64 comments on “Burqa Bandits and Bagheads are robbing you blind but you’re called an ‘Islamophobe’ if you don’t want them in your store

  1. Well, I’m still proud to be an “Islamophobe” AND I would STILL say, should I see a pair of muzscums like the ones in the above video, cross the threshold of any store I owned:”GET THE F— OUT OF MY STORE”!!!

  2. To all who love this site, that first man and woman WERE muslims, the three fat women
    were Roma Gypsies from Romania , working a
    London store i think it was, and getting away
    with it. Every English town and city is overun with them now because the EU says we have to take them, and house them , and pay them EVERY benifit, including to their children not in the UK but in Romania.

    You should see the size of the villas they build in their home villages on the proceeds of crimes commited in other countries, a true scandle.

  3. My experience with the mohommedists is that the lies and deception never end. So i automatically disregard what they say and consider it false.

  4. @BNI, coincidentally, around the same time you posted this article, Abu Hamza’s daughter was caught smuggling a SIM card in her burqa to a british prison.

  5. @Catpiss Ban Islam? Hardly its not going to be banned its going to be removed from the planet and if possible from history. You a disease a blight on the planet a waste of resources, a mistake of nature and a bad joke.

  6. Man wears burqa to give secret sex lessons to Muslim Housewives. Buddhist convert
    kicks fundamentalist up the butt while praying.
    Read all about it in The Burqa Master by Cid Andrenelli: free to download from Amazon. Satire, comedy and
    everything irreverent

  7. Yaut ta hey their little cat nip what ail’s ya ? ya sound’s like ya got the we’s and ta you’s problem ! well don’t you worry yor little bean , we’s al got the cure for you’al muslim are American’s too sickness , we’s all will cure you of that idea or we find you a new camp ! best deal we got thar little cat nip ! take it or leave now while there is still time . We’s All Vetran American Patriots in this camp no room for y’als muslims .

  8. See the perk about this instance is, you can EASILY ban a muslim from a store if you own it… Banning them from the West however… A little trickier lol. I do agree, just pointing out it’s harder lol.

    I think we shold just put TSA agents at all store exits lol, ones that will search (forgive the army term) “every swinging dick” lol

    Rangers Lead The Way!

    • CPL, under the Obama dictatorship, try to ban a burqa clad bitch from your store and CAIR, backed by Eric Holder, will sue you for everything you’ve got.

  9. BNI…I’m from the good old Aussieland, and forgive my, ignorance..but whats a yall? Is she speaking with an accent or just illiterate? LMAO……

    • Wendy, she used the expression y’all several times which is a popular way of saying “you” or “you all” throughout the Southern states in of the U.S. But one rarely sees y’all in written English. Not sure what her intention was.

    • catkiss, I would ban y’all except for the fact that I know there are people here who would love to rip y’all a new one.

  10. 1. According to islam stealing is haraam regardless of you are stealing from infidels. 2. They are not wearing a burka its a hijab. Big difference. 3. Not all muslims are like this. Remember one bad apple spoils the bunch… 4. Get yalls facts straight before you harp on other peoples religions because of dumbasses like these people. You would want other people to harp on your religion (whatever religion yall choose to follow) or harp on yalls no religion. Yall pointing a finger at them yet yall have 3 fingers pointing back at yall like yall or any better then them or like yall are “perfect”. Motherfuckers, not one of yall is perfect or any better then them! Stupids! Yall arent to be ashamed of yallself! Ban islam? Really? Maybe we should ban christianity or judaism or how about atheism? Hmmm… Bet none of yall would like that? Think about those things before any of yall run your goddang mouths!

    • 1. According to islam all infidels are scum and muslims have to deceive and lie to them ,
      stealing and sucking the west dry is all promoted by your stinking koran, muslims will do anything to destroy the Western civilization, each and every one of you are out to do your part in your jihad that will eventually destroy islam itself.
      2. Who gives a fuck what you call the rag this stealing muslim **** wears on her filthy head. There is no difference you twat!
      3.”Remember one bad apple spoils the bunch”, YES. his name was mo the pedophile.
      4.Get your facts straight before you rag on this site and protect dumbasses like yourself who are possessed by this violent political ideology you dare to call a religion.
      Fuck off with your cult and leave the west now and go steal and lie in your own fucking country.
      Because we are PERFECT and living in OUR PERFECT society we can say and do whatever we like to upset you koranimal assholes.
      No, we DON’T like it that you ARE trying to wipe out ALL Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus and and everything else on this planet, What the fuck are you talking about you stupid retarded
      low life scum sucking islamic piece of shit? Of course we don’t like what you are doing to Infidels on this planet!!
      But we won’t put up with it too much longer, YOU caused a lot of pain and brought a lot of grief all over the world, and paybacks will be a terrible bitch for all you Western hating islamic warmongers.
      Think about those things before you open your stinking trap again.
      Now YALL go pray on the highway in rush hour traffic.

