Muslim passengers detained by FBI after making wudu in the toilet

A group of Muslims was detained Wednesday at Orlando Sanford International Airport, apparently because of a panic over an Islamic cleanliness ritual, which requires Muslims to wash their hands, arms, face, feet and all their body orifices several times with water.

Orlando Sentinel  The captain of Allegiant flight No.625 from Allentown Pa., radioed ahead and asked airport police to meet the plane when it landed about 8:30p.m., said Larry Dale, airport director and commander of its 11-member police force.

Members of the group were lingering in the lavatory and asked for a cup, arousing suspicion, Dale said. An FBI agent was interviewing three men late Wednesday, but it appeared that the travelers were detained because of a religious custom dictating cleanliness and that they would be released.

“In today’s world, we’d rather be cautious,” Dale said.

About half a dozen people and one child were traveling from Pennsylvania to Central Florida for a volleyball and badminton tournament, Dale said.

At least two of the women wore headbags, a witness said.

A report released Thursday says an Allegiant dispatcher requested that police respond “in reference to Middle Eastern passengers.” 

Muhammad Musri, president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida, said devout Muslims customarily clean their private parts with water after using the restroom, and that is likely what members of the group were doing. 

“They [the airplane crew] didn’t understand it, probably,” Musri said. “If you didn’t know the reason, you’d say, ‘Why do you need the cup? Why are you taking it with you into the bathroom?'”

“I’m glad they didn’t have to divert the plane to another airport,” Musri said.

Frequently in a bathroom in a Muslim household, the toilet paper will have these massive fingerprint marks that have soaked through the entire roll of toilet paper.  Some of you might not even question why those marks are there, especially if those finger marks have dried out.  

The reality is, after you’re done washing and wiping your butt, you now most certainly need to finish the job off with some toilet paper since your butt is dripping wet.  In this situation, your hand is also dripping wet.  Unfortunately, some people make the unwise decision of using their wet hand to get some toilet paper.  

This roll of toilet paper is now tainted by a hand that has freshly wiped poop.  This essentially creates a quasi-”second hand toilet paper” situation (similar to butt deflected water on the floor), where the toilet paper you are using has specs of someone else’s poop on it. 

Something else we can thank Muslims for:

The FAA has ordered all airlines to disable emergency oxygen masks in airplane bathrooms, for fear that terrorists may use the oxygen to ignite a fire. This means that every time you go to the bathroom on a flight from now on, you’ll be risking your life if the plane decompresses.


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  1. Idiots, one of the Islamic contributions to Europe was bathing, a ritual that was highly suspect in Europe but still practiced in Spain in the late 1400s after Ferdinan and Isabella kicked out “the Moors.”

    “All the perfumes of Arabia cannot cleanse these hands,” said Lady MacBeth. Cleansing and smelling sweet are Middle Eastern contributions to the world, you patronizing, condescending, racist, ignorant imbeciles

    • Shep, I see you bought into the Islamopropaganda about all the inventions muslims claim as their own:



      Washing and bathing are religious requirements for Muslims, which is perhaps why they perfected the recipe for soap which we still use today. The ancient Egyptians had soap of a kind, as did the Romans who used it more as a pomade. But it was the Arabs who combined vegetable oils with sodium hydroxide and aromatics such as thyme oil. One of the Crusaders’ most striking characteristics, to Arab nostrils, was that they did not wash. Shampoo was introduced to England by a Muslim who opened Mahomed’s Indian Vapour Baths on Brighton seafront in 1759 and was appointed Shampooing Surgeon to Kings George IV and William IV.


