FRANCE: Strasbourg residents show what they think about having a prayer room turned into an Islamic Indoctrination Center

An application has been made to turn this prayer room in Strasbourg into a mosque. The local people have used graffiti art to express their feelings on the matter. Their messages include: ‘Islam Out,’ ‘Dirty Arabs,’ ‘No Mosque’ and ‘Islam: Ries Collaborator’ (Ries is the Mayor of Strasbourg).

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19 comments on “FRANCE: Strasbourg residents show what they think about having a prayer room turned into an Islamic Indoctrination Center

  1. Muslim pulled the same shit in Toronto and are getting away with it. Turning public schools into prayer rooms of indoctrination. Everywhere we look Muslims are trying to spread their evil ideology. Their like cockroaches let out of the bottle. Since Im from Pa, I’d say Muslims are like stinkbugs that came to Pa on a boat from china. Since then they have taken over half of the state.

  2. We need lobbyists to fight for us. Anyone know wealthy individuals who would help?

    NumbersUSA is lobbying against immigration, not specific religions and ethnicities, though.

    Think it is wise to stop immigration from all Third-World countries. We should limit them to First-World, although, I’d include Russia. Russians have assimilated well. No Muslims from any of the countries.

    Actually, all immigration should be stopped, now, until we get our country stabilized.

    List of First-World countries in alphabetical order.

    New Zealand
    South Korea

  3. Is it too little too late? I hope not and that every country can turn back the tide of sharia law and the stealth jihad. The country can if they stop all further muslim immigration, deport all illegal muslim immigrants and deport all muslim criminals and their families. They must enact laws to stop sharia courts, laws, muslim mosque consruction and so on. If they do not then it is too late and too little and by 2040 your country will be lost to the stealth jihad of islam.

    • cat, it is never too late. What is lacking now is not time, but the will to fight back from enough people.

      • Bonni you are spot on when you say the WILL.
        That is where you come in. Relentless pressure to bring the truth to the top of the cesspool to be seen and heard.

        • ICE, I listen to Talk Radio all day long in my office and I am hearing more and more people calling in to complain about Muslims and Islamization in America, and they are armed with facts and figures that are impressive by any standards. Few of the hosts seem to have a good enough grasp of what these callers are talking about and most don’t let them talk too long. There are a few exceptions like Michael Savage and Glenn Beck.

          Even so, it is heartening to hear average Americans starting to understand the threat that Islam poses everywhere.

        • Same old story. People say: ‘Why should I get involved?’

          That’s how totalitarians take over.

          We have to convince enough people that our human rights and civil liberties are being eyed by 7th CENTURY BARBARIANS who want to drag us back to savage Arab tribalism and misogyny.

      • BNI, you are right. It is the will of the people to stand up for,to speak up for their countries and to vote no more, to muslim immigration, mosque construction, sharia laws and so on, that will win the day and save their countries. Thanks to your efforts and the fact that some countries and some people are starting to push back and to tell the truth and to act on the truth of islamic stealth jihad.

        • Jihadist, this is one of several cyberjihad against Islam websites. We do what we can.

    • NO cat, never too late and certainly not for us. Dubi was right when he said things were moving/changing now in one of his posts, and you can bet your cotton socks there’s enough active Patriots now doing some serious cleaning, quietly but with enough word of mouth so that it’s gonna reach the sleepy ones and this on a national scale.

      It may be difficult for many to understand this, but it’s in fact very simple: don’t fuck with the French because when we run out of patience and declare enough is enough, it get very nasty, as asslifting garbage littering my country are finding out. When it comes to our country, we neither forget nor forgive, and it’s now payback time. Asslifters were advised by one of their poobahs to leave my country, they should have listened.

      • Gentil Alain, même aujourd’hui j’ai lis sur le réseau “Internet” d’un incident à Carcassonne, où quelques gens chrétiens entrent une église pour des vêpres étaient pierrés par quatre garçons Marocaines. Où étaient les vôtres collègues pour protéger et revancher ces pauvres prieurs? [Et ce n’était pas le premier fois que tels incidents ont pris place dans tel même ville!]

        Dear Alain, even today I read on the Internet about some Christians entering a church in Carcassonne for Vespers being stoned by four Moroccan youths. Where were your colleagues to protect and avenge those poor worshippers? [And this is not the first time I’ve heard of such incidents in the same town!]

        • Et maintenant, j’ai lu dans ma dictionnaire Oxford-Hachette qu’en anglais “stone” (comme une verbe, dans le sens “to stone somebody”) = “lapider (quelqu’un)” en français…

        • Indeed ADHD, but in this particular instance, you might want to use the term “caillasser”, in reference of the fact that it’s pebbles that were used in this incident and not stones.

        • ADHD, those 4 pricks were chased after as soon as this happened, up until they reached a cité nearby in which they managed to escape. Doubtful they’ll try again but we’ll see.

          I’m aware of the similar incident you’re talking about in the area (Viguier), and which happened back in 2010.

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