      • BNI, My Apologies for my foul language, I just got home before placing my comment from a walk with my dog when I was told by a bunch of retarted muslims that I couldn’t leave my dog tied up at a designated spot outside the local shopping mall while i was getting a newspaper at a local Chinese vendor, I was still fuming mad about this little confrontation and lost my cool a bit.
        Again, I’m sorry.

    • Yes REALLY, BAN ISLAM, it is afterall a cult, not a religion, and it matter none the least of what drivel you try and impose to it. It’s totalatarian concript, that’s all. By the way I noticed by your written words, why you must have gone to one of those gubmint edumication centers of indicktrapenetration style of ignorance. Did I come close to what ails you, no? You pussykisser, are way out of your league here, if it weren’t for these types of post, why we would have no reason whatsoever to laugh these days, thanks for the good laugh, yah here. Southernfried brain full of mush. WOW, just WOW, don’t get more ignorant than this, at least I used to think so, but, hey every once and a while, someone visits to prove this theory wrong. Again thanks for the laugh. mussylover. Semper Fi bitch.

    • Hey idiot, we ARE better than them. Obviously not YOU but we BNI fans sure are. I have no time or desire to educate you on this matter so I suggest you stay on sites where they embrace stupidity and delusion. Y’all come back now, ya hear.

    • First things first, use English! You come off sounding like a brainless baghead with a southern drool, not a drawl. These crazies wear their body bags to do nefarious things and using taqiyya is getting old. We all know what these evil people have come here to do, to take down the west from within. The Christians and Jews have lived in the USA from it’s conception, together, in peace. From the so called religion of peace we have wives and mothers with lopped off heads in the name is Allah, we have clitorectomies going on in American hosptials, we have lost 343 firefighters and 23 police and thousands of civilians, we have thwarted I don’t know how many attacks on our cities since 9/11, the entire country needs to be molested by airport security when traveling and civilians must be alert at all times when traveling on trains and buses and planes to the signs of insane Muslimes behavior and practices for the sake of their own lives, and now the muslimes are getting even more creative, they are surgicially implanting devices on their wacky woman to destroy as many western lives as possible, and they bring their nasty pipes and synthetic pot here to our suburbs to sell to minors from local gas stations and mall kiosks. So while they aren’t ALL like this, I have to agfree, infant Muslimes aren’t able to choose for themselves, it’s the grown ones that we need to look out for.

    • That’s right – we all should ban a religion that punishes apostasy with death; that stones to death adulterers and kills homosexuals; that flogs drinkers & gamblers; encourages female genital mutilation; that legalizes inequality between the sexes & between Muslim and non-Muslim; that allows young immature females to be married off to old men; That seeks to overthrow Western democracies with “no free speech allowed” totalitarianism – y’all!

    • Somebody needs to help you remove that stick thats up your arse. Cranky today, are we not? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today or what?
      There is bad in all religions, that is true, but I don’t know of any that teaches a person to be bad except islam. 99.9% of the Terrorists are moslems, devout moslems and moslems are only the ones creating problems to a high degree today and anytime you hear of a terrorist attack or honor killing it is usually moslems doing it. So why wouldn’t people be getting down on moslems? Peace to non-moslems who have a brain and understand this.

    • Yes we are better than Muslims:

      1. Unlike Muslims, we in the west do not condone slavery. Muslims have started and continued the slave trade for the last 1400 years. Slavery has not ended in Muslim countries like Mauritania. The same word for black in Arabic is slave.

      2. We here in the West are tolerant of other faiths and can practice freely without fear of being killed and/or persecuted. Muslims constantly persecute and slaughter non-muslims. (or “kafirs” according to them.) The police do nothing, and let non-muslims die without their Muslim killers ever being convicted of their crimes. The non-muslims left alive have dhimmitude imposed on them and are not only taxed but humiliated, threatened with death, and oppressed by Muslims. Women are also second class citizens, they are like animals to Muslims, nothing more. Islam is the reason there are only 100,000 Zoroastrians left in the world.

