is no golden rule for infidels, no justice, no liberty, just dhimmi status. do you have any idea of what muslims are doing to christians, jews, sikhs, hindus and buddhists today? do you have any idea of true muslim history? 1400 years of imperialist, colonizing, expansionist jihad.

        you have put yourself up on a self-righteous pedestal, looking down on those “intolerant islamophobes”. you consider yourself enlightened, superior, smarter, tolerant, and open minded. you blindly follow the god of political correctness. facts, history, be damned. what muslims say in languages other than english are unimportant to you. what they say in english, in books, magazines, textbooks, speeches,and videos are to be ignored if the truth contradicts the what you want to be the truth to be.

        you chose to be willfully blind and ignorant. i hope some day soon you open your mind and open your eyes.

  5. I usually come to Bare Naked Islam to get postings for my Facebook pages. This bitch has so much lip I wouldn’t give her any more publicity than what she got on this page.

  6. Move over Pepe Le Pew! Outskunked!
    Consider this a humanitarian service – the scum will smell nicer after a protest than B4 – & that’s probably what they’re afraid of
    Just for the record:
    Since the inception of the Nobel Prize in 1901, the Jews with 13 million population i.e. 0.3% of world population have won just over 170 Nobel Prizes out of 750+ awarded.
    Musloids with 1.5 Billion population or just over 20% have won – ta da 8, yep that’s right a total of 8 – & only 1 of them was for science. The rest were for literature & “Peace” prizes – (Anwar Sadat DID deserve his).
    So the descendants of apes & pigs skunk all over the Fakestinians – how poetic!

  7. Cover your face and walk into a Federal building and see how fast you get shot.
    One law for the Feds [common sense] one law for the rest of us. [no common sense]

  8. There is one way to counter this, and this is to show up in the mall with your face covered. People need to challenge this head on. Why should muslims, – all terrorists are muslims – be able to cover their faces. They should be the only ones not allowed to cover their faces for security reasons.

  9. Sooooo, the baghead bitch thinks she might want to choose another mall the next time she goes shopping?! Well, HALLELUJAH! The security guard’s efforts, just doing his job as he is contracted to do, DID NOT harass and “humiliate” this ignorant baghead in vain!!….Mission accomplished!! And she wants a sincere apology?!…How about this: I am sooooooo sorry you are a stupid backward Seventh Century baghead!!….Now GTFO and STFU!!

  10. It is time that all we civilised people in the world realised that we are at war with islam – this is not a game – and we started the war.
    It will not be nice but the longer we wait we will be indulging in our own destruction.
    Calling these arsehole lifters does them no harm. Rose of England Thou Shalt Not Fade Nor Die!

  11. Oh, the poor thing. Picked on just because she looked like a really dirty KKK member.
    If she ws born in this country, how long has she been going around looking like a baghead ? Was this just a provocation to be a victim and file suit ?

    People who are not bagheads and are in shopping distance of Bridgewater Commons Mall, please find it more convenient to shop elsewhere while telling the management that you don’t feel comfortable carrying money or credit cards in the presence of masked people that could be man or woman and could very well could be terrorists.

  12. Time for all of us to get ski masks and start wearing them to the mall. If we do it groups, when they ask us to remove them we can claim it’s part of our “religion” to disguise ourselves and sue like the Muzzies.

    Know any Muslim owned businesses? I think if you go to get a kabob you should wear a ski mask. Know those bags of party confetti? You can buy it in cross shapes. Buy a few bags and leave a trial in your local Muslim owned business. Drop some in the bathroom. Spill the cross confetti in their mosque parking lots. I think it’s time they realize the masses are aware and won’t stand for it, no matter what our cowardly government representatives think. Those representatives are the ones who are going to be voted out of office soon.

  13. I am sure you have had an article on here before I found you. Do you know the history of “when” the women were forced to wear the bags on their heads and WHY?
    Didn’t it have something to do with evil demons or aliens or ???? raping their women… thus they were made to wear bags over their heads??

    NOW, back to the article at hand.

