15,000 Islamic Supremacists come together on Memorial Day weekend to double down on shoving sharia down our the throats

Muslim Brotherhood proxies ICNA and MAS are sponsoring a convention May 26 – 28, 2012 in Hartford, CT to educate their stealth jihadists on how best  to help the public understand Sharia and counter the rise of ‘Islamophobia’ in America.” The campaign aims to shift focus from the ‘misnomer’ Sharia law and draw attention to what really is at stake here—your religious freedom. (Nice obfuscation there)

 The Blaze  American Muslims who are disheartened by increasingly fervent attacks on sharia law are planning to assemble en masse this weekend to protest against what they fear are attempts to discriminate against their way of life.

This weekend, 15,000 believers are expected to descent upon Hartford, Connecticut, for the 37th annual Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) convention.

The Muslim American Society-sponsored conference, entitled, “Defending Religious Freedom: Understanding Shariah,” will take place from May 26-28. According to Religion News Service, the event is the second largest annual event for Muslims in the U.S., behind the Islamic Society of North America’s annual gathering (the latter event attracts 30,000+ people).

The focus of the event will be on sharia, Islamic law that is intended to govern the lives of believers. The Blaze has covered the opposition that exists to Muslim law here in America numerous times before. 

As RNS highlights, Kansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Dakota and Tennessee are among the locations where legislation has been approved to ban judges from considering foreign laws. This, of course, would include sharia law (in Kansas, legislation has not yet just been signed by GOP Gov. Sam Brownback).

While politicians see this as a way of protecting the U.S. constitution, others — particularly Muslims who embrace sharia — believe that these laws are discriminatory. Take, for instance, Naeem Baig, the ICNA’s vice president of public affairs, who has some harsh words for those opposed to Islamic law.

“It’s a deep-down hatred of Muslims that motivates them (BINGO!). They don’t want to see Muslims in America,” (DOUBLE BINGO!) Baig said. “Muslims need to be educated about sharia. There’s a need for the community to better understand what sharia means to us, and how to apply sharia in a society where most people are not of the same faith.” (There is only one law in America – American law. Look it up in the Constitution)