      The first issue we need to address here, is the “Muslim” that Paul Vallely is referring to. His name was Sake Dean Mahomed and he was not a Muslim, but a convert to Christianity. Born to Muslim parents in 1759, He converted to Christianity and married the Anglo-Irish gentlewoman, Jane Daly, in an Anglican ceremony in 1786 (long before opening “Mahomed’s Indian Vapour Baths” in 1821). Two of his children (Amelia and Henry) were also baptised into the Anglican faith, and one of his grandsons, Rev. James Kerriman Mahomed, was appointed as the vicar of Hove, Sussex. Also worthy of mention is the fact that Islam is not the only religion which dictates rules on personal cleanliness. The Jews too have rules governing hygiene.
      A soap-like material found in clay cylinders during the excavation of ancient Babylon is evidence that soapmaking was known as early as 2800 BC. Inscriptions on the cylinders say that fats were boiled with ashes, which is a method of making soap, but do not refer to the purpose of the “soap.” Such materials were later used as hair styling aids. Like the ancient Egyptians before them, daily bathing was an important event in the ancient Roman world[19] and a common custom in Japan during the Middle Ages. And in Iceland, pools warmed with water from hot springs were popular gathering places on Saturday evenings. Soapmaking was an established craft in Europe by the 7th century. Soapmaker guilds guarded their trade secrets closely. Vegetable and animal oils were used with ashes of plants, along with fragrance. Gradually more varieties of soap became available for shaving and shampooing, as well as bathing and laundering. The English began making soap during the 12th century. The soap business was so good that in 1622, King James I granted a monopoly to a soapmaker for $100,000 a year. Well into the 19th century, soap was heavily taxed as a luxury item in several countries. When the high tax was removed, soap became available to ordinary people, and cleanliness standards improved. Commercial soapmaking in the American colonies began in 1608 with the arrival of several soapmakers on the second ship from England to reach Jamestown, VA. The science of modern soapmaking was bom in the 1820’s with the discovery by French chemist Michel Eugene Chevreul, of the chemical nature and relationship of fats, glycerine and fatty acids. His studies established the basis for both fat and soap chemistry.

  2. Allah Aukbar…. Let me start by saying….. Really you believe Muslim don’t use soap, shampoo and deodorant…. Seriously?

    Once washing the private parts with a lot of water… A Muslim will wash their hands with soap… And continue finishing wudu.

    Also if u believe everything media showing you ie (foot picture) then you really need to seek Allah guidance….. May Allah shower this world with peace and forgive all those people who hate on Islam and Allah Akbur’s followers.

    • Lol I don’t think you’ve got the hang of Western humour. No one took the foot picture seriously, they are made for everything you can think of, like demotivation posters or something. Also, people don’t have issues with washing your bum with water (where I live we use wet wipes because they are anti bacterial, some countries have bidet’s) water does NOT kill germs) and everyone around the world washes their hands unless they were brought up to be dirty – but you probably believe what YOUR media tells you too =p

      Touching your arsehole with your hand after taking a dump is never gonna fly here dude. We have wipes, gloves, tissue, why the hell would anyone purposely touch poo? Anyone touching poo every day shouldn’t be allowed to work in a hospital and if you have the slightest clue about bacteria you’ll agree.

  3. Why oh lord do I waste my time on the ignorant and uneducated foolish people that spew hate from there dark and hateful hearts and empty minds?????? Being board is no excuse for slumming it and curiosity well I know why I turned my back on American culture and embraced Islam it’s because of people like those posting here and the whore mentality that is rocked on us as normal

    • Lol, it is you who is ignorant, uneducated and foolish. 1. Learn how to spell bored; the difference between their and there, 2. Get a grip, take a joke, brah. 3. America is not the only country in the world. 4. Whore mentality? To whom are you referring in this statement? I am not a stuck up religious nut, yet I’m a well adjusted 22yr old virgin who doesn’t have to look down on a whole nation to feel better about myself. 5. All I got from your post is: “I’M BETTER THAN YOU”!…..Well, guess what? You’re not.

      • If you love Islam so much please leave the U.S and go to a Islamic country …. and don’t come back here

  4. To my knowledge(and I stand to be corrected)I I thought the black death was caused by rats and general dirty water……but we don’t have unsanitary conditions now or dirty water systems…’s called being civilised!We learn what’s causing a problem and fix it,we don’t stay in the 7th century and no muslim worships the G-d I worship,you’re quite correct there,Don’t insult me!

  5. How many times a day does anyone wash their face…? Twice maximum 4 times with soap or face wash etc. and then moisterise using cream, unless you like a dry face. So if someone washes their feet 5 times and that’s only for prayer, as Muslims bathe too, so could be more than 5 times minimum with soap, shower gel or any other toiletries. Then do the simple maths and realise that their feet are cleaner than most of people’s faces.

    Don’t be so ignorant and try educate yourselves instead of analysing other people or their faith in God (your creator!). Like I said its simple maths, think about it instead of typing about something you don’t know much about.

