PAKISTAN: “Don’t kill your baby girls,” says sign in front of orphanage in Karachi

But the miserable lives in store for baby girls born in Pakistan, makes it easy to understand why some mothers prefer to kill them at birth.

Girls/women who rebel against the oppression they face from their own families end in in psyche wards. Some have actually lost their minds from the beatings, virtual imprisonment in their homes, and girls-for-sale forced marriages. Others are perfectly sane, but their Muslim families don’t want to deal with daughters who refuse to be subservient.

Runaways fleeing forced marriages, abusive husbands, and rapists are sent to prison because under Islamic law, you can be charged with a rape crime, even if you are the victim.

The kidnapping and selling of young girls to old men is a big business for the thriving Pakistani sex slave traders. Unimpeded by the government, corrupt police are paid off for their silence by the sex traders. In some cases, officials and police even assist the slave traders by sending runaway girls to them. Many of these girls end up in the hundreds of brothels which are doing big business in Karachi.

Not surprisingly, the narrator absolves Islam of any blame for the horrific conditions suffered by women in Pakistan.

Shocking rise in baby girl murders in Pakistan

The babies are victims of what one relief agency calls Pakistan’s worst unfolding tragedy: the killing and dumping of newborns. “Sometimes they hang them, sometimes they stab them, and sometimes we find bodies which have been burned to death,” said Anwar Kazmi, of the Edhi Foundation, Pakistan’s largest private social service and relief agency.

At a morgue in Pakistan, five small pouches line the shelf of a walk-in freezer. Wrapped inside each is the corpse of an infant. The killing and dumping of newborns, mostly girls, is happening more often.

More than 1,200 newborns were killed and dumped in Pakistan last year, an increase of about 200 from the previous year. Statistics show that roughly nine out of 10 are baby girls, which families may consider too costly to keep in a country where women frequently are not allowed to work. The babies are usually just days old. Their corpses are often dumped in Karachi’s sprawling garbage dumps, where they’re sometimes mutilated by street animals, Kazmi said. He estimates that hundreds of baby corpses are never found.