GREECE: Man stabbed to death by illegal Muslim invaders, but the people who oppose them are called ‘Nazis’

Authorities in Patra held an emergency meeting to discuss ways of tackling the presence of hundreds of illegal immigrants in the city, following violent clashes between police and supporters of ‘anti-Muslim immigrant’ right wing Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party.

Islam vs Europe  Five people were arrested, eight policemen injured, one police bus and two motorcycles were damaged during the fighting on Tuesday night.

Dozens of locals had gathered outside a disused factory near the port area used as makeshift accommodation by illegal alien Muslims to protest the fatal stabbing last week of a 30-year-old local man. Three Afghan migrants are suspected of attacking the victim after a disagreement. However, the protest was broken up by dozens of supporters of the far-right party who clashed repeatedly with riot police.

The Governor of Western Greece, Apostolos Katsifaras, asked for the police presence in the city to be stepped and for the factory where the migrants are squatting to be cleared in order to defuse the situation. “Evacuating the buildings at Peiraiki-Patraiki, in conjunction with more policing around the whole old factory area would help calm the situation down,” he said.






















15 comments on “GREECE: Man stabbed to death by illegal Muslim invaders, but the people who oppose them are called ‘Nazis’

  1. I say push them into the sea, like they want to do to the Jews in Israel.
    From the pic above, the rock throwers, they just love the rocks in the dirt. Just like their palestinian bros, they stay in the dirt they wallow in.

  2. I do have to give you a heads up, BNI. The Golden Dawn leader denies that gas chambers were used in the holocaust (Can’t say that this accurately reflects what the entire following of the organization believes, the guy could just be nuts). However, they are still a group who are causing trouble for the unwanted extremists in Greece, so we should watch this play out. It may prove advantageous to our side in the ‘battle for a free Europe’. hehe

  3. Deport all illegal and criminal muslims. Put land mines on the border between Turkey and Greece or suffer the consequences of the people resorting to vigilanty tactics to defend their countries from the muslim invaders. The police are supporting the wrong group when they support the muslims.

  4. Moslems are so violent, eventually Islam will need to be banned.

    Greeks have forgotten their 500 years of oppression under the Ottomans.

    • Actually, enough of them have NOT so forgotten; however, MANY Greeks have been – and likely secretly are yet – COMMUNISTS!!!

      Had it not been for Tito’s split with Stáljin and the Comintern in 1948, which left the Greek-Communist leader Markos without his full supplies of food, medicines and munitions (much of which was coming through the Yugoslav-Macedonian area of Skoplje from further north, it’s VERY LIKELY that at least half of Greece was ready to be conquered by Communism as of the late ’40s.

      Furthermore, who ran the notorious “November 17” gang but a Greek “intellectual” professor by the name of Alexandros Giotopoulos!?!!

      Let this show you just how very individualistic yet prepared to suppress their fellow-men Greeks can be – and how FAR they really are from the democratic ideal touted with Ancient Athens as its cradle (of 478-400 BC.)!!! [Sparta, Thebes and MANY OTHER Greek cities, towns and provinces were anything but “democratic” during that time (as well as before and after) – and even Athens had its tyrants like Peisistratus and his sons Hipparchus and Hippias (granted, this was BEFORE Pericles and the summit of Athenian democracy, which was to perish in the Pelopponesian Wars of 430-400 BC.]

      If Greeks couldn’t and can’t agree on how things were in those “golden days” of Greek civilisation, then how can you really expect them to truly remember to unanimously hate their Turkish oppressors and enemies?!??

      • See, here’s the trouble. Democracy has NEVER worked. It doesn’t work because the minute a majority is formed, they act to remove the rights from a minority. Once that is done, a majority then splits into a smaller majority and even smaller minority, and on and on. Finally, what you end up with is Oligarchy.

        Our system here in the USA is a REPUBLICAN system. In a Republic, a body of laws for the nation (or better yet, a constitution) defines what the government can and cannot do. It also defines the basic rights of all citizens which cannot be infringed upon unless there is an ABSOLUTELY compelling reason (i.e. said citizen has violated the basic rights of another citizen. Crimes fit under this one); and then, the removal of rights from a citizen must be made through a due process of the law court system before said basic rights may be taken from the citizen.

        Down with Democracy. Long Live Republicanism.

        (For those reading this who might either NOT understand, or be wilfully stupid, Democracy and Republicanism are, in this commentary, governmental systems, not political parties.)

  5. As if Greece doesn’t have enough problems, now they have to deal with Muslim immigrants who are only there to leach off the taxpayers. When will Greece and the rest of the free world realize you can’t give a helping hand to a Muslim and expect them to thank you. All you get is a stab in the back just like the poor innocent victim.

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