      3. Most immigrants (Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, ect.) want to integrate into Western societies, follow Western laws of equality, and become productive citizens of western societies. Muslims want to impose their religious laws and doctrine on everybody else, not obey the laws of the country that allowed them to immigrate there in the first place (Hence the “no go” slums in European cities.), and continue to feed off welfare.

      I say with a resounding yes, that we are better than Muslims. Why? Because unlike Muslims, we don’t go on a killing spree every time a cartoon of our prophet is published in a newspaper or online. Unlike Muslims we don’t allow homosexuals to be killed with impunity. Unlike Muslims we don’t cut off heads, hands, fingers, toes, or limbs for crimes. Unlike Muslims, women are not someones property and are to be treated with respect. Unlike Muslims, we don’t kill people for leaving Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, ect. Unlike Muslims, we allow criticism of our faiths without fear of being jailed, killed, or persecution. Unlike Muslims, we don’t force our children to marry our cousins and we don’t allow our our girls to be raped just because they choose not to wear a bag (burqa or hijab) over their head. (Burqas don’t actually prevent rape, as we have seen in the middle east)

      I could go on and on. But instead I would challenge you to get YOUR facts straight and study the last 1400 years of Islamic history, conquest, and study the ideology of what is written in the quran. Your understanding of Muslims and Islam is minimal, and just naive and wishful thinking.

      If you think Muslims are so great why don’t you go to one of those 57 Islamic countries and see if we are any better than Muslims. But while your over there, try to avoid losing your head or be killed by a violent and crazy mob of foaming at the mouth Muslims. Because over there, you are “kafir” and are fair game to be killed, enslaved, or raped.

      Also, if you think Muslims are so tolerant and wonderful, (as you naively claim) why does this man have 60 million dollars on his head for simply opening up their quran and exposing it in the middle east on his show?

      • *throws up hand with “Black Card” in it*

        *Hands card to TW*

        You deserve one. I hand these out to anyone, regardless of skin color, who speaks truth and defends human dignity and the Republic. It’s my little token of esteem. 😀

        Yes, the Judaeo-Christian West IS better than the Mohammedan world, and the Judaeo-Christians (and others) ARE better than the Mohammedans. It is the Judaeo-Christian West which brought, in most of the world, an end to slavery *except for those whose sexual proclivities cause them to lean to such roleplay*; acted against the abuse of women; sought to protect the right to worship, or to NOT worship, as an individual sees fit so long as he or she does not intrude on the rights of others to do so in their own lives; and has brought the modern world, with all its technological, intellectual, political, economic, and humanistic advancement.

        NONE of this was done by the Mohammedans; in fact, looking at the history of Mohammedanism, right from the start it suppressed, and continues to suppress, economic, societal, political, intellectual, and technological progress. The so-called “Islamic flowering” of science, mathematics, and such was done MOSTLY by native Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, and other non-Mohammedans, often in secret and under threat of death and destruction if found out. Those Mohammedans who DID participate in the advancement of human knowledge and society did so with the full understanding that they could, and would be seen as, apostates and false “Muslims.”

        • @d s dunlap if thats the case then im better then the christians and the jews and anyone else on this website.

        • Even before you were banned, you couldn’t even refute the facts I stated above or anyone else’s facts for that matter. Oh that’s right, you can’t, because it’s all true.

        • TW, and here is the email that catpiss just sent me:

          “so why did you ban me??? is it because of the hateful comments i was putting out there??? hmmm… like your stupid blog and comments arent hateful… yet you want freedom of speech, but yet you ban people for speaking their mind… very hypocritical if you ask me…. you have a problem with muslims putting hateul comments and whatnot, but yet you also do that with your blog…. again very hypocritical if you ask me… YOU SIR/MAAM OR WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE, ARE VERY HYPOCRITICAL AND IT NEEDS TO STOP…. JUST THOUGHT I POINT THAT OUT FOR YOU… i also think you should go fuck yourself and eat shit and die!!! fuck you and the horse you rode on, you hypocritical piece of shit!!! i hope you get raped or someone kills you!!! better yet, why dont you go and do everyone a favor and just kill yourself… its the right thing to do….”

          “guess what bitch. i just reported you and your stupid website to the properauthorites. so i really dont care if you banned me… haha jokes on you… cunt….”

        • Well well well, see how quickly another mask falls and reveals the ugliness of asslifting garbage? As for the gloating “I reported you” yah di yah BS, considering the contents of the sent e-mail above, wonder who’s joke it is on now!

