Egyptian Sheikh yuks it up about getting foreign officials to don headbags (hijabs)

Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahlawi brags about how a female official from the U.S. Consulate wanted to meet with him, but he insisted she wear a Muslim headbag/hijab first. Judging by the photo below, he has even coerced a male political figure into wearing a headbag.

Apparently, al-Mahlawi isn’t the only one having a good chuckle over seeing American female political figures bowing down to the laws of Islam. See photos below.

Raymond Ibrahim  According to El Badil, Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahlawi recently gave a sermon in his popular Alexandrian mosque, warning the ulema (Islam’s scholars and theologians) from “appearing on TV programs with women who do not wear the hijab.” He pointed out that some Islamic leaders make the excuse that, because they see non-veiled women all the time in the streets of Egypt, sitting with one at a TV studio should be fine as well.

For Sheikh Mahlawi, however, the ulema have no choice about seeing non-veiled women in the streets, “since that is imposed on them,” but, where they have a say—such as whether to appear on TV with an unveiled woman—they must say no.   Finally, he culminated his sermon by saying “those who do not wish to apply Allah’s Sharia” are also those who “love the West, and wish to implement homosexual marriage.”

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice submitted
Valerie Jarrett and Hillary
Nancy Pelois dons a headbag in Syria where most women do not wear them
Michelle Obama in headbag in "moderate" Indonesia
Hillary and Chelsea wear headbags for terrorist Yassir Arafat
Even Laura Bush bowed to Islam
Hillary appears to have quite a collection of headbags
I won't even try to guess what Hillary was doing here