OK! OK! Against my better judgement I am posting the story about the Nigerian baby allegedly born holding a mini Quran

Latest News: Mother of baby boy who alleges he was born grasping a miniature quran has converted to Islam.

Nairaland  NIGERIA: After a lecture that lasted some minutes, an Islamic scholar, Ustaz Abdul Rahman Olanrewaju Ahmed, named the baby boy Abdul Wahab Iyanda Aderemi Irawo. However, the Islamic cleric warned the baby’s mother not to liken or call the boy a Prophet of God. He said it pleases Allah to bring the baby to the world in a miraculous way and that does not make him special from other children.

Earlier on Sunday, the baby’s mother, Kikelomo Ilori, 32, a cosmetologist converted to Islam. She took the name Sherifat. According to her, she was born a Muslim but later embraced Christianity. The baby’s grandmother also embraced Islam and took a Muslim name.

Meanwhile, the venue of the naming ceremony was jam packed with traders who were making brisk business selling souvenirs of the miracle baby including T-Shirts, an almanac bearing the child’s photograph and other Islamic souvenirs.

Controversy has trailed the birth of the baby. While some said it was impossible for a baby to be born with a miniature Quran in his hand, others argued that with God, nothing was impossible. Medical doctors dismissed the story as a huge hoax.