    Good Grief! She is Looking for a reason to get rich quick! She knows that crying, pissin’ and moaning will get attention now that everyone is having “be tolerant” of the poor Muslims…boo hoo. This SHOULD NEVER GO TO COURT!

    • Upaces, from what I have read, women are instructed to dress modestly, not to cover themselves in black shrouds.

      • Koran 33.59 “…so you will not be molested (i.e. ‘raped’)”

        Question: in Koran 33.59, which group of men are doing the raping of unveiled women?

  14. I don’t really care much for seeing Dementors running around in our malls or in the public places. Strip that crap off.

    • Dementors, LOL! I love it!
      Poor thing felt uncomfortable. Well, I feel uncomfortable when I see women going about in shrouds. Can I sue CAIR over my feelings of discomfort?

      • There you go! Let’s all keep records of when and where we see these neandrathals and complain to anyone who’ll listen. Where does she get off?

        • kana, OUR complaints about muslims are ignored. Only their complaints get attention thanks to having a muslim POS in the White House.

  15. Thankfully I haven’t seen any of those in my corner of Little Saigon by the Bay. Just the head wrap things which are bad enough.

  16. I am glad that she is wearing that piece of shit on her head, at least we don’t have to look at her ugly face and I do hope that she shops someplace else. We don’t want to see these brain damaged idiots in our malls. They should give the security guard a promotion and a pay raise. Peace to all non-moslems who agree.

  17. Ok, so if my religion says I should go naked. Then I should be allowed to be naked in public?????? I don’t think so!

    She is just another America hating ghetto b***h!!!!!!! She talked like any other of her ilk.

    • Difference is, we might WANT to see YOU running about naked. 😉

      I’m sure we don’t want to see HER naked…

  18. the whore did it on purpose, she was banking on (pun intended) just such a confrontation, seeing potential BIG$ as a result, and cair seeing some propaganda gains. insidious, yes. those tactics ain’t gonna work much longer, though. americans are waking up to such deception and thievery. we don’t know the entire story yet, but the guard may have made a mistake in this instance, not because he was being out of order, but perhaps a little overly zealous in light of the dhimmi suck-up consequences.

    • smoothlee, and this morning, this nothing story is all over the news in NYC. Will check to see if CAIR has posted their usual whining video yet.

    • if you that piece of s–t ever has had a job or finished school, or contributed anything to this society, we know better, 50 years of banging out baby’s and never workied a day, the double whammy black muzzies. i can feel it in the air people are waking up to this crap, remember what yamamota said after pearl harbor , we have wakened up the bear

  19. Ask why indeed, why this security fellow did not just escort her sorry ass off the property, instead of putting up with the likes of a subversive, hate American infidels, type of, claiming victim.

  20. She sounds like she’s doing a news interview for a shooting in the projects. What a set up for a lawsuit!!! Hey baghead, get a fucking job!!!

    • Hmmm, not sure about that….I think he should have either ripped the bag off or ordered her off the property.


    what an obnoxious and loudmouthed bitch! allright you muslim whore from hell, let’s talk about those who are REALLY victims! all the coptic christians in egypt, christians in iraq, kenya, syria, nigeria, sudan, pakistan, lebanon, libya, gaza, maldives, and indonesia. the hindus in india, the buddhists in thailand and bali. the jews in israel–who are victims of nonstop aggression, violence, and illegal occupation. all the victims of jihad–death and enslavement–for 1400 years since your monster prophet preached his madness.

    270 million dead, over 100 million enslaved or died on the journy to slavery, countless forced conversions, nonstop rape, all wealth looted from conquered nations. 1400 years of savagery unmatched by any other group. the cult of hatred, misery and death. you have no concept whatsoever of the golden rule.


    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t know who they think they are that they’re gonna tell us how things are gonna be. She needs to go back to her butthole of a country.

    • thank you liz so well put 3 million Christians in nigeria, dead. look up putins speech he has the right idea. he plans on sending every last one of them back

  22. in this country those who wear a mask is eather going to a maskerd party or a crook about to rob some body and she was not going to a party.
    the guard owes no body a apolgy.
    if i saw her i would have called securty my self that there was somebody about to rob a busisness,could have been a man in that get up.

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