    This is irrelevant but have a memory longer than 100 years and know that the west has always been behind in terms of education, innovation and hygiene. Remember the dark ages? It was only in the west, does anyone know where the first battery was made? Mesopotamia (Baghdad – IRAQ in modern day geography) a country, which is now destroyed and maybe useless to the west apart from oil and anything else of monetary value. I live in London, United Kingdom a very advanced country, but were people not dying from Black Death or plagues? Mainly due to poor sewage systems and hygiene, so remember don’t have a memory that goes back to when the Internet was first invented. Please educate yourselves and that’s a nice way of putting it to you that judge or make comments about something you know nothing about.

    Say, “O disbelievers, [1] I do not worship that which you worship, [2] nor do you worship the One whom I worship. [3] And neither I am going to worship that which you have worshipped, [4] nor will you worship the One whom I worship. [5] For you is your faith, and for me, my faith.” [6]

    • Dont, Muslims do not use soap for their wudu, so they are just as filthy after as they were before. I don’t know where you think you’ve landed, but nobody here is stupid enough to buy the brand of Islamocrap you are selling. Now, scram.

      As for insulting Muslims, it’s our favorite thing to do because it so damn easy. You paedophile prophet lovers get insulted by everything.

      • You are so hateful I hope God doesn’t judge you as harshly as you judge others you must be a very unhappy person to spew such hate you are extremely misinformed about Muslim people and Islam.

  6. I didn’t know that when muslims make wudu they wash the private to me because touching the private parts nullifies wudu so I suppose a muslim would never be able to purify themselves for prayer.

  7. Jeez. You would think that in the 21st century, Arabs and other Middle Eastern peoples would be introduced to modern hygeine and sanitation techniques, such as the use of soap and water, proper ways to use toilet and sink and shower and/or bathtub. Instead they are using all that oil money for bullshit…such as jihad against the West, extravangant public projects, but they can’t instruct their people in modern hygeine, and they can’t install sewers and essential sanitation and hygenics in their cities and introduce modern health and sanitation techniques to their people.

    These people are still using 7th century hygiene practices. TIME TO UPDATE!!!

    • So when muslims wash their hands, face and feet, they are somehow living in the past lol, it only proves that they were clean from the start, you guys make me laugh, get a life!!!

      • If they (the Moslems) aren’t using real soap, shampoo and/or even detergent, then INDEED they are living in the past!!!! Water alone is FAR FROM ENOUGH!!!

        The same thing if they wash their private parts with water alone before using the toilet-paper. The right sequence is to FIRST wipe everything off and away as thoroughly as possible!!! THEN, OK: wash – but use the SOAP with the water!!!! [Stones, pebbles or soil are worse than useless!!!]

        It’s you MOSLEMS (e.g., Alamin Ahmed) who need to GET A LIFE!!!!! Better yet, GET OUT OF THE WEST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – we Westerners as a people did NOT ask you to come here!!!! We neither need nor want colonists to order us around!!! You are here to become fellow-WESTERNERS, NOT to force everybody else to become Moslems – if you want to be Moslems, then the West is NO PLACE for you!!!! Go back to your “dar al-Islam” AT ONCE, Moslem filth, while the going is good!!!!

        We most justly HATE AND DESPISE Islam now and ALWAYS!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM, now and forever and unto ages of ALL ages!!!!!

      • Alamin………’s not what’s on the ouside that makes you unclean but what comes out from the inside.You can scrub yourself in bleach and still be “unclean” inside………scrub your attitudes clean first.All the soap in the world does not necessarily make you clean.

  8. So what happens after you wash the right foot? Do you balance on your left foot and put your right shoe back on (and right leg for left foot) so you can walk out of bathroom and go to an appropriate place to pray? Do you change socks before you put your feet back in your shoes so as not to recontaminate the feet? What are the exact logistics of getting from the bathroom to the prayer room while maintaining the cleanliness? (And couldn’t you just clean your feet with some baby wipes?)

    • Well, men aren’t exactly known for there great aim when it comes to peeing, so I’m just happy I’m not putting my bare, wet foot down on a public bathroom floor.
      Especially in a plane, because the toilet is almost in front of the sink.

    • Kat……..please don’t tell me you’re also wondering just how they go about the washing of their private parts……LOL!

  9. Oh Dear God! Was the picture of that foot really necessary?

    It makes me want to vomit, but oddly enough I can’t stop staring at it.

    He needs to invest in a ped-a-paw.

    • It’s obvious that it hasn’t seen real soap (let alone detergent or even shampoo) in a very long time. It in fact is symptomatic of a generally neglected overall body, period!!! [I agree about the picture being both repellent AND yet somewhat fascinating.]