        • Catpiss should trade places with non-muslim refugees and go to Dar Al-Islam to live with his/her Muslim pals if he/she thinks they are so great. Idiots like this are just as much to blame for the U.S. and the West going down the tubes as the Dhimmis and Muslims. The FBI won’t investigate message threats against your life, but they will investigate a dog turd or bacon left at the front door of a mosque, absolutely ridiculous. Our founding fathers would be turning in their graves to see what this country has become at the hands of the traitors that are allowed to exist in this country (CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, ect.), that run our media, and have infiltrated our government.

  11. I sent this video to my legislators. How about others here?

    Congressman Steve King, Iowa, thinks the U.S. should choose immigrants like we choose our dogs. Hunters pick the most intelligent and capable hunting dogs with a temperament compatible with their own and the job they want their dog to perform.

    I’d never compare all the wonderful dogs in the world to Muslims. That would be insulting to the dogs.

    Of course, he was saying, since the 1965 Immigration Law, immigrants have been stupid, lazy, hostile, arrogant ingrates, lowlifes, thieves, rapists and murderers, hell bent on taking over, and unqualified to live in our five star country. In other words, they are scum of the earth and why are they allowed to dirty our country.

    • Barbara, Steve King is right. We have Teddy Kennedy to thank for opening up the floodgates to all the third world
      trash and putting limits on educated, wealthy, productive first world immigrants.

  12. Why do Muslim women wear the burka? Because they are brainwashed to? Forced to? To hide their grotesque body hair? To protect themselves from our men lusting after them (haha as if!)? When in infidel countries they use it to steal…Islam teaches immorality and condones theft/rape/murder/subjugation of us so how can we blame them. It would be “racist”. Fuck that, go back to your hellhole country and be beaten into submission in the name of your perverted ‘religion’. You have no place in modern inbred-free society.

    • Hi Nikita Anne
      As i live in the UK i understand that Muslimas wear that outfit as a clear signal to Muslim men that as muslim women , they are
      NOT to be raped or sexually assaulted.

      When muslim men ANYWHERE see women and young girls NOT so dressed, they are to be considered second class and potentual prey

  13. I never pass up the chance to give a baghead the Stare, but thanks to this info it might be fun to follow them around the store for a while and see what they’re up to.

    Meanwhile, it’s good to see that even the likes of CNN and MSNBC haven’t been able to ignore this story:


    No, this isn’t a “clash of cultures”. This is people letting their own fear, superstition, and greed for rewards from their vicious imaginary god turn them into animals who will destroy their own children rather than live their lives as free human beings. They should be locked up for the rest of their miserable lives in cages where they belong.

  14. Islam seeks to take all the beauty, innocence and joy out of life and replace with fear, perversion and pain.

    What would you expect from a cult that was started by a murderous paedophile.

  15. Not just America, dear Ms. BNI: Moslems should be banned from the ENTIRE West, period!!!

    That means ALL of the Americas, Europe including Russia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania and Central + South Africa – one day it can be made ALL of Africa!!! The ONLY place they eventually can be truly tolerated is the Arabian Peninsula, where they can be encouraged to kill each other to the last man, woman and child until they’re ALL extinct.

    Once that’s done, ALL Islamic books and artefacts should be tightly imprisoned under multiple locks and keys in large libraries and museums, NEVER to be again known to those who don’t expressly need to know of it!!!!

  16. This video proves that the burka bag heads are not just savages but low life thieves who are using their bags and face coverings to steal and rob our stores. Hopefully they were able to get a clear video of the thieves and to drag their filth into the courts. Ban all muslim bags and face coverings. Do not let them in your stores. It is time for our governments to ban all face coverings in stores, driver’s identification and so on.

    • obama will do nothing ,but as a store manager or owner you have the right to refuse service to who you want to.

      no shoes
      no shirt
      no head bags
      no service

  17. Head in the clouds, doesn’t have enough information to understand just what she have gotten into. Wouldn’t listen until pain is upon her in one form or another.

  18. She shoves goods up her burqa, and he then pulls the merchandise behind to the front of the shelf. Disgusting. I would follow them around like hawks – I’ve had to do it before with thieves – drives them nuts, but who cares.

    • Unfortunately with the Rom as well, wearing poacher dresses on a blazing hot day, then two going into a small store and taking turns distracting the storekeeper while the other fills the dozen pockets inside.

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