See how ‘FLAME’ cyber espionage is attacking the enemies of freedom

Not sitting on their laurels as God’s chosen, those ‘evil’ Zionists have developed many innovative new technologies in an arsenal of weapons for self-preservation against their enemies and so-called ‘allies.’

Don’t believe reports that say Israel has also been attacked by the FLAME worm.  Israel and Palestinian areas are lumped together as areas targeted, but only Palestinian areas of Judea/Samaria are affected.

Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon hinted on Monday at possible Israeli involvement in the Flame bug, which was revealed to have targeted computers in Iran and the West Bank. “For anyone who sees Iran as a significant threat, it’s reasonable to assume that steps will be taken to deal with it. Israel is blessed as being a country rich with high-tech tools” (and high IQ’s).

Read about it here: more-sinister-than-stuxnet-flame-computer-virus-strikes-iran-and-other-enemies-of-israel

(H/T Don)