      If somebody would wash their feet PROPERLY on a daily basis (not merely sprinkling with a little water, but with good soap – if necessary, with the addition of fungicides, germicides, etc.), as well as clip the nails very regularly, it would never look anything like that diseased specimen – then it wouldn’t be quite such a turn-off, let alone a risk to public health – to the point where people would be nervous or unhappy to use a sink where feet may be washed (and by non-Muslims too). [Also, shoes, socks, etc. should be rotated, with appropriate care being applied there too…]

  10. Like everything else in Islam, washing before praying was a practice stolen from the Jews, especially the Essenes, who had special basins dug into the earth where they could walk down steps and bathe in the water. Washing in Saudia Arabia is a ridiculous idea as there is no water. So Mohammed said they could wash in camel urine (and Arabian women wash their hair even today in camel urine) and if they didn’t have any camel urine, they could wash with sand. This washing by Muslims is a travesty, it doesn’t make their prayers any cleaner.

  11. muslim rituals are truly disgusting. As a traveller, I have witnessed many muslims, washing their feet in the public washrooms of American truck stops as they do their ritual washing before praying to their cult moon god allah. It has been my pleasure to tell them to stop using the wash basins to wash their filthy feet because that is not what they were designed to be used for and that it is rude to wash their feet in basins that people use to wash their hands and faces. I get the dirty looks and then I usually suggest that I will call in security if they continue to inappropriately use the hand basins to wash their filthy feet. It works and they stop their filthy washing rituals.

  12. Mozzies need oxygen to start fires in the airplane?

    Are Mozzies just too much of a safety hazard to even consider.


    ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM, deprogramming Moslems is the answer.

    • More often by far, the only thing to do with them is to DEPORT them out of the West, period!!!! Only those who have demonstrated skills AND COMMITMENT in things that Moslems are usually NOT really versed in (art, music, science, medicine) can be excepted – and those need to be forced to go through a very rigorous process including 12-year probation and surveillance before they can be considered safe…

      [One example: somebody of that ideology who is aiming to be a classical musician will need to play at a near-symphony or concert-artist level at the outset and rise quickly to such a level before being considered worthy of further checking…otherwise OUT!!!!]

      It’s like Switzerland’s requirements before somebody can properly become a citizen of that country – and it even used to be (in some places still is!) that whether you’d be accepted for citizenship would depend upon a cantonal referendum!!! Well, THAT’S EXACTLY what we need with Moslems!!! Obviously, such a number will be a small percentage out of those who will end up deported otherwise…

      • Oops!!!

        The 12-year probation is for those who convert to other faiths – those who don’t need to then be even more stringently supervised and monitored for at least TWENTY (20) years… [Probably 25 would be more like it.]

        Either way, during that probationary period, they can ALWAYS be welcome to renounce the whole process and go (back) to their “dar al-Islam” – if anybody wants to emigrate FROM there, the process has to start from ZERO… Only the most merciless and pitilessly-enforced criteria can be used to deal with such utterly-untrustworthy wretches as Moslems!!!!

  13. We need to send this foot picture to our legislators. Label it as: The Typical Muslim Foot in America. See what they say.

  14. I wasn’t aware of this but part of wudu is cleaning the nostrils which means they are blowing nostril sn*t into the basins in public restrooms . Of course this is AFTER they have used their left hand to clean their butts and then go turn on the taps with it.

    Full Instructions with demos here:

    • Absolutely disgusting! Even more so is that we’ve welcomed these scumbags into our beautiful USA. Too bad they can’t remove the little brain they have and disinfect that. SWINE!

      • Swine…..? Erm….that’s pig / pork / bacon…. Muslims, Jews and Christians are forbidden to eat that…. So who are you calling swine…? Hahaha you are so clever aren’t you…? May ALLAH guide you… And that’s a prayer for someone that insults people of religion… Not savage is it…? Please remove ignorance and hatred and try read some facts. Please this life is too short… Surely you don’t think this is humane and calling them savage when all I see in this website is insults with no facts, READ…… IQRA

        • Obviously you still read picture books from when you were a child. Please have some sort of intelligence in your reply, also and most importantly may ALLAH guide you to the right path. I pray for people like you, so God cleanses your heart from evil. I wish the best for you and your family. Have patience I never said all Muslims are good as we are human and man was and is designed to sin. But if you want to judge a religion don’t judge it’s followers, but by its Books and teachings. Islam means peace. We’re not savages nor evil. Have a blessed life, reality is though if you uphold that ignorance, you will get no where and in the end you will lose and have no purpose in life. I love you for the sake of God not because I like you or even know you personally. Remember that for every living person, obviously death is inevitable. From old age, illness etc. some people die young. What next after that…? Please think about it for your own sake not mine. Take care

  15. Gee, I didn’t know it was against this cult’s rules to trim toenails. Send for a farrier. DUSGUSTING!!

  16. At least two of the women wore headbags, a witness said.

    This is funny. That witness probably reads BNI to call them ‘headbags’.

