CONNECTICUT: Norwalk Planning Committee unanimously recommends denying approval for a mega mosque

Hopefully, the full commission will also say ‘NO’ when they vote on the Islamic indoctrination center application June 6th at City Hall.

Norwalk Citizen  The Norwalk Zoning Commission‘s Plan Review Committee voted 3-0 Wednesday night to recommend denial of Al-Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk‘s proposal to build a mosque at 127 Fillow St.

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A rendering of proposed Islamic Indoctrination Center in Norwalk

The Al-Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk’s proposal, which was first submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission in the spring of 2010, calls for a 27,000-square-foot building, including a prayer hall, classrooms and a community/recreational center, as well as 89 parking spots, on a 1.5- acre property. The property lies within a AAA residential zone, where places of worship are permitted by special permit.

The biggest point of contention for the planning committee and the other zoning commissioners was the community/recreation center and the lack of parking to accommodate it.

Typically with an accessory use building, no additional parking is required according to city regulations, but the majority of the commissioners believe that the 24,000-square-foot community/recreation center does not fit the definition of an accessory use space.

During a public hearing in April on the proposed mosque in Norwalk, teens from the Muslim community like the girl depicted here expressed their support of having a place to worship and learn about their religion

“By special permit regulations a community center is not a permitted used. Our regulations define a community center,” said commissioner Adam Blank. “And a community center is not permitted under any circumstances in a triple AAA zone. It’s not permitted as an accessory use.

“The proposal calls for eight classrooms, three offices, two libraries, a gymnasium, kitchen, counseling area and a community service room. I don’t know what a community center is if that’s not a community center.”

“You’ve got 3,000 square feet for the prayer hall area. You’ve got 24,000 square feet of other uses Whether you decide it’s a community center or not, 24,000 square feet of other uses are not accessory uses. And that doesn’t comply with our regulations,” Blank said. “There’s been no parking allocated for that 24,000 square feet of additional space, which there would certainly need to be if there were other principal uses for it. You’ve got no parking for 88 percent of the square footage.”

Umar Munshi stresses the importance of having a mosque in Norwalk to the young Muslim community at a public hearing to address a proposed mosque by the Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk

“If this was an as of right use, we wouldn’t be talking about this,” White continued. “I think it will be important for us after this application for us to go back and review the regulations. I don’t think the intent of the regulations is to allow the density of something like this in a residential neighborhood.”

No one from the public was allowed to speak during the special meeting, but if Farhan Memon could have, he would have respectfully said that the commissioners “are wrong on the facts and they are wrong on the law.”


19 comments on “CONNECTICUT: Norwalk Planning Committee unanimously recommends denying approval for a mega mosque

  1. No one wants Moslem immigrants. No one.

    So why are Western governments bringing so many Moslems in?

    Why can’t we make the government stop?

  2. “All faiths can coexist peacefully”

    When it comes to islam, this sentence is turned in a logic game.

    Oh…well…he is right. For non-muslim, it’s possible to coexist “peacefully” with muslims, under the rule of islam, but…


    When you are non-muslim, what is the condition that islam imposes you for peaceful coexistence?

    For non muslims, what means peaceful coexistence with muslims under islam?

    Answer: SUBMISSION (accepting that you, as non-muslim, are “inferior” than muslims). There is not equality.


    Do muslims recognize the religious freedom for non-muslims, or do they support and protect it?

    Answer: NO!…They constantly attack, ignore and supress non-muslims’ rights.

    Those things are what muslims conveniently ignore and hide from non-muslims.

    I laught at your lies and double standars, you muslim hypocrites!


    Do muslims have the will to return the respect they receive from non-muslims?…Answer is NO. Just look at how bad muslims treat (and want to treat) non-muslims in muslim countries, and how bad muslims treat (and want to treat) non-muslims in non-muslim countries.

    Islam is a cancer and as a cancer it must be removed¡

  3. This is simply an attempt at a “take over”, as in another example of the islamization agenda, to at first slowly encroach, then exert hegemony, and finally to dominate. the folks of Norwalk know what’s going on and they’re going to make this a dead duck before it even gets close to the water. NO MORE mosques. In fact, get rid of the rat dens that are already infesting our country.

  4. Bonni More of this is going to happen around the country, as well as other nations keep us posted. Gives one a lift. And a very big smile.

  5. If mosques had anything to do with worshipping God, I don’t think normal people would have a problem with them. It’s the seditious indoctrination which offends most.

  6. Our Norwalk Mayor needs one more term for his pension. This will be vetoed when the P & Z vote in June. Let them build their ugly Mosques away form our homes and schools. No Christian Churches in the Mid East, no frigging Mosques in the USA.

  7. We’re opposing these mosques for all the wrong reasons. We need to grow a pair, be honest and go after Islam because it is our ENEMY not because of parking rights. We will NEVER win this war unless we defeat the enemy – ISLAM.

    • TH, we should ban the practice of Islam, delegating it to non-religous standing. Then all mosques would have to be closed.
      Think of all the self-deportations that would result.

      • Intellectuals need to join together and create films and symposiums to find the answer to Islam. Islam is a threat to all faiths, including to other Moslems of a different stripe.

        Islam is bad because it is INTOLERANT of ‘others’ and oppresses women.

        • Yeah we need solutions now. We need to get into the ‘what do we do about Islam’ stage of this journey. The anti-Islam crowd isn’t talking enough about it. We KNOW Islam is evil. We KNOW it cannot be a part of the American fabric. We KNOW it wants to destroy freedom and all Western societies. Now what the Hell do we do about it? We need solutions.

      • Exactly! and maybe a few Liberal Marxists would leave as well. Imagine our country without Islam. What a sunny day that would be. Like finding yourself cancer free after chemo. We’d be the envy of the free world.

      • Supreme Court won’t touch that one with a 10 yard cattle prod. Anything that says it is a religion is a religion. Scientology, Universal Life Church (a self acknowledged scam), Falun Gong. About the only limits are human sacrifice (actual not symbolic), polygamy, collecting assault weapons, child molesting (seems to be a blind eye here RE: muslims) and diddling the collection plate.

    • It is interesting to compare the standards of behaviour of the Sikh protest compared to a Muslim protest. There was no vandalism, no violence, no flag burning, no calls for blood or the overthrow of the government.

  8. Why do they continue to push themselves on our American ways? Let them go to Iran and build it there where they will be welcomed.

    • Control. Not themselves US. They hate everything and everyone that does not think the way they do. Besides they are just plain EVIL. You talk to EVIL if you want or destroy it, up to you!

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