Muslim passengers detained by FBI after making wudu in the toilet

A group of Muslims was detained Wednesday at Orlando Sanford International Airport, apparently because of a panic over an Islamic cleanliness ritual, which requires Muslims to wash their hands, arms, face, feet and all their body orifices several times with water.

Orlando Sentinel  The captain of Allegiant flight No.625 from Allentown Pa., radioed ahead and asked airport police to meet the plane when it landed about 8:30p.m., said Larry Dale, airport director and commander of its 11-member police force.

Members of the group were lingering in the lavatory and asked for a cup, arousing suspicion, Dale said. An FBI agent was interviewing three men late Wednesday, but it appeared that the travelers were detained because of a religious custom dictating cleanliness and that they would be released.

“In today’s world, we’d rather be cautious,” Dale said.

About half a dozen people and one child were traveling from Pennsylvania to Central Florida for a volleyball and badminton tournament, Dale said.

At least two of the women wore headbags, a witness said.

A report released Thursday says an Allegiant dispatcher requested that police respond “in reference to Middle Eastern passengers.” 

Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, said devout Muslims customarily clean their private parts with water after using the restroom, and that is likely what members of the group were doing. 

“They [the airplane crew] didn’t understand it, probably,” Musri said. “If you didn’t know the reason, you’d say, ‘Why do you need the cup? Why are you taking it with you into the bathroom?'”

“I’m glad they didn’t have to divert the plane to another airport,” Musri said.

Frequently in a bathroom in a Muslim household, the toilet paper will have these massive fingerprint marks that have soaked through the entire roll of toilet paper.  Some of you might not even question why those marks are there, especially if those finger marks have dried out.  

The reality is, after you’re done washing and wiping your butt, you now most certainly need to finish the job off with some toilet paper since your butt is dripping wet.  In this situation, your hand is also dripping wet.  Unfortunately, some people make the unwise decision of using their wet hand to get some toilet paper.  

This roll of toilet paper is now tainted by a hand that has freshly wiped poop.  This essentially creates a quasi-”second hand toilet paper” situation (similar to butt deflected water on the floor), where the toilet paper you are using has specs of someone else’s poop on it. 

Something else we can thank Muslims for:

The FAA has ordered all airlines to disable emergency oxygen masks in airplane bathrooms, for fear that terrorists may use the oxygen to ignite a fire. This means that every time you go to the bathroom on a flight from now on, you’ll be risking your life if the plane decompresses.