    As to the rest of the story, poop-water splash on the toilet seat, cover and floor.

    I think it’s time to give them their own toilet: a hole in the floor is the best and cheapest to go. They could splash themselves with their own pooped water without contaminating other passengers. Of course, they should bring their own cups.

  17. Easy solution: Simply issue every infidel on the flight a pair of totes, a clean, dry tea towel, and a spray bottle of Lysol for disinfecting fixtures.

    Once used, these items may be shredded and dispossed of in the same manner as the chunks of “blue ice” sometimes found in flower gardens.

    If a flight happens to run short of these things, simply have the Captain announce thet this is a Mid-Eastern potty flight and that all infidel passengers are now required to potty on muslims since they are going to bathe anyway.

    There is usually a practical solution to every little problem.

  18. Boy oh boy, I only WISH (with all my heart) that there was one – better yet, MORE THAN ONE!!! – “Air Infidel”, if ever I had to travel by air anywhere.

    Also, it seems that Moslems don’t really use soap (or shampoo, detergent, etc.): no wonder they’re so stinky, dirty, etc.

    REALLY, the West and Islam the way it is can positively NEVER mix, under positively any circumstances whatsoever – and for me to even think of sitting in the same bus, aeroplane, train or other such seat where a muzzie may have been is enough to disgust me!!!! Also, whenever you go into a public toilet, it’s vital to cover – or better (especially if you have soap or detergent on hand) – wash the commode seat!!!

    • Ah, but I did forget: although it’s not quite “Air Infidel”, El Al (Israeli Airlines) is quite close to it. At least it’s one of the very safest airlines – and one (I trust) not frequented by throat-slitters!!

    • As to the picture of that sickly foot (with a deformedly-big nail on the big toe), those fools don’t know that DAILY washing with soap (NOT MERELY WATER!!!) plus applications of germicide, fungicide, etc., would ensure it NEVER would look so repulsive (especially if nails are cut regularly)!!

    • ADHD, check out the second link (Frequently) at the beginning of the last section here. You should see what this Muslim says about how badly Muslims stink when they’re praying in the mosque. And how vomit-inducing all public toilets are in Pakistan.

      • I’m sorry, Ms. BNI: I unfortunately don’t follow what you’re trying to tell me. Which “last section here” are you referring to? [And I don’t see where you have a second link thereof.]

        Sorry for being such an absolute dunce – please help me!! [I’ve zero doubt about toilets in Pakistan being absolutely repugnant, and thank God I’ll NEVER, EVER set foot in a mosque for any reason whatsoever!!!!]

  19. We have to use public washrooms where these people have bathed themselves. I do not want to wash my hands in basins that have been used to bathe someone else’s body, especially their privates.. This is disgusting. Let them bathe themselves at home and force them to pray at home or the mosque. I’m sick to death of this 7th century bullshit that we have allowed to invade our country.

    The biggest part of the “islam” problem is the islam ass kisser and traitor in the white house.

    • I worked in a support center that had several dozen muslims. They would wash their feet in the sink and one fell backwards striking his head on the floor. I suggested they get a foot bath and bench by one of the sinks as I was tired of coming in having a wet muddy floor in front of all 3 sinks. I don’t see how productive washing your feet is when the floor you are standing no is muddy. Some of the them would come out of the toilet stalls without ever hearing them use the toilet paper dispenser so I suspect that some of the stuff I saw in the sinks was not mud.

      • NT, that’s disgusting. They are pigs who don’t care about anyone but themselves. What kind of a support center was that?

    • Don’t worry about the jinn if you’re a Christian – this is how Islam shows that basically it’s a PAGAN ideology…

      Allah = SATAN!!!

  20. Most Muslims have no idea that wudu should excreted into the toilet. At least this barrow had a clue.

    Seriously, let’s find a way to rid our countries of these people. They have no right nor purpose in civilization.

    • you are one of the most racist and radical people i have ever met. all of you are becoming just what you are going against. you guys are becoming narrow minded, racist, stubborn and cold blooded like al qaedah.please stop the hate

        • Why is it that every new set of details we get about moo-slum intimate personal “religious” habits falls under the category of Too Much Information? Maybe Bob could explain that to us? Or maybe Bob would care to spend some downtime contemplating the value of a “religion” that is obsessed with things like when, where, how and with which hand to clean your butt. On an airplane, no less.

          Bob, there is this term “useful idiot”, but in your case I think we can even just leave out the “useful” part.

        • Hey barenakedislam. Before insulting muslims, I ask with the full intention of doing it so to the best of my ability generously and kindly: do you know about the core tenants and beliefs of Islam? or do you know of how this religion has full irrefutable scientific claims in the Quran before scientists even discovered them until know (which some even admit to the glory of the science in the Quran). What about their lifestyle of proper cleansing when going to the bathroom, daily prayers that ease a person’s stress (supported by science), or the fasting that muslims undergo in the month of Ramadan and what benefits that also brings. What about the non discriminating nature of favoring a holy messanger over another (Moses, Jesus, Abraham,etc…)? Did you know about that? Please go on Youtube and watch Sheikh Zakir Naik and be informed (if you havent been). Please let me know what you think and thanks for your time

          • Baz, I have read the quran (abrogated one, not the sanitized version for infidels), Reliance of the Traveller, and many hadith. I am also very familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood’s The Project, in which it lays out its plans to conquer America and subjugate its citizens to sharia law. Muslims have contributed nothing to society in the past 1,000 years and most of the inventions you claim as yours, you stole from the countries you conquered. If it weren’t for oil discovered and developed by the West, the Arab world would still be living in tents. Your bathroom habits are disgusting and your wudu is a joke, considering you don’t use soap to wash your feet and your asshole, just water. I have posted many videos of the barbaric method of halal slaughter, which seems to be your training ground for beheading people.

            If you look in the Categories section in the sidebar, you will see hundreds of posts on Muslim persecution of Christian, abuse of children and women, beheadings, and a lot more, not to mention the thugs you know as CAIR who are doing the Muslim Brotherhood’s dirty work.

            There are more than 14,000 posts here about you and your filthy death cult posing as a religion. I have heard Zakir Naik, he is a talented taqiyya artist.


      • And just what race is Islam? It’s not a race, you frigging idiot. It is a totalitarian socio-political ideology masquerading as a religion. It has adherents from every country and every race. We are interested in preserving our freedom. If you’re not interested in preserving your freedom, Bob, then feel free to pack your bags and head straight to the Islamic hellhole of your choice.

      • if you are a muslim then why do you hate the jews and all nonmuslim’s people? no one else in world wants to kill every body ,even there own wemon who do something the males don’t like they call this honnor killing,what is the honnor of killing your own family members

      • Yeah, I’m a racist. I hate humans!

        *beatific smile*

        Oh, I’m Black, by the way, so if I’m a racist, who am I racist against? Mohammedans? Sorry, but they don’t qualify as a “race” because there is no Mohammedan gene. Or maybe I’m racist against white people, as Arabs are listed on the US Census info as belonging to the caucasian, or white “race.”

        Problem is, I don’t hate Arab Christians, or Arab Jews *yes, they exist* I don’t even hate Arab Mohammedans, per se. I hate their ideology, their customs, their belief system, their own racism against MY people. Yes, I hate all those things. My hatred isn’t due to the person being an Arab, but rather their being Mohammedans.

        That is NOT racism, though. One can easily (in the West, at least) cease to be a Mohammedan, usually without fear of execution by the state, and any attacks on them by Mohammedans for leaving Mohammedanism are illegal acts for which the perpetrators can and should be prosecuted. Unless, of course, said apostate also takes advantage of his right as an American to own a personal firearm and kills the assailants. The death of the assailant, of course, would preclude the assailant’s prosecution (in THIS world, anyway).

        So, if being anti-Mohammedanism makes me a “racist,” then I stand with nearly 6 billion non-Mohammedan “racists” who hate Mohammedanism and all that it stands for.

      • Bob……,I am nothing like Al Qaeda……I respect and hear your opinion and treat everybody I meet with respect and compassion BUT I don’t want to be killed or be a dhimmi.How is refusing to bow to satan worshipping camel herders narrow minded?I respect your freedoms and expect you to respect mine thankyou very much.