OH NOES! Call in the Police, the FBI, Homeland Security, scramble the F-15’s…….

‘Waaycist’ pink graffiti including a swastika, the letters KKK, and the word “stink” have been found painted in the driveway of a Somali Muslim in Minnesota. And terror-linked CAIR wants it designated as a ‘hate crime.’

Post Bulletin  The Minnesota branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called Wednesday for an FBI investigation into an apparent bias crime at the Rochester home of a Somali family.

A swastika, the letters KKK and the word “stink” were painted early Sunday morning on the driveway of Osman Sheik’s home on Somersby Court Northwest.

Fahma Mohamed, Sheik’s daughter, said her family doesn’t “understand where this is coming from,” because they are very open about their culture with the community. (BINGO!)  Mohamed says many neighbors have brought over flowers and expressed their regret. (Ah yes, it’s almost as if there were a death in the family) It took about three hours to power-wash the graffiti away.

In a press release issued Wednesday, CAIR-MN Executive Director Lori Saroya called on state and federal authorities to assist in bringing the perpetrators to justice. “Minnesotans of all faiths must speak out against the hatred and intolerance that leads to this type of disturbing incident,” Saroya said.

CAIR-MN also asked the FBI to investigate a similar crime that occurred last May at a house about two blocks away. That house was also tagged with the symbols, prompting the family to invest in security measures like video cameras. The Rochester Police Department is investigating Sunday’s crime, but has no leads at this time, Lt. Dan Muyres said. (That’s because you haven’t checked out the local mosque members)