How do former American Presidents spend Memorial Day?

Like any good Jew-hating, Islamofascist-apologist, Jimmy Carter spends it with the group that gave birth to al-Qaeda – the Muslim Brotherhood. Let’s hope we can say the same about Barack Hussein Obama on Memorial Day 2013.

Former  US President Jimmy Carter, center, walks with Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader Khairat el-Shater, right, in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, May 25, 2012. Catrer is in Egypt to oversee his Carter Center’s monitoring of the presidential election. The candidate of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Morsi, won a spot in a runoff election, according to partial results Friday from Egypt’s first genuinely competitive presidential vote. Beneath the Muslim Brotherhood logo, the banner in Arabic at left reads, “we welcome our guests.” (H/T Michael T)


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  1. Nice video-lots of info here that the powers that be, will naturally censor as soon as they possibly can. But when the masses believe that tall buildings can fall straight into their footprints, there’s not much effort required to lie to them. Of course, we will always be lied to by gov’t. (and its owners). How can i find this video on youtube? Or can I get a copy? Pls let me know; thank you.

  2. Carter is a leftist, senile fool and a traitor who is in bed with muslims. Boycott his peanuts and his stupidity.

  3. From all the information out there about the Fed, the world Banks, Zionism in general. I am beginning to rethink my opinion of Carter. Satanic Criminals are running this world and we play right into their hands.

  4. Carter was naive about communism. He’s naive about Islam. How can a totalitarian ideology that demands our annihilation be given support by any democracy.

    Moslems are naive about Sharia. They need to look at Iran and Saudi if they want an example of Sharia-based cultures: misogyny, hatred of ‘others’, backwardness.

    • Maybe he’s not naive at all. No one’s that naive. I won’t make excuses for a traitor. He’s the reason Iran is what it is today. He’s a muslim butt kisser, through & through.

  5. If Obama had a white father, he’d look just like Carter. Birds of a feather that champion countries/countrymen except the US and it’s citizens (and Israel). Carter is an old fool that is a colossal embarassment.

  6. Dhimmi Carter’s legacy is that he is the single most reason Islam has developed into an expanded, depraved influence with the stabbing-in-the-back of the Shah of Iran.

    Obama’s legacy will be that he helped set the course for, not only their vile influence, globally, but infiltration into our departments of government.

    I do believe that one of the main reasons OZero likes the attention as it relates to the killing of terrorists is to distract, and conceal the gains they are making as enemies from within.

  7. Could be that Jimmy may end up as the latest off with the infidels head video. Allah Akbar stuff! Would be ironic.

  8. Jimmy Carter is the most despicable human being on this planet second to Obama. It is not enough that the President of the United States bows to a Saudi, but to back the muslim brotherhood is just plan stupid.The muslim brotherhood is like the new black panther organization, same hate filled people, just different spots.It is a policy for islamic nations to lie to the non-believer for the sake of advancing the islamic cause. Obama(muslim),Carter(idiot) are both being duped by the muslim brotherhood. How stupid are we?

  9. For the sake of America and the West, dear Ms. BNI, may God Almighty grant you and your colleagues your wish to see the end of Obama’s EVIL presidency before then!!!

    Also, let’s not forget to pray for the peace of Israel and her capital Jerusalem!!! It wouldn’t hurt also if Our Lord Shines His Light upon the darkened heart of Jimmy Carter (who hopefully hasn’t quite yet committed the ultimate sin of blaspheming the Holy Ghost, he sounds these days very close to just that…), who truly proved to be as incompetent and weak as a president as anybody could conceivably have been!!

    [When he ordered Operation Eagle-Claw, he should have allocated MORE resources and then pressed harder to make sure the mission succeeded instead of retreating at the first mishap the way he did as the coward he was!!! Had he been a better man, those hostages could have been spared much evil and Iran's humiliation could have seen Khomeini and his fellow-Islamists eliminated instead of being the scourge they are to Iran and the world through today!!!!]

      • As I said, while it’s not a good thing to speculate upon the state of any given man’s soul, yours truly is quite worried that Jimmy Carter might have committed the unforgivable sin. If he has, I honestly wonder if Carter could eventually become the Antichrist (if Obama isn’t – which possibility is far from negative!!); most certainly he has drifted VERY FAR AWAY from his formerly-Baptist faith. If he continues like this, he could as well go all the way and convert to some sort of “liberal” Islam (he’s against what REAL Christianity stands for – among which is NO same-sex “marriage”, which for Our God is an ABSOLUTE ABOMINATION!!!!!) – and then finally become the real thing.

      • ADHD, Carter is like 87 years old. How much longer has he got? He’s way overdue for his final dirt nap as it is.

      • Thank you, Ms. BNI: I didn’t know his age, thought he might be around 75-80; but if he’s 87, it makes it considerably less likely.

        Good to know that he joins Gorbachjóv (who’s now 81) in being virtually eliminated from the Antichrist’s bull-ring.

        My unease definitely for the USA focuses on the Clintons and Obama (particularly the latter.

  10. I’d love to see that little peanut-picking bastard convert. Just the visual image of Jimmah with his head on the ground and his sorry ass stuck up in the air would bring a smile to the faces of all those of us who got stuck with living through his miserable failure of a presidency.

      • Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!! Dhimmi Jimmy DOES fit sooooo well with the arselifters of Egypt; ALMOST as well as our traitor-in-chief Obama!!

  11. Only God knows how much terrible damage and destruction evil Carter has perpetrated on innocent humanity.

  12. Carter was never the brightest star in the sky. Must be all these peanuts… However, although he never truly had much credibility, now it is totally eradicated since he’s a clear sign of Alzheimer’s.

    • Actually Jimmy Carter may have been the most intelligent of all the presidents, but he was a liberal appeaser, which doomed his presidency.

  13. Trip paid for courtesy of the US taxpayers, of course, and for something that will ultimately harm us.

    Oh how I